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  1. CRGKevin

    Constant Game crashes on MAC, and buggy screens.

    Not to mention that there’s fundamental problems with the current Mac port leading to constant crashes for pretty much every Mac player on the forum. It’s been going on over a year now with very little done by Wargaming to help. I highly recommend finding something else to run it on quickly...
  2. CRGKevin

    Feedback and Thoughts Directly to Pigeon_of_War

    If a fix for Mac players is ever implemented, will there be some sort of reparation for the year+ timeframe that we’ve had issues rendering World of Warships unplayable? I know that PC players got premium time when they had an FPS drop. Could we get the same kind of deal for our situation?
  3. Been over a year since my problems started. No indications of a genuine fix being anywhere close to being out. I’d like to point out here that in that time, War Thunder has continued to work smoothly at fairly good settings on Macs, even while new content such as helicopters and naval forces is added. That the ostensibly larger and wealthier Wargaming has failed so utterly at this should be considered a massive embarrassment to Wargaming. Unfortunately however War Thunder is not yet a suitable replacement because Gaijin made the inexplicable decision to make little PT boats with machine guns the main focus of that part of the game... TL/RD, still angry, still can’t play, Glory to Gaijin and down with Wargaming.
  4. CRGKevin

    Downvote brigading

    I disagree on removing the upvote/downvote system. For one, it’s an easy way to measure, aside from trolls like the OP has, how popular or unpopular an idea or post is. Secondly, say you like what someone said but don’t have a vote system. You’ll either have to post some sort of generic “Well said” comment, or not say anything at all. Either option is bad because you’ll either get excessively long threads or no feedback whatsoever. Thirdly, while it removes some anonyminity, I’m pretty sure angry trolls would still pull their usual crap. (Really, even if a profile is attached to an action it is still kinda anonymous, on the internet anyone can claim to be anyone...) I do agree however that it’s nice to have someone give a reason for their dissent however. (Especially on a thread like this where a downvote would just look like a troll...)
  5. CRGKevin

    Game crashes come back to disciplinary penalty

    Yes, because purchasing an entire new machine with a bloated, frustrating operating system for the sake of one game is definitely a reasonable course of action...
  6. CRGKevin

    32bit vs 64bit

    Damn, was hoping this meant the 64 bit version had dropped...
  7. CRGKevin

    How to fully uninstall World of Warships on Mac?

    Multiple solutions have already been posted, I’ve collected them below from the irrelevant discussions. With apologies to the above folks getting quoted on an old thread.
  8. CRGKevin

    Free 24 hour prem reward : PLEASE

    Heh, try it with a Mac where you play once to see if it works, and it gives you premium time, then you give up because it still is too unstable to play... “Here’s free premium time! Also a warning for unsportsmanlike conduct because you crashed...”
  9. CRGKevin

    WGC Mac version?

    If possible, could the OP give any feedback as to how the above suggestion worked out? I’m quite curious as to whether this helps with Mac functionality.
  10. However, if handled properly, ie, the exact opposite of what WG does, even the relatively small market of Mac users could be a potential cash cow. If we assume for a moment that the average Mac user is a westerner, and has a higher income that allows said westerner to buy a high end product like a Mac, then we can also assume that individual has more disposable income. With that accounted for, Mac users could very well be more likely and willing to pay for premium content than a PC user running a cheap, bare bones machine. As for Russian companies being able to produce Mac-compatible products, look at the likes of Gaijin Entertainment. From personal experience, their product War Thunder, (a direct rival to presently at least two of Wargaming’s other products) runs quite smoothly on my Mac, even while WoWS has suffered from big after bug rendering it unplayable. In addition, they’ve also managed to make it work on Linux and PS-4. So, in regards to the talent being around, it’s at least possible. (Creating balanced gameplay however, isn’t their strong suite... but they can put forth working products, so, they’re still better than WG...)
  11. Meanwhile Mac players haven’t had a client stable enough to play for nearly a year now... Somehow I doubt they’ll give a rat’s @$$ about compensating us however...
  12. So, haven’t posted in here in a long time. Haven’t played in a long time either, given the lack of fixes. Recently I found that my client still works for fighting bots in Co-Op mode, but remains non-functional for anything more interesting than that. Might try again with the minimal settings possible, including the heavily compressed sound. (Might as well mute it then, low quality sounds like garbage...) Looking through here, it appears there is at least supposed to be a fix.... eventually? In mid to late 2019... literally two years from when things really got unplayable... It really is sad how badly this performs on Macs, yet is still advertised as compatible. I can’t help but wonder how much money has been missed out on by Wargaming because they give us Mac players such poor service...
  13. About this Dark Side clan, are y'all still in the market for members? My present clan is so inactive that it might as well not exist, and like the other "No Anime" thread I find that stuff rather annoying. I'm not looking to be somewhere where I have to play every night or be booted, or any if those other intense clans, but I'd like someplace where I can join up on a division a few times a week, contribute to the port, and get the benefits of that port, and have clan mates with similar interests. My highest Tier ships are three Tier VII battleships, namely Hood, Gneisenau, and Colorado, a few fives and sixes at my disposal, and a handful of lower tier stuff. The majority of my ships are BBs, though I'm not the type to complain like so many of my battleship commanding peers. (Or at least, I try not to be...) Would you say that CTTDS fits that criteria? 


    With regards to Star Wars, I'm not as big on the new Disney stuff. Rogue One was good, but the new sequels I think have done a disservice to the OT characters. (Keeps feeling like when the going got tough again, the heroes of the Rebellion ran and hid...) I'm a big fan of the OT, and am a die hard fan of the old Expanded Universe. (Part of why I'm not impressed with Disney canon...) I will also fully disclose that I'm a bonafide Trekkie, but I don't see why 'Trek and 'Wars can't coexist, both are good. 


    So yeah, if you think this place would be a good fit, send me an application or whatever and I'll see about joining up. And since this is the Dark Side I'm looking to join, May the Force Serve You Well. 

  14. Since you are a developer, I am extremely curious as to what you would say in response to the thread linked below. 

    Also, as a concerned, frustrated iMac player, we haven't seen nary a peep of developer answers or responses on the official iMac support forum for months. You and your colleagues have been leaving us in the dark, and it is not exactly the best way to treat customers, paying or otherwise. 

    1. Sere_Pj


      Much Appreciated Kevin, I have 3 players in my clan with Mac, very difficult to maneuver around within the game due to tech issues.

      Thanks Again, I have sent the info on to the players affected.

      Bob // Sere_Pj

  15. Since you are an administrator, I am rather curious as to what you would say in response to the thread linked below. 

    Also, as a concerned, frustrated iMac player, we haven't seen nary a peep of developer answers or responses on the official iMac support forum for months. You and your colleagues have been leaving us in the dark, and it is not exactly the best way to treat customers, paying or otherwise.