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  1. Col_Nasty

    Moskva Question ( not the one you think )

    This is getting better and better!! Now THAT is a ship I can play all night!!! I was wondering that. I wonder if that is how most get to be Coal - Steel and specials?
  2. Col_Nasty

    Moskva Question ( not the one you think )

    Ok. SO I had to check that out. Maybe I should have done it sooner but I went to see some vids... WOW! She is a different ship all together! I saw Notser and Flambass play them and it was great. I guess every line has it's not so good ship you have to grind through to get to the good one. But why at T9 I will never know. Thank you for the reply.
  3. Thank you all for the help in figuring out how to play the DM. You were all correct. Problem is I would rather gouge my eyes out with a dull spoon than play that passive back line style anymore. I'm still about 100K XP short to research the Moskva but I need to adjust my expectations here. ( I have over 2.5 Mil FXP so it's no biggie to use it to top her off ) I AM going to get her even though if it turns out simply for the Snowflake etc BUT I just wanted to know if the MOSKVA plays like this Back line lurker I am grinding now. Sitting in back shooting long rang hoping for a fire is mind numbing to me. I get plenty of hits but I think the BEST Random I have had was about 70K Damage and I was hitting everything I shot all from start to finish. Just want to know if This future port queen ( for me ) is the same as the MOSKVA? Thank you for you input as always.
  4. When you get to the install options you can browse to the Drive and folder you want to install on. It's not very obvious but it is there. You can also do that with the WGC app. Float your cursor around and you will see it. I will try to do a screenshot for you when I get home if you can't find it our someone else does it first. Edit.. I see you want to do the AP on another drive. Still it has the option as well. I will check and get back. Col Out
  5. Col_Nasty

    Flamu: Subs - a disaster brewing

    I play both Subs and ships. The worst was being in my Warspite. We had the game won on points. all that was left was my Warspite and our CV against 2 subs a CL and a DD. I just finished capping. we had ALL the caps. I killed the CL and drove the DD into hiding but with all the WASD hacks in the world I did dodge at LEAST 8 salvos of torps from the 3 of them and almost ran out the clock for the win.. It was just useless. They finally cross torped me to death and there was nothing I could do about it. Doesn't matter how good you are in a BB.. you will NOT survive. Period.
  6. Col_Nasty

    Wargaming Game Center – All in One!

    Hasn't this been around for a while? I have always used this and I have been here over a year. Seems cool to me. Looks good! Gotta Love one stop shopping.
  7. Col_Nasty

    Depth charges?

    I'm glad they made DC the way they did. They COULD have been much more complicated. IRL they had to set depth and timers etc. I would run into stuff if I had to do all of that too. Just sayin'
  8. It could be 100% Psychological ( wouldn't surprise me at all ) But there are a few ships that I am OK with that I am DEADLY with on the PT server in randoms. I'm not talking about player skill levels but Aiming and hits in my Alaska ( for 1 ) are SO much better on the PT server. Is this is thing or do I need more of this stuff......
  9. ok, I'm sure you are not making that up right? Please show us the spreadsheet data that proves that and I will except that... I'll be waiting as usual.
  10. Just sick of these know everything toxic children and their non stop RAGING in chat every time they die. I love helping my team and cheering them on even after I die but it 100% ruins this game when all you see are the " Experts " Raging in chat because everyone else isn't playing their ships EXACTLY how THEY think it should be played after they derp and die. I am busy , I don't have time to find them and mute them.. I'm trying to help the team. It doesn't matter if you have 80K or 200K damage.. If you have 3 Caps and 2 dev strikes.. NOTHING keeps these kids from screaming out in chat at you because you were not shooting , spotting , providing AA or enter anything else that THEY want. What triggered this? The proverbial Straw? Some yolo kid SCREAMING in chat for me to get into the fight ( had 80k already and 2 kills ) as I was positioning for the PERFECT point blank broadside ambush on a Georgia that was about to come around an island. This right after killing a Yammy 30 seconds earlier. Having a Great game that anyone would upvote and some child who needs a nap and a bottle melting down in chat. BTW got the Georgia too.. first salvo was over 30k and I finished him 3 feet from my Bow as he tried to ram me. All spoiled by non stop over the top RAGE from a kid who yolo'd There I got it off my chest. Col Out
  11. Col_Nasty

    Why Did WG Take Away My Achievements?

    I for one wouldn't mind seeing the Jenkins one go away. It's 2020 WG. If you need me to explain why then it is no use. Col Out UPDATE!!!! Maybe WG NA clued them in because it IS gone! If it is for good then GOOD ON YOU WG NA!!!! @Hapa_Fodder