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  1. Play on the weekend

    I just got my game schedule for today. As usual another cruiser friendly battle. !2 ship teams. 2 carriers. 5 battleships. 3 cruisers. 2 DD's stats and recommended strategy are not going to be of much help. Maybe if the BB's led the way? Hmm. Regards Mike
  2. I assume they must have prorated something. Team killer removed. thanks all. mike
  3. note: I filled a ticket a few hours ago Mt team killer points mysteriously Dropped form 10 to 5. I'll check my e-mail and get back. Regards Mike
  4. i had it down to one point yesterday. By the way it has never been five games because the count paint scratches and when a friendly runs into you you get penalty points against you. Retro active penalties has never been a legal foundation in this country. As far as I can tell. If I had sunk a friendly under the new penalty I wold concede to your point Regards Mike
  5. I have spent the two previous days working off a time kill. (insert sob story here) When I shut down yesterday I was down to 1 team kill point. Most of this day I down loaded the new the new update on my less than optimal DSL. Restarted my computer and WoW user interface every thing appeared normal. I stated a new co-op game and my team kill is now 11. Either I forgot about 2 team kills or I was sleep playing in the middle of the night. Fellow Warship players,i will let you decide. Regards Mike
  6. I must have missed the new launcher controversy. what exactly is it supposed to do? Mike
  7. Interesting to read....

    Perspective? Mike
  8. This begs the question, why don't we here from those that suffered any thing other the Scarlet Letter? (Pink Ship) regards Mike
  9. YOLO (suicide) DDs

    How does this mysterious any ships in front of me work? Does this mean a parallel line thru my ship extending the entire map? I have had DD's come from behind arcing across my stem or stern right into the torps I just fired. My fault? It must be as I was a noob trying to steel there kill. When I can get to within 3 km and turn perpendicular to get torps away Cruisers that were not in my sight being to far right or left heading the other way suddenly 180 at full speed and charge my target completely ignoring one of there DD's had turned perpendicular to the enemy. Warnings don't work. I have tried to warn ships they are heading back into my torps. This torp penalty only creates a false sense of safety. The only choice is for ships with torps is to not use them. I dodge as many if not more friendly torps as I do from the enemy. Don't get me wrong I have made every beginners mistake possible. I have worked hard and will continue working hard to improve my situational awareness to protect the very many that have virtually none. Regards Mike
  10. REPLAY ! why bother ?

    IMHO WoW's doesn't want to save replays. They are not interested in security except for their accounts management. They could save replays quite easily and scan them with the proper software to detect possible malfeasance that will alert them. Then they could investigate further. Really, why should we be providing replays? Would your bank make you provide all the code used in a bank transfer from your computer and over the net to their server? Chess servers did this literally years ago. Regards Mike
  11. i see nothing in the OP's post suggesting anything amiss. Did you ever have one of those games when you spawned late? In some of my games I spawned so late my torps were active,the entire fleet was deployed and I was being bombed. By the time I got to the action it was over. Run to the next action,over. In areal battle how many fleets lost ships that couldn't leave port or, broke down on the way? Mishaps are a dynamic of war and the game Mike
  12. Aimbot problem

    How about we give everyone a free ship. The same ship, with identical features and let them at it? This ship would be to record the only official stats for the game. Then we will see who is gud. Wouldn't we? Regards, Mike
  13. Mikasa vs Orlan

    I have never seen a BB in tier 1-2,possibly 3. In tier 3-4 and maybe 5 I have seen tier 1-2-3 cruisers when in a division with higher tear ships. Mike
  14. Lets assume for a moment there are not only bots but,outright cheaters on the weekends. It occurs to me that because of the higher usage rate at certain times it is just a natter of a bunch of herrings blending in with a ocean of fishes. Regards Mike