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  1. MoJoMoJi

    Does the game run laggy in Windows 11?

    It is an official "insider" version. I just figured out, if I re-install the driver, there will be no more laggy.
  2. MoJoMoJi

    Does the game run laggy in Windows 11?

    It is the official version, but still it is a insider program.
  3. MoJoMoJi

    Does the game run laggy in Windows 11?

    It is possible to upgrade to W11 with a insider program.
  4. I am not sure it is only my situation or the game. I updated the windows 10 to 11 this noon, and everything felt ok -- not had any big bug yet. But when I used the same setting from yesterday, the frame started to drop around 20-30 fps. Do I need to update the drive or some part of the game?
  5. MoJoMoJi

    Rank Schedule Changed

    If WG really cares about KPI, why not extend both starting and ending time!?
  6. MoJoMoJi

    Rank Schedule Changed

    Right? they are teaching us how we should set up a routine ?!
  7. MoJoMoJi

    Rank Schedule Changed

    East Coast's life matter! As living on east coast, the noon time is only suitable time slot for rank, and then WG takes it away
  8. MoJoMoJi

    Rank Schedule Changed

    Are there more players playing the game in the early morning and not sleeping in NA server??
  9. Change back to the original schedule please! What is the reason even need to push 3 more hours!
  10. MoJoMoJi

    If Planes can distract dead eye?

    Thanks. I modified a bit. But I would think “target” might be better than ships only. It is also ok just to reduce the accuracy buff instead of disabling it.
  11. I believe there are many discussions about how dead eye influenced the current gaming experience. In the description of dead eye, it mentions any visible hostile ships within the detection range could disable the dead eye. So can planes from CV or even fighters be considered as hostile targets instead of ships only? Would it stop players heavily depending on the dead eye skill? Would it make the game more engaging?