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  1. There is nothing in this game more satisfying to me than a dev strike against a straight sailing ship (yup there are non BB players who don't use WASD). As of yesterday I have 422 games in Randoms with my Shima and I still play her almost everyday at least once. Yes, I agree that overall the torp line has been power crept to be in a bad position regarding the competition when it comes to cap contesting, a well played IJN dd still in imho has the greatest ability to swing a match because of the ability to stealth spot and their high alpha strike. I have had many games where a I was able to stall a flank long enough to turn a loss into a win. Again, just my opinion, but a lot of folks become discouraged with the line because the high damage numbers they expect to get every game don't materialize. Wall of skill has holes that many players are becoming adept at wiggling through. The Shima has other tools in her bag of tricks i.e stealth and speed to reposition, that she is not this one dimensional torp spammer that folks feel she is. Even her guns especially in the mid to late game can have a telling effect.
  2. Sure gonna be a mixed bag. This was right after I posted..5 stars.
  3. To win or get five stars. Its a little more challenging with the cv that moves away but damn man...my back hurts.
  4. Rough Nite, but a Happy Ending

    Yup, that's about it. If only my boss knew the reason I'm on my third cup of coffee for the morning. Only bright note average damage numbers keep rising even though the win rate is taking a nose dive.
  5. Thank You smokey5011

    I wish the game would reward dds when they excel at spotting and screening. This guy kept himself in almost perfect position the entire game ensuring I could push the flank knowing where the enemy dds were, forcing them to stay at 10k so I could worry less about torps and more about shooting. Great support play dude and thanks again.
  6. Weekend spree

    Got to ranked 3.2 by Friday night, then fell to 5 before calling it quits by Sunday evening. Punished myself further trying to get the "Hero of Dunkirk" task done on Saturday - 1st try 5 stars, followed by 5 complete fails before squeezing out a 2 and 3 star victory. In between decided to take the frustration out on straight sailing BBs in my Asashio. While Ranked sucked managed over 70% wins in Randoms so it wasn't a total bust.
  7. Krohnstad or Musashi

    I can give a qualified answer as I have both. The answer you are looking for is pretty simple, based on: 1) Your personal play style. Musashi requires a very patient approach and good map awareness imho. You are too big and slow with easily punishable sides if you overextend. That being said if you want Yammy guns without the Izumo nightmare grind get it (it may cost slightly less to free xp to Yamato but I could be wrong). Krohns plays as a typical Russian cruiser, try to be the second line and you shouldn't have any issues. Every so often RNG blesses you with tight dispersion and its citadel city as the velocity will allow you to cit ships at range. 2) Are you after a captain trainer or income earner? Musashi has the better earning potential between the two. I got the Musashi when I started grinding the IJN BB line as I needed a trainer, already had Missou so coins aren't really an issue.
  8. Double Team Kraken.....

    I really felt sorry for you, but a dd's gotta do what a dd's gotta do...lol Your cruisers just bugged out right after the Mahan got killed. And the poor FDG, ate a torp then just kept sailing straight. Thing is the exact opposite happened on the other side. Our team melted except for two cruisers.
  9. Double Team Kraken.....

    Srry, not that good...lol
  10. Never seen one before. This ever happen to anyone else? Granted it was a T9/T8 fight. The dds never really stood a chance in a gunfight. But wow, the FDG wrecked the cruisers.
  11. Cool. As some said above, I probably need to be a little more careful with words due to the overall PC culture when posting online. I'm from a small island where our population is heavily mixed from all parts of the world, so we probably get away with a lot more leeway with word choice. As one of our local scholars once said " We either learn to live together or we learn to live in the sea"
  12. Wow had no idea that "Crackers" was a racist term, sorry I don't live in the US. Was actually just trying to word play off of Kraken..no offense intended.
  13. Bit of a disappointment, but I guess with the newness of the mode they turned off achievements?
  14. Lenny's fine, just got pipped by the sims because I ate two torps blocking a transport.
  15. My first was the Des Moines... Why? Because I'm a sadist and enjoyed the punishing grind to get her...lol not really....4.5 sec reload simple. My second was Shima, so maybe I do enjoy getting my butt kicked every so often. While I may not be a unicum with either, I still love both and play each almost daily when I can. Had some great games as well as some meh with both.