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  1. Aggressive_Behavior

    Potential FPS Fix

    @iKami I installed it per directions and no change.
  2. Aggressive_Behavior

    A Captain's Challenge, The Player versus In-Game Commander

    While I appreciate all the time and all the hard work and I found it all very interesting. I do not believe the test subject you chose was "mediocre" That word means the same as the word average. so to make your test valid you would need to find someone who has average stats overall or more to the point I think pick the ship first and find someone who has average stats in that ship.
  3. Aggressive_Behavior

    Performance of full AAA Salem

    Shows what you know I am a dd/cruiser main peace out Red stat boy you are the reason they had to do the rework in the first place hate to tell you that. And I avoided it cuz RTS play is boring.
  4. Aggressive_Behavior

    Performance of full AAA Salem

    no you have the ability to make an a$$ of yourself. and at this point, I am out I got plans. Enjoy your night on the forums trying to make yourself feel better about you by insulting others. I must suck with such low self esteem.
  5. Aggressive_Behavior

    Performance of full AAA Salem

    really? got I got clanmates who are CV mains with high stats than mine. Try again
  6. Aggressive_Behavior

    Performance of full AAA Salem

    well, my intellect is good enough to play this game at a substantially higher level then you so keep the insults going if it makes you feel better about yourself. Cuz your mythical God-like ego is all you got brother.
  7. Aggressive_Behavior

    Performance of full AAA Salem

    No, I don't you said "as they should" when it was suggested that they still do big damage. And when you manage to get all that red off you stat lines then maybe people will respect your opinion and think of you as you think of yourself "Gods Gift to World of Warships"
  8. Aggressive_Behavior

    Performance of full AAA Salem

    Remedials? Sorry, bro looking at your stats that you have posted in your signature I would have to say pot meet kettle. And not one person has suggested sitting still in the back has ever been a good idea and yet you keep bringing it up.
  9. Aggressive_Behavior

    Performance of full AAA Salem

    Ok so first you said they did not do a lot of damage anymore now you are saying they do? which is it? and most expensive to play? how so? repair bill? buy the camo 50% reduction and 20% more credits
  10. Aggressive_Behavior

    Performance of full AAA Salem

    This is not naval combat. or combat of any kind and trust me I know something about combat. This is a video "Arcade game"it's not even a simulator by any degree. It's a game where the goal by the companies standard is for it to be challenging yet fun for all. This update has made it barely playable even Wargaming themselves have admitted that the CV play versus the aa is not close to being balanced yet. The example I have was a flanking start which is not "camping behind an island" The Meta is currently a mess and again Mr. Conway from WG said that on a live stream yesterday. All Maulkin was doing is putting forth some info for the benefit of others so maybe we can get to a good balance.
  11. Aggressive_Behavior

    Performance of full AAA Salem

    They may not do the damage they used to but they are still capable of doing damage over time like a torp hit with flooding and then back again either with more torps or bombers causing a 2nd flood or fire. Additionally, if a CV chooses you to harass damage or not he is taking you out of the game because you have to devote so much time and attention to dealing with the planes. In my opinion there still needs to be ships in the game that the CV just knows he needs to stay away from. At this point and time, there are none except maybe Mino and Worchester and this, in turn, is making Lemming trains a bigger problem and ships just staying all bunched up together killing any hope of players being able to employ any decent flanking strats etc...
  12. Aggressive_Behavior

    Performance of full AAA Salem

    Exactly and I noticed that unlike before when you choose those upgrades and captains skill your AA number does not change. So we have no idea what is better than what.
  13. Aggressive_Behavior

    Performance of full AAA Salem

    Great post I have had the same experience in my DM and I even had BFT as well as all the other things you mentioned. And in my opinion, we should not have to sacrifice all of the other captain's skills to attempt to defend ourselves from a CV. @GrayMaulkin
  14. Aggressive_Behavior

    Deny needs more Clanmates for more Shenanigans

    Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated. Confucius