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  1. That's the key to success in this ship. I don't play her like a cap DD, because the 7.5 km detection range is gonna get you lit up immediately -- I'll support a capping DD to the rear and help them deal with any threats that they detect, then move further in once they're neutralized. Play her like a cruiser and she'll reward you, I think she's a fine ship and was the first premium I purchased.
  2. Visual contrast help

    It's interesting that you posted this when you did -- I've noticed the same thing today. I don't know if the recent patch has anything at all to do with it, but I've been playing for over a year now and never had an issue with this prior to today.
  3. Kraken Club

    Wyoming Bayern Farragut Konig Mahan Vampire Akatsuki
  4. Same here. Lag and disconnects have been especially bad for me since the latest patch; normally I'm among the first ones loaded in. Tried playing this morning, but with 200ms ping it just wasn't happening.
  5. Received my first TK penalty in over a year of playing this game because of this bug. Torps fired off in the completely opposite direction, and I sunk a teammate NC. I (and my team) were totally pissed and rightfully so on their part, and no amount of apologizing to them could make it seem as if I didn't do it intentionally.
  6. This Ranked Season will be Long

    I try not to think the worst of people. But like anyone occasionally I wonder if someone is trying to help throw a game for someone on the opposite side.
  7. This Ranked Season will be Long

    My problem thus far isn't so much potatoes or sniping BBs, but the prevalence of AFK players in battles -- 5 ranked battles so far, had a total of 6 AFKs on my teams over the course of them. I mean, sure, sometimes you'll get disconnected, etc...but that many? REALLY makes me wonder and sours me a bit towards ranked.
  8. Pan-Asia DDs: a post mortem

    I'm still early on grinding the line, but I like what I'm finding thus far -- they fit my playstyle very well, and the smoke and speed at low tiers is excellent.
  9. I just got my first Clear Sky the other day in a Cleveland. Wouldn't have happened if the two CV's on the enemy team didn't continually target me all battle.