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  1. VonHeidler

    Positive things only please!!

    Positive - it's not WoTc update 6 .... not a huge fan of the updates affect on gameplay and my cruisers in particular , but I atleast give it a mixed bag review , atleast moving captains around has improved significantly which from playing WoT on xbox I do take notice of , wotc went from fast and simple to a horrid mess t, among all of the other issues. http://forum-console.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/250257-update/ yep ... aint as bad update 6 ... be glad I liken trying to find positives in that as picking out undigested corn from poo in an outhouses septic tank
  2. VonHeidler

    What the experts think about Deadeye

    hardly an expert , but I'm trying it on the Bayern , seems to be a boost to her poor accuracy so far and is nearly a 4 mile window and even better using spotting plane , and if it stacks with concealment expert will be even nicer , still took the secondary range for the 3 point skill ( captains 13 points currently) ... aint trying to make her a sniper but do like hitting things when at range
  3. VonHeidler

    Santa Crates

    Pretty Happy with what I got for what I spent , 1 Makarov from the 3 crates from the Amazon Prime promo , and before that a Mutsu from a crate , probably from a santa crate from my "Welcome back " op but may have been a try your luck crate as I got a supercontainer somewhere in the several mixed crates I opened at once .... either way two T6 premiums and and 10 point captains is good for being free. premium time and 1k doubloons aswell Better then the $20-30 I spent a few years back , honestly was kinda hoping for an Emden and more importantly a 10 pointer then as a Jumpstart had Texas prior to returning and Warpspite after first run in Co-op pretty sure its not on the droplist but doesnt hurt to ask if Yubari T4 is a possible drop ? might be worth the $5 if it is to remove it before I open more
  4. VonHeidler

    thinking of grabbing a premium destroyer

    Sent Pan Asia Santa ( cultural appropriation of us westerners there btw ) after the Shenyang , and pretty sure I can pull of the event campaign for the Anshan , I recall t4s used to be able to run ops , sadly not the case anymore as Shenyang sounds like the better boat, especially for torping Skill update looks to be a mixed bag ,but as we can spec a captain for several ship types I started grinding the Jap DD line for Mutsuki to base the Captain from Mutsu in. Should count yourselves lucky its not like WoTc update 6 , not even close to that bag of crap .... The coupons actually good till June it looks like so no rush , and I'll have 5-7 santa crates when I finish the welcome back op , should finish tonight as only need to grind 500k credits , so might get something that will change things as for type of DD would prefer a support/counter DD ship at this point ,but I'll see how the Mutsuki treats me in pvp
  5. VonHeidler

    thinking of grabbing a premium destroyer

    I wouldn't be buying a DD for AA , rather then taking into consideration of the 10/11 point captains I have , which are 1 Brit , 1 Jap , 1 German , 2 US and 2 Russian , 1 each of the US and Russian crews isn't specced as I've been using my Bogatyr's crew in the Makarov I got from the amazon prime promos crates , same with the US crew from the offer problem with the Haida is she is Commonwealth and unfortunately cant use a UK crew , a good Brit DD would be fine as while I have not fully spent the Warspite crews 10 points I am under the impression a secondary build is recommended which currently translates to a gun build for a DD with under 140mm guns , works with some cruisers to Cruisers as I use the Bayerns crew in Emden aswell. And the Bogatyr having a crew tailored to its 130mm guns but with the looming commander rework this whole strategy may need revisiting
  6. or two , Got 5095 doubloons and 30k coal and 25% off coupons ending soon in armory Thoughts are Sims, as I have no T7s , its cheap for a t7 and A secondary/AA build already in use should work , I see the ops for doubloons with coming update are for T7+ and I'd rather not be stuck playing my former T6 Cleveland exclusively to grind it , being fast and Maneuverable should do well in co-op but as a "mehbote" might not go great for pvp Anshan , cause its cheap in coal , use 6pointer from campaign and get a Shenyang to share it with , the 100% free xp bonus also has appeal T-61 same price as Sims roughly , better for its tier but I have alot of T6s at present , would use Bayerns Captain for gun and eventually concealment build , My only German Destroyer is the T2 and is my only TT destroyer , only other is a Smith this is however with present Captain skills system in mind , do need a Destroyer for ops and my thoughts of Shinome/Mutsuki would take alot of games in the Cleveland to unlock , and probably not a great synergy with the Mutsu I got from a reward crate
  7. VonHeidler

    Invite code? Aint played in two years

    mainly logging in to secure the Warspite , and commanders , got the base Diana ... meh Had the Texas and Diana from an invite code I pulled off the forum when I started previously wanting to insure I get whats current prior to it changing . Console peasant , longterm World of Tanks player on Xbox (and of the 91.5% enraged with Update 6) so I dont game on PC alot though upset a few friends by my policy of only playing WoWs on pc , as I dont feel like regrinding ships ,captains and besides console aint got T2s ... edc's a Mauser C96 , and I'm the only guy I know that shoots pinfire , got a thing for old militaria
  8. Figured I should sign in before the holiday stuff ends , havent signed in for awhile so should be eligible for the Warspite and Diana as I had ground to t6 , Bayern and Cleveland so should actually have a T8 tho not a great one I hear. . Any ways info on any other codes I could use would also be appreciated