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  1. Col_Nasty

    RB advice needed....

    Thanks everyone.. as usual WG doesn't give me enough thanks for everyone.
  2. Col_Nasty

    RB advice needed....

    I've never been interested in doing the RB before but I really like what I see in the Vampire 2.. I enjoy aggressive frontline battle. this would be a good fit for me. Here is what I know. The Vampire 2 costs 55K I have accumulated 22k RB Points just from general game play etc. I have over 3.3M FXP Here is what I THINK I know.. I have heard that the IJN Gunboat line is the best to regrind.. I have heard that the IJN line is the Cheapest line to use FXP on when you need to move up. I have never done it before and have no idea how many times I would need to go through that line again to get the RBP I need to get the ship. As always all input is appreciated. Col Standing by....
  3. Like it has been already said. I upped 2 of my 19s to 21s on day one. Working them both with flags etc. I now have 7 @ 21 That said.. I really don't see all that much difference in skills.. Ships I was good with, I am still good.. If I sucked before...well you know........... I'm back up to over 3.3M ECXP but in no rush to do anything with it.
  4. So you know the website is working again as well. That " Twitch " someone mentioned in the game a bit ago may have been them resetting something that solved both issues. Thanks again. FYI update is completed and game is running. Well I made it to the logging in screen but that's it. I'm sure the rest will come soon. I know how resets go. It took 5 minutes as usual once it began.
  5. Thnx for the reply.. WG check ... same error. Always been whitelisted ( has to be i'm behind a serious firewall ) Will forward to team. WAIT!! As I typed this I see it's doing a 32 MB download right now! Will keep you posted!
  6. I'm sure WG isn't that popular here, besides it's the site as well AND the GC news feed. Pretty sure the networks are not backed up with people reading the news and trying to play the game. Since people from all over are having the same issue I'm sure it's not local It's just 9am on a workday... no gaming site is that busy. Also that doesn't explain the strange error messages either ( posted them on the original post. )
  7. He have good Coffee?? I'm in!
  8. Nah.. it's early morning here ( was ) and My connection is top notch. 17 ms pings and over 477Mbps DLs.
  9. No worries at all. That's the point of these posts ... after doing all your own troubleshooting you can come here to see that it isn't just you. Saves hours of troubleshooting.
  10. Didn't try that .. since the forum was acting up I figured it was all on that side. Doing that now. @Snargfargle Tried it and it goes looking for updates and same error ocurs.
  11. Still nothing here. The forum images( just the Badges ) and the update download still don't work. All other apps , sites and connections are just fine. Updated 3 other games and apps while waiting. Tried 3 machines and 2 browsers so it's all good on my end. Usually I wakeup and it's done.. never had a problem before.
  12. Thankx! Still nothing here.
  13. My connection is fine as you can see. DL speed here over 477 Mbps. GC keeps saying to check my internet connection because it cannot download updates. Anyone else seeing this issue? I have it set to always get updates early so it's strange that it is only trying to DL it now. Well now I see my png didn't post here and my sig is missing a graphic so there might be an issue on WGs side. Ill wait it out I guess. UPDATE. Now error says UPDATING THE GAME IS CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE FOR YOUR ACCOUNT. @Hapa_Fodder Anything you can tell me? UPDATE All fixed on my end... how's everyone else doing now?
  14. Thnx. I knew about the CC issues etc. I'm happy they fixed that. I bought a ship once (AGIR) based on early info and it got nerfed HARD at release but I found out right after spending the 1M FXP for it and WG refunded it back to me. But.. The Starter packs you are asked to buy have to be done RIGHT AWAY.. I mean REALLY FAST. So unless you just stop playing the game until you get the reviews you will be past the point of being able to buy the starter packs if interested. I guess that's my real issue. That artificial rush to get you to buy BEFORE you get information seems very shady.
  15. If I remember correctly we get reviews of these ships well after the events start. Why is that? All I see are WIP vids on the ZF-6 and no real world release reviews like we see by the Mouse etc. I found a single video but it's in German. Wouldn't it make sense that IF these Dockyard ships were really so worth the time and or $$ to get, that the marketing people would like us all to know how GREAT the ship is that we are trying to get? Absent all the usual .. " it's a premium" and "you can get it free too" comments, why do you think there is never any real world (in game by people we all know to do honest) reviews on them BEFORE we are asked to buy LIMITED TIME, RUSH to buy or else " Starter packs" etc. Feels like all the artificial urgency is to get me to do things before I know what it is I'm getting in the end. Anyone here ever buy a car without even test driving it or knowing anyone who has, sight unseen? Is getting a review of the ship before the event really a problem? I would LOVE to be able to trust WGs descriptions of their products but that was one of the first things I learned NOT to do here years ago.. right after don't try randoms after my first 25 coops.