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  1. Col_Nasty

    WG trolling me . . .

    700? If I gave away 700 I would STILL have over 1100 more than you. Feel better? I am the KING of PT RNG!
  2. Col_Nasty

    New name for damage done to a SUB?

    Guys...My solution for subs is simple and you all should just try it if you feel so strongly about tham. I DO NOT HUNT and WILL NOT CAP when there is a sub. When they can Devstrike you after taking 12 DCS and Multiple pens( then dive again LOL ) AND can perma spot you in smoke for the rest of the team to kill. ALL at the same time. You have to be stupid to chase them around. Very simple. They broke the game with a rediculous new toy. Just dont engage them when they are in the game . I am a Damage farmer whenever they are around. WG wants it that way so why fight it. Silly OP Gimmick toys. ( Usual disclaimer, yeah I can play subs too but don't. It's like playing T ball as a Major leaguer. They don't belong in a game like this one. The ONLY people who will be upset if they are ever fixed even in the slightest bit,, are the ones who depend on their completely unfair abilities to score in the game. Just ignore them when they are in the game and just play pew pew until they are gone. Made the game fun again when I finally learned this. Try it.
  3. Yes please do that. It would also be very much appreciated by the community and make us happy. BUT more importantly.... Doing that will make Lert happy. Last time Lert was not Happy he changed his avatar to a Cat so horribly haunting some of us are STILL on the meds we need to get that image out of our minds so we can sleep... Happy Lert is a GOOD thing!
  4. Col_Nasty

    OK Just for fun.....

    That has to be the stupidest thing they could have programmed. They obviously never play the game. Kills are easy.. Capping in a DD in todays Meta.. especially in a smokeless DD is the height of dangerous. Anyone can get kills from safety.
  5. Col_Nasty

    OK Just for fun.....

    Last week people argued that solo caps weren't worth as much as a DD that gets kills. BTW the first one was fighing a DD.. RADAR CL AND a BB.. ALONE! Killed them all. So..... SO how does this work out for a number 3 finish.. CV did well but the BB hid till the end and got focused down in no time and got a lucky kill with a torp. Not Mad.. just LOLing at what WG thinks is worth more reward for effort. Risk V Rewards is WAY off. Won't change.. just making a point.
  6. Col_Nasty

    New name for damage done to a SUB?

    Exactly! This is what the haters can't admit. They just leave pouty faces on your posts. They know the subs are vastly unfair. That's why they like them. they can be Fake GUD in them. And the entire time you were dropping on that sub you were PERMA SPOTTED by the entire red team! WG is desperate to make them work. It cant be done.
  7. UPDATE............ Not sure how it got checked but in the WGMODSTATION the box for fancy torp trails was checked. Unchecked it and alls good. Not sure how a WG official mod Broke like that but there ya go. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Since the Patch the water looks very strange. Foam is so Blocky and looks like massive sheets of ice. Hard turns at speed in a DD look like a Hard turn on skis in soft snow Torp trails look Crazy now too. I didn't change any setting.. most are on Max and Water detail on high. This just started after the update.. Anyone else?
  8. Col_Nasty

    The Current CO-OP Sucks

    EDIT............ SEE why no one wants to help people anymore.. OP asked for proof OP said it was IMPOSSIBLE.. I Give proof AND show it IS possible and the pouty face emoji squad goes NUTTS PS Just for you... I did 2 COLO COOPS.. Haven't run her in years. 16 pnt commander. NO SPEED FLAGS BOTH top 3 BOTH GAMES 3+kills ( was about 5 seconds from a 4th as the second game ended ) NO Bots, Some Silver Ranked players WITH DDs AND Subs in the game. I hope this shows you what I was talking about. @BillT NEVER SAY NEVER. Now back to having fun for me.
  9. Col_Nasty

    Agincourt: Worth it or don't bother?

    I Love seeing threads like this. They remind me of ships I have and maybe never taken seriously. Took her out and MAN she was fun. I should have looked up her AP info though and used more HE , I would have gotten that Krakken. Only got close enough at the end of the game for the Seconds to go to work but MAN when they did!! Thanks for the reminder! Gonna put her in rotation now for good!
  10. Col_Nasty

    The Current CO-OP Sucks

    I played the COLO almost exclusivly in OPS and almost ALWAYS ended up in the top 3.. plenty of #1's too. It may help if you stop looking for excuses to lose when you can have more fun focusing on WINNING. Your entire comment is just so far from reality that it isn't really worth addressing. I'm at least happy that you said that YOU couldn't do it. Too many say it's not possible at all. Just because YOU can't do it doesn't mean MANY people do and do it daily. Hint, Try taking COLO into Narai.. Stay with the fleet the whole time.. Heal up and Lead them into the bay and get midway towards the island. Bow tank and get to CIT CITY. Watch for the torps, but I have topped the board doing that so many times in the old days it got boring. NEVER say Never .. just keep learning.
  11. Col_Nasty

    Super Secondary shells???

    I keep forgetting that you never see messages in COOP.. We dont get anyting for achievements but they could at least show these.
  12. I thought I saw this as I was focusing seconds on a DD ONLY 2 Secondary shells hit him. 12.6K Damage. No fire. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm
  13. Col_Nasty

    HUH? (mission)

    Not to be funny but you have to log out then back in to see it. ( Im sure you did that by now ) Now its time to file a Ticket.