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  1. Col_Nasty

    DO NOT abuse the Report system

    hmmmm it's been possible for many years. Well for years I had BF servers and those people tried to swear like drunk Marines. In THAT internet reality we made a Family ( kid ) friendly server that INSTABANNED people who used any type of swear or racial terms. It's tough to implement but VERY possible. You simply build a database of the terms ( many are available online already now ) and the clever ways people MIS spell them to try to get past it and BOOM! It's done. Weekly we parsed our chat logs to find things that slipped though and dealt with the violators. 1st Warning 2nd 1 hr time out 3rd 8hr 4th 2 days 5th CYA!!! Permaban So it CAN be done.. you just have to WANT to do it and Care enough to do it. Col Out
  2. Col_Nasty

    DO NOT abuse the Report system

    Report abuse is the only way tiny lil people get to feel powerful! You can't take that away from them, it's all they have. Same thing with the forum ZZZZs. they need them to make them feel impotent.. I mean IMPORTANT!. Col Out
  3. Col_Nasty

    Low tier is for learning.

    Never met a cyberthugglett IRL that wasn't a little pudgy whineyboy. The internet freed them all. It's the #1 pastime on the net.
  4. Col_Nasty

    My investment in this game is complete

    I have not been here nearly as long but I was saying the same thing last week. I've got more ships than I know what to do with . Over 840+ days premium time ( got a bunch with the last Santa Crates to add to my 300 ) and I don't even have a single 19 pnt Capt. I have a BUNCH of 16 and 17 though. I got a ton of ships from the crates as well so I need to simply buckle down and have fun getting to know the new ships and building my Captains to 19. I came here during the time where it was all about getting good to be a better player to help the team. Since then it's become a troll filled campfest and now I play solo 90% of the time unless I see a group trying to win together. It's a sad finish to spending all those hours learning and practicing. Maybe it will swing back to teams and skills? Who knows but I'm going to use the time I am waiting to build my own game for when /IF it does. Col Out
  5. Col_Nasty

    Best feature in a patch - ever!

  6. Col_Nasty

    Best feature in a patch - ever!

    I'm not sure but shes's gone. I looked after using the dropdown for turning off the wild camos and it seems like it turned her off as well. All my Captains in reserve and on ships are normal looking except one from the waterworld looking event. He's my 17pnt on my Gearing. Not sure how it worked but it may have something to do with that. Thnx!
  7. Col_Nasty

    Best feature in a patch - ever!

    WOW!! Really??? Someone please give up the info on this. Col Out
  8. Col_Nasty

    Best feature in a patch - ever!

    No Disrespect meant for the fans of them but I would LOVE to use my 13 point captain without the huge boobs and squeaky voice too. A Normal looking female would be fine as well. But this is a FANTASTIC start.
  9. Col_Nasty

    Is anyone else happy?

    Too many sensitive people take this place far too seriously. HAPPY DANCE TIME
  10. Col_Nasty

    That's it, I'm out (Henri nerf)

    I bet you don't know that makes my point even more..... Besides didn't you say you were out??
  11. Do they really think I'm going to change my mind and dump 35,000 Dubs into a Bote that isn't as good as the one I have now? No means NO!
  12. Col_Nasty

    That's it, I'm out (Henri nerf)

    You have how many ships? 100? 200? ONE gets nerfed and you just up and quit? Says a lot when it's the one universally known for being a bit OP. Welcome to the world the rest of us live in here. If not having a ship with Obvious strong advantages over the rest is what you depend on to have fun ( win ) then that says more about you than WG.
  13. Col_Nasty

    Remember the days