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  1. Col_Nasty

    Make a Player-Run Forum Together!

    Everyone should know this before doing this. OWNERS of the site cannot post , write or infer ANYTHING negative about the trademarked company , business or its members. ONLY 3rd Party posters are protected from liability but even then you must be prepared for any demands for removal etc from the entity in question. Trust me , I know. Talk to a LAWYER ( and it cannot just be the local jurisdiction either. ) That is all
  2. Great game.. Going full on SUICIDE Dakka dakka in my Smaland. Holding a Cap SOLO from 2 BBs and 2 DDs. I'm SWEATING! Juke forwards, juke backwards , head on a swivel. The Italian BB (COLUMBO) shooting at me at close range says finally ( THAT IS ONE BRAVE SMALAND ) He salutes as I finish burning him down. YAMMY another BB and the SHIMA barfing torps at me left to go . Shima gets caught sneaking and I radar and kill it. YAMMY 7/8 HP is bearing down and PISSED. I'm yelling and running and shooting at him trying to burn him down. Then one of my teammates says. DUDE WHY HAVEN'T YOU USED YOUR TORPS??? When you forget this isn't the FRIESLAND!!! Launched torps to finish the Yammy that had me dead to rights! Sometimes the BEST laughs are at ourselves.
  3. Col_Nasty

    new prime drop available

    Cool , OK .. see? Found the answer in the forum. Not anymore I guess. BTW never saw that page
  4. Col_Nasty

    new prime drop available

    I got 3M Creds. I must have had a ship that dropped. Remember when we used to get DUBS when we had a Premium that dropped? Another historical fact that will be erased from history when this place is gone. Like it was the plan huh?
  5. Col_Nasty

    End of the Forum

  6. Col_Nasty

    I'm going to miss this place

    Not silly at all. The forums a habit and it served a purpose. Much like a drug. Just need to find a NEW Drug. So many out there. Take care.
  7. The pace they are chasing new revenues is a HORRIBLE sign in the business world. Phones come out maybe once a year with incremental upgrades for example. Imagine if they released a new phone every single month. That is a sign of either BAD MANAGEMENT or desperation . We saw they added a BUNCH of new people. Those people need to be fed. Of course we have actual history of how they ran the same thing on other games they control. Tanks and Airplanes are where this is going. That's why products and projects that were prob planned to roll out over the next few years are being all crammed in at the same time.
  8. Col_Nasty

    ..aaand my last post is a WOW Meme

    WG answer to every single question so this is my last.
  9. Col_Nasty

    Two things I learned today

    Since this was your Last.. TAKE THESE WITH YOU! MUCH LOVE!!
  10. I will keep this short. I remember when I first came here years ago. I was that pest that was always here, tugging on the proverbial skirts asking 1000s of questions. I wanted to get GUD! Most people were very, very helpful. Of all the Games I have played this was the best forum of all of them for actually LEARNING about the game and what to do and how to do it. This forum was the best place to find out what was ACTUALLY going on at WG and to get their confusing " Translations" figured out. The confusing " Marketing speak " made clear. The " fine Print " Enlarged. In the past year or two WG has been frantic to push out as much as possible to make $$ as FAST as possible. Having a well informed community noticing and talking about it was NOT a good thing. Can't act like it's always been this was when so many of the original players are still here saying that it most definitely ISN'T. How do they fix it? Cut off the ONE place that people in -the -know can meet daily. ERASE the ARCHIVE of all the past history so you can pretend none of it ever happened. Move the community to a much easier place to control the information shared and in fact, where so many will not follow. I have met many people here, I hope we see each other around. I will not be on Discord . I'm sure there are at least 2 Mods here happy about that. I have cut WG off from the $$$ , now I am 100% FTP and no longer care but , my not caring is what they needed. So take care all. Have fun while it lasts because I don't think it is going to last too much longer. WG Management either doesn't know how to build a lasting business and loyalty or already know end times are near and are milking that cow as fast as possible. But what do I know? Started my Business 20 years ago and still going strong and STILL have my original clients and growing. I'll miss some of you fkers. Col OUT!
  11. Col_Nasty

    End of the Forum

    Just left another game with a sub with a KRAKEN!I ( 3rd today ) ALL 5 kills were trying to keep him from capping our base. POP UP - SHOTGUN - DEVSTRIKE. 5 times in a row. And he had little to no Back -up I hit him with 18 HE rounds AND 4 DCs. I was his FIRST kill. Went on to solo win they match. ALL point blank homing torp kills. I really won't miss this place at all.
  12. Col_Nasty

    End of the Forum

    You do realize that is EXACTLY how " State run " media works right?
  13. Col_Nasty

    End of the Forum

    DM me , I am looking for a new place to hang out$$$$
  14. Col_Nasty

    End of the Forum

    Why not name it.. What you afraid of.. The BAN HAMMER??