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  1. I have 121 ships. I do not know what get's me excited until @LittleWhiteMouse tell me it does. Yeah , sad I know, but I have learned my lesson. Col Out
  2. Col_Nasty

    A List of Things That Will Never Happin in WOWS

    Pretty Singing Mermaids to greet me as I sink to the bottom?
  3. I don't think even the newest of the new players think radar does direct damage. When focused, even 15 seconds is MUCH longer than a DD can survive with it's TINY Health Pool. Now we have 25 second PLUS and 12KM... Your last point means all DDs must hug Islands to be safe and thus not do 80% of their jobs and spot. Can't spot while in islands. It's great if you want to play selfish and mute all of the salt in chat. I would rather help my team and learn how to stay out of Radar range.
  4. Same player... Same thing. TWO BACK TO BACK ROUNDS! When I see him in my very next round I type in chat .. OH NO NOT HIM!!!! People ask who I am talking about, I just said, You will see. Once again have the game won on points. NEVER fires a shot in his YAMMY the whole game, Hides behind rocks the whole time. Team CRYING for him to take EASY shots do ANYTHING. I personally had a BB I turned broadside to him at 10k from his hiding place, already took 50% from him with torps.. HE WOULD NOT SHOOT! 2 minutes left ...all we have to do is go dark easy win on points. He Rushes out , gets focused WE LOSE! Rinse repeat, Last round LITERALLY 3 seconds to go .. he dies same way we LOSE. That's 2 games in a row, same guy , same ship , same actions. This is not bad play, this is the way he plays. Throwing games. You SHOULD be able to black list players like him.. but I know that will never happen.
  5. Col_Nasty

    Game Penalties

    Sh_T Happens OP My teammate was caught in hid HALLAND as we were capping.. He was focused. He Notsered into the island and was dead meat. I rammed him full speed to break him free while dumping smoke in my Gearing. Guns firing made the CL back off, he lived and gave huge thanks! I got a penalty and warning from WG. It was worth it! Sh-t Happens. BTW I ONLY report Team damage when the offender does not say sorry.
  6. 1) Learn to identify all ships that can equip radar and ALWAYS assume that they did. 2) Do not listen to the dolts who start calling you names because you won't rush into the cap in the first 2 minutes. 3) Memorize number 1! 4) Help spot from safe range ALL ships but stay on those Radar ships as long as possible as long as they are actually shooting at them. 5) BURN number 1 in your brain!!
  7. The ONLY way to truly KNOW that a game is lost even before it stats is people think like this and start spamming chat with "This is a horrible team..". "We are going to lose" SURE loss! The people who not only QUIT as soon as they see a ship die but also feel the need to drag everyone else down with their loser attitude.. yeah as soon as I see them it's MAJOR Carry time or lose!
  8. Col_Nasty

    Dockyard - Stage 10

    Yeah Mine was bumped to reserve as well. I had Reinhard Von Jutland in her and when I went to look he's been bumped to the reserve.
  9. Col_Nasty

    Directive 4 Progress

    Yeah that' s what I meant.
  10. Col_Nasty

    Directive 4 Progress

    I finished and got the Creds and commander and Camo for My Graf SPEE. Still still chuggin away. Since I already have the Ship and her National premium Camo it was more about the new commander.
  11. Gearing at 3.1 M Followed by Sharn and then Helena.
  12. Col_Nasty

    Is Fiji still a good ship?

    Good info , thanks... I will have to break her out again. She's been one of my favorites since I got here.
  13. Col_Nasty

    Is Fiji still a good ship?

    I'm going to bet, especially POST IFHE nerf, that this is old info. Especially seeing my old Fav Helena up that high without it.