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  1. Rabin69

    IFHE & Demolition expert

    If I recall correctly general rule I follow is IFHE only on guns 152 mm or lower if its not German, think there was also a recent buff on the higher tier British dds that made it optional for them also. Because of the 50% cut in fire chance DE becomes mandatory once you chose IFHE. On a Hindy, I would definitely say no, setting fires at range are your bread and butter with German CAs. You might find better answers on the thread below: https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/topic/118142-using-ifhe-on-des-moines-and-hindenburg/
  2. Finally, qualified for gold. Hopefully will be more fun than silver.
  3. Rabin69

    Do any ships actually scare you...

    CV's I can live with generally. The FDR, I just contemplate how much fun the next game is gonna be.
  4. I don't know, got bunked back down playing dds because of the amount of cvs. Hoping Russian bias can see me through, not bad so far.
  5. Right now I feel like I'm stuck somewhere in the machine being continuously crushed between the rollers. This is the fifth time I've gotten/been carried to the fourth star in the last four days. I'm thinking I should just give it a rest and just start back in silver next run.
  6. Entire weekend, crawl to 4 and back down to none.... I thought this ranked format was supposed to separate the wheat from the chaff. TBH I think I blighted myself when up two kills and two caps I told the team I only needed one more win to qualify for gold. Nothing like trying to win too hard and throwing the game...sigh.
  7. Rabin69

    Milestone reached, 30th T10

    Congrats @Lert and thanks for all the years of yeoman service helping LWM with her testing and ship reviews, as well as sharing in general on the forums. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and yours!!! I do have a confession, I have a guilty pleasure of enjoying sinking people on the red team when I recognize them as a CC or Forum contributor. I sank you once and it was very very satisfying. Hope to get the chance to do it again over the holidays
  8. Rabin69

    Weekend Spree, 18-20 December 2020.

    Thank you. I'm sitting on 2.1 million right now. I actually had 2.4 plus +4mil Elite XP just about a week ago, before I went crate crazy and decided to FXP to the Minnesota, cause the Kansas was a pain. I also spent about 100K each on getting the Zao and Hindy grinds done, plus the Minnesota's modules. Elite xp back done to 900 k because I was too lazy to remember which captain would be best fit on some of the new premiums so ending up using a bunch to get the 10 pointers to 19 for Kami, Benham and Belfast, plus a new 19 pointer for the Minnesota. I have so many 19's currently on the ships that I like to play (and do fairly decent in most times) that I tend to accumulate both pretty easily with premium time and perma cammos. That plus whenever Narai and Aegis are on rotation I farm a lot there also, more now with all the flags I've gotten from crates. I believe I would have gotten Smaland around the same time you bought Hayate. So even though I've played a less than what I used to do previously I can still get both in pretty good time. Final caveat is that as of right now I have all the T10's I wanted except for the Kleber and Petro. But, I've got Stalin and Marceau already so unless I decide to reset a line I really don't have much use for the FXP.
  9. Rabin69

    Weekend Spree, 18-20 December 2020.

    Got some new toys from another three batches of Santa crates, so took them out for a spin Continued the grind from the Minnesota to the Vermont, mixed bag overall. Doing decent damage, but can't carry with that 40 second reload. Was so very tempted to just FXP it, but holding off on burning any of my 2 mil stack until I decide if I want the Hayate or gonna just save for the captain rework. Finished the dub mission for the Kaga in co-op. Never more clear in my mind that cvs are not my cup of tea, got all these wonderful premium port queens now that in all likelihood I'll never play except for special missions. Thinking I may be avoiding randoms until Jan 01st, current state of play will eat away my holiday cheer.
  10. That's probably the reason right there. In my experience in Co-op you generally are engaging at closer ranges than you would find in most randoms, at least early on, so dispersion comes into play more in randoms. Plus bots despite their insane ability to execute torp beats do not engage WASD hacks when targeted. Most semi decent players start tapping keys once that PT number pops up.
  11. Rabin69

    opinions about ships with steel

    With steel ships, generally I think there are no wrong choices, all are pretty good once you play to their relative strengths. Be forewarned, any steel ship tends to be focused down by the reds once you are spotted. Most folks seem to think that having a steel ship means that you are a super unicum, hence you gotta get killed first. My first steel ship was the Stalin and I've never regretted it.
  12. Rabin69

    Players we Don't need in the game

    Snarg's rep transcends the forums it seems. Tbh I've seen folks with sub 500 games calling peeps with in excess of 10k games noobs. They must have a pre-typed list of put downs so they can copy and paste in chat.
  13. Rabin69

    My santa crate haul so far.

    I actually made out like a beast this year, guess it benefits to having lots of premiums, plus I tend to buy two ort three batches of the huge just to support the game. I got so many days of premium I hardly spend any cash at all through the year. Batch 1 20 Megas - Kaga B, Haida, Ochakov and Lowenhardt bunch of dubs. Batch 2 20 Big - bought with dubs, Kaga, one british cv and makarov. Batch 3 20 Megas - another two cvs I'll probably never play and a Kamikaze. Batch 4 20 Megas - z-35, Benham and Mainz.
  14. Rabin69

    Santa Crates...Suck or not?

    Finally the odds rolled in my favor a bit. Got Ochakov, Cheshire, 6k dubs and 25k coal plus mixed camos out of 20 mega crates. The icing on the cake is below. But that's it for me spending any more cash this year. I got lucky and I'm getting out.
  15. Rabin69

    Weekend Spree 27 to 29 November 2020

    Somebody at WG has a sick sense of humor. I hate CVs, can't play them to save my life. So just add salt to an epic loss tonight I finally get a ship from a BF container.....Kaga B. You better have a good tutorial for me to struggle to get the free dubs from the mission.