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  1. Rabin69

    Where did all the Bad DD Players go?

    Nope they are still around. Just with CVs in game they are not yolo charging caps at the start of the game as much, so they live a bit longer. Well, until the red cv spots em and they forget how to use WASD to avoid rockets and get burned down.
  2. Rabin69

    Is AA still too Weak?

    I have found that sector selection/control to be key especially with those ships that you mentioned. I have dumped AFT and have gone with the manual AA for the additional sector efficiency boost. Shorter aa ranges means that once I see planes I start angling away and assign to the sector of approach. Once i see the first squadron break off its either make a decision to continue on the current path or try and change direction while switching the sector focus. I don't waste def aa on rocket or dbs, that is kept reserved for torpedo planes. Overall I have been able to consistently shoot down planes. The days of insta deleting planes with one mouse click and def aa are long gone.
  3. Rabin69

    Karma - This is how you get more of it

    Firstly, let me say great game shiny horse is a great bote. To me Karma is not something I overly worry about. I've had games where I lost Karma for not doing what certain players on my team thought I should be doing instead of playing the objectives based on the current game situation. I've also received Karma for doing things in game that were not exceptionally "special" but some players thought it was, for example dropping a smoke screen to cover a retreating badly damaged teammate. The redundancy of the Karma system can be summarized in a game of ranked I had the night before where I lost Karma because the two red dds were upset that I killed them with my Kita. The first decided to camp in smoke knowing he was detected by rpf, easy torp kill. The second was lucky enough to hit me with a torp later in the game, but accused me of cheating cause I wasn't killed and he "knew" that the torp did enough damage to delete my ship. Guessing he doesn't run SE on his T8 dds. Finished top of my team, decided to check to see if I was reported and sure enough -2 Karma points.
  4. Rabin69

    Oh, the sweet, sweet booze, part 2

    Occasionally a beer or two, no particular brand, whatever is in the fridge and cold. No beer, then the scotch stocks get tapped into. Try to limit my self to no more than a nip myself. Started the year with one bottle each in Johnnie Walker Black, Johnnie Walker Green and two bottles of Glenfiddich Green. Probably got two more gaming sessions left in both Johnnie's, just cracked the second bottle of Glen last night.
  5. Rabin69

    Huang He love fest

    Huang He is a fun ship, especially in operations. There is a guy who loved it so much he changed his user name to Huang He and posted a couple of threads exposing her virtues. Just had the game below, not bad for a light cruiser me thinks.
  6. Rabin69


    Not good, just lucky. Some CV's still don't get that dds get 150% sector boost. Combined with def fire and you can wreck them. We lost this game because the NC decided to sail the map border sniping and I met my match with an Atlanta in the cap hiding behind an island.
  7. Rabin69

    This is why I hate playing ranked

    Alsace with IFHE is a beast in the late part of the game from what I've sen this season. Those secondaries eat low health dds or bbs who stray too close.
  8. Rabin69

    This is why I hate playing ranked

    Sorry to hear about your bad experience bud. I have found that ranked in general has been less salty this time around. That being said, we're heading into the second week, so most of the better players have either ranked out or hit the amount of steel that they wanted to get (me for example, I got to 7, got enough for Stalin and will definitely not be playing any ranked this weekend because the spuds are out on weekends, not saying I fall into the better category either). Most of the ones around 10 are probably getting very frustrated bouncing between 12 and 10 and it will get worse over the next couple of days. Take a break and try back again around Tuesday (not Monday, Mondays have been as bad as weekends of late). I will be grinding elite xp in operations with the occasional co-op or low tier game just to get first win bonus on my premiums. Good luck.
  9. Rabin69


    IMHO that's gonna be the new standard for dds, especially IJN. Having to speck into some sort of AA/with survivability means giving up some other captain skills/ship modules that would have contributed to being able to do those over 100k damage games consistently. Been focused on ranked and grinding xp Narai for the last couple of days. But, I don't thinks I did too badly in Randoms across all the classes (except Cv) considering that I was experimenting with a couple of new captain/module builds. Those dd games were with my Tash and Ognevoi as I am grinding both lines at the moment.
  10. Rabin69

    Thought you fixed your MM?

    The Op usually starts one of these threads every 4 weeks.
  11. From what I am experiencing it makes some difference but does not guarantee that the AA is more effective at killing planes especially on the first strike. Seems that the manual AA skill will become mandatory on AA cruisers to buff the sector up that additional 25%. Gonna try testing it out a bit more tonight with my Wooster. Even with sector reinforcement, once the CV player can avoid the flak bursts you are still screwed in my experience.
  12. Fletcher still remains the better all round dd imho. However, the Gearing with the legendary module (5.6 conceal) may be a bit better now with all the cvs in game as it is a bit harder to be detected. Note I said harder, not impossible. Having the longer range on the torps is also a bit more workable as planes no longer spot them, so even if you are detected u can still try a hail Mary launch. I have both, but haven't tried running full aa build on either. I intend to try some different captain builds before the free change is stopped however.
  13. Crazy game in randoms. First our cv drives to south of the c cap and get killed. I notice that the Hak planes are coming from north of where I was and started moving in the general direction to try and intercept his strikes. I did zero damage with guns as I was never close enough to hit anything. But with the exception of one strike he basically kept sending his planes at me as I just kept heading generally to where I though he was located. Multiple strikes and while I was only able to shoot down 14 planes, if this was the old style cv system I would have been cross dropped and deleted very early on. His keeping his planes on me allowed the team to grind away the reds and we eventually won. Overall I feel that I really didn't contribute to the win, but maybe I'm wrong. Keeping his planes off the rest of the team probably allowed them the breathing space to pull the win out. Uploaded part of the battle to share. In case anyone is wondering, my DM has the legendary module equipped, no way in hell would I have avoided those drops otherwise.
  14. Rabin69

    AA Sector Switch Strategy

    That's gonna be tough if using the default "O" for sector control. I'm experimenting with using the space bar to bring up the sector option and having mixed results, cause the old brain has to map using an unfamiliar key stroke when playing this game. Had the result below trying it out, but the replay isn't quite what your asking for.
  15. Decided to try my luck and while I didn't log all crates like everyone else, I'm pretty OK with what i got, highlights being: New Years themed perma cammos for Anshan, Lo Yand and HuangHe. 48 days premium 3 sets of Mosiac That plus the new ship and special captain makes me feel that I didn't get scammed. I gambled and more or less broke even. I am wondering if having all the Pan Asian premiums ( which I do) lowers the chance of getting a ship in the first two sets of crates.