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  1. Ivan_Namirettov

    "Mortis Mari" Wants More Minions of Death

    It's finally cooling off bump
  2. Ivan_Namirettov

    "Mortis Mari" Wants More Minions of Death

    Knocking on heaven's door bumb
  3. Ivan_Namirettov

    Reporting System is getting immensly abused!

    REPORTED... jk 😬
  4. Ivan_Namirettov

    Any non Kots clans Looking for CB scrim Partners?

    Hey @eviltane my clan, [-MM-] Mortis Mari, is always looking for some scrims. Here is our Discord link: https://discord.gg/tPJ2hg Hop on in and we can chat.
  5. Ivan_Namirettov

    Need help with my Gearing play

    @AvengerBak I would recommend watching Destroyer KuroshiroKai's videos on YouTube. He is the best youtuber on DDs. Watching them has greatly improved my DD and team play. Here is a link hope the helps: