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  1. Turn off dynamic lighting, it seems to have been broken by the latest update. I’ve also seen ships turn invisible when on fire because of this bug.
  2. CRGKevin

    Update 0.8.8: Fourth Anniversary!

    I know this has been mentioned already, but I'm also going to harp on the removal of Conqueror's 457s. You took what was originally an option of an existing ship, removed that option, but then gave it back as a premium to squeeze money from players. For one, it is an annoyingly blatant money grab of the "shaft the customer then offer to fix it with money" variety, and it also takes away some of the interesting variety and uniqueness to one of the ships. Not to mention that the description text of the Conqueror specifically mentions the 457s as a unique and notable aspect of the ship. If you people really must introduce yet more premium ships, fine, but do not do it by removing features of existing ships to create an artificial niche!
  3. CRGKevin

    Update 0.8.8: Fourth Anniversary!

    So to make the new gimmick premium more "unique" Conqueror has lost her 457s... Dynamic lighting broke again and renders ships invisible on a Mac. Sound design is nice. Still very displeased about Conqueror, and this sort of thing also discourages me from wanting to spend money to get something like Thunderer.
  4. CRGKevin

    Forum Game - Word Association

    Gathering resources in an RTS
  5. CRGKevin

    Caption the profile image above you.

  6. CRGKevin

    Caption the profile image above you.

    Bow tanking while friendly bombers fly overhead.
  7. CRGKevin

    Who likes tacos?

    You have lived a deprived life, amigo... Having lived in San Diego or Tucson all my life, tacos or ingredients to make them have been commonplace enough that they’re a staple food for me.
  8. CRGKevin

    Forum Game - Word Association

    Nuclear bombs
  9. CRGKevin

    Waiter, there's a ___ in my soup!

    Waiter: “Sorry, we ran out of yellow-eyed ones and the chef had to improvise.” Waiter, there’s a mountain goat in my soup.
  10. CRGKevin

    What do you listen to in-game?

    The actual naval forces mode in War Thunder has been a massive disappointment, (love their air and ground modes though!) but Gaijin sure knows how to put together a good sound track!
  11. CRGKevin

    Caption the profile image above you.

    Why did I not get the order to kill him before I returned his lightsaber?
  12. CRGKevin

    Forum Game - Word Association

    Mexican glass bottle coke
  13. CRGKevin

    Caption the profile image above you.

    A Rebel Mon Cal cruiser in battle over a planet.
  14. It’s really nice on Hood. I can keep my guns on target even with my rudder hard over, so I can keep fighting even while constantly maneuvering! Which is good when I find I need to run away back to the rest of the team to replenish my HP...
  15. As the proud owner of the Hood, I highly recommend her. Especially with her recent buffs, she’s very hard hitting against battleships and cruisers. (More so against battleships now since she gets a slightly longer AP fuse) Speed is Hood’s greatest asset, you’ve got the speed to keep up with cruisers, allowing you lots of freedom of movement, especially when you need to get out of Dodge fast if things start to go badly. Hood’s repair rate is also useful, so you can pull away from s difficult situation, repair your HP reserve, and get back in the fight ready for more. (Just note, her armor is a bit weak. She’s not a glass cannon by any means, but things can go from good to bad very quickly. That’s when it becomes time to kite away using your superior speed.) Overall, I’ve found Hood to be a superb ship, and is my favorite Tier VII battleship. (Need KGV though, and Gneisenau is a close second) Oh, and her defensive AA ability can be fun against carriers at times! I’ve had matches where I’ve brought down almost as many planes as the CV did! Which is especially fun if the CV skipper doesn’t realize what’s happening until a whole squadron disappears, and they try to focus you just as the ability recharged and activated again... Anyways, Hood is definitely worth getting.