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  1. Commander_367

    The Game is Dying!

    This is not personal, I think you know me a little bit by now … I would never make a financial decision or draw any conclusions based on the information you posted I would also question your method and motives, before I looked for another advisor :) +1 for creativity?
  2. Commander_367

    What did you get in your crates?

    I have no idea and it's hard to guess odds, But, going by comparisons and some of the comments … I would guess your experience is right about average $1 Odds could very well be Much less than 1 / 20 … possibly 1 / 40 or more $3 Odds could be 1-2 / 20 … I would say closer to 1 to be safe $5 Odds could be 2-3 / 20 … I would say closer to 2 to be safe Remember that your post reflects some satisfaction and you felt good about posting your results, many do not post and prefer to forget the experience Given current trends and WG's attitude towards the player base, I wouldn't expect this year to be as good as last year or previous years Of course you've spent the lion's share of your money already to get to the final ships, so you're already invested and you need to add what you've already paid to the following: If you need X number of ships … you should multiply that by the number expected / 20 crates and look seriously at that cost - it ain't cheap when you add it all up from where you started
  3. Commander_367

    What should I buy if I have $100? Crates or Ships?

    Don't buy any - use the tech tree ships
  4. Commander_367

    Smolensk thanks you for your Puerto Rico outrage

    It's all so … Trumpian :)
  5. Commander_367

    how did this get so horrible?

    Nah, it was always horrible … You just didn't know it in the beginning and then you chose denial :)
  6. Commander_367

    Santa's Mega Gift Crates

    Uh Oh :)
  7. Commander_367

    Santa's Mega Gift Crates

    If we knew the algorithm and the odds, we could compare crates of different value and calculate the most economical way to do it … Or whether it makes any sense to try :)
  8. I think he's saying we should all have physical and mental health issues to play his game … And PR is the vehicle for making that happen - Merry Christmas?
  9. Commander_367

    The Game is Dying!

    Einstein Schmeinstein … This game sucks :)
  10. Commander_367

    The Game is Dying!

    What he is doing is taking a bunch of averages over different periods of time and removing trendlines and projections … Instead, he has placed them in degrading order to artificially establish another trendline and projection Basically an average of averages - in REVERSE :)
  11. Commander_367

    The Game is Dying!

    1) This chart is reversed and wrong - short term data is less relevant than long term data 2) You need dated and plotted data to see variation and remove outliers 3) Trendline is necessary to establish growth vs contraction We all die - the question is whether WG wants to jump off a cliff or die in bed of old age :)
  12. Commander_367

    The Game is Dying!

    Are you saying that people around the world want to kill us? :) Because I think that's very true and justifiable lol
  13. Commander_367

    Puerto Rico Solutions

    You are trying to reason with a money machine … The only way to do that is by regulating the supply of money Christmas is the best time to do that - this is the best advice you're going to get o7
  14. Commander_367

    Puerto Rico Solutions

    WG knows what to do … What they are lacking is sufficient motivation to do it :)