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  1. Just echoing a post last week by @Sovereigndawg on this subject. IMHO I believe this operation to be unwinnable based on my experience and the comments of others. I have tried different ships, different days, and different times of day, all with the same ending ... no ships remaining and no stars. I may not play at anywhere near iKami level of skill, but one would surmise that an operation filled with only potato Captains should be at least able to get at least one star at least infrequently. I can choose not to play operations until this changes, and play other forms of battles, but that does not help in replacing the points from operations that one gets towards the Fly, Strike, Win Event. Does anyone know any secrets on how to succeed with Defense of Newport?
  2. I don't see the legitimacy in the data you are showing. Please don't take that as I am accusing you of anything. Based on what I have seen/experienced in Random Battles in the past few months, CVs aren't leading at anything. I may be completely wrong, but I am not seeing what your data suggests.
  3. BlueByYou

    Mighty Mo No Mo - theoretically

    Fem, If WoWs has to change anything, please only address the perceived issue with credit earning potential. Leave the rest of the Mighty MO alone please. If WoWs wants to address bringing the MO back to premium status and thinks they need to nerf it to do so, please alternatively consider just developing the New Jersey as a Tier 9 BB that WoWs considers "better balanced" but is given a gimmick (maybe enhanced AA to fit in with the current meta) to help with sales, and leave the MO as is.
  4. BlueByYou

    Jingles Named His Kitten "Akizuki"

    I thought Sir Jingles' pet was a bulldog named "Winston".
  5. BlueByYou

    You know you play to much WOWS when...

    Legio_X_ After reading that, Optio_Praetorii would be such a proud Clan Commander! I hope you guys can find him someday.
  6. I had same problem last week. I exited the game, and signed back in, and that fixed the issue. I have not had it again since then.
  7. Thank you Captains for your input.
  8. Yes I see @Putin2004 here often. Preevyet Vlad
  9. Has anyone heard, officially or unofficially, when the new Russian BBs will be made available outside of the test servers? Additionally, are they all grind ships, or will any be Premium/Award Ships. It will be interesting to see how these ""Comrade Nelsons" will do.
  10. BlueByYou

    Rocket Attacks?

    Docked my DDs as well then found I can have even better time with them in Co Op when I need those last few points in the daily challenges. DDs are lots of fun in Co Op. Try it out instead of letting your DDs rust in port.
  11. BlueByYou

    New Arsenal ships - rumors, what's next?

    I understand Lert. I feel same. I just did a quick search in forum, but wasn't able to find the post. If you haven't heard of it, then it must not be happening. But, I do remember the post.
  12. BlueByYou

    New Arsenal ships - rumors, what's next?

    There was a post in the forum last month that qouted the Devs as saying that the Kutu was being brought back to be sold for steel.
  13. BlueByYou

    Carry on my Wayward Son!

    Yes, congrats on the Kraken ..... and thank you for reintroducing Kansas to Dr. Holmes
  14. BlueByYou

    Carry on my Wayward Son!

    Doc, I have a feeling we are not in Kansas anymore! Can't get the guitar solo part out of my head. Guess we are past The Point of No Return!
  15. BlueByYou

    So what BB line do you think is the best

    It is a tough call between USN and the French, but I will have to go with the French in that I am having more fun playing French BBs over the USN BBs with the exception of nothing in WoWs beats the USS Missouri for BB fun and enjoyment!