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  1. Judadiao

    stuck at 3 stars on Narai

    Played 4 games today, all zero star.
  2. Judadiao


    It is 2018 and I still see some people using a phone camera for screen shots...
  3. Judadiao

    Operation Dynamo

    Gosh it was some network issue. I pressed submit button for several times without any response, turned out every press counted! How can I delete these duplicate posts?
  4. Judadiao

    Operation Dynamo

    If only you can bring Cleveland to this operation...
  5. Judadiao

    Operation Dynamo

    If only you can bring Cleveland to this operation...
  6. Judadiao

    Operation Dynamo

    If only you can bring Cleveland to this operation...
  7. Judadiao

    Anybody played the subs on the PTS yet?

    My only suggestion is: DO NOT send your sub's captain to reserve.
  8. Judadiao

    0.7.10. Public Test Bug Reports

    The Submarine's captain cannot be assigned back to the submarine if sent to reserve, nor can I recruit a new captain by doubloon/credit/free (returns a transaction error). This made me not able to play the Holloween event at all. I had selected torpedo armament expertise skill then I felt that it does not have effect on the submarine's torp reload. So I decided to remove the captain and check. It does have no effect on its torp tubes. And by then I found that I cannot assign the captain back to the submarine, the game told me it is a different nation's captain. I then tried to recruit a new one but the game returns with a transaction error. Now I am stuck and is unable to play the submarine at all. OMG, I was so wanted to try it out. I hope you can fix this.
  9. Judadiao

    Worcerster a little OP

    That's it. I think people who play Worcester for a while won't straightly say it is OP. You can have excellent game and disastrous game. While people who don't play it tend to only remember the days when they were humiliated by a Worcester. Survivor bias it is.
  10. Judadiao

    Worcerster a little OP

    This topic went hot. I got an idea. How about everyone on this topic write down the number of games he played in Worcester before writing any point of view. Then we can see if people's attitudes differ by what ship they drive. Me first: Played only 42 games. I do not feel it is OP. It is situationally strong, while in other situation very weak and vulnerable. Whether it needs nerf IMO remains uncertain. We simply need more data.
  11. Judadiao

    Worcerster a little OP

    Now we have a DM with worse reload, worse radar, worse concealment, worse armor, maybe same/worse citadel. How about asking WG to delete the whole US CL line as if it never existed.
  12. Judadiao

    Worcerster a little OP

    So you think any T10 cruiser can radar? My point is it makes people feel OP (and it does) in certain situations but it suffers from paper armor, bad turret angle, poor AP, no torps, too. However, people tend to remember the OP part. It is called survivor bias.
  13. Judadiao

    Worcerster a little OP

    When I activated radar 3 times in a game and each time one red DD died I thought the Worcester is OP. When I play Missouri and killed a red Worcester in two salvo, 6 hits, 3 of which are citadels, I talked to myself, "OK, maybe it is not so OP." It is a ship that requires a lot skills and very dependent on map/teammates. Good players can deal insane damage while bad players can die in 5 min with zero damage. I tend to not think it as op at current stage.
  14. Thanks for making this useful tool for us first. So it is an intentional move by WG. So sad and I hope they can add this back later. Maybe WG fears that players can figure out their top secret base exp calculation formula by analyzing these record files LOL?
  15. Judadiao

    Let's talk plane kills for Dynamo

    Just shot down 65. I used my Worcester captain with AA mod 2 & AFT only, no BFT or Manual AA. I believe it can be better if spec in full AA build.