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    a place to leave a note

    Hi all don't do this much so. A thought would it be possible to put another tab in the captains skill page for us to make notes. and have a dot or star to remind us! Hay u got a good amount of free xp and creds. lets get some signal [edited]! only to find u forgot to use it too skill up your T8 DD and her captain " facepalm" well there my bit let me know what youall think.
  2. well fellas looks like it the fish I do not know it's name saw it flash in the drink next to the hat . My problem even if I did know what the code was I have not found where to type it in but the vid is always very cute lol
  3. Hi all I don't do this much but I have a Question for Dev team or anyone that might know. When looking at DD's in the game how are the torps reloaded as the ships are from history or plans where drawen up u would think there would be portholes or some kind of elevator to help move them Now it could very well be that my Computer is poor and I do not have the graphics to see this in that case I will just shush lol thanks for the time it took to read this and if someone has the scoop let me know lol