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  1. Seawolf_55

    8 ways to make subs better

    How to fix subs..... it's simple really.....REMOVE THEM FROM THE GAME!!!! Or at least put them in their own battle mode!! I have for the most part stopped playing this game because of the ridiculousness of subs, and to be honest, I am not far from uninstalling it. It is a shame that a once fun-to-play game has been turned into such an arcade-style free for all instead of the more realistic challenging battles it used to be, but then again it started going downhill after the CV rework. The only good side to this game anymore is the art departments work is highly impressive.
  2. Seawolf_55

    Torpedo's going through islands

    Thanks for the information I did kinda wondered how they tested these maps. While this isn't the only map this has happened to me, it is not a constant all the time thank goodness. Now that could be simply because other CV players haven't figured out how to do it or that it is simply a flaw in the map....who knows. The main thing I have noticed is it seems like the majority of the time it occurs is before the torpedo "arms" itself (has the red triangle above it). This makes me wonder if it is something in the mechanics of the game where it doesn't know how to figure in/calculate an unarmed torpedo actually striking something as they will generally pass right underneath my BB's without hitting before they are "armed/red triangle". So maybe the game sees an "unarmed/no red triangle" torpedo as being more like a ghost for lack of a better term and therefore it can't strike anything. While I don't know because I'm not a technical guru it is just infuriating to watch it happen knowing there's nothing you can do but bend over and take it. Either way, I've had about all I can take from the game and sadly will probably stop playing or take an extended break once my premium time runs out. I hate the idea of doing this as I have spent some money on some good (were great) premium ships (Massachusetts being one) and spent a lot of time grinding up the tiers on several battleships, but who knows maybe WG will surprise me with some sort of an improvement. Respectfully, Seawolf_55
  3. Seawolf_55

    Torpedo's going through islands

    In response to your statement about the torps, they don't immediately have the red triangle/arm when launched. I have dodge several torpedoes that I have been able to see traveling through the water and they aren't "armed" yet as there is a delay, so with that in mind where did the delay happen with these torps??? It would have had to have been inside the island itself as you can clearly hear the tracking before you ever see the torps. None the less I don't expect anything to really change for the better with the direction this game is currently going. Respectfully,
  4. Seawolf_55

    Torpedo's going through islands

    Thank you for the heads up on where to find the replay!! I hadn't looked for one before and didn't realize they were there. Now I just have to figure out how to keep one when I have another epic battle lol. I will go ahead and attach the replay here, but I will say it is not my best game by a long shot. I'm not blaming or mad at the opposing team players for taking advantage of me showing broadside as I attempted to turn back and away after all I would have done the same. What I am frustrated with is watching the CV planes do a diving run and clearly drop on the opposite side of the island only to hear then see the torps pop out of the island and slam right into the side of my ship, and as you will see in my replay after that my game went downhill because I was so pissed off and I knew my ship was done for. I am seriously torn on this game at times as I love the graphics and being able to battle with a BB even if they have been seriously weekend to where it's nearly impossible to brawl. With that being said the main two issues I have with this game is this torpedo issue, and the other is wanting a Missouri since my grandfather served on her (loved listening to his stories growing up) but not being able to get one. While I'll have to wait for the right opportunity for the Missouri I figured I can at least say something about this torpedo issue. Thank you for responding to me as well as the help with finding the replay (I almost didn't as it was what looks like two battles away from being deleted). Respectfully, Seawolf_55 20210524_005637_PASB017-Montana-1945_45_Zigzag.wowsreplay
  5. Seawolf_55

    Torpedo's going through islands

    Yeah, I don't record my games so no replay......but I know what I saw. I know that the planes dropped on the other side of the island (if not in the middle of the island) and it is not the first time this has happened which is why I tend to stay out of the higher tiers so that I don't have to deal with the CV cancer in this game. I know I can't be the only one this is happening too and most are probably just saying screw it and leaving the game or doing like me and staying in the lower tiers, but this doesn't change the fact that this is still an issue that needs to be corrected. BB players constantly get kicked in this game so the least they could do is throw us a bone to give us a fighting chance seeing how secondaries and AA were nerfed to the point of laughability. The only way the planes could have hit that side of my ship is if they had slid the torps off the beach. If the islands don't provide any protection then there is no point in having them in the game. Also, I know Wargaming isn't going to bother "fixing" this problem as they appear to have no interest in keeping this game anywhere near in the realm of realism or strategy they only seem to care about quick cash and dumbing it down for those that can't or don't want to play a strategy game. I have just simply had enough and finally had to say something after constantly taking it while trying to play this game as a BB main. I will admit when I screw up in a game but will Wargaming admit when there is a flaw in the game that should be corrected?? I think not. Wargaming and their CV torp voodoo is a bad joke that maybe one day someone will either fix or a better alternative to this game will come along.....[edited] perhaps??? Either way, I think this game is definitely on the decline and needs a good course correction or else it will eventually be a shell of its former glory. Respectfully, Seawolf_55
  6. To whom it may concern: I just played a battle in my T10 Montana and couldn't even believe my eyes. I block one side of my ship with an island so I can focus on the enemy ships that are rounding out in front of me when all a sudden I see a torpedo air squadron coming at me from the side of the ship protected by the island. At first, I don't worry about it too much as that side is protected (or so I thought as it would be in real life) by the island. But no due to either crappy programming in the game or just another flaw to make carriers better than they should be I watch to my horror as the squadron drops three torpedo's on the opposite side of the island and they magically pass under the island and become active just in time to take away over half my health!!! This is some of the very cancer in this game that makes it unbearable to play at times and forces me to walk away for several days. I have watched as this game continues to become more and more toxic to its player base by removing obstacles that used to make it challenging to play. THE TORPEDOS THROUGH THE ISLANDS NEED TO BE FIXED!!!! This makes for utter garbage play when this game is better than this or at least it should be!!!