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  1. Well...with him being a philanthropist that does things that he likes and could be very helpful, i'd say that you get to choose your skill set and lock in what you like amongst the options.
  2. That's very cool. He's done a lot of great things that make a difference and just keeps on going
  3. Yep, very good simple advice Lert. I've been hurt before by it as well. Continued focus, plan, and map awareness is always needed. It can be easy to get tunnel vision if that's not utilized. Good topic
  4. Very good write up Phoenix, very informative. Thank you for that.
  5. Thank you very much LWM for the very detailed and quality report (as always of course). It had a lot of great insights and what direction i will go with it. Very good read, thank you.
  6. Yea, this whole thing reminded me of this song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LQ1fvlkQBR8
  7. I have a question about Co-op. When it places the same ship type in game as yours, does it also replicate your captain for the ship as well? Thank You
  8. Yea, i'm in the midst of this bad boy as well. A little over 173k to go. Your impressive layout had to remind me of the days to come, lol. I can only wince and smile at the situation though. I'll be taking my time with it and spreading out some of the pain. Very good and creative write up MrDeaf
  9. From the August mission briefing, part of it said: “Other Surprises This Month Her name's tough to pronounce and she arrives two months early”. Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya seems like it fits the bill. Am i close? lol. I know...you can't say anything specifically. But warm or cold hints couldn't hurt, right?
  10. Hey, you're very welcome Cluch. I wish you the best and have fun my friend! The other veteran players here have very good perspectives that is great
  11. ichase has a you-tube video on this exact topic that may help you decide. World of Warships - German Battleships 406mm or 420mm? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PyG_TSKMy6A I personally went with the 406's but it will be up to your preference.
  12. Yea, the dispersion can be wonky at times. That's why i chose Aiming Systems Mod 1 in slot 2 to help with that. This is one of the very few BB's that i would be switching between HE and AP more situational compared to others. The fire % chance is very high with this unique ship to not miss the chance of being able to take advantage of it (in coordination with the quicker reload that makes sense for it). The new camo does look incredibly well on it. I took a couple of screenshots of it as well.
  13. I know there’s a lot of debating here on certain things but I do have a question that I’d like to get some good advice/opinions on between two DD’s. I have a couple of bonus modules available and if you had a choice between the two ships listed below and the bonus module options available, what direction would you go with it and invest the captain time in it? I don’t have substantial time in DD’s yet and I want to steer towards a good time and setup when I do dive in (good can be subjective at times, I know, heh). T7 BLYSKAWICA · Bonus Engine Boost mod 1 (slot 3, 1 available). Other options available in this slot is Damage Control System mod 1, Propulsion mod 1, and Steering Gears mod 1. T8 LO YANG · Bonus Hydroacoustic search mod 1 (slot 2, 1 available). Other options available in this slot is Main Battery mod 2, AA guns mod 2, and Aiming Systems mod 1. · Bonus Engine Boost mod 1 (slot 3, 1 available). Other options available in this slot is Damage Control System mod 1, Propulsion mod 1, and Steering Gears mod 1. It looks like both ships are very good. What would you do if in this position? Thank you for any help and your suggestions
  14. I've seen another post where someone uses a 1/2 cent per Doubloon as an average and i have to agree with that when thinking that probably a lot a of people are purchasing at the lower end in bits and pieces to help their cause. That purchase level in the 1,250 to 5,000 Doubloon quantity would make sense for that and the half cent average would coincide with that. Based off of that, i created a lower level scale of Ship XP to Free XP conversion rates based on the 1/2 cent per Doubloon cost for the two different exchange rates.
  15. Your title reminded me of something that happened to me today. In a ranked game, our CV pushed into the opposite cap from the rest of our team pushing towards the other one! Everyone was astounded and stunned to say the least, lol. He didn't last long and unfortunately that put our team in too deep to recover. So be it and time to move on to the next game, lol.