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  1. HTSMetal

    Ping rate woes

    Definitely had some issues tonight during clan battles -- brief high spikes that would settle back to normal relatively quickly, but it did occur in nearly every battle and I can't remember the last time I experienced this.
  2. HTSMetal

    So, the Dog Article and Survey...

    My sweet and oh so crazy border collie dog Sookie
  3. HTSMetal

    Example video on wrong Submarine features

    I just had to laugh at 1:19 when 6 of your 8 shells ricocheted off the hull of that tuna can at point blank range. Absolutely ridiculous.
  4. HTSMetal

    Are PT boats really next?

    Then a rumor you started is all it is...
  5. HTSMetal

    Yet another possible CV solution.

    Honestly at this point I think CVs are in an alright state except for one thing -- their hulls are entirely too darned rugged at higher tiers. Considering the fact that they're basically floating bombs from all of that onboard airplane fuel, they probably shouldn't be able to withstand the punishment from surface ships that they currently can.
  6. HTSMetal

    Twilight Bug

    Just happened to me as well. Not playing anymore of this mode until I'm sure I'm not going to get banned for multiple AFK infractions.
  7. HTSMetal

    How are people playing the Russian DDs?

    They're most definitely not destroyers in the traditional sense -- realistically for success in them from Tier VII onwards you want to avoid concealment builds and instead focus your captain skills on all aspects of gunnery. You need to keep your concealment high because keeping range between you and the red team is key to survival - when you become detected, you've proceeded far enough forward. That's when you open fire on any and everything visible, lighting fires and using that nasty AP on all broadsides. Keeping that range also allows you to exploit your high speed and using the throttle to juke shells, as opposed to the rudder. Destroyers and other ships with low shell velocity will struggle to hit you at range and the potential damage will rack up quickly, taking focus off of your teammates. Incoming fire alert is a godsend for these ships as it will inform you exactly when to begin evasive maneuvers. Later in the match when you're able, that's when you can make moves on caps. Also, exploit the fact that heals are available for them from Tier VIII onward -- forget about smoke.
  8. I absolutely think it needs a slight concealment buff. I have it and sadly I find there's little reason to choose it over Shima - the 1.7 sec reload difference in gunnery over what it loses out on in comparison to Shima is usually not worth it in Random Battles IMO. For the price it needs something that really sets it apart and makes it unique and fun to play.
  9. HTSMetal

    Ships I want so bad and missed out on

    Smaland for me -- I grabbed Friesland because I didn't think I'd have the time to grind up to 2 million FXP. Friesland is a great ship, don't get me wrong...but damn there are times I sorely miss having torpedoes!
  10. HTSMetal

    Yes, you love her but she hates you.

    Des Moines. I'm solid in cruisers and even have good stats in her, just can't get the win rate up.
  11. HTSMetal

    Parking American Cruisers

    If I'm not mistaken, the Dev Blog recently stated that all Tier V-X cruisers and battleships (sans hybrids and Dutch cruisers) will be receiving ASW in an upcoming patch. https://blog.worldofwarships.com/blog/214
  12. With those specs you should be able to play WoWs on the highest graphic settings with ease.
  13. HTSMetal

    Full (Frontal?) Friesland Depth Charges

    This exactly. When I loaded into the game and saw there were sub bots I briefly took a look at Friesland, saw the depth charge rails and naturally assumed that's where the ordinance would generate from since every other DD I'd played up to that point had all deployed from the sides or rear of the ship. I do think it's excellent that WG has gone to the lengths to give DDs different patterns and ways of deploying depth charges, but I also think it would be a great idea for there to be some kind of in-game indicator that provides some reference to the distance charges are fired, bow or stern, spread, pattern, etc. before you deploy them!