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  1. HTSMetal

    The Problem, In 3 Pictures

    First and foremost, your teammates that spawned on the A side of the map should absolutely have supported you; as the DD, if I were on your team in a cruiser and saw you making an attempt to push the cap you'd have had my support. That being said -- if it were me in your shoes, when you saw that you had no support and based on the information visible in your screenshots, I would have passively spotted and abandoned any plan at A until I had support. Take a look at your second screenshot -- you know there's an enemy in A, capping it. In addition, you've got an enemy cruiser moving toward A, and another TWO enemy cruisers and a BB north of A and moving west. At that time you're outnumbered at least 5 to 1 (and that's only what's visible; there could have been more as only 8 ships out of 11 remaining enemies were spotted), because that clusterbuck of green cruisers and BBs southeast of A aren't gonna be in position to provide any meaningful help to you any time soon. Your team should have supported you at the outset, that's a given...but when it became apparent that they were chickening out, it's time to roll out yourself and play defensively. Cap B (which they did), cap C (which they did), and dig into and hold those positions as the primary enemy push comes in from A. Ultimately your team should have supported their DD at A; things may have played out differently. After playing 5,000 battles nothing surprises me anymore.
  2. HTSMetal

    Massachusetts B firing bug is still there?

    Can confirm the bug is still active -- very low volume on salvos fired from my Mass B.
  3. Not only that, but how many low tier ships even have meaningful AA at all?
  4. Prior to 0.8.0 I always looked forward to Saturday mornings -- would get in about 10 battles with clanmates before I went on with my day, and then sometimes get back on in the evening. I admittedly haven't been playing as much since the patch dropped, but I logged on this morning to just give it a full-on, proper go. One clan member online. Used to be at least 8-10. Logged off after 3 battles. I just can't do this game right now. What I loved about WoWs was the strategy -- playing to the strength of your ship, using concealment, speccing your ship in a unique way to fit your gameplay style, watching how the enemy team positions and attacking at the most opportune time. This CV change has absolutely obliterated the natural strategy and flow of this game. It's not fun to be in any class of ship, constantly harassed by CVs that can immediately attack with impunity and not suffer gameplay consequences, besides a few extra seconds of plane replenishment time. Oh, you lost a squadron? No worries; you've got another type available. Lost them all? Just wait a few minutes and off you go again. I mean hell, I can lose AA mounts, secondary mounts, torp tubes, even main turrets with one well placed salvo and be crippled the entire round; CVs cannot. Why is there a single class of ship that is at this level of low risk/high reward? I don't know how you balance something like this to a point where the game becomes enjoyable again. WoWs used to be a chess match; set up your pieces strategically, so that a few moves down the line you're ready for an assault or a defensive stand. WoWs is checkers now. Sure, there's some limited strategy involved (bunch together for AA stacking), but movement has become so limited and basic that it just isn't fun anymore.
  5. HTSMetal

    Ranked play: what am I doing wrong?

    Just looking at your stats, your survival rate is quite low -- 26% in Randoms and 21% in Ranked. Your issue could be an overly-aggressive playstyle in general, or a lack of situational awareness as to when to be aggressive...there's really no way to tell without uploading a replay or two for us to watch. I would hesitate to blame everything on teammates though, because just being aggressive at the outset or "hanging back" isn't really viable strategy -- it's knowing what you're seeing in front of you on your map, and knowing how best to position your ship to mitigate threats and use your offensive capabilities in the best possible way. And as for suggesting a plan, good on you for taking that approach to establish communication with teammates. The problem is that even if you plan to push a specific buff zone, or rally around an island chain, or anything at the beginning of a match without awareness of what the enemy is doing, it's almost pointless if your team doesn't know how to react to what they're confronted with when the reds are spotted. The real and true fact of Ranked is that it's a horrendous grind, and the ones who Rank out aren't always the most skilled players -- they're the ones who stuck with it until their hair fell out.
  6. Moral? Since when has profit and business shown any hint of morality? That being said, it surely doesn't make it any less gross when it's on blatant display. I have been a big supporter of Wargaming and their products for a while now, but after the past month of multiple shenanigans I don't see myself opening my wallet to them again anytime soon. It's the only real power I have in voicing my opinion about this stuff.
  7. I believe you're correct; just about to write the same thing.
  8. HTSMetal

    exchanging steel for coal

    When you click on an item in the Arsenal to purchase for coal, it will allow you to make the purchase using your steel, coal, or a combination thereof...assuming you have enough for the transaction. There isn't currently a way to convert or exchange steel for coal otherwise; the game automatically does it when an Arsenal purchase is made.
  9. I love the FDG as well -- run a 19 pt captain with ManSecs, AFT and IFHE and pretty much guarantee yourself a 100k damage/2 kill battle every round with decent positioning; often much better. It's MUCH tankier with proper angling than the Bismarck is, and currently holds my personal damage record of 242k. Fun ship all around!
  10. Funny -- you talk about the importance of being a team player, and end with that comment. And you will be rightfully relentlessly reported, and hopefully eventually banned for scumbaggery.
  11. HTSMetal

    Code for the fast ones

    Many thanks!!
  12. HTSMetal

    Baltimore Seems Better Than Buffalo

    I took the range mod and play Buffalo open water, as opposed to the campier playstyle of the Des Moines. I absolutely love Buffalo and had a blast grinding through it -- just stay at range and burn everything, and when anything gets within 12km of you destroy them with AP. It has a smaller, less exposed citadel than the Des Moines, and a lot of players don't realize it's difficult to citadel underneath the turrets, leading to overpens. I went with CE, AR, EM, AFT, and DE as my primary captain skills, and the mod that increases range out to 18km+. Had a Ranked match the other day where an Iowa was sailing broadside to me and focusing on a BB in front of him -- I repeatedly nailed him for 12k AP damage salvos, over and over again. By the time he realized who was crushing him it was way too late. Realistically it's probably my favorite tech tree cruiser, even though it plays a little different than what you might expect from the standard USN cruiser playstyle.
  13. HTSMetal

    Konig Albert is for sale

    My experience exactly -- probably the only Premium I've purchased that I regretted afterward.
  14. Done with WoWs for now, and I'm OK with it -- there are a ton of other, awesome game options out there to give my limited free time and money toward. I'm sure I'll be back at some point once the maelstrom dies down just to see how things have progressed.