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  1. BlueByYou

    Jingles to re-record his lines! - Update

    The Mighty One went a bridge too far maybe?
  2. BlueByYou

    CC summit in Moscow: any NA presence?

    I hope they don't get sick like @Notser and his girlfriend did last time. And, they should check with The Mighty Jingles about what not to do if they need an emergency pair of shoes! Have lots of fun @FemennenIyand NA CCs!
  3. Not to take anything at all away from Cmdr Evans, and Lt Cmdr Copeland's accomplishment's made during the Taffy 3 engagement, but I would like to point out one of the most unrecognized acts of command heroism of WW II. That being the leadership of CL-51, Atlanta by Rear Adm Norm Scott during the Naval Battle of Guadalcanal where his leadership and the actions of his ship helped to "convince" the superior Japanese forces to depart the area. For his efforts, Rear Adm Scott was killed by friendly fire from his fleet commander's flagship (thus why not many people have heard of this), and given The Medal of Honor posthumously.
  4. BlueByYou

    Where have all the players gone?

    Agreed. OP was refering to Co Op, but interestingly has anyone noticed that the wait time in Random has gone up significantly in higher tiers? From what I have been witnessing, it has NOT been due to a lack of players. What I am noticing is plenty of players in cue, but the distribution among ship types is 75%+ BBs, so MM is taking much longer to get a better distribution of ship types. I have heard comments on how CV players left to play Ranked, and that is causing over population of BBs in game, but if that was the case, I would be expecting a preponderance of DDs which I am not seeing. I don't believe it is being caused by all the new ship releases being mostly BBs (RU BBs and Georgia), because I am not seeing a lot of them, with the recent exception of Georgias just in the past days since it has been released. My guess is that DD mains and Glass CL mains are becoming BB mains because of their dislike of the refurbished CV meta. Has anyone else noticed the same , and would anyone else like to speculate?
  5. BlueByYou

    PT 8.5 - Talking Toasters!

    I heard that Khan was seen riding a Tron Light Cycle away from the WoWs' MCP. I also heard that he used his superior intellect to program the Bots to use Moby [edited] quotes such as " @Radar_X no ... no you can't get away. From hell's heart, I stab at thee. For hate's sake, I spit my last breath at thee." Klingon General Chang saw how much fun Khan was having, so he programmed to Bots to use Shakespearean quotes like "Gneisenau013, stop firing at me or I will cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war." WoWs Bots now going where no Bot has gone before! Engage
  6. BlueByYou

    PT 8.5 - Talking Toasters!

    Don't worry about it. Resistance is futile.
  7. BlueByYou

    Do Russian BB have a weakness?

    Is there a reason that you do not feel the T10 French Republique and Bourgogne BBs qualify?
  8. BlueByYou

    LittleWhiteMouse Premium Ships Reviews

    Indeed you have. And, sorry to have made you post more. But always enjoyable hearing words from a dragon :D Fair Winds and following seas Kiz.
  9. BlueByYou

    LittleWhiteMouse Premium Ships Reviews

    Just putting it into perspective, as Capt Kizzy mentioned, LWM has been ill. This may be an understatement as per her recent post she let us know that she nearly died. Let's all give her our support and well wishes, and patiently wait for any reviews she may bless us with. Get Well Soon @LittleWhiteMouse Please take whatever time you need for recovery.
  10. BlueByYou

    Premium Ship Review #123: Lazo

    Thank you for the great work @LittleWhiteMouse I hope you are feeling much better, and that you already have sunk Lert a few times
  11. If DeathStalker can use dubs to get a Belfast, can I use them then to get a Kutuzov?
  12. BlueByYou

    Hey Sub_Octvain

    @Gneisenau013 will you be assigning someone to introduce @Sub_Octavian to real Texas Barbecue (especially the brisqet), and Double Double burgers from In and Out Burgers, or will you be personally be taking care of that?
  13. BlueByYou

    Slava/Pobeda - Is it an alternate line?

    Yes, it is supposed to be a T10 Alternate to the Kreml. No mention though as to when it will show up, but since it isn't even in WoWs Wiki with all other new RU BBs, it probably won't be available for next Ranked season. And then there is the coming nerf .....
  14. BlueByYou

    Georgia 2.0 - The Ship is a Blast...

    True, but Salem is T10. Jean Bart is T9 and is currently 228,000. According to everything I have seen (including WoWs Wiki), Georgia will be T9.
  15. BlueByYou

    Georgia 2.0 - The Ship is a Blast...

    Have you seen the reviews on the Pobeda/Slava yet? Talk about fun and "giving players what they want"! Hopefully it will not turn out to be something similar to giving the screaming 8 year olds candy bars to quiet them.