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  1. Aggressive_Behavior

    Deny needs more Clanmates for more Shenanigans

    Its 5 in the morning why am I up do this?
  2. Aggressive_Behavior

    Deny needs more Clanmates for more Shenanigans

    We look forward to hearing from you!
  3. Aggressive_Behavior

    Delete please

    Another season of Clan Battles is coming up. We also are able to field at least 1 team every night but. We want to take to the next level and be consistent with two teams so Give us a look.
  4. Aggressive_Behavior

    PSA: A Message from Sub_Octavian regarding PR

    a customer should not have to crunch all the numbers and do spreadsheets before they buy. Not in this game Not anywhere except maybe when buying an entire company etc and that customer has a ton of lawyers to do it for them. No one should have had to put that kind of effort into buying anything in a video game.
  5. Aggressive_Behavior

    Delete please

  6. Aggressive_Behavior

    Delete please

    Nice post Nubulin!!!
  7. Aggressive_Behavior

    Deny needs more Clanmates for more Shenanigans

  8. Aggressive_Behavior

    Deny needs more Clanmates for more Shenanigans

    Only 6 spots remain and we are getting picky. A taco quiz will be administered!!!
  9. Aggressive_Behavior

    Potential FPS Fix

    @iKami I installed it per directions and no change.
  10. Aggressive_Behavior

    Update 0.8.1 - Bugs Report

    @gneisenau013 please read what this player has reported This issue is affecting port as well as in battle. And he has done some real work on what is going on. Please get the guys in Saint Petersburg to look at all of this.
  11. Aggressive_Behavior

    Update 0.8.1 - Bugs Report

    I also rolled back NVidia drivers when I reinstalled and since you are running the same card as I am maybe that?
  12. Aggressive_Behavior

    Update 0.8.1 - Bugs Report

    So I was able to fix my problem and I want to explain what I did so all of you can possibly fix your issues too. There has been a lot of articles about a specific update from windows that has known issues with FPS and Mouse movement in certain games and it has been speculated that it is affecting other games like World of Warships. That update is KB4482887 (OS Build 17763.348) and is for Windows 10 version 1809. The thing was I did not have version 1809 on my PC and I never received that update. I was running version 1803. That being said I did receive 4 updates since February 1st for version 1803. So my theory was maybe one of those updates had some of the same stuff that KB4482887 had in them. I first tried just uninstalling one of those updates and that did not help. So I decided I would go to the extreme and reinstall an older version of windows 10 and take everything I could of my gaming PC. So I backed up all my personal files and installed a version of Windows 10 I had on a flash drive that was my back up in case of a crash. Basically I wiped my PC clean and then reinstalled windows 10 version 1709 which is over a year old. Then I put Nvidia Gforce Experience on it but did not update to the latest drivers. and then I downloaded a fresh copy of the WOWS game client. Once windows was installed I also got rid of everything I could from windows like all the bloat wear etc. So with an old version of windows 10 and old graphic drivers the problem went away. I can play the game at full MAX Settings and I am getting 75 FPS when its quiet like just sailing around and no worse then 45 to 50 FPS in very heavy action like a close quarters battle. I have windows 10 Version 1709 OS build 16299.125. https://support.microsoft.com/en-au/help/4043454 My system is pretty old over all but this totally worked so it may work for you too. However as you can imagine it is a very time consuming endeavor System info I5-2400 @3.10GHZ Ram 12GB of DDR3 Graphics card GTX 1050 Windows 10 64 bit operating system, x64-based processor Windows 10 Pro Version 1709 OS build 16299.125
  13. Aggressive_Behavior

    Update 0.8.1 - Bugs Report

    For those of you with the FPS/FREEZING issue. Here is an update. There are some that are suggesting that a Windows update kb4482887 which is a March 1st update of the October release of the 1809 version of Windows 10 is causing our FPS troubles. They think this because Windows put in its known issues that it was affecting the graphics and mouse movement of a game called Destiny and it is widely believed it would affect others. However, I never got Windows version 1809 because if you all may recall that was the version that was also causing people to lose files on their computer so Microsoft paused its release and is only now slowly releasing it again. I am still running Windows 10 version 1803. What I am trying to discern now is if something in that version some update that came about in early to mid-February is doing the same thing as KB4482887. If you have any other info please share. Thank you!
  14. Aggressive_Behavior

    Update 0.8.1 - Bugs Report

    So WG support finally got back to me and had me download another program that "checks" my system. One that I have never heard of called AIDA64. Apparently, they still believe it is my system that is at fault. @Torsitch