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  1. Finally got it, but its impossible unless the cv literally tries to delete you at high tiers. I got disconnected twice in this game, guess he thought I was afk.
  2. Solo warrior

    Really nicely done. I have one, but can't remember how I got it.
  3. OMG what a difference!

    Congrats....Your bro loves you a lot, those new graphics cards cost a lot. My gift for Father's Day was the best kind - cold hard cash - which i will be using to get a new rig myself. My budget maxes out at $800, so an i5 may not be for me and I plan to save some cash by putting it together myself. Heard some good stuff about the AMD Ryzen 3, so after work today gonna look at some builds with a GTX 1050 Ti card. If I can get mid level graphics at 60 to 70 FPS I would be happy.
  4. Weekend spree

    Weekend was up and down - wins wise. Blowouts or meltdowns. Focused on Halsey campaign part 4 - halfway done. Had one real stand out game with a 6 kill Kraken, Dreadnought, High Caliber, Confederate and a dev strike with the DM.
  5. Thank you so much. I only just realized. the last ship I sunk was a clan mate...bittersweet aftertaste now.
  6. Kraken and lost of other shiny things . But really, I should have died early on except for the Monty who was shooting HE at me from under 10k away... Thank you my brother. Replay and screenshots below.. Srry Reymu couldn't wait for your thread on Monday to share.... 20180616_222825_PASC020-Des-Moines-1948_14_Atlantic.wowsreplay
  7. Thanks, yeah usually when it gets too much I usually just switch off the pc and comeback the next day.
  8. I agree, but I think this was beyond being a potato. Potatoes tend to at least charge at the enemy, this dude just drove around waiting to be carried to victory by team mates.
  9. Because one person just does not care to help.....Not naming or shaming but guess who sailed around the map border because of the big bad Asashio….. I tried, maybe if I hadn't been burned down because I had to knife fight with the scharn we may have won.....idk, its been one of those nights....not saying I played perfect, but its frustrating when one person can influence the outcome so badly. Granted we may have still lost even if he had gone into the cap, but we will never know. I'm sharing the replay too for two reasons: 1) Am I being unreasonable? 2) Any good chappy players I would appreciate any feedback on what I did wrong this game. PS I know my aim sucks, tough curve adjusting to these guns after playing the US line so long. 20180615_004152_PRSC108-Pr-68-Chapaev_23_Shards.wowsreplay
  10. Nice Dude. I love my IJN , but I love punishing people who play them wrongly even more.
  11. Thanks. To be honest, I usually suck with it, tend to be too aggressive and get focused fired back to port. Been working on keeping the nose angled and showing less side too, it really is a paper cannon. US cruisers are really all about positioning, if u get it wrong very rarely do you get a second chance. But every so often the sun and the moon align and I wreck teams.
  12. I am reminded why I love this game so much when this happens.... P.S. Fellow DD captains, its not a good idea to charge a DM in a cap without support especially if he has support that can catch you in a crossfire, you cannot hide ( tbh I run the radar mod, so I suspect they were surprised by how long it lasted).
  13. Asashio Clean Sweep

    Nice. Lots of salty tears there I expect.
  14. I get you, usually I try to not launch all torps in one go at times I may even launch at multiple targets. Yes, I was referring to guys that I have gotten to use repairs on a single flood, not ones who burned their repair on fires. Tried using the shorter range torps and even torp acceleration to get closer, play was too stressful.
  15. Nice one, I had to do a double take