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  1. Our bottom tier dd for understanding the importance of cap control. And of course our cv who took a lot of salt from the team, but did a great job negating their dds. A well deserved solo warrior. @jmharell and @dragon780
  2. Rabin69

    legacy upgrade are a real disapointment

    I have always questioned my sanity when I'm pushing up in a dd and there's a French or German bb sittiing basically in the spawn, far away from the action. We both know they can't hit anything effectively that far away, but I'm still moving forward until a radar cruiser lights me up and burns me down The Repub is such a wonderful ship when you use that speed to get to the flank and punish the reds with its fast reload. At least that's how I use mine and I don't have the UU for her as yet. Using her guns at anything above 15k for me is really hoping RNGesus is looking favourably down on you because the dispersion is so trollish at those ranges. Comparatively speaking, both the Repub's and DM's UU are better suited to the player who prefers a more mobile playstyle, but who also has the experience to know when to turn tail and run rather than overextend if the odds are not in their favor.
  3. Rabin69

    legacy upgrade are a real disapointment

    Yes sir, map awareness is a very big part. The experience of knowing where ships like to hide/gaps they pass through is vital because you are literally trying to steer the ship into position to launch the torps without having to make last minute turns. Its really like going from point a to b in a shallow curve as opposed to a high bend one (if that makes sense to you). I've never tried the locking armaments option though, might be something to think about
  4. Rabin69

    legacy upgrade are a real disapointment

    As @Kizarvexis indicated the UU's are really suited if you want to explore a different style of play with the respective ship type. Regarding the UU for the Shima, I have not unequipped it since I unlocked it over a year ago. I have seen lots of players making a big deal of the slowed traverse but it is manageable with practice, if traverse is an issue it's because your are taking evasive action after being spotted, for me if I'm spotted in my Shima, outside of a cv doing it, it means I've overextended. I have found the faster reload more important, especially when you find yourself having to hold/defend a flank from a concerted push. Combined with torp reload skills and AR you truly become a dispenser of torp soup in the mid to late game. Many players are not aware of how fast the reload can become and become very easy targets, especially as I usually don't lock on when launching. The added bonus is having torps available so much earlier at the start of the game you can risk the speculative spread that can catch the odd ship out for that first blood dev strike.
  5. Rabin69

    Explosive lag on a $3,000 dollar computer

    That's pretty much what I get with my mid range system also as an average with the occasional drop to 120ish (though I wish I had better ping, mine sits steady at 105 can't do much to improve it though). This is with the graphics set pretty much to max with all animations on. I could probably squeeze out some more if I disabled waves, aa burst etc but I find that the 140's are just fine. I've also changed the max fps to 165 in the game settings, but was thinking to just reset this to 145, though again I don't think it would significantly affect the overall experience. Would you mind sharing your build and settings? I run a Ryzen 5 2600x, 16 gigs 3600 RAM with a RTX 2060.
  6. It's my fault, I've been farming the heck out of it for the last week. Averaging 8-10k xp and 7-8k fxp with fully flagged out Lyon, Shinyhorse and Nelson, 3 to 4 games and daily containers done and I could avoid the salt of Randoms. I broke WG's spreadsheet. As with everything in this game of late WG just decides to take anything I like and take it away or just nerf whack the crap out of it. Guess Aegis will be next to go. PS. The best way to deal with the occasional suicidal transport charging the red spawn is for the BBs on the team to be aggressive and get in between the transports and the reds. Its usually the transport with the heal that goes bonkers, so you can tank effectively while killing the reds.
  7. Rabin69

    Is there an issue with aiming?

    Tried running my Sinop in Narai last night and it was combos of over pens and splashes. It was just ridiculous, I know the dispersion can be off at range, but when 5 out of 6 shells splash into the water at 8k away from the Missou in too consecutive salvos. Switched to my Lyon, which I tend to aim a little bit higher than the waterline because french ships have shotguns you know. Was blown away with how many cits or full pens I was getting. I finished with 310k damage, 13 kills and almost 15 cits. I also don't run mods, but even in regular games it just "feels" like the target somehow just shifts when you aim at the waterline as I'm either hitting the water or getting overpens on the superstructure.
  8. Rabin69

    Commander XP

    Very true, strange thing is that you can utilize free xp to make up any shortage to make when trying to level up a captain with elite xp. Of course the amount of free xp must be sufficient to take you to the level requirement, if you are short it doesn't work.
  9. Rabin69

    Montana or République?

    Seems I am equally mediocre with all my T10 BBs :( For me at least each has a play style that is adequately different from the other that I find it difficult to claim one is "best" of the group. Play poorly with either and its quick trip back to port. Play to each ship's strength and with a sufficiently competent team you can run riot on the reds.
  10. Rabin69


    Yup, nothing like being in a full health Yamato and having a Venezia chunk 10k per salvo on the superstructure even when you are bow on. I' only at the T8 for now, by the time I get the T10 they'll nerf the crap out of SAP.
  11. That's the exact style I used too when I had to grind her last year. The only reason I didn't keep my Izumo is that I had the Musashi and needed the slot to get the Yamato. I may re-buy her at some point in the future, cause I have quite a number of slots free since the Christmas events, once I have enough elite xp to get her a designated 14 pointer. Ichase or Notser had a video out around the time that she received her buffs explaining how much to angle when kiting away to get the max time on target for all nine guns.
  12. NICENESS!!!! Kindly advise when you will be having the first taste sampling event. I'll need to book my vacation days and airfare.
  13. Rabin69


    Yup, poor dds probably already been roasted going wide to spot by the radar cruiser who's neatly tucked in against the island to the north where he can't be hit by the anyone to the south, but can deny anything getting into the cap.
  14. To escape the quagmire that is randoms I decided to hide in my safe space of operation Aegis tonight. I may not be back out until next Wednesday when the operation switches. Even with an inexperienced team I can haver fun and get my daily containers done in no time without the crap shoot of the random match blowouts that has been this last month. Plus the new improvements to the bot ai is actually making it a bit more challenging.
  15. Rabin69

    I just want to say...

    Same to you bro. I plan too. No operations to grind so will only be playing my Groz, Mino and Moskva as I try to get the UU done. Nice part its the stages to get 15 wins each. I will be living in happy happy co-op land.