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  1. Judadiao

    Cossack worth it?

    Definitely worth it if spending only $1. For $29, it really depends on what ship and style you play.
  2. We all know this kind of whining from BBaby players. OP has 1900 battles in BB and 1900 battles in CA, while he has 35 battles in DD. Easily identified why he hates so-called "machine gun torpedos" so badly.
  3. Judadiao

    Lowest First Blood Damage

    Not first blood but I once got a 13k dmg Kraken.
  4. Yes, it is why I decided to switch to dynamic even I had already played over 5k battles with static and the change screwed my aiming completely. When using static I stayed at maximum zoom level to keep the consistency of tick marks but for some targets I have to lead so much that the target ship is out of the binocular sight. Dynamic does way more better in such situation.
  5. Not only the speed but also the size of the ship. If you are shooting a DD whose length is much shorter you also have to compensate for that. This makes bow aiming difficult to adjust when faced with different targets.
  6. OK, so this is about my second question. Why are these video tutorials using the bow as the aiming point when it messes up with the calculation and few people had ever pointed out the mistake. I asked many unicum players in my clan and they all use this bow aiming method. Their aiming skill is excellent but I believe it comes more from experience and they adjust their lead according to their experience. Videos like iChase's Captain's Academic or Noster's Dynamic Crosshair guide are all using the bow as aiming point. I am glad that you pointed out that in dynamic crosshair we should aim at where the shells will land, which is more natural and reasonable as I mentioned in the og post. I have not tried this for dynamic so I will test it in game.
  7. Yes, dynamic crosshair is useful when zooming in/out. However, I personally don't think the default dynamic crosshair has consistency at any range. At least not based on my game experience. For example, say that a Montana is moving at 30 knots at 10 km away, perfect broadside. Your shell travel time is 5s and you lead 5 ticks ahead, meaning put the Montana's bow at the 5 tick mark. Fire and the shells should land at the center of her body. Now the same Montana is moving at 30 knots at 20 km away, still perfect broadside, but your shell travel time increases to 12s. If you put her bow at the 12 mark and fire, your shells will not land at the center of the Monty if not completely miss. On the other hand, if the same Montana is at close range say 3km and your shell travel time is only 1s. If you put her bow at 1 tick mark most likely the shells will land at the front part instead of center. I can say that distance does matter and there is no consistency for either dynamic or static crosshair at all distance. If you try the Nomogram Dynamic Crosshair in Aslain's Mod Pack, you will see the ticks change as the distance changes, meaning if you move your mouse up and down (not scrolling mouse wheel for zooming), the intervals between each tick will change. If you locked a target, the intervals will be adjusted according to the distance of the target locked. That is completely different with the default dynamic crosshair.
  8. There are two fundamental questions that I do not have an answer to after reading many posts/videos about proper aiming: It is obviously shell travel time and target speed affect lead, but how about target distance? Should I lead the same ticks for a ship at 10km and the same ship at 20km which travel at same speed/direction and with (assuming) equal shell travel time? For my experience in game they are not the same but many articles tell us you lead the same ticks as shell flight time for a battleship sized target moving at 20 kt without mentioning/saying regardless of distance. Furthermore, there is a custom dynamic crosshair in Aslain's mod called "Nomogram" whose tick mark's intervals change according to target distance (not zoom level when you scroll the mouse wheel). Someone recommended it greatly Here in 2017, but not many people had interest in it. Why are 99% of players using the bow as the reference of aiming? When talking about lead, naturally we make prediction of where the shells will land after some time. However, all the tutorial videos about aiming put the prediction tick mark at the bow whereas they expect the shells to land at the center of the target. This makes the lead calculation illogical and people need to adjust lead according to different sizes of ships (lead more for smaller target). Imagine that you want to shoot a moving animal's head, naturally you will aim at the head but not at its feet expecting to hit the head, right? The more I played the more unreasonable I feel about this. There is only one topic date back to 2016 that proposed the theory of aiming at where the shells will land (Check here). I feel the theory is somehow in the right direction but he a) ignored the distance impact and b) he has no solid proof of the speed the crosshair is calibrated for, which are 12 kt (static) and 21.5 kt (dynamic). I had played over 5k battles in wows at which time my aiming is not too bad I believe. I can hit where I want 90% of time regardless of target ship type, speed or angle. Then I decided to switch to dynamic crosshair from static since I watched many CCs and unicum players using dynamic crosshair. Another reason is that I play DM/Worcester/Atlanta a lot. Under static crosshair I often have to aim out of the tick marks or even the binocular sight due to the slow shell speed. Then for the recent 50 games I totally messed up with aiming. I found that I could not hit anything reliably and that is why I wanted to start doing research on all this math/calculation theory. I know that many people will just aim by eyeball and experience, and it works perfectly. When you have 10k battles maybe aiming is just a matter of muscle memory. If you play wows just for fun and leisure then you may feel this topic meaningless. However, personally I just want to have a more logical/mathematical calculation of lead because we all know wows is a math game despite those crappy RNGs. We have 14.3 overmatch coefficient, 1/4 or 1/6 HE pen threshold, IFHE pen threshold, etc. If anyone wants to play well in wows he/she has to remember these numbers and makes use of it. Another benefit is having an accurate aiming mechanic can help people adapt to any ship faster, not only for novices but also for experienced players. Think about playing a Worcester after you played dozens of games in Moskva, by experience I know I have to lead more, but how much more? I may need another 3 games to re-adapt to the DM, while with a precise calculation, I might be able to re-adapt in just 3 salvos. Long words in short, what do you guys think of how exactly the aiming system works?
  9. Judadiao

    PSA: Missions for free Black Friday containers.

    50k base xp is painful. Others are ok.
  10. No, it can only be done in game. Give your account to friends/clan members who you can trust and ask them to do it for you.
  11. This may actually be a viable idea. I like it.
  12. Judadiao

    Kamikaze is the new AFK?

    I was about to say players who own Kamikaze can't be new players, when I realize op was referring to the real meaning of kamikaze.
  13. Judadiao

    How many co-op battles?

    There is no such mandatory requirement. You can play random battle as soon as you reach service record 3 or 4 (can't remember exactly). After that it is at your own discretion to play which mode. Even you choose to play random battles, you are put in a protected matchmaking where bots are still filled in games and you won't meet seal clubbers playing T3 with 19-point captains, until you reach service record 11. The only thing matters is that as a brand new player, playing random sometimes can be very hard due to the deep learning curve of wows.If you feel really bad about being defeated constantly, you can go co-op to exercise the basic skills. For example, aiming, angling and how to choose ammo type, etc. In this way, you are better prepared for random games. Then after certain level you can start to try ranked battle where players shall play for objectives and win (although many times it is just another RANDOM mode). In short, it all depends on how you'd like to play. With bots for ease, or with humans for competitive.
  14. Judadiao

    WG enough bending the knee to DD!

    How about making ur profile public so that we can see how much you play DDs?
  15. Judadiao

    stuck at 3 stars on Narai

    Played 4 games today, all zero star.