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  1. CRGKevin

    HMS Tiger -Early 1st impressions

    I wonder if it would’ve been feasible to bore out or refit Tiger with 14” guns similar to what the Italians did to give ammunition commonality with the KGV. Though, the effort involved in that is probably excessive for the returns granted…
  2. CRGKevin

    HMS Tiger -Early 1st impressions

    Oh yeah, the turret traverse is great! Feels more like a cruiser compared to most battleships.
  3. CRGKevin

    Remove detonations already

    I just think it’d be neat if we had some sort of unique sinking animation to go with it. Have something where like a jet of flame erupts from the ship before an explosion rips the hull open. If we’re going to have a mechanic about magazine detonation, let’s go all in and show the ship get broken apart by it!
  4. CRGKevin

    World of Warships Collectors Club

    My port is currently at 74, with Tiger as my most recent addition. Not as many as some, but an alright collection I’d say.
  5. CRGKevin

    What is the cause of toxic behavior?

    Thanks, I’m definitely a battleship and cruiser main so the finer points of carrier gameplay/strategy is a bit of a mystery to me.
  6. CRGKevin

    What is the cause of toxic behavior?

    Huh, I always thought planes doing that were miss-clicks…
  7. CRGKevin

    HMS Tiger -Early 1st impressions

    Haven’t had it happen yet with Tiger, but I love those moments where things align just right, and you can push with a pack of cruisers in a battlecruiser and secure a flank or cap point!
  8. CRGKevin

    What is the cause of toxic behavior?

    Low tier battles are great! Ships are often kinda derpy and weird and it’s great. Especially those T2-3 cruisers that are like, pre dreadnought era ships, so many of them have these charmingly funky layouts. I’d love to have a game like this that focused on like, 1880s to 1910 as an era or something, so many delightfully weird ships from then! Middle tiers are probably the sweet spot imo, ships are fun but it’s also a bit less high pressure than top tier, as well as allowing some decent silver income.
  9. CRGKevin

    Iowa — American Tier IX battleship.

    Personally I quite like this ship. Sure her armor may not be the best of her tier, but she’s fast, the guns hit hard, and when angled right the armor still keeps out plenty. Honestly she feels a bit like Hood, which is also a ship that a lot of people seek to think is bad, but which I’ve always found to be an amazing ship. So, I’ve probably got non-standard preferences in battleships…
  10. CRGKevin

    BB Tech Tree Lines

    That’s the stock speed before upgrades. North Carolina gets another few knots of speed with upgrades, and flags/captain skills could boost it further.
  11. Personally I like the camo changes, except that some of the ones I’d prefer to sell can’t be sold off yet. (Though apparently that will happen eventually?) Nice be able to pick a ship’s appearance just on what’s aesthetically nice looking rather than trying for bonuses. (Or can just leave a ship in default paint when that looks nice) Signal flags not being in the exterior is a weird move though imo. Took a bit to realize they went to equipment instead. Still more or less manageable though.
  12. Subs are undoubtedly annoying, but, at least in my experience* they’ve been comparatively easier to make counter moves against compared to carriers. Especially in big ships with anti-submarine air strike capability, there’s a fair degree of options I have when facing them. Though, I can see it being very risky in a light cruiser or destroyer that has to drop depth charges directly over the sub. Still though, it feels less like you’re completely at the other player’s mercy against a sub vs against a carrier. *Most of my experience with subs have been from battleships or heavy cruisers. I like larger ships, which currently seem to have the strongest ASW capability, so my view might be a bit biased.
  13. Pensacola has a really fantastic punch with her 10 gun broadside at T6, but has a very vulnerable citadel and turret traverse rates that make some battleship turrets look fast, so there’s limitations as well.
  14. Early impressions have these ships feeling a lot like Hood does. Tiger especially so far has really channeled a similar feel. She also seems to have really nice turret traverse speeds, which is useful.
  15. CRGKevin

    HMS Tiger -Early 1st impressions

    My initial impressions are favorable, really like the punch these guns have. She’s a bit reminiscent of Hood, which is imo a great ship!