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  1. Huascar_Pride

    WG is drunk

    Kansas can NOT pen a thing beyond 17 kms at ANY ANGLE with AP, what is the point for 21 kms range, AND 23 with spotter AND 25 with range mod i have to keep using "strange maneuvers".
  2. Huascar_Pride

    Submarine Recommendations

    in that case, increase cooldown time for sonar and torps
  3. Huascar_Pride

    Again.. why no skill based MM?

    no big deal, i will keep quitting battles if my team loses 5 ships in 4 minutes and the rest is hugging islands simple move 3 times F10 in ALL chat in the map mark myself and a further position that means i will leave the battle dont caring about karma or pink, orange, red, black, etc... bye
  4. Huascar_Pride

    My New Meta

    yeah, when my team is 3 ships down in 2 minutes from start, simply sail away to a corner, but in the all chat Me: "This is over, going port, bye" if the team is terrible or pathetic @F , Me: "CV X#, DD X#, DD X#" <- this makes things faster bye
  5. Huascar_Pride

    Why do people announce they are quitting?

    when a team is losing 4 ships on first 3 minutes, EASY, //in all Chat leaving port BYEEEE DD x# DD x# CV X# (of course, ratting ally ships, ITS MANDATORY, imho) //close chat its so simple to deal with pathetic teams
  6. Huascar_Pride

    Convoy Mode - Fun, but too easy for attacking team

    easy for attackers, this mode needs: 2 options of sail for npc ships, only 1 is a big advantage for attackers reduce concealment of cargo ships
  7. Huascar_Pride

    Armory forever Processing purchase

    Same here, 3 coals and soviet cv box, notifications were shown. Processing x 4 EDIT: after relaunching game, the Processing signal, disappeared.
  8. Huascar_Pride

    CVs are Overnerfed

    nicely said !! @HEYO19191 u got schooled edit: i think this guy is doing this on purpose, trying to discredit CVs, when new soviet ones are coming fast !!!
  9. Huascar_Pride

    Why do you spend real money on premiums ships?

    Because an advantage is NEEDED when they cant do it with a tree tech ship.
  10. i would give ZERO if i could, so 1 is my choice 10 are CCs and testers
  11. Huascar_Pride

    Napoli is mediocre, save your money.

    the same was said with petro, now is damn op with few capts owning it, dont be selfish let the opness be tasted by everyone else
  12. Huascar_Pride

    Too many clueless players

    i had the 2 worst team ever, sad i am chat banned, i was ready to rat them out, calling out their positions, this ends later
  13. Huascar_Pride

    New Collab Announced

    Nice camo for my thicc and slow Kansas
  14. Huascar_Pride

    Computer crash

    you got it hard, i leave when team is down by 4 ships, "going to port, bye"