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  1. BaronNaro


    Secondary duels are one of the best things in this game.. if you'd like to see a Tier 2 Japanese BB duel feel free to watch below :) WG can.. you like make this a gamemode? no? darn
  2. Join me as we venture into the weird whacky homing torpedo oceans filled with submarines! Watch if you like :) Personally I think the subs didn't need the buff.. and if anything a change. The current mechanics try to fit the class into 2 different category's. It get's stale after a while of playing... an even more dumbed down version of the cv rework. On the pro side.. the art department did amazing work as always, along with the sound design is incredible. Have a good day captions.
  3. BaronNaro

    Amazing Des Moines game

    Watch if you like to see the potential of Des Moines! Game highlight for my friend MLG, damn was this a crazy game.
  4. Watch if you want! It's a new format so I can give more constant content to my viewers, hopefully you enjoy! Nelson is one of my favorites.. the super heal comes in clutch and combined with her front 3 guns!
  5. BaronNaro

    Ranger in Ranked

    If you'd like to see some memes along with ranger ranked gameplay, check this out! Personally I feel like the Ranger is the best CV at Bronze in the third season of the new format. Her HE rockets and bombs are the most reliable at tier 6 against all ship types. Healthy and mediume speed she's always a favorite of mine.
  6. 🏴‍☠️Sounds like fun, hopefully I am selected but if not I'll be looking to sink ya🏴‍☠️
  7. BaronNaro


    Looking for Shokaku memes or want to see what it's capable of? Feel free to watch the video below!
  8. BaronNaro


    Ever wondered what the Vermont can do? I compiled some clips for you!
  9. BaronNaro


    Remember when the midway could accurately 1 shot destroyers with her dive bombers? I mean she still kinda can but.. not like this. Check out some meme Midway gameplay with a sprinkle of history. Have a good day captions! Any questions or comments? \/ Reply below \/
  10. Feel free to check out my guide! If you have any questions or comments I will happily reply!
  11. BaronNaro

    Update - Bugs Report

    I finally have a solution to this problem. I put a ticket into WG and after a few days of messages they game me a working method of watching replays in 1. Open the game folder: D:\Games\World of Warships\World_of_Warships_NA\ 2. Open the folder named "bin32" (or "bin64") and find the file WorldOfWarships32.exe (or WorldOfWarships64.exe) 3. Drag the .replay file you need on the WorldOfWarships32.exe (or WorldOfWarships64.exe) and check for the problem
  12. BaronNaro

    Update - Bugs Report

    Yeah I saw that post. I've tried everything and I really wanted to edit tonight. So frustrated... But I asked the twitch streamer "ViirtualSenpai" the same question and he said he would check to see if he can watch replays on his game after the stream. Hope they fix this or tell us how to actually fix it!
  13. BaronNaro

    Update - Bugs Report

    I have seen multiple posts about this. But as of update I can no longer watch my replays. I have checked to make sure the file is being launched with the correct program. I have uninstalled my mods and tried it in vanilla, still won't work. Checked the game with the "check and repair" feature. Nothing works.