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  1. I play the Bismarck majority of the time when I play this WoW because I like to Brawl. When I post, I don't waste petty drama on here. So, I get straight to the point- [edited] and complain what I feel is broken. So, here is my 2 cents or shove it for all I care. I've noticed the CV's have changed significantly and ruining the game. Ever since the change I feel the CV's are broken. I know historically CV's basically took over naval warfare but does it have to be this extreme in WoW? My AA can't do squat even with additional combative airplanes I have. The CV's can take out like 20k+ damage from firebomb planes and angle anyway they want to [edited] you do death. I spend half of my time trying to tag along with Cruisers for additional AA support to dodge CV planes but once a CV picks on you, pretty much done. Yes, the HE spam is still ridiculous. Thanks, I appreciate your insight on CV.
  2. asmodai22

    WG going do something about HE cheese?

    Wow, judging my skill set over win/lose ratio team games with random people ok... I can't do squat if my team sucks. I try to pull my weight for the team best I can. If this was PvP battles there would be an exception but random team play? Especially when there are random players with random skill sets doing what they want in the game. I got to Rank 1, and took a big break after that. Also, I have a life outside this game. I work and go to school full time, theater, and fixing my house. The only reason I started playing this game was that of the Bismarck and it's my favorite ship. I haven't found a ship of my liking to grow on me. So what if I play the Bismarck? who cares? I have played other ships to understand their style of strategies that's about it.
  3. asmodai22

    WG going do something about HE cheese?

    Well, this was unexpected that my rant definitely hit a nerve in the community. It so seems HE is cheese and needs to be nerfed or decrease repair time for BB's. It's utterly ridiculous I use to repair and ONE HE round hits me and I'm burning alive AGAIN. It's too easy to sit behind cover/rocks all game and lob HE rounds at BB's sipping on their tea. I only play the Bismarck, it's my favorite ship.
  4. I spend 3/4 of my time running or dodging HE rounds terrified of one hits my BB ship. Then I get hit by ONE and burns through my ship like butter. I use repair and have to wait 2 effing minutes while they sit behind rocks or cover just shooting more HE rounds. Shortly after I use repair while having 3 fires going on and get hit by another one. I always hear the excuse "We have light armor and get hit by one AP round we're done", ok that's great when you can sit behind cover 98% of the time. What is worse then they all gang up on you lobbing HE rounds like gang [edited] knowing you used your repair when you had no choice. Hell, when you know HE are complete cheese and needing to be nerfed is when people use memes of BB's greatest fear showing a box of matches. It wouldn't be so bad if the repair was a minute but 2 minutes?! and all it takes is ONE to light you up like a Xmas tree. There is my rant for tonight.
  5. I don't want to open a million pumpkin crates and get no camo. I value my time over money. I work and go to college full time, not giving my soul to WoW. I just want the effing nurgle camo for my Bismarck and I'll be happy. All I ever get this lame orange yellow crap camo slapping it as your "Halloween". They could just make my ship shoot pumpkins or something cool. No, instead I have to go through the pain people flaunting their Nurgle Camo off. It's really the only ship I play in WoW. All the other ships are like heh. I don't understand why they just sell the camo? Do these WG people want to make money? Do these people understand what sells and doesn't? It's a simple concept really, I'll give you money for something I want. I want this Camo.
  6. asmodai22

    Is battlefleet gothic coming to WoW?

    Sorry for the late reply. I think the Warhammer 40k Blitz for tanks was a test. I can see them implementing BFG in WoW, but they can treat the ship like an airplane/warship in space. Having Warhammer 40k themes for our ships would be sick. The space theme I missed out on, just I'm so busy with work and college. No time for anything.
  7. I haven't played for months mainly because of college, work, theater and fixing my house. I decided to play one game before work. I was browsing through some of the new ports and one was a spaceport? I also read that they're doing battlefleet gothic in WoW? I think it would be awesome but how it would work being space is 360 movement. Their doing world of tanks for Warhammer 40k. I would think BFG will be next. I haven't really played a good Warhammer 40k game in a long time. Since DoW 3 was absolute garbage, a giant turn wrapped up pretty in a box.