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  1. The_Ice_Cream_Man_

    About z35

    its like someone asking you to complement a girl you dont find attractive, so you just say she is nice. thats the same as looking for something to say and say its fun or seems to start alot of fires. the simple reality is you dont see alot of them in game in randoms even, even though they were just released and sold in the premium shop. if it was a good dd you would see alot of them, but you dont. So it tells you how good it is, simply that no one is playing them.
  2. The_Ice_Cream_Man_

    About z35

    if you gonna buy a premium tier 8 dd there is better dd out there to buy. The devs got too cute for a gimmick and picked a stupid gimmick for the german tier 8 premium dd, making it in a seem weaker If they had made it a normal premium german dd, it would have been fine but in search of a gimmick they decided to go stupid gimmick cuz its not a russian ship. The stupid gimmick being short range defensive torps, and short creeping uk smoke. They would have sold more if they had given it 4 normal smoke and regular 8.5-10km torps. In the world of radar and cv short smoke and defensive torps are not gonna cut it for a dd. Guns are normal, slightly faster than z-23 with 3km more range but given short range defensive torps. In terms of people saying the subjective remark of it seems to start more fires, no proven basis of fact. It has a base fire chance of 6 percent on he shell, the same as the z-23 tech tree german dd. So saying it starts alot of fires and is fun is like saying well i got nothing else good about it to say so I will say it seems to start alot of fires with no basis or comparision to the tech tree dd that has the same fire chance.
  3. The_Ice_Cream_Man_

    State of Khaba?

    look up fake russian destroyer R-10, Khaba 2.0 on youtube.
  4. The_Ice_Cream_Man_

    Russian carriers are coming!

    considering the first russian carrier was in 1975, those are gonna be some broken carriers. 1975 being the first russian carrier at tier 4 with migs vs biplanes of cv of other nations. Welcome to world of russian fake ships.
  5. The_Ice_Cream_Man_

    Russian Cruiser Event...Wow, just wow.

    its set up where if you do 3 directives you get 1 tier 5 soviet cruiser. WG got stingy on this event. My guess they not doing well in the profit margin after the PR fiasco people stopped spending money, and then in pandemic it probably even dried up more.
  6. The_Ice_Cream_Man_

    New CV Ordnance Needed!

    the carrier would only get a limited amount of these 3 special biological chemical and nuclear ordinance. for nuclear only 1. and it can be a way for carrier to wait for situational to use them. for example groups of enemy ships all sitting behind an island or in the back. use the biological ordinance first, doesnt do much damage while in affected area. only 20 hp per tick but what it does is it immobilize your ship crew where the ship or ships cannot move for 70 seconds. then the chemical ordinance can be used while the ships immobile. this just does damage outright like rng 7-15k damage, but it immobilze the mechanical components of ship where the ship cannot move for another 80 seconds and while immobilized in that 80 seconds the carrier has set up a situation where they can launch the single nuclear ordinance plane to area behind island or in back of map where ships are immobilized, and the carrier can hit those ships in the radius with a 1 time rng up to 20-35k damage, but those caught in area also get irradiated and contaminated so they suffer 10 hp a tick damage for rest of game and 30 percent loss to mobility and range for 40 seconds.
  7. The_Ice_Cream_Man_

    Warhammer 40k collab when?

    dont forget Death Jestors, you are the mailed fist of the emperor
  8. The_Ice_Cream_Man_

    New CV Ordnance Needed!

    i was thinking may be like a denial of area or damage over time special ordinance planes for carrier, like a chemical or biological weapon ordinance that spreads out like a cloud over a certain distance where if ships are in it or sail into it they take damage over time till they leave the affected area. There can be 3 types, chemical, biological and nuclear, certain ones doing different damage, the nuclear if ya sail into it getting irradiated it clings to your ship so even if ya leave you lose like 10 hp a tick for rest of game.
  9. The_Ice_Cream_Man_

    IFHE Rework and HE Penetration Magic

    Your fire chance is only your fire chance if you are fighting same tier or lower. It decreases when you fight higher tiers. For example if you are tier 8 cruiser fighting a tier 10 ship, they naturally get a 50 percent reduction being tier 10 in fire and flooding. And with mm rng you are fighting higher tier most of time, that means you are not getting the 8-10 percent fire chance on your HE you fire if you are fighting higher tiers. So taking IHFE raw damage may not be a bad choice to have considering tier 10 reduce your flooding and fire chance by 50 percent off the bat. With captain skills, legendary mods , signals and flags its even lower.
  10. The_Ice_Cream_Man_

    Question about Moskva removal

    So should we grind the moskva and then sell it? Or will we be compensated the credits if we do not sell it?
  11. The_Ice_Cream_Man_

    Signal flag - limit raised

    i cant wait till they finally raise the 19 pt captain limit to 30 pt captain
  12. tell ya what every one petition wg to give all bb guns 23 seconde reload which is generous and only 2k damage a shell per gun with 1000ms shell velocity and we will call it nicely balanced and right,
  13. only if ya face noob bb players
  14. dunno about tier 9 and 10 but the tier 8 and below are trash. if the 9 and 10 have carrier damage torps they are trash also regardless of torpedo speed and reload cuz they will do very little damage. 4k damage torp is like having a 2k alpha bb gun, dont matter how fast it is or slightly lower reload, the alpha is trash the ship is trash. dont worry even if all those torps hit, you will burp and say cool story bro.