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  1. but literally its still in the same area, they dont give out yamato guns, but they give a lot of ships guns that are super similar to the yamatos. its litterally 75mm gun VS 76mm gun. overmatch doesnt even seem to do much from what ive seen when i still bounce off DDS with the yamato Edit: i rarely ever see overmatch do anything in this game, rarely ever overmatch Bowes or anything on any ships. the only area i usely see getting overmatched often is citadels. other than that i dont really see how 3mms can make that huge of a difference when overmatching in general rarely happens from what ive seen. on tanks overmatching was a extremely useful thing you could do, but on here i just dont see it at all. (3 caliber rule): 90mm AP/APCR can overmatch all 30mm and lower armor, but will bounce on 31mm+ armor.
  2. but they keep giving yamato esc guns... Vermont, Kremlin, preussen, Ohio, Thunderer, Georgia, all have 457mm guns, which is 3mms off from 460mms (yamato guns)
  3. literally is just the tier 9 British battleship Lion but with the armor belt fused with the citadel. they are different, but overall extremely similar. also, the Lion is a King George V class ship. actually just noticed the Lion, Monarch and King George have super similar armor, King George V and Monarch's armor are almost identicaland the Lion's armor standardizes the belt/cit armor to 381mms. but apparently the armor belt King George class ships have was fused into the citadel of the Marlborough. vanguard's armor is like the King George V class ships, but its a thinner ( 356mm belt on vanguard VS 381/356mm belts on King George V class ships). so the Marlborough is a Lion of the King George Class, but wanted more citadel room?
  4. Mika_The_Vampire

    Russian CV Squadrons OP

    what about US and british Bias? Georgia, Thunderer, Incomparable, FDR, Belfast (it has 5 equipment slots at tier 7) New super CVs.
  5. Mika_The_Vampire

    Russian CV Squadrons OP

    their planes are also glass. the new super CVs will make the russians look like nothing imo. jet planes that drop everything at once and go over 260-340 knots their regular plane numbers are on par with FDR too from what i saw in the video demos of them. https://www.wows-gamer-blog.com/2022/01/0111-closed-test-new-ships.html 9 rockets and 12 bombers, where the FDR is at 14 of each. Edit: apparently it has midway's loadout except with 3 jet types and no regular torp planes (so 5 plane types in total)
  6. this guy would make a perfect voice for when your playing. especially if you have and play the Thunderer: "I, am a Thunder God and i hurl Thunderbolts!" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ISzAPpUzLuA idk how you do youtube vids on the forum anymore, but its Thor from Starcraft II and i mean a soundpack like what someone did for Duke Nukem (they made a soundpack of Duke Nukem for WoWs) his quotes from the game:
  7. Mika_The_Vampire

    i need a bit of advice with the Zieten.

    i do expect to get lit on fire, i was planning to get emergency repair expert next, its just imo secondaries are more important and you can overall stop or block fires somewhat without speccing into a anti fire build (unless you run into a smolensk or a Thunder or something, but even then a smolensk will probably still easily burn you down if you were already going to be burnt down without the skills) here are my rules for putting out fires: 1. damage control party when you have 2+ fires or when you have low HP with 1+ fires. 2. use Repair Party to block 1 fire and then use Damage control if you get 2+ fires. usely getting citadeled seems more of a issue with this ship due to the gun placement and overall armor on the tier 8. especially with the rudder it has, i had Damage Control System mod 2 on, but that rudder wile i was stock was soooo bad that i kept over turning and getting citadeled, so i swapped it for the steering gears mod. edit: also you would probably hate my japanese and kurfurst builds....
  8. i cannot seem to be able to hit ships that well with it's guns, they either bounce, overpen or straddle the ships. i tried aiming at the water line, aiming mid ship and aiming at the deck (and adjusting for range/speed ofc) is there something i am missing? i have it fully upgraded. here is my current setup: atm most of my damage is from secondaries because i cant seem to hit ships unless they are right next to me. i really like the Kurfurst and other german battleships/bbattlecruisers, but this tier 8 is extremely hard for me to do well in unless i let me secondaries do the damage.
  9. both the Izumo and friedrich der große are great ships.
  10. https://replayswows.com/replay/146492#stats
  11. Mika_The_Vampire

    liking the Yoshino, but cant seem to win in it.

    but isnt that just a cruiser thing in general?
  12. its a great ship! i am glad i got it!
  13. Mika_The_Vampire

    Black Friday drop rates from the Asia server

    i have a feeling that it will probably only be crates. that just seems like a thing to do on the NA server.
  14. Mika_The_Vampire

    Black Friday drop rates from the Asia server

    asia server can outright buy black edition ships in the armory....
  15. Mika_The_Vampire

    i thought id try a match of ranked...

    we won, i guess i should learn what my team did. it was pretty weird seeing my team turn into a ball on the minimap though. i thought 90k would be decent until i saw i was last on the team