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  1. Col_Nasty

    Can't open replays

    Just watched one of mine and for the first time I couldn't close the window afterwards in any way. Other 2 Monitors showed machine working just fine but still had to reset. Don't know if it is related, just thought I would add. Something is going on. WIN 10 64
  2. Col_Nasty

    Scenarios! Who knew?!

    Yeah I figured that one out the hard way.... The kids there are still as silly though. I was getting FLAMED this round. I guess I didn't do my part. SMH
  3. Col_Nasty

    Scenarios! Who knew?!

    SO I was headed to play COOP and stumbled on SCENARIOS. I found this late one night last week and played one and went to bed. It was MUCH more fun than COOP. Just played another ( NARI) and had fun AND got a TON more stuff than I have ever gotten from COOP. There HAS to be a reason why I don't ever see people talking about this. I just more XP FXP Signals CAMO than any COOP. What am I missing? Why isn't this a popular way to get stuff?? I'm far from the best player here but O got the job done. What am I missing?
  4. Cue the usual suspects who hate opinions. warm up the downvote kiddies FYI I HAVE 2 CVS and PLAY them but find it a boring Air Battle Game ( Full disclosure for the sensitive ) It's just too easy to farm damage, I don't care if the planes get shot down because before the fire is out I'm on his [edited] again. Just find it Boring, especially for a flight SIM guy who kinda laughs at the flight mechanics. This is an OPINION and OBSERVANCE for those who will surly attack this and pick it apart with fake stats and WG math and their own " Facts" Just trying to get ahead of what we ALL know is about to happen. As prob one of the newest newbs I can say this. When I discovered this game through the help of a friend I LOVED it. That friend of mine USED to spend HUGE money here. He is one of you guys with every premium and all the toys etc. He quit. He's playing another game now and pretty sure he isn't coming back. I play almost equally BB DD CA CL T 5 - T9 and IF it were like it is now in Randoms then WG would have certainly made a few hundred less dollars. I'm just one person but even though the haters scream and mock anyone off this forum who doesn't agree with them CV have far too much advantage ESPECIALLY when there are 2. The VERY vocal defenders of everything WG may want to do some math .. if 300 people spend 300 less that is a $90,000 LOSS so all the forum insults to people who voice their opinions may feel good to you but what are you going to do to help WG? Send in an extra 90K? After yet another EPIC Naval battle with great skills displayed on BOTH teams 2 CVs sat in their safe spots eliminating everything on the surface with rockets bombs and torps. SO FAST you couldn't stop one flood or fire before 2 more started. Of course if you drive CVs you WANT this unfair advantage as it makes it TOO easy to play this game. I saw a RED BB who fought like Capt Jack Sparrow against 4 of us get WIPED by CVs in less than 90 seconds. I was in an EPIC battle in my CL against 2 CLS and a DD who I was running to save.. it was EPIC!!!!! Enter CV all dead 1 min after 5 minute EPIC battle. The kind where BOTH teams capts say GREAT GAME!!! The great game of Skill , strategy, nerve and Head rush Victory is gone. Gonna ignore the events and Go back to COOP and some of those other battles I found by accident last week . I will check back in when 8.4 comes out. Now the mean kids ( I hope non of you doing the stupid stuff on this forum are over 12 or 13....really I do ) To post their pre saved comments and cute Gifs n Stuff.
  5. Why don't you pause and think about how your post is completely wrong. This wasn't an OP OUT post it is a VERY easy to detect NETWORK ISSUE with their server. If the server is not completing the connection then it reports it.. the most basic function of any server or network since the time of the first internet. USER terminated is a COMPLETELY different issue. Anyone in networking or even able to run a simple tracert or Ping knows this. It's NOT advanced.
  6. Just did it again. Random match , stuck in spawn screen, could HEAR the battle. Cannot back out without penalty so I have to wait. By the time I get in I am the Last BB and most ships dead of running from their BBs , focused. ( after another screen freeze for 30 seconds while the guy I was about to shoot moved behind an island. When I start moving again 5 ships on me POOF. When it;s their fault I should get back the premium resources that I put on that ship before I went in. Simple to program.. If a Ship misses X Percentage of a battle return all of their resources to them and zero out post game costs. FYI,,Gibit network here with tiny ping , zero lag on my network.
  7. Col_Nasty

    Current Benson VS Prem Kidd Which one?

    Thanx for all the input guys! I appreciate it. I'm going to go with the Benson for now. Free and I already burnt the XP to research it. Lemme see if I like T8 Gameplay before I spend the Cash. Thanks again I really Appreciate the insights. Col Out
  8. Ok that was above your head...sorry. Not going to try to explain the words false or equivalency to you and how it doesn't apply here. I could explain it but I can't give you the intellect to comprehend it. Have a nice day.
  9. ok, didn't say I was missing him...was nailing him with FAR too many hits for a DD to survive my DDs guns. I kill DDs all the time with them. Maybe I should have said this was all happening less than 2km apart. As soon as he know he was a goner he would run BACK to the border lay against it and fire away... People talk about this exploit Wow.. so happy you aren't a Cop or Fireman or Anyone else who fights for this country.. That has to be the most laydown , mushy defeatist reply I have ever seen on this forum and I have seen a TON. Hope the fireman doesn't say that to you if your house is burning down... It's not just the weaklings response.. it's the fact that you took time out of your day to make a point to post it. WOW
  10. Saw a thread about this last week with the usual TIN Hat insults we see here every time you say anything about gameplay but this was the first time I got to see it UPCLOSE. Ok so this guy is a LONG time player...( looked him up ) he is an OBVIOUS pro. Just got in a DD knife fight with him and was kickin his [edited].. I noticed the ONLY time I couldn't do damage was when he kept running to the border over and over to ride it. Every time he got in the open I was nailing him and he was missing me .. he would loop around go BACK to sliding along the border suddenly he's nailing me and I'm barely hitting him from POINT BLANK range. A Cruiser was on him too blasting him... he killed us both taking hardly any damage. Sliding along every time... he would try to run , I would nail him so he would run BACK to the border slide against it bringing all guns to bear and blast away.. NOT taking any damage do direct midship hits. Anyone know how to upload a replay so you can see what I am talking about?
  11. Col_Nasty

    Who has gotten a Russian BB mission?

    Have gotten 3 so far out of 20 containers I bought with allowance credits
  12. Col_Nasty

    All my ships are rust buckets!

    As a Vet ( Army ) and one that grew up on US AFBs and right next to Mira Mar NAS in the Navy town of San Diego. I can tell you the OP is absolutely correct. It was the FIRST thing I thought when I joined this game. NO WHERE would you see Ships looking like that. Saying use Cammo is not true. I have paid up to 4K doubloons for Perm Cammos when I get a ship and THEY all look like rusty POS. It's a little boring to hear that same " This isn't real life " from the same people about the same things THEY don't care about in the game ( I do see the very same people say it about other things though LOL ) Thanx for the skins and info links but WG sells you something it SHOULD make a ship at least look UP-KEPT. Hmmm Just tried those links and all say cannot be reached.
  13. Col_Nasty

    Captain respecs should continue to be free

    Never met a person that used the term snowflake that wasn't some widdle dweeb who would never talk that way to ANYONE male or female IRL for fear of being slapped into a puddle of snot and tears. Ignore keyboard kiddies and wanna be thuglettes.
  14. Just capped A was going to go get B as it was wide open. Already had multiple ribbons , Dev strike, Floods , fires everywhere, planes shot down. AWESOME round!! Saw a CA in trouble in the cap , he was pink already . Ran over to save him with my AA and smoke him up. Saved his [edited]. I say in chat, going to get B now and BOOM..........BOOM...........BOOM Three volleys took me down to 100HP Tried to run away from him and had to leave the smoke I GAVE FOR HIM and plane got me. GAME OVER! We lost the game...we had it won! So I have the replay BUT I hear NOTHING is ever done to these guys. In MOST FPS games you are instantly KICKED from the game if you do this. Why not here????? SO, the FIRST reaction to this thread is a Laughing Emoji hmmmm Is this yet another game that is going to the mentally challenged children like so many that die a slow death? HEY WG. Clean up the trash around here. I found this place a couple of months ago and you have made good money off of me. I CAN take it somewhere else. Police these Brats. UPDATE..... SO I see the apparent evidence that hey do not punish people exemplified by the ANONYMOUS cowards who are mocking a post that any serious adult should find disturbing. The ANON system here is perfect for these cyber cowards to act the way they do . I back up every comment I make and not ashamed .. Take away the ANON and watch how few of these little punks still mock threads or gang downvote every post made by certain people.