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  1. Ivan_Namirettov_

    I'm looking for a clan!

    Check out our community! We have a very active group full of experienced players.
  2. Ivan_Namirettov_

    Show me the offers

    If you want an excellent competitive group to play with I recommend checking our community out. We have a very experienced and professional group of players in our clans, and play all the competitive modes. Both our clans are very active (We're usually able to run 3-4 Clan Battle groups at once.) Follow the link to our Discord and see what you're missing!
  3. Ivan_Namirettov_

    Looking for a New home

    Here's the link to RBMK - Mistakes. Were. Made. Our clans are some of the most active and experienced you'll find. We have a Hurricane League competitive group and a semi-competitive second clan. Follow the link to our Discord and check us out!