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  1. HTSMetal

    Patch 0.9.2 preview

    At this point, with the sheer amount of massive changes introduced to the game in the last year I'm kinda just over it. As a cruiser player I really don't feel like investing the time to relearn all pen values, armor schemes and the like. I hate that I feel that way but it's fair to say this isn't the WoWs I started playing in January of 2017, and that was the game I loved. I'll log in and check out the changes once they hit live, but if they really needlessly over-complicate the game like so many recent WoWs solutions in search of a problem, I'll probably finally just call it a day and enjoy my memories of what was once one of the best PC games I have EVER played.
  2. HTSMetal

    Elephant in the Room: Atlanta IFHE

    If you're willing to put a large chunk of your damage output in any given battle into the fickle hands of RNG, yeah. Direct damage when and where possible is the better choice. It eliminates the luck factor as much as possible and as far as I'm concerned, there's already too much RNG in this game as it stands.
  3. HTSMetal

    1v1 is the Best Ranked Sprint EVER!

    Ultimately I think you're right and this is the fairest way to do Ranked Sprint, but one of my most fun battles I had so far was in my Tirpitz B against a Le Terrible; it was challenging to game plan on the fly and figure out how to beat him after he'd capped both points. He got greedy and tried to yolo me thereafter when he should have just kited away; one nasty HE salvo (and a bunch of secondary fire) and down he went!
  4. HTSMetal

    1v1 is the Best Ranked Sprint EVER!

    I'm also loving this Ranked thus far -- while it isn't exactly a level playing field in terms of Captain skill points and matchmaking, what aspect of WoWs really ever is? Started this morning playing Tirpitz B exclusively, on a 12 win streak with no defeats yet and Rank 7. I've had a couple of challenging battles thus far and it really is refreshing to have to strategize in a completely different way.
  5. I opened about 30 of the Santa's Gift crates (regular size) and ended up with a WV '41, Indianapolis and Lazo. I was really surprised to get such a good haul from the small crates!
  6. HTSMetal

    Stop Hiding during a battle

    You do realize with your 125 total battles that for many cruisers, using islands as cover to lob shells and attempt to deter an enemy push is not only a viable strategy, but also the most effective way to play many of them?
  7. HTSMetal

    I'm scared to make anymore YouTube videos might get frickin fine!?

    As someone who makes a portion of my income from a YouTube channel (and got hired for my current position through a YouTube channel), let me tell ya -- calling it "goofing around" ain't exactly a fair representation. When we're shooting a video it's generally a planned 8 hour day that nearly always stretches well into 12 hours after storyboarding, filming takes, editing every aspect of the video, then writing, recording, mixing and mastering the original music. This is for product demo videos that tend to be anywhere from 6-8 minutes in length. Granted, it's a LOT less work for a video game streaming channel, who can easily just trim a portion of their daily gaming into a video fit for YouTube, but when it comes to actual real life footage product shoots there is a TON of work involved (and more if it's contract work for a specific brand that requires exact colors, lighting, stills, etc.)
  8. I've pretty much quit the game because of the rework. Too many premium ships I've purchased that just aren't viable anymore with so many CVs in game. My previous Clan full of irl friends all left around the time of the rework. I play a battle or two a week now, when previously I played everything available, had Premium time, bought Premium ships, did the Corgi, Turkey and Maskerado events, and did many of the event grinds. Would love to see some changes made but I don't expect any, and at this point what was one of the most fun PC games I've ever played has pretty much been ruined in my eyes.
  9. I had an 80k, 3 kill game in the Tier III Italian CL the other day in a loss. Seemed quite powerful. Conversely, it came down to myself and another Italian CL vs. 2 Hermes CVs at the end of the match -- we lost because we simply could not damage the CVs fast enough (SAP was bouncing, AP was sticking in the torp bulges). Seems these things are almost too situational -- might make sense and be usable at lower tiers, but at higher ones I can understand the frustration and potential lack of battle impact.
  10. Using XP gained on the Tier IX ship (or Free XP...not), then researching it through the Modules screen like other Tech Tree ships I believe.
  11. HTSMetal

    Update 0.8.9 - Bugs Report

    I am also having a similar problem to many others who have reported here -- the game does not properly shut down when exiting the game. The UI goes away and becomes inaccessible afterward but the process is still running, using multiple GB of RAM and can only be closed using Task Manager.
  12. HTSMetal

    Donskoi and Moskva still relevant?

    I don't play the Moskva much -- I feel it's a good and capable ship still, but the bow-in playstyle that seems to be the most effective way to make an impact in it is just too boring and stagnant to me, and a drastic departure from the playstyle of all the ships in the line before it. Donskoi, on the other hand, is an absolute blast. High speed, relatively maneuverable and laser accurate guns, I loved it the most out of the entire Russian cruiser line. Open water cruiser play is by far my favorite and it is well suited for it.
  13. HTSMetal

    Have to click connect to get to port

    This is happening for me as well, and started a few days ago. Maybe a recent hotfix or small patch might have caused this?
  14. HTSMetal

    What would it take to get you playing again?

    I had played this game consistently everyday for two and a half years until a week or two before the most recent patch dropped, and have played maybe 5 or so battles in the last month. I'm not inherently unhappy with the game as a whole, I just remember the days when we weren't having huge overhauls of game mechanics with every single patch, and more rumored to come down the pipeline. I'd start playing heavily again if we had maybe a two or three patch cycle where everything game-mechanics wise stayed consistent. Having to learn, learn again, and then re-learn changing mechanics consistently is a total drag to me.
  15. I usually don't have to deal with this too often thankfully, but I just unlocked the Kiev and MAN there are some folks that just don't understand that it ain't a DD, it's a cruiser My detection range is almost 9km, ain't no way I'm going in ANY cap at the start of the match. I'll spot and harass the living hell out of everyone on the flank though!