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  1. I FXP'd the Seattle as well -- not because I didn't want to give it a try, but because I needed that sweet, sweet Worcester for Ranked.
  2. Most played ship recently?

    I got my first two Tier X ships recently (Worcester and Montana). Those along with Algerie (which is rapidly becoming a favorite of mine) have been my go-to boats lately.
  3. Does T8 deserve protecion?

    It can be tough sometimes depending on the ship (and especially if you're the sole Tier VIII in a Tier X battle, been seeing this quite a fair bit lately), but ultimately the massive XP you can receive after having a good game makes it OK and worthwhile. I think it forces players to make smarter tactical decisions to succeed, and that becomes the most valuable skill of all once you hit Tier X.
  4. This Game, yet another MM rant

    I really don't think WoWs is a studied microcosm of moral decay; I think that's going a little too far. Do people write salty, foul stuff? Yeah, they do. Is it in any way something new to this world? Absolutely not; the medium has just changed from generations past, and I don't think it comes close to painting an accurate picture of an entire generation or generations of individuals. But you're correct -- the issue is that this game is deceptively complex. It takes serious time and effort to "git gud" and the average player who just loads up and wants to go pew-pew in his shooty boats doesn't really care about the intricacies of angling, AP vs. HE and when to use it, hell, even that deepwater torps can't hit other DDs. Players can buy a high tier ship nearly off the bat and get dropped into Tier X games with a Tier VIII ship, and be a complete and total detriment to your team. Moreover, until recently Wargaming didn't really have much in the way of tutorials (sure didn't when I started playing), so you're basically just tossed to the wolves for the first 1,000 matches or so until all the details start to form a cohesive whole in your mind. The problem really occurs when dedicated, learned players are teamed up with the average (or below) Joe or Jane on a regular basis -- the lopsided loses and victories get old, quick. The game gets boring, and you play matches hoping that this one will be a challenge, that you'll have support, and the eleven other people on your team have a rudimentary understanding of how the game works. When it doesn't happen, well, it's easy to logout and play something else. When it continuously doesn't happen, it becomes easier to log out for the final time. I do think some changes need to be done to matchmaking to make this game viable and interesting in the long term.
  5. Selling the Bismarck

    Agreed -- a buff to its accuracy and the Bis could become very relevant again, especially since the secondary fire chance nerf way back when. This is also why I hesitate to go full secondary battery build with the module, because your main battery is definitely your bread and butter damage-wise, and without the ASM1 module the Bismarck's accuracy is borderline horrendous. I totally understand why they nerfed the secondaries initially, but now it seems Tier VIII ships are much more rarely top tier and long range IFHE HE spam dominates the high tier meta. Even when you catch a broadside CL or CA with its pants down, it's really a roll of the dice whether or not a well-placed main battery shot will do the damage it would in a different BB. A small main gun accuracy buff or change back to the original secondary fire chance would very much help the Bismarck to have a fighting chance in Tier X matches again. And maybe it would be a touch OP when top tier, but hell -- there's a reason why every navy on Earth was frightened to death about the Bismarck and Tirpitz during WWII! Either way, while Bismarck is one of my ships I am average at best in, I still love the thing for the fun factor and wouldn't ever sell it.
  6. Here's what I've found to be very effective coming in from the south: So from the spawn, you can cruise in virtually always undetected along the yellow arrow in a ship with reasonable concealment (like a Worcester). Line of sight is obscured by both the islands to the west and the group of four islands in the middle of C cap. From there, if you park broadside in the gap highlighted by the white arrow, you'll have radar coverage of roughly 1/2 of both B and C cap and can provide spotting for your teammates that (hopefully) give you support at C. In addition, the mountain/island north of the tip of the white arrow is just tall enough to keep your ship concealed from vision as the enemy approaches C from the north, but not tall enough to block your firing angles -- any BB that comes anywhere near C cap will get outright roasted, and can't return meaningful fire. You'll also be able to take potshots at any DDs who might move on B using your frontal turrets, and by and large you'll stay undetected the entire match because it seems teams so very rarely push B with any real ferocity on this map. Once any major BB threat is neutralized, you can move into C and clean up any DD or cruiser presence that may still be there, or conversely move into B protected by island cover if C gets overrun. Even better -- from this position, you can just hit ships parked behind that island you've highlighted in the north with high arcing fire from a Worcester. That would likely be enough to at least dislodge them from that position and potentially expose them to some of the bigger artillery on your team. Try it out the next time you are on this map, I've had great results doing this!
  7. I've found it to be very helpful. I have learned a helluva lot more reading about the mechanics of the game and specific ships here than I ever could have with a Wargaming tutorial, which were all but non-existent when I started playing in January of 2017. So I say thanks to all of you who have helped me along the way and never even knew it!
  8. Des Moines or Worcester?

    If you love the Atlanta (which is my personal favorite Premium), you will adore the Worcester. It's much tankier than the ATL, and with IFHE (a mandatory skill) it absolutely wrecks everything in its path.
  9. Dang. If this were open to me, I'd drop a hundred beans on doubloons in a heartbeat! While I've spent a few hundred bucks on the game over the past two years, I would never otherwise consider dropping $100 on doubloons all at once, and I would be willing to bet there are quite a few others that feel the same way. Open the sale up to your loyal customer base!
  10. Code for 1 Premium Day

    Many thanks!
  11. I don't believe so, because I've had a blacklisted player on my team in the past. However, I think it may prevent them from messaging you in Port, and maybe also block their chat in battle...but of that I am not 100% sure.
  12. 1 000 000 Credits CLUB

    Don't know how I did this in a Tier V!
  13. For every 5 crates you get 3 Revolutionary camos and two others -- at least, that's how they worked for me...so one camo per container, three of which will be the Revolutionary pattern.
  14. Gneisenau: SBM2 or ASM 1?

    I'd definitely take ASM1. While your secondaries pushed to max range and accuracy can inflict good damage and fires and be a deterrent to ships closing on you, you'll still rely on that 6 barrels of RNG main battery for the lion's share of your damage.