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  1. Hey, thanks for sharing your visit. That was very cool!
  2. Yea, that can be a tough choice for the situation. Personally, i'd get the MO first, then the next level won't be as much a grind. I have both of them and was fortunate enough to be able to get the MO before the Nelson even came out so my next savings buildup was waiting for something. They are both great ships in their own right (albeit very different of course). Get both in the order you choose. A lot of good comments from the other folks.
  3. 1. After answering someone's question about Jack Dunkirk, i figured to forward an idea regarding the specialized captains. For what they specialize in, can the font color be changed on only those specific areas so it is easy to tell at a glance what they specialize in? 2. While on the topic of font color, it also reminded me that in the chat window during a match, the red is very dark and against the dark background, it's very hard to read. It would help a lot to lighten up the red color so it is more easily discernible (this is specific to the player names when they chat, the other red font that comes up via friendly team call outs from their key commands is lighter in color and easy enough to read). 3. In regards to CV play, couldn't the manual strafing and drops be brought back to T4 and T5 Co-op only to help with practice. Or perhaps even starting at T5 only for Co-op. The current Random play setup wouldn't change. I realize some seal clubbing was going on and the change helped with that but on the flip side, it also penalized the opportunity to practice the skills early on. Thank you
  4. They're there (just not highlighted to stand out). Hover your mouse over of one the three specializations shown below in port and you'll see it. It would have been nice to change the font color just on the specific area so it stood out for the captains with special skills.
  5. Captain Kiibler reporting for duty sir! Edit: I took down the comedic meme in the spirit of things and possible perceived spice level.
  6. What might be a good idea is having some type of basic message/bulletin board in the clan area so the Clan leader (and others perhaps) have an option to leave a message for all in the clan to see if so desired.
  7. Very nice job on the thread @SyndicatedINC Now, just to throw some spaghetti on the wall, in addition to seeing where some of them are, i wonder if radar or hydro may be a sneaky part of the Easter eggs somehow.
  8. Perhaps take a peek at this... https://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2369981,00.asp Edit: Link correction. Thanks for the heads up. The other folks have very good ideas as well and at least you have some resources there to help you out. Good luck on your find.
  9. I thought this event was great to throw into the mix again. First off, I really have to give a big thank you to all of the community who contributed as Corgi’s to this event as well as the resident WG folks responsible for making it happen. The Corgi’s really stepped it up and the appearances were quite evident (there’s something to say about some pride). I took a tally and saw a total of 22 Corgi’s (that number blew away the total I saw from the last time, 6ish or so?). In regards to them being on my team or the opposition, it was a mix but I believe it favored being a bit more on the opposition side for me. The Corgi’s I spotted were: Captain_Corgi_11, 23, 24, 32, 103, 118, 125, 128, 133, 134, 139, 152, 176, 195, 197, 207, 208, 212, 214, 222, 232, and 240 (All of these Corgi’s were respectful and in tune with the scope of the event). I was fortunate enough to be able to collect #207. I was close on a couple of others as well. Well, there you have it…very cool…good times…and thank you again Corgi’s for all of your time and effort you put into it as well as perhaps putting up with some of the bad actors out there (not that anyone hasn’t seen that yet, some of which may even make The Joker blush). All of you made a difference for this event and I certainly recognized it. Now go get yourself one of those 3” gel memory foam mattress toppers from that big wholesale store and get some good rest for a day or two. And on that note and within the theme of things, I’ll just leave this here.
  10. The Hall has been rented, the Woof orchestra has been trained and hired, and it’s soon time to Waltz right in for the big dance (sorry, couldn’t resist…lol). Gratz to all of the Corgi’s and I have a feeling this one is going to supersede the previous one! Good luck and good times.
  11. Well...with him being a philanthropist that does things that he likes and could be very helpful, i'd say that you get to choose your skill set and lock in what you like amongst the options.
  12. That's very cool. He's done a lot of great things that make a difference and just keeps on going
  13. Yep, very good simple advice Lert. I've been hurt before by it as well. Continued focus, plan, and map awareness is always needed. It can be easy to get tunnel vision if that's not utilized. Good topic
  14. Very good write up Phoenix, very informative. Thank you for that.