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  1. Weaselly Customer Support

    You ought to see what they say when you have a Mac!
  2. Mac Wrapper 2.0 Now Available

    Probably not what you don't want to hear, but here's my advice. Don't get sucked in! If all you have is a Mac, you'll never get decent gameplay out if it, and it's probably best if you don't get at all involved. Wargaming doesn't care about us Mac players, won't provide any support, and seems perfectly content with throwing in new updates to break any fixes made with 30 more bugs and issues. My personal experience has been worsening bouts of unplayability starting around October 2017, and most of the community can tell you similar stories. The worse thing is, even if you manage to get it to run, you'll likely only progress so far before you find that the higher tiers are even more crash prone. I've managed tier V battles still, but tier VII is utterly unplayable and crashes a few seconds in to a match. This was once a fun, enjoyable game, but not anymore. Now, for us Mac players, it is at best a Purgatory where we wait for a fix, or a Hell we don't realize we are in as we wait for fixes that will never come.
  3. Uninstallation on a Mac

    I believe there is an application called either App Cleaner or Mac Cleaner that can be used to wipe all files related to a given application from your machine. You might want to use that to ensure a through job.
  4. Decided to give running a lower sound quality a try: Game crashed at beginning of match and at the end. I guess not crashing during battle was an improvement, but it sounds horrible now. If I can run a match successfully in HMS Hood, (which has been extra crash inducing previously) I might start playing again. Though having that damned anime crap on the launcher was rather annoying. I turn that off in game, don't show it in the bloody launcher! Update: Still crashes after about 3 seconds of gameplay in Hood, so the game is unsurprisingly still FUBAR. Damned double standards favoring bloody PC players... I just love how this game went from running smoothly with fairly good graphics settings to unplayable even at the lowest settings in the course of a year. That isn't hardware obsolescence, that's just bad code. *slow clap for Wargaming!*
  5. With the increasing frequency of crashes even with PC players, (Us Mac players have been dealing with that bull since about October with no fixes...) this seems like a really bad policy to start implementing. Then again, screwing customers seems to be the modus operandi of ever game developer I've seen. (Though WG seems to be an especially bad case from my dealings with them...)
  6. Crash Constantly

    Been like that since about October 2017 for Mac players. Of course, yours might actually get fixed, PC players aren't 2nd class citizens and can actually get help from customer service and moderators, none of which we get. It's just an endless loop of contacting WG for them to tell me "Talk to Codeweavers." who then tell me to "Talk to Wargaming." only for the loop to repeat itself over and over while the client stability somehow finds new ways to crash... Meanwhile PC players have a little FPS drop and WG bends over backwards and gives out bleedin' premium accounts and apology video. We suffer endlessly but they get premium time over little problems... Lucky for you, you land on the favored side of the blatant double standards! You'll likely get a timely fix. Rather than wait for months and months, only to realize help will never come, and resign yourself to playing other games and leaving bitter comments on the forums instead since WG doesn't actually care about you since you chose the "other" operating system.
  7. Do you really expect that they'll actually do that though? It's been nearly a year of developer apathy, half-assed "fixes" and an unending list of new performance problems. Meanwhile PC players have one little bug with their FPS not being wonderful, and they even make a damned video about how sorry they are and give everyone bleedin' premium time over one little bug! We don't get anything aside from an occasional pat on the head, and they get premium time over a lesser issue... With that kind of double standards, I don't think most WG employees even realize there's a group of Mac players. They definitely don't care about us, that's obvious by any interaction with the staff here, and the customer "service" center is an even worse. So, do you really think we should wait patiently for a fix that is unlikely to ever come?
  8. MAC mouse question

    A bit of warning regarding Macs and WoWS; it runs terribly on Macs. Because of various problems with compatibly, WoWS is incredibly crash prone and buggy, as well as your aforementioned reduced settings. If you still have your PC, use that for this game. Macs are wonderful for everything else, but make poor gaming platforms. As for a mouse, I personally use the one with the track pad-like top, but I suspect that's what you have, or is in the same size range.
  9. Lack of Support for Mac Players

    Or at least a wrapper that actually worked... Personally, I also hate the argument of "just run Windows" or "Buy a cheap PC." I don't know about everyone else, but I hate the newer iterations of Windows. My college did an "upgrade" last year of all their PCs from Windows 7 to Windows 10, and just about ruined them. Aside from the bloat code making those things run slower than molasses, the UI is a terribly un-intuitive attempt at porting their phone UI to a desktop. With all that crap going on, I don't want to have anything to do with it merely for the sake of one game. I'd rather just not play than deal with that garbage operating system!
  10. Haven't played in a few months or so, decided to give it a try today. Nothing had changed. I take out a My tier VI Queen Elizabeth, and immediately have my client freeze up the moment an enemy appears. I shut down, restart, and find my ship on fire, with half of her health, and under fire from multiple enemies. Still managed to take one down, but suffice to say I was sunk rapidly. I see the game is still FUBAR, and no fixes anywhere in sight. Should just sell my damn account and be done with it all...
  11. Presently running on minimal graphics settings, and I have done the memory size reset as well. I have also tried reinstalling the launcher, and running tests to check for broken code. I presently get crashes with a frequency in reading with tier, with VII, my highest tier presently, being nearly unplayable at this point. For some reason also, the crashes are significantly worse when I use HMS Hood, with crashes reaching the point where I can only manage a few seconds of gameplay between crashes, leading to that particular ship being wholly unplayable. I have also also experiened from time to time a few bugs with the rendering of the environment of the map. The first is some error with the colors of the map, with certain colors missing and an overall off look to things. This sometimes serves as a precursor to a full crash of the game, though a forces quit and relogging in seems to clear it up. The other issue is where the water is not rendered, leaving just the ships, islands, and other objects present in an apparent void. This sometimes occurs concurrently with the colors being disrupted, and definitely precedes a crash when both are in error. Both graphical bugs will, at times, only occur on certain camera bearings, with normal graphics present on others. @d_gladkov Glad to see that someone is finally over talking to us though! It's felt like Mac users have been ignored over here for far too long.
  12. So, after complaining until blue in the face to the Customer Service Center, they've told me that they'll be notifying moderators here on the forums to give this thread more attention. Let's see if we can finally get some official responses. To the promised moderator: I have run through the majority of the fixes listed here, including manually resetting the memory size, reducing graphics settings to their most bare bones levels, running the repair check to make sure there's no broken code, and reinstalling the launcher. My present issues include general instability, and an increased rate of crashing when using HMS Hood. I most eagerly await your response, as I suspect many of my peers on this thread also are. Edit: I have been subsequently informed by another staff member from the Customer Service Center that there in fact is no moderator forthcoming. "Hello CRGKevin, Thank you for getting back with us. I do regret to inform you that my colleague misinformed you as the forum moderators will not be able to get you in touch with the development team. We apologize for the confusion and inconvenience. Please note that World of Warships Does not Work on Mac as it was never intended to run using a Mac device. It can only run if a 3rd part program called CodeWeaver which works by Emulating a Windows Operating system so that World of Warships can run. As CodeWeaver is a 3rd party program we cannot troubleshoot it as it is made separately from our game and does not involve any of our resources and teams. The forum thread where we direct you gets you in contact with the developers of the CodeWeaver who can help you much more that we can. We appreciate players like you who want to share your ideas and suggestions with us. Having a community of passionate players is something that we highly value. We have compiled the feedback you have given us and submitted it to the Development Team for further consideration. In the meantime, you can keep your eyes peeled for any new developments: http://worldofwarships.com/en/news Thank you again for bringing this to us and we hope you will continue to love World of Warships. Have a good day." At least someone was honest about things though...
  13. I just wanted to say thank you

    Sigh I wish I could say the same about my experiences with Customer Support. Instead of prompt and professional handling of my ticket, I get redirected to some forgotten corner of the forums where the only company present are other Mac users... They tell me it is the prioper channel to speak with staff members concerning Mac related issues, yet it's been nearly eight months since anyone from Wargaming has said anything on that thread... Bloody double standards...
  14. keeps crashing on mac

    This thread here has some good fixes. Hopefully you have better luck with them than I do...
  15. Decided to give this a shot, seeing as how crashes are worse with Hood than they are with Colorado or Gneisenau, my other two tier VIIs. If anything, it seems the crashing is worse, though that's probably due to some extra bloat code WG has tacked on. Still, getting about a second of gameplay before a hard crash sure is fun! Seriously, someone shoot me for being dumb enough to give these morons at Wargaming money. The one ship I'm dumb enough to spend money on and it causes critical system crashes... I give up... Back to War Thunder until further notice...