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  1. Rabin69

    Monday Funday!

    My fave will always be my first T10 - my Shimakaze. Its a tough little boat to do consistently well with, but oh how glorious it can be when the stars align. Nothing better than dev striking those unsinkable T10 bbs that just want to sail straight lines ignoring the mini-map.
  2. Rabin69

    2018 Secret Santa!

    Merry Christmas Zardoz_II
  3. Rabin69

    Quitting until Belfast comes back

    WG will wait until your withdrawal symptoms are so intense that you will sneak back in for one game just to ease the pain. MM will promptly match you against another Belfast div, cause you know we need more salt on the forums from little kids throwing temper tantrums because the can't get the shiny red ball.
  4. Sounds similar to my experience this and last year. 2017 "Mega" boxes (set of 20), I got zero ships and a bunch of cammo. This year more of same except I got one ship, Monaghan. Decide to respin last year and bought 20 "mid" size boxes and got Huanghe, Molotov, De Grasse and Nikolai (which was the one I really wanted anyway). My wife decided to gift me another 20 mid boxes (cause I'm a good boy) and those yielded Molotov, Scharn, Mustsu and Gremy. After Christmas, I bought another 20 mid which gave Hood, Warspite, Arizona and Duca. Seems the mid option is gonna be the better option to get some ships but the super rares are gonna be down to dumb luck. Waiting to see if Mrs. Claus gonna bless me with some crates again before I open my wallet again :)
  5. Rabin69

    Modifying the Kitakaze and Harugumo

    Slow acceleration and turn also. Nothing worse than trying to wiggle through the inevitable wall of skill that arrives when sitting in smoke in this thing. Plus you are easily spotted by all other dds except Russian, so can also be focused and killed quite early if you push caps too agressively. Its also very dependent on team spotting to be effective unloosing dakka dakka hell from smoke.
  6. Thanks you saved me from reading further down this troll thread. OP doesn't have enough DD games to validate his opinion. Maybe taihunger molested his straight sailing BB once with torpedoes.
  7. Rabin69

    Wooster Legendary module...Worth It?

    Thanks for the feedback folks. My thoughts are similar to yours mofton, I think you nailed the cons and they really don't seem to be worth it. Guess it will sit in the warehouse for now.
  8. Hi folks, So I finally unlocked the legendary module for the Wooster and based on general info put out by the CC's they are of the opinion that its meh. The thing is a lot of them gave negative feedback on the DM module and I actually enjoy using it. What I am wondering from the average player who has equipped it, is it worth giving up the concealment range of 1k. Since they nerfed the Wooster radar, seems that you will be spotted by dds no matter what and once you are everyone wants a piece of your hull. So island hugging is more a priority than trying to position to radar caps, especially early game. Plus I already have the regular radar mod loaded, is the additional radar time with the legendary really worth it. Seem that having a longer def aa run time may be beneficial once the CV rework goes live, but I'm hesitant. Disclaimer, I generally suck with this ship. Just would like some feedback from the rest of average potatoes out there. Thanks in advance if you took the time to read the above and respond. As a bit of entertainment, I included the last game replay where thanks to dumb luck I caught the enemy Midway full health sitting in a cap (love seeing them burn). 20181203_224818_PASC210-Worcester_14_Atlantic.wowsreplay
  9. Rabin69

    New CV rework MM

    Crtl + Printscreen at any point to take a screen shot during the replay. Will save in the screenshots folder in the WOWS game folder.
  10. Rabin69

    Asashio yes or no?

    Shhhhh...you're selling the trade secrets. Its a terrible ship, stick with the general theme. This ship more than any other excels playing the dedicated dd roles early game. Scouting and spotting red dds for your cruisers, baiting them to fire while you drop off detection. Its low detection should not be underestimated. Regarding the guns, at the mid to longer ranges you can give a good account of yourself as they are basically Shima guns with slower turret traverse. Hard hitting and accurate, angle away and keep the fight at mid engagement range and enjoy the salt.
  11. Thought we had it, but I showed too much side and their last bb got me. then he proceeded to ram our remaining bb. Ah so close. Screenshots and replay file below. 20181128_205633_PXSD002-Benson-1945-H2017_e02_Halloween_2017.wowsreplay
  12. I will be playing Huanghe to the annoyance of my teammates and the enemy...... I joke, I kid.. Or maybe I am serious..I have so many T6 premiums that its gonna be tough deciding.
  13. Rabin69

    Drinking and World of Warships Randoms

    Srry, but where does he say he's getting high?? Especially off one drink? Not everyone chugs alcohol, especially the good stuff. You're sounding very judgemental and self righteous.
  14. Rabin69

    Drinking and World of Warships Randoms

    Playing this game is my personal unwind at the end of the work day after the kids are asleep. I switched from smoking (smoked 20 years) to vaping over a year ago. Sometimes you just gotta take a deep drag and let it out slowly to avoid blurting loud expletives in the night and waking the wife and kids. Have a bottle of Glenfiddich 12yr single malt off to the side of the computer when that doesn't work.
  15. Rabin69

    Would another T7 ranked be good?

    Me too, but only after they remove Musashi and Kron from the shop. Don't want too many other players with my T10.. I mean T9 premiums in the game. (insert evil laugh here)