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  1. Judadiao

    Do dds still need the Last Stand skill?

    IMHO it still is a must have for DDs. Firstly, 20% efficiency is trash. Say your max speed is 35kts, 20% leaves you at 7kts, which means you are almost stationary and unable to run away from enemies. Secondly, this change does not prevent your rudder from being incapacitated. You won't want to completely lose your rudder in a DD so PM is pretty much still a must have skill for DDs.
  2. Judadiao

    Santa Crates

    Does premium time count as items? Say I had no premium time before opening the containers. Then I opened 180-day premium time. Obviously the premium time starts to countdown once activated. Now if I choose to refund, does it mean that I have to buy those "used premium time" back to avoid a rollback on my account?
  3. Poor Atlanta is not even deserved to be in the ranking table. LOL.
  4. Judadiao

    New Code - Youtube 500k

    For lazy players: NA EU ASIA
  5. Judadiao

    Clarification regarding research points?

    Will it be a huge credit loss by doing this? It seems I have to buy every ship with research points, play one battle and sell it at half price. From T6 to TX that is going to be like 10 million credit loss.
  6. WG has made the Worcester a trash by nurfing her radar to pethetic 9km. Then the CV rework made her renown AA completely garbage. Now that we had range & spotter Des Moines from Yuro, it is the time to apply the same meme to Worcester as well. Let's light everything on FIRE from 18km away.
  7. More like dc or afk. Most bots will not stay still to try to avoid being detected and punished by AFK. They are operated under script. They often do plainly stupid move like charging enemy and suicide, or hang back and snipe.
  8. Judadiao

    Nerf HE already

    I haven't seen HE spam complaints for quite a while since the rework. Would like to see op's stats but he hides it.
  9. Have we found a glitch to convert coal into credits, captains and port slots?
  10. Judadiao

    Encouraging Growth, Game Rejects

    Yes. I recently started a new account and used the gift free xp ti level up to stock T6 Pensacola (not enough fxp for module upgrades). Despite of the devastating 203mm AP, lacking of concealment skill really made it suck in this glass cannon. My gun range is the same as my concealment at 14.2km. Furthermore, almost guaranteed cv in game made me constantly spotted. You all know how big AP likes to cit Pensacola from all weird angles. I can imagine how frustrated new players will feel when facing 2 tiers higher BBs with better concealment and instantly lose 50%-100% health. WG never made the game easy for new players.
  11. Judadiao

    Really Wargaming?

    They had already sold JB for money. This is no surprise and there has been already ton of threads about this a few days ago.
  12. Almost stopped playing after 0.8.0. Used to play 1 or 2 games on weekdays and 5 to 10 games on weekends. After 0.8 only played 5 games in total.
  13. 4 games on the first day after 0.8 and not a single game afterwards. And maybe not anymore if they make the GC nerf live.
  14. Judadiao

    Cossack worth it?

    Definitely worth it if spending only $1. For $29, it really depends on what ship and style you play.
  15. We all know this kind of whining from BBaby players. OP has 1900 battles in BB and 1900 battles in CA, while he has 35 battles in DD. Easily identified why he hates so-called "machine gun torpedos" so badly.