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  1. Be careful what you wish for … It could be lower tier with 2 CVs per side
  2. Commander_367

    Patch 9.2.1 - whats in it?

    And then they take it all back April 2nd … April Fool's :)
  3. Commander_367

    Patch 9.2.1 - whats in it?

    Not even for testing on the live server? Don't crush my dreams
  4. Commander_367

    Patch 9.2.1 - whats in it?

    They forgot about Pi day and St. Paddy's … But somehow I think they'll remember April Fool's - it's in their DNA
  5. Commander_367

    Patch 9.2.1 - whats in it?

    In that case SUBS - Yayyyyyyyy Finally!!!
  6. Commander_367

    New Coal Ships

    Next Christmas might be Dockyard Fiasco 2.0 … if WG wants to make it an annual thing :) Oh Noes
  7. Commander_367

    New Coal Ships

    Oooo … that sounds like another dockyard fiasco in the making Be afraid next Xmas … be very afraid
  8. Commander_367

    Question about Ship Consumables Mod 1

    I hate it when people like you make me think … and do more math Now I have to look at all my UK ships again ie. Conqueror :)
  9. Commander_367

    New Coal Ships

    I don't know how they're going to charge full price for that thing … Maybe they can put lipstick on the pig?
  10. Commander_367

    Advice on which steel ship to choose?

    None - wait for Yashima If that isn't any good … wait for subs :)
  11. Commander_367

    Anyone else think the Smaland guns are not great?

    They're two different tiers … of course there's going to be a difference besides the playstyles/roles and in this case guns Normally, T9 would be different in character if not inferior in performance to the T10 ... is the Friesland OP - probably :) The Smaland needs to be compared to the Halland to decide how nerfed it really is … maybe the entire line is nerfed :) Doesn't take a conspiracy theory to see the obvious my friend … Take off your shill hat and stop being so defensive :) Now for MY conspiracy theory: When are they going to make those depth charge launchers ACTIVE? :) Bring on the Subs!
  12. Commander_367

    New Coal Ships

    Any news on subs yet? I'm not joking and I expected them to have a timeline by now after all the advertising … I would like to know if they have a candidate for first premium
  13. Commander_367

    Trouble getting in after game has started. Why?

    I'm going to guess it's got more to do with lag or a poor connection from your ISP, the number of hops/hubs along the way and possibly the server The internets is going to be crawling like a snail over the next few weeks while everyone is working from home and streaming videos To those who are about to be pinged out of existence - I salute you … o7
  14. Commander_367

    Clan Battles for Corona Virus Season?

    5X5 would be more like it … no way most clans can put together 7x7 with everything that's going on: People working from home and/or trying to figure out how to make money to pay the bills People looking after family and home schooling, making meals and looking after kids People worried about their health or looking after a relative all make video games a low priority How about making the game less stressful and less time intensive for real people Reduce mission requirements and get rid of the nonsense events and token system Stop overcharging for pixels and let people off your ridiculous treadmills Fix the lousy MM, get rid of carriers and stop nerfing what we have Oh, wait a minute - I forgot this is WG we're talking about … Nvm
  15. Commander_367

    2 Forgotten Japanese DDs

    Basically, WG tried to shoehorn a couple of gunboat DDs into the IJN line … Abandoning stealth and torps for gunboats