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  1. HTSMetal

    Weekend spree

    I had back-to-back Krakens in the Shchors and Atago B this weekend. I'm only a few thousand XP away from unlocking the Chapayev and have a cool Halloween permacamo for it, so that will be this coming week's mission -- finishing the Shchors grind, which overall has been an absolute joy really.
  2. HTSMetal

    Is Buffalo Good?

    Definitely don't skip the Buffalo -- I'm only about 10 or so games in and that 12 gun AP broadside is insanely devastating to cruisers and BBs alike. You have to play at range to start, but once you see how the match is unfolding you can easily push with it being surprisingly tanky. I went with the range mod -- having 18km range really makes this ship capable of harassing the hell out of anything at the beginning of the match from relative safety. It's better than the Baltimore by a country mile, and I liked the Balti overall (didn't like the MM though).
  3. HTSMetal

    Edinburgh absolutely horrid compared to Fiji

    Agreed -- I had a better time in the Emerald than I did in Edinburgh ! In the rare match where you're top tier it can be truly beastly, but against Tier X it can be difficult to get close enough where the guns still retain some punch. The Neptune, however, has been an utter delight thus far for me and made the Edinburgh grind worth it!
  4. HTSMetal

    No Bias in the Matchmaker Found!

    Just read the Matchmaker patent. WG's Matchmaking patent filing itself implies that their MM implementation assigns players into matches based on "skill and ability": "As players research and purchase more advanced technologies, those players advance in skill and ability, which also affects how those players should be matched against other players in the game by matchmaking server" "the level of difficulty of a battle level is not identified or revealed in the game (which implies ship Tiers are NOT the same thing as battle level), and players might not be offered any option to choose a difficulty level within a battle session." "Using battle levels as described herein, matchmaking servers can assign players to sessions to provide players with varied gaming experiences without frustrating or boring the player. Battle sessions are balanced while the difficulty levels of the battle session for each player are controlled." The fact of the matter is that Wargaming is in the business of making money, as they should be, since they've created a fun, technical, and strategically deep video game. I've played this game more than any other game in the past 5 years, and it's because I learn something new (both in-game and oftentimes, historically) every time I play it. It is also a fact that in order to drive players to make purchases, there will be algorithms used from time to time throughout the entire gaming experience to subconsciously drive an individual to make a purchase. There is no question that Matchmaker is one of the major ways this is accomplished; it's plainly written right there in the patent filing which is readily available for anyone to read. If you think for a second that Matchmaker is designed to ensure every single battle contains players of equal skill, experience and ability, you're deceiving yourself.
  5. HTSMetal

    USS Massachusetts turret mascot?

    Ahhh I only saw it in-game, it was harder to see exactly what he was riding. I just thought it was a funny easter egg someone at WG added.
  6. HTSMetal

    USS Massachusetts turret mascot?

    I cracked up when I first saw it -- I just assumed it's an homage to Slim Pickens riding the H-Bomb from Dr. Strangelove.
  7. HTSMetal

    What the f... with overpens?

    Nah, I totally agree with you. I started out playing pretty much nothing but BBs when learning the game. I wasn't great in them, but one thing I am good at is aim, which is why it frustrated me to no end when a perfectly placed salvo would straddle the target from dispersion, or overpen the living hell out of what I was targeting. That's when I moved on to cruisers -- ships that actually reward knowing how and what to aim for, and I absolutely love 'em. Definitely lowered my frustration level quite a bit and made me much more satisfied with my personal performance.
  8. HTSMetal

    ranked sprint poll

    IFHE Perth is gonna be an absolute monster in this Ranked. Take the special Smoke Modification module for longer smoke duration emission and maybe the Direction Center for Catapult Aircraft to double up your spotter plane in case one gets shot down and you're a wrecking machine that can spot for yourself from stealth, citadel cruisers with AP and nail BBs for easy 4k HE salvos every 7.5 seconds. I'm definitely gonna main with Perth and probably try T-61, Farragut and Shinonome to change it up as well.
  9. HTSMetal

    Opening 12 Black Friday Containers

    I got three ships from a 24 crate bundle (Atago, Mass and Tirpitz), and enough doubloons to buy another...just not sure which one to pick!
  10. In the 25 or so Tier 8 matches I've played today (both on my event turkey account and my main account), I have been bottom tier in an 8 in all but one. I will say this though -- in all of those bottom tier matches there were more Tier 8's than 10's, when lately it seemed I'd be the only Tier VIII in a Tier X match, so maybe they did tweak something.
  11. I nervously went for the 24 container haul...seems like a solid haul! 1. 10 Type 59 2. Tirpitz B 3. 10 Type 59 4. 35000 Free XP 5. 20 Shadow Lurker 6. 10 Type 59 7. 1250 Doubloons 8. 35000 Free XP 9. 20 Shadow Lurker 10. Mass B 11. 35000 Free XP 12. 14 Days Premium 13. 10 Type 59 14. 1250 Doubloons 15. 20 Shadow Lurker 16. 35000 Free XP 17. Atago B 18. 35000 Free XP 19. 1250 Doubloons 20. 20 Shadow Lurker 21. 1250 Doubloons 22. 20 Shadow Lurker 23. 10 Type 59 24. 20 Shadow Lurker Ended up with 5000 doubloons, 3 out of 4 Black ships, 14 days Premium, 175000 free XP, and a buttload of camos. Even if you don't assign any cash value to the camos, with the dubs, Premium time and what it would have cost to convert 175000 XP to free XP, I basically paid $10 a piece for the three black ships. Not too shabby!
  12. HTSMetal

    PSA Turkey Shoot!

    I make a point to tell my teammates "Hey, they're gonna be focus firing at me, get some good shots in" while I move into a position that draws the enemy closer to me, and into a crossfire. Works a heck of a lot better as an event_turkey than it does in regular play...not to mention just the presence of a turkey on the team seems to seriously impact team communication (mostly) in a good way!
  13. That is strange...for me, the final reward was a Premium Pumpkin container.
  14. Thanks for the response LWM...that is super weird!
  15. HTSMetal

    WGing u gotta do better than this

    Same thing has been happening to me -- went 4 months straight with a 60% win rate, 200 battles a month to 46% the last 3 weeks, which is the worst win rate I have ever had since I started playing two years ago. It isn't like I suddenly forgot how to play the game; all of my other performance stats have continued a steady climb, so I just figure it's time to take a break and come back in a month or two after the holidays with a fresh outlook on the game. Hell, maybe they'll give me a free ship for taking a month or two off. XD