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  1. Feedback and Thoughts Directly to Pigeon_of_War

    What is the plan for the personal oil accounts for people in clans? I haven't heard anything and was wondering if something is still in the works.
  2. Feedback and Thoughts Directly to Pigeon_of_War

    I have a suggestion regarding the zoom function. When i hold down the RMB to look around, i'd like to be able to zoom in with the shift key for what i'm looking at. Currently, i cannot do that.
  3. I miss WoWp

    No problem. As far as the progress and planes, i'm not 100% sure but i'm guessing everything should still be there.
  4. I miss WoWp

    If you haven't already downloaded the game or not already using the new game center, i would recommend to not transfer WoWS to the new game center. Just keep WoWS on the old game center. It will ask you during the download process and then just do the WoWP for the new game center. This is just to avoid any possible problems and/or conflicts you may possibly get. I am currently running WoWP on the new game center by itself and WoWS from the old game center. No problems involved.
  5. I miss WoWp

    I'm gonna guess that you'll like it..It is pretty fun. A Mouse/keyboard works just fine for it and that's all I've used and had no problems or felt limited.
  6. Where are the Sierra Mike signals?

    They're still there as part of the daily crates and they're also part of the loot table on the super containers. I know this since I've gotten them from both sources. @Elo_J_FudpuckerIf it's any consolation, here's a pic of a Sierra Mike i just got from a daily container. They do seem to be uncommon to rare on the drops though.
  7. Wargaming .net Garbage

    When installing the new launcher, there is an option to not add WoWS to it if so desired. That's what i did and i only have WoWP installed to the new launcher and still use the old launcher for only WoWS. I did remember some mention of problems in the past dealing with the new launcher so i never went there at the time with it and was careful to not screw up what i had. A fellow clan mate gave me the tip about the ability of keeping the games separated from the new launcher upon install of it. Sorry you had problems with it but if you want to do it over again, it does work as i described
  8. I didn't mind getting the ship. It won't be a goto ship though at that tier level for me. I haven't run into many chances to use the hydro as well. Your results may vary but it appears this ship is not my cup of tea
  9. I tried Warplanes for the first time...

    WoWP is fun. I started messing around with it about a month ago or so. Yea, a lot of the veteran players are not thrilled with 2.0 but i still think it's a fun game. It's a nice break if you want to give ships a pause for a bit and do something else
  10. High Caliber missions

    I was curious about that myself and had to look that up. I ended up having a 4:1 ratio of High Calibers to Detonations. It's a mixed bag whether or not i use anti-det flags or the 70% module so that plays some part into it. High Calibers can be attained, you just need to have a solid game and not really think about it. And the OP should do what @Kapitan_Wuff mentioned regarding repeating the other missions that aren't so troublesome for you. You can always come back to the harder ones later on after you have already moved on and completed it.
  11. Premium Ship Review: Roma

    Nicely done! I really like the format. It was cool seeing a graphical grade breakdown on the firepower to vision control section. Something you can get a quick take from on multiple items
  12. Amount of camo from containers cut in half?

    Which camo are you referring to specifically? Because type 5 camo has been at (2) and type 1 & 2 camo's are at (5). If you've noticed a change on type 1 and/or 2 camo's, then yes, there's been a change. Otherwise there's been no change..Hope that helps.
  13. Locked N Loaded is recruiting

    Thanks Joker and good playing with you. I wish you the best in your endeavors! I'll leave this memorable moment
  14. Yep, i agree with you. That has been my experience as well. Both of course are good ships though.
  15. Commander XP

    Yes to both...