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  1. HTSMetal

    Update 0.8.9 - Bugs Report

    I am also having a similar problem to many others who have reported here -- the game does not properly shut down when exiting the game. The UI goes away and becomes inaccessible afterward but the process is still running, using multiple GB of RAM and can only be closed using Task Manager.
  2. HTSMetal

    Donskoi and Moskva still relevant?

    I don't play the Moskva much -- I feel it's a good and capable ship still, but the bow-in playstyle that seems to be the most effective way to make an impact in it is just too boring and stagnant to me, and a drastic departure from the playstyle of all the ships in the line before it. Donskoi, on the other hand, is an absolute blast. High speed, relatively maneuverable and laser accurate guns, I loved it the most out of the entire Russian cruiser line. Open water cruiser play is by far my favorite and it is well suited for it.
  3. HTSMetal

    Have to click connect to get to port

    This is happening for me as well, and started a few days ago. Maybe a recent hotfix or small patch might have caused this?
  4. HTSMetal

    What would it take to get you playing again?

    I had played this game consistently everyday for two and a half years until a week or two before the most recent patch dropped, and have played maybe 5 or so battles in the last month. I'm not inherently unhappy with the game as a whole, I just remember the days when we weren't having huge overhauls of game mechanics with every single patch, and more rumored to come down the pipeline. I'd start playing heavily again if we had maybe a two or three patch cycle where everything game-mechanics wise stayed consistent. Having to learn, learn again, and then re-learn changing mechanics consistently is a total drag to me.
  5. I usually don't have to deal with this too often thankfully, but I just unlocked the Kiev and MAN there are some folks that just don't understand that it ain't a DD, it's a cruiser My detection range is almost 9km, ain't no way I'm going in ANY cap at the start of the match. I'll spot and harass the living hell out of everyone on the flank though!
  6. HTSMetal

    Buffalo Spec

    As always, YMMV, but playing it in this style has definitely proven successful for me in terms of solo win rate. I also think that Buffalo isn't exactly approached by many players as a significant threat, so I tend not to be focused down as much when I stay at range. With 12 barrels, fires tend to stack up quickly, and AP against broadside targets is definitely a key to success in pretty much any ship.
  7. I'm hoping for a cheap Haida, as I think my 16 pt. Perth and Vampire captain would work nicely on her. Also wouldn't mind an Indianapolis as my Des Moines captain would make a good swap and I enjoy the nail-biting cruiser style of gameplay.
  8. HTSMetal

    Who have you seen in game

    I thought I recognized your username in that battle, always good to chat in game with a fellow forumite! GG and tell your engineers to reinforce that engine on your Gaede!
  9. HTSMetal

    What is wrong with Matchmaker ?

    It definitely happens to me when I'm playing certain premium ships -- Molotov in particular comes to mind. It doesn't matter how many ships are queueing, if I'm playing Molotov I'm gonna be waiting a bit for Matchmaker to find whatever it considers an appropriate match for my ship before I get into battle.
  10. HTSMetal

    T9 Random Chat

    All you gotta do is disable chat messages from players like that. Done and forgotten. It won't get under your skin and you can go back to having fun.
  11. HTSMetal

    Top XP in the game on the losing side

    I'd been putting off doing the RU BB grind until the other day since I didn't receive any missions in a crate to skip the lower tech tree ships, so I Free XP'd and started my grind with the Gangut...first battle.
  12. My choices, by tier: Tier 2: Smith. Maximum YOLO torp bote. Tier 3: I only have three at this tier, and I can't choose Katori because the speed is just awful and Konig Albert isn't available (don't like it much anyway), so I'm going with Dreadnought. Tier 4: Yubari. It's a really unique style of gameplay -- play at range as a light cruiser, or fill in as a smokeless DD when needed. I have a lot of fun in it. Tier 5: I'm not a BB player, but Texas is always fun and can be downright nasty in the right hands. Tier 6: It's a tossup -- T-61, which is an all around amazing DD, or Perth, which is a really fun and capable cruiser. Need a 14 point captain to get the most out of it though. Tier 7: No question for me -- Atlanta. Tier 8: Mass can be incredible at times, but it also requires a high point captain for best results. Atago is still excellent, and Cossack is a killer jack of all trades DD. Tier 9: Jean Bart is a monster. You aren't gonna overpen much with those smaller caliber guns, and CVs aren't gonna bother you much either. Punishing broadsides with the reload booster is satisfying as hell!
  13. HTSMetal

    Buffalo Spec

    Buffalo is an oddball -- it excels as an open water HE spammer, unlike the island campy nature of the rest of the upper tier USN heavies. I adore the Buffalo and think it's one of the most fun ships in the game; that 12 gun broadside is nasty and the smaller citadel size compared to the Des Moines lets you be a little more dynamic in your playstyle. For a 10 point captain, I'd take Priority Target, Expert Marksman (especially if you play open water), Demo Expert (or Superintendent) and Concealment Expert.
  14. That they are, and it's the same behavior I saw in iChase's video of the CC Summit -- valid questions being asked by concerned and curious CCs, and immediate negativity and stone-faced stubbornness from the WG devs and spokespeople. I'm glad we've got good folks like you that are willing to stand up for the playerbase and the game itself when half thought out, out-of-touch ideas such as this are presented. We all LOVE this game, that's why we're so passionate about it...but my GOD it gets old feeling like every decision Wargaming makes for WoWs was thought up by someone who doesn't even play the game.
  15. HTSMetal

    This was unexpected... what are the odds?

    I had one yesterday -- my teammate and I versus one remaining red. Teammate was far enough away from the last red that I said "I'll snag us the win with a ram"...yet a split second before, I see the killed text pop up above my minimap...he must have caught a torp or wandered into the fire for too long. and I couldn't slow down enough to stop the ram by then. My first draw I've ever seen in WoWs after 5,000+ battles.