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  1. Rabin69

    There may be a problem - AAA (AA)

    Not going to deny Halland has good AA, but OP no. I've had games where Lexington's have basically mauled me to irrelevance because the player was skilled enough to bait me to activate the sector then flew out of my aa bubble and swing to the "weaker" side to attack. Kaga's planes just suck against T10 AA. I've gotten AA expert award in my Stalin facing a Kaga, the plane's just don't have the health to deal with most dps at T9/10.
  2. Rabin69

    ranked experience so far

    Only has time for 4 games last night, so RNG might have been kind except for one dd in a game, the teams were okay. The opposition was poor, but it may be many first timers now getting their feet wet in ranked, but tbh there were two who screamed potatoes: An Akizuki who decided to charge my Lo Yang while I was in smoke. I spotted him with my hydro and and he just decided to come to a complete stop within 3k of my ship and smoke up. One guy in a Tirpitz in my second game sailed to the map border HE spamming while his team went in the other direction. The CV on my team had a fun time sinking him.
  3. For me with the way I play all German bbs, I recommend a secondary build. Its the same for all from the Biz up. This is my full meme build, although I have heard it suggested that you can drop CE for Fire Prevention. Alternately give up CE, BFT and PM for Basics of Survivability, Superintendent and EM. I prefer concealment as it allows me to get close enough to actually bring the secondaries to bear. If there are cvs in game, you are spotted from the moon even with CE so it can be situational at best. Your preferred playstyle may not align with German BBs though, the poor accuracy and lack of pen on the AP do not lend to playing too far back and you have to basically offer almost full broadside if you want to use the back turrets. You are gonna burn with the FDG and GK because of the large superstructures. I tried the anti fire build, but was still getting multiple fires every game. Did I mention they turn like trucks and if spotted I'm not sure you can kite away effectively especially against HE spam. The armor you can angle, but it is possible to be citadeled from plunging BB AP at range.
  4. I recently swapped to Flamu's recommended build with Halsey at the helm and I tell you I am falling in love with this ship all over. My first T10 Bb and yes, she may have been power crept in recent times. But when you can get into position to give them the full broadside she can't be beat for the fun. I never ran expert loader on a BB but it just seems to work so well with this build, even at this stage I am still learning the optimum time to switch but I've caught enough folks guessing that my damage output just keeps getting better. My only regret with her was grinding the UU and keeping it for so long. Monty thrives on using its full conceal build to get into those flank areas in the mid range where she can be so much more effective than a long range sniper.
  5. Rabin69

    For those that still have the Moskva

    Definitely a keeper, even if this type of game is not atypical for me.
  6. Rabin69

    These Teams I swear.....

    I see the Op and raise him one more solo cap, two more kills and a couple of shiny achievements. Well at least I got some silver. Not pointing fingers but even Hercules can't carry some of these teams.
  7. Rabin69

    Nyet, Nyet Comrade

    Do not shoot HE with a Kremlin, its not good, especially when RNGesus says bad dispersion roll for you. Poor guy, by the time he switched to the AP, I angled just enough to bounce/he missed with most of it. But, there is still nothing more fun that citadelling the crap out of Kremlin, I probably just missed out on a dev strike. Guess Stalin trumps Kremlin today.
  8. Rabin69


    Doing my best to lower the bar right now :(
  9. Rabin69

    Who have you seen in game

    I saw @Ensign_Cthulhu last night. It didn't end well for him.
  10. Rabin69

    Calling Shima Pros

    Not a Shimdog pro in any regards, but I can give a little hint to getting some more effective action with the 12k especially against radar boats. @enderland07 hit the nail on the head actually. Map awareness and the experience to recognise the preferred Island waifus of the cruisers is going to be your strongest advantage. Shima is not an early cap rusher, but don't make the mistake I see so many others do and head to the map border either. Identify the possible hiding spots for the radar ships and work your way to a position that will allow you to get a spread out behind those islands. Be map aware and always try to keep at least 10k away from the said island, always have an egress route thought out if you get unfortunately spotted by planes/other dds. Save your speed boost for those situations, especially if you get over aggressive and wander into radar range. I have found RPF to be extremely useful on Shima even with its great concealment as I make minor adjustments on my course to remain unspotted. While you want to get torps out, you are really wanting to spot the radar ships so your bbs hopefully can get some hits in and force them to move back/out of cover, time it right and they either hunker down and get swamped by your torps, or move out and sail straight into them. With experience you tend to launch at least set of tubes where you expect them to be even if you haven't detected them as yet. Tapping x to deselect a parked cruiser is a good way to hide/confuse when you have sent your fish is another handy trick I use. Shima is feast or famine with the torps, but played to its strengths its still one hell of a fun ship, can't wait for the buff on the LU.
  11. Rabin69

    Container Tokens a good laugh

    Same here, at this rate I will only be able to get the T5. Out of twelve containers all the rest were 5's.
  12. Rabin69

    Where Do You Stand?

    I sit at 54.5%, but with the amount of games I've played even with bad patches it moves up or down by 0.10%. Pretty happy that I have kept it slowly crawling in the right direction over time. But I'll never make the 5% crowd no matter what, would require weeks of almost an 80% WR. Nah I'm good.
  13. Rabin69

    Weekend Spree 8-10 May 2020

    Unlocked Jerzy early Sunday morning and pulled the trigger on the Smaland for good measure. Its funny that the last task to get him is actually the easiest of all.
  14. Rabin69

    Why is the player base so angry?

    That sums up the source of most of it right there. I have been losing it myself with the piss poor play especially at T10. Dds who don't spot and sit in the spawn or hump an island, Bbs sailing to the back/edge of the map where they miss more shots than they land etc. There is so much bad play going on right now that no matter what you can sense the inevitable blow out loss within the first five minutes of the game. Stack that up in four or five concurrent games, you wonder why you even bother logging on.
  15. That's my build also, with the UU in the last slot. The short but fiendishly fun dd hunter build i like to call it. I never liked the island hugger play style so this is the optimum build for me.