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  1. Ivan_Namirettov_

    Upcoming Ships - Slava, Ludendorff, German CVs

    Imagine a Clan Battle season where the CAs stay in groups of 2 or 3 while a Slava in the back picks them off one by one. Assisted of course by the CV who spots and finishes them off.
  2. Ivan_Namirettov_

    Stand up and be Counted! (Info for US only)

    They already know I exist. I helped fund some IRS vacations after I paid taxes on all my overtime earnings... 😭
  3. Ivan_Namirettov_

    Doesn't the water look totally awesome in this patch??

    It looks like a rug I would find at my Grandmother's house...
  4. Ivan_Namirettov_

    What’s Your Undeniable Truth in World of Warships?

    This. Every. God. Damn. Time. The last blind fired shell is the one that will kill you.
  5. Ivan_Namirettov_

    I’m calling WG out...

    @LastSamurai714 Are you saying you are trying to load a queue with no CVs? Actually not playing a game, because you're trying to dodge CVs? You realize that the Kidd has some of the best AA at its tier and you don't need to worry about planes bothering right? And if the CV does focus you he will run out of planes right? CVs are a part of the game and if you don't know your own ship you should educate yourself on it.
  6. Ivan_Namirettov_

    Any News on the alternate CV lines?

    Wait, more CVs?
  7. Ivan_Namirettov_

    French captain skills?

    @barbaroja_Ar There is allot of different ways to build for the Kleber. However, you have to remember it's not a Khabob, it is an ambusher and master assassin. The best build I've used is @Notser's for Kleber. The other popular option uses IFHE with no concealment. I highly recommend watching Notser's YT videos where he posts his build for it. The other YouTuber who is the best in the game for DDs is @Destroyer_KuroshioKai. Watch both of their videos on Kleber and you can make a very well informed decision about build and playstyle. Hope this helps!
  8. Ivan_Namirettov_

    Halloween Twilight Mission

    Just free xp to the Crocosaur. That ship can let you solo Rasputin. Take 2 clanmates with you and just crush everyone. 3k filth easy every time. Otherwise just enjoy it or dont play man.
  9. I want them to go there too. It's not on the schedule though... 😭
  10. Ivan_Namirettov_

    Reporting System is getting immensly abused!

    REPORTED... jk 😬
  11. Ivan_Namirettov_

    Need help with my Gearing play

    @AvengerBak I would recommend watching Destroyer KuroshiroKai's videos on YouTube. He is the best youtuber on DDs. Watching them has greatly improved my DD and team play. Here is a link hope the helps:
  12. Ivan_Namirettov_

    Smolensk- well worth the coal

    I LOVE IT!!! Very comfortable all around. Very vulnerable but extremely dangerous to the enemy. Had a great time divisioned with a BB and a DD to spot
  13. Ivan_Namirettov_

    Supercontainer Variations

    I have interesting RNG with super containers. I'll usually go 3-4 months without getting one. Suddenly, they start popping up and twice I've gotten two in a row. I'll get three or four in one week and then another couple months drought. Can't really complain about rewards, but I've never had one with a premium ship.
  14. Ivan_Namirettov_

    What are your keys to success in USS Alaska?

    Another question I have is about it's HE. Seems to lack the punch most heavy or medium cruisers have against BBs. Should I use the AP on anything but bow-on BBs or just see what i can get for fires?
  15. Ivan_Namirettov_

    Music to IJN DD to:

    Honestly all you need is a Sabaton playlist. Their song Shiroyama is about the Samuri.