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  1. BlueByYou

    Flank Bell Fridays - Most Effective Destroyer

    #1)Asashio, #2) T-61, and #3) Kidd
  2. BlueByYou

    Where is Alaska?

    UIS, since you already knew the answer to that question, can you answer the question of "where is UIS's Nikolai?
  3. BlueByYou

    So I broke my long standing rule on loot boxes

    Dear Santa, My shipmate UssIowaSailor has been a very good Captain this year. Since he has been such a good Captain, would you please give him the gift of a Nikolai for Christmas. I promise to lick a metal light pole during a snowstorm, and give In & Out Burger gift certificates to Radar_X, Gneisenau013, Femmenly, and TheURLGuy if you do. Thank you
  4. BlueByYou

    So I broke my long standing rule on loot boxes

    UIS, you are my idol if you have that many Prems! Let's both of us put our elf ears on, and then if you ask Santa to give me a Missouri, then I promise to ask Santa (aka @Radar_X) to give you the Nikolai. Yes 41 West Virginia, there is a Santa
  5. Has WoWs ever considered allowing access to the individual Clan's Chatroom & Messaging without requiring the player to be logged into the game (similar to what is currently done for the Forum and Premium Shop)? I know that may subject Wargaming to additional server resource usage, but it would increase Clan play which is one of their goals anyways. Additionally, is there a possibility of making the WoWs individual Clan Port page & Member Stats page available externally as well. My understanding is that it is already that way for WOTs
  6. BlueByYou

    Rivalry Wednesday - Most Feared Opponent

    Nah, not me, just anyone they decide to go after. Takes so much away from the game when they start their toxic ranting. If they would just start communicating with their team in a tactical nature instead of a toxic nature, the chatroom, and game, would be a better place. Oh, and just for the record, yes some ranting has been focused towards me a few times, but it is any of the unicum wanna be's verbal diarrhea illegitimately downgrading players that irks me.
  7. BlueByYou

    Rivalry Wednesday - Most Feared Opponent

    I fear the anguish that I experience from reading the chat postings during matches where the toxic unicum wanna be's are trying to display their "superior intellect" to the world as they downgrade any player(s) in the game that they feel are "worthy" of their unflattering assesments.
  8. BlueByYou

    Graphics card for WoWs and WoT?

    @Radar_X What time frame is Wargaming looking towards to be able to go from compatible with nVidia's Turing Architecture to having the ability to fully utilize the Turing Architecture? I know several companies are currently struggling with being able to fully utilize the benefits of the Turing Architecture with some companies even quoting 12 to 24 months of development needed.
  9. Because our Clan has a requirement that Captains must play once every 30 days, I watch the Last Battle Time reported by WoWs in on the Clan Members page. Recently I have seen errors where I know a Captain is active, but WoWs is reporting them inactive for a long period of time. I know the Captain is active because I have seen them in the Clan Chatroom, their status in the Clan Chatroom reflects that they are playing a battle (the crossed rifles symbol is next to their name), or both. Anyone else having this trouble with their Clan roster? If you did, how did you get it fixed, or how did you work around it?
  10. Is it truely "realistic" to limit Asashio DWTs to only threats to BBs and CVs? To my knowledge, during WWII no IJN DDs were restricted to only torping BBs and CVs due to the capabilities of the torpedo armaments. The vast majority, if not all, my battles in my Asashio have been up tiered where I am consistantly going against T9 and T10 DDs & CA/CLs if I try to be aggressive in capping or scouting. The Asashio guns do not help much in those instances, so I am forced to stay on a wide flank or be less aggressive which in turn activates toxic chat from the T10 Unicum wanna bes that do score less than me. Can it be brought up for discussion with the development team, that Asashios be allowed to torp CAs with HP levels above 50,000, or can the Asashio Captains press a button that silences Unicum Wanna Bes in chat?
  11. What did they win? The photo is being blocked by the firewall for being suspicious, so I can't see.
  12. BlueByYou

    Alaska free xp cost

    Remember the Kronshtadt, which was also a T9 heavy cruiser with high caliber guns, sold for 750,000 FXP, and it hasn't gotten saturated in the game, and doesn't look to either. Let's please not give Wargaming false reasons to inflate costs of ships even if the costs are in FXP.
  13. BlueByYou

    Not getting any discount coupons?

    When you find out, please let me know as well.
  14. BlueByYou

    30% discount coupon

    I am reading about these discount coupons being handed out over the past week, but I haven't received any, nor have I been able to find what you need to do to get them. Can anyone give some clues?