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  1. Rabin69

    Weekend Spree.

    Nice work. I finally got back to 500k after farming the heck out of Aegis with Anshan. Hoping to get as close to the 1 mil myself by the time Siegfried is released. Only played randoms on the weekend to get stars for Naval Battles done. It was so bad I just rand back to Aegis to hide once completed. Hoping to get to 600k fxp before the operation switches.
  2. And your Benson just left a long lasting smoke cloud for me to hide in. Why are you charging into the cap?? Oh I forgot its the weekend, just hit "w" three times and charge. I think this was the only game this weekend I saw BBs moving up, but its just wrong to do it so recklessly. Seems to be the norm these days, they either camp and give ineffective fire support or just rush in and die to dds torps or crossfire. Special thanks to @Synaptikz in the Gaede for distracting the Massy long enough for my torps to reload.
  3. Rabin69

    Take Your Game and,,,

    Guess he got tired of clubbing seals.....BYEZZZZ
  4. Rabin69

    All new Anshan owners...

    Yeah my bad. Edited it. Linking your vid also. Its a bit different as your vids were when there were carriers. No offence or attempt to minimise the work you have done regarding the use of dds in operations was intended.
  5. Forget the grind of randoms/co-op for the next seven days. Come have some fun in Aegis. It's definitely gonna be worth your while. Leaving the replay to show the basic strat I follow to farm in this operation. This particular game wasn't the best for execution, but I'll take an ugly payday over a pretty run anytime. Hit me up if anyone want's to division. PS. I was running the max FXP/xp flags I could fit. 20191009_200127_PZSD506-Anshan_37_Ridge.wowsreplay
  6. Country roads take me home, to the place where I belong... (in your best Karaoke voice please). 'm smiling like good old John here, now got all the T6 premiums.
  7. Rabin69

    Battleship Game Mode

    No force them to form battle lines like the early part of the last century. Randomly assign one player to be lead ship and auto force the others to line up behind his bow. Makes it easier for them as the ones who complain the most about other classes seemed to have removed the WASD keys from their keyboard. Give him this game mode next he'll want further restrictions like only matching gun calibers allowed because BB X can't overpen the bows of BB Y. Then it will be no BBs with long range secondaries cause he keeps being set on fire. Then maybe the moon and the stars.
  8. It makes it the perfect ship to actively farm in operations. @Lightninger has a lot of videos of how to use dds in operations. I save my flags for when Aegis is in rotation and just go to town with her. Those RU guns are deadly against those T5/T6 cruisers.
  9. The only T6 premium I don't have is the WV. With my luck I'll pull a Galant like you :(
  10. Rabin69

    Weekend Spree.

    Friday night was a blast. Ranked out in Sprint after 23 games. Got a bonus mission in a French crate I bought that rewarded Gascogne. Got the new French special commander. Saturday and Sunday had me questioning why I bother playing randoms on weekends. The teams I was unfortunate to be on stunk to high heaven and I was mostly playing T10's. Got so frustrated that I stopped playing both days after unlocking the second container instead of getting my usual three done.
  11. Rabin69

    This can't be right???

    She's actually quite a beauty. Didn't even realise I had the Maid of Orleans perma cammo for her either.
  12. Or am I just a lucky SOB. I needed just 240 more French tokens to get the special commander so decided to bite the bullet and buy two containers. Last container gave a special mission. Gotta pinch myself, is this correct? Can I actually be that lucky to get the chance at a T8 premium for just 2500 dubs? Or is WG just baiting me and it will be some sort of short term rental thing. Will update after I get it done.
  13. Rabin69

    Best premium ships for new players

    That's the beauty with her, she has just enough of all the key dd attributes to make a great all round ship. Plus the static spawn of the T6 operations means the player can worry less about where the enemy will be and more on improving their gunning and torping skills.
  14. Rabin69

    Best premium ships for new players

    If I had to recommend a first premium to any player it would have to be Anshan because its "perk" is the enhanced fxp earning ability. That at least gives the player some leeway to utilize what is earned to advancing up the tech trees. Learn to milk it in operations like I do below and they can make huge amounts of it in a pretty short time.
  15. Rabin69

    My monitor died - need recommendations

    Thanks. I've always had good experiences with ASUS products tbh. Price is the biggest challenge as aside from the cost to ship out of NA to here, we pay almost 40% in duties and taxes when importing monitors. Locally I can get most of those brands you mentioned but the ones available max out at 75Hz, price wise I can get a 144hz imported for the same money. Guess I'll probably wait until closer to US Thanksgiving to see if there are any good ones on sale.