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  1. Did WG Just ASSUME...

    Thank you...needed a morning chuckle....
  2. offsetting the fires from HE shells

    Depending on the type and tier of your ship there are modules that will reduce your fire chance and reduce duration of fires. You can also spec your captain to counteract fires. This is the build i use on my US BBs, swap out concealment for AFT on Germans. You are not going to be able to eliminate fires completely, best hope is to reduce their duration as much as possible.
  3. Weekend spree

    Just tried having fun this weekend. Dropped down to tier 6-7 mostly, ran premiums to get the 100% bonus....still didn't do too bad...35 games with 63% win rate. When I got tired of the BB campers, especially on Haven...jumped in my Atlanta with my 19pt DM captain and did operations with type 69 camo and lots of flags. Amazing how just pew pewing bots can bring down the frustration levels. Had quite a few games with over 175K damage....one mil credits and tons of commander xp.
  4. Money Mo is a Broke Bro?

    Depends, if the bulk of your damage was against BB's, credit earning is not going to be so great. You only sank two ships...need to see the details of what ships you racked up your damage against.
  5. We all have those days...this was a while back, but was only my second kraken after 3000+ games.
  6. Your Top 10 Damage Amount

    Seeing some of the monsters on this list is intimidating...Still I'll put up my middling numbers..