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  1. DmanAirMaster

    Will SUBS come to Console play??

    Duelly noted. Only cause I never really knew ALL that!! Still with a 9v9 it's not always the SAME vs match?! Some games I've been on, I've seen 1 carrier on one side, none or 2 on other side. I've been in matches where I'm 1 of only 2 BBs, and other side has 3, even with no carriers either side. I've even seen between 1-3 DD or CR on one side and 1-3 on either as well. I've been on one game, one side had 2DD, but 4 CR, 2 BB, 1 CV, and other side had 3DD, 3 CR, 1 BB, 2 CV. So it mix and matches all the time. As well it should, I think. To better support all players who wish to play, and allow variety. Having a sub in the mix would make the mix of variety that much better! Meaning not every battle would have a sub, not every battle would have a CV or BB either.
  2. DmanAirMaster

    Using Paint, camouflage??

    On Legends, the Camouflage options are only good 1 battle?! But how to Melt Into Paint? And use as permanent paint choice? There is no option. I can MELT it, but that doesn't apply the PAINT to the ship, just uses the camo resource, but it doesn't seem to do anything to allow the use of the PAINT after I Melt it. Where it says Melt to Paint, above that, it says Available paint, with number 27 which seems to grow/increase every time I Melt to Paint, so obviously a resource?! But it doesn't give options to use?!
  3. DmanAirMaster

    1 profile many games??

    I play many games on Wargaming net now, but mostly from my Xbox vs my computer. I'm sure I reached 20 games limit required for answering posts or posting in certain categories. Yet, I still have the orange bar banning/limiting comments. Does the thread/forum not recognize the games I've played on WoT? Or WoW:L? Do I need make new account on same gamin host forum (Wargaming.net) for each game I play? They should allow a way to combine the accounts together, or make one account, and reflect what games you play?! Please fix?! Thanks, Damn!
  4. DmanAirMaster

    Will SUBS come to Console play??

    What's the difference between legends and WoW on PC? I haven't been on PC version in a long while. I remember a long time ago when I was playing PC often, I had asked about Subs than and though some were agreement with me, many seemed to discredit Subs importance in a sea battle and it seems that not enough in agreement wanted it. Life happens, I haven't been on in while, til recently after I got an Xbox1s and playing Tanks for while, I rediscovered how fun WoW was. Than I search online, and see they're experimenting, test, soon to introduce Subs, but apparently only to PC world?? And you say not available on Console b/c it only 9 slot games?? How many slots are used on PC and why can't Console games have more. Whatever they do to add Subs to WoW legends, they gotta do it. Subs again we're an intricate part of naval warfare. In FPS combat game such as WoW, they're like the snipers (sharp shooters) of the battlefield, which isn't far from the truth from reality. A lot of sub warfare was dodging and outsmarting other subs, and keeping hidden from other ships. Same exact role as a sniper in ground combat. Highly accurate, devastating, nimble, but easily destroyed if caught, and often tasked with counter sniping. All true for submarine warfare. As much as I believe they needed it for WoW on PC, they need bring it to Legends!!
  5. I see they FINALLY decided to add Submarines to WoW but I see (from the looks) it's only available in PC play? Is it available for the Console access of the game?? From the looks of it, Subs are basically the snipers of the seas??