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  1. Commander_367

    Logic Fail Stream (moskva camo)

    This would the obvious solution … in part They have diverged from long standing practices with previous line splits and changed their logic to suit their interests All for a little bit of money …
  2. Commander_367

    Logic Fail Stream (moskva camo)

    Lol … the real answer for anyone with lick of common sense is: 1) I paid $20 for permanent camo on a T10 Tech Tree ship 2) Won't be doing that again :) Not for Nevsky Not for PetroP Not for nuffin … lesson learned
  3. Commander_367

    Who owns torpedoes?

    You seem like such an Angry Dorf Yosemite Sam :) It's just a game … a war game … with people shooting all kinds of stuffs Yeah, if you rush into the thick of it, you're gonna get some friendly fire - deal with it
  4. Commander_367

    Who owns torpedoes?

    I honestly don't know why anyone would turn broadside in front any DD … friend or foe I also don't know why anyone would cut in front of a friendly DD at full speed right before launch lol There are a lot of things that defy explanation, such as … a) Why do lemmings jump off a cliff? b) Why do racoons keep getting run over? c) Why does my wife buy so many shoes and purses? These are eternal questions for which I have no answer … but I don't waste a lot of time on it either :)
  5. Commander_367

    Weekly Combat Missions: the Hunt for Bismarck

    See now I was given false hope only to have my expectations dashed … O well, I did the directive 3 grind just to get the Miyokan out of the way - just in case it does reset It really doesn't change things … I still won't be able to get Tallin with RNG dropping 5 tokens at a time The first ship in early access is INACCESSIBLE lol - Nice one WG … you made fools out of the player base once again The Hell with Dockyard … Bring on the Subs!
  6. Commander_367

    Who owns torpedoes?

    I always express the appropriate level of regret … "I'm sorry you're an idiot" But if it's my fault I'll offer an "Oops" :)
  7. Commander_367

    Weekly Combat Missions: the Hunt for Bismarck

    Then that would be more times - do you know this for a fact? Edit: So, on Wed. the mission did renew under a different name … Not sure if it goes another time after this or not
  8. Commander_367

    Weekly Combat Missions: the Hunt for Bismarck

    I just noticed the artillery mission for T5 Myokan expires Tuesday/Early Wed … Why doesn't the mission show the expiry date?
  9. I've never taken advantage of Wots trade in policy … but at least they have a policy :) Which reminds me of another thing ... camos on Wot are transferable … let me repeat that "TRANSFERABLE" Now tell me you don't like that either lol
  10. Commander_367

    Does anyone else feel ripped off lately?

    I endorse this message … wholeheartedly +1 Whatever advantage/gain WG is making with the camo transfer will cost them a lot more in future sales of permanent camos As for the OP and other issues … poor quality, built in obsolescence and diluting your own product - these things undermine your business and reputation
  11. Commander_367

    Really not a rant but...

    Ends early AM June 16th
  12. Commander_367

    Really not a rant but...

    If ranked is T10 it makes sense for some people to grind unique upgrades in those ships I suppose … At T7 with only 7 players I can't see the rewards being overwhelming or enough to make me do it for 200+ games lol And if you go without camo and flags your team mates will hate you for it :) Cost - Benefit goes deep into the negative … after rank 10 at least You are literally paying to consume toxic poison lol Edit: You're right though … Randoms is just as bad - You really shouldn't do either :)
  13. Commander_367

    Moskva Perma Camo

    Because … WG
  14. Commander_367

    Pan-American Voiceover?

    Newsflash … people speak Spanish in most of Latin America :) Nueve de Julio means "9th of July" in Argentina … amazingly, it translates exactly the same in Mexico They probably chose Mexico because most Americans don't know any geography south of Tijuana It's actually more common in the US than it is in most of Latin America, but close enough :) No worse than comparing someone from Boston to someone in Dallas ... Oh wait … those really are two different countries :)
  15. Yeah, I bet he was completely reasonable right up until the moment he thought he had to pay for the same ship twice lol … After that he probably stopped being rational :)