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  1. JackBinary

    Caption the profile image above you.

    You will leave this room in 5 seconds, by your own feet or in a body bag.
  2. JackBinary

    Caption the profile image above you.

    Hopefully this is an admiral who will not let me down... unlikely as it is.
  3. I'm glad others share my frustration. They're rare, and even within them, the good rewards are rare. We're talking minute percentages of minute percentages of a chance to get anything decent out of them.
  4. I'd actually forgotten that was possible. Never got one.
  5. You may as well just call them "more signals" at this point, it's becoming ridiculous. I miss when I was tired of finding free XP, credits, premium time as opposed to ships. I'd be overjoyed nowadays to get one of those, as opposed to 25 of whatever flag...
  6. JackBinary

    Fires And How To Fix Them Possibly...

    Battleships can become immune to DOT as soon as they can't citadel cruisers, and cruisers can become immune to BB citadels as soon as they lose radar. As a DD player, as much as I hate radar, and think that it needs some changes (mostly LOS checks), I understand its reason to exist. What I don't understand is how much BBs whine about fires, flooding, and torpedoes, when all three are extremely easy to mitigate, compared to cruisers taking citadels (often through the nose/deck), and destroyers being focused down by radar (often without any warning that a radar ship is in range to radar them)
  7. JackBinary

    Terrifying Players and Clan Tags

    I'm still wary every time I see an MIA member on my team, I've been TK'd a fair few times by salty MIA members.
  8. JackBinary

    Premium DD Yuudachi

    While we're talking about our IJN premium DDs, I'd love to add: Hibiki/Верный (Verniy) & Harutsuki/Внезапный (Vnezapny), though these two would more likely be soviet premiums. Japanese destroyers given to the soviet union post war as reparations, essentially Akatsuki / Akizuki hulls with Russian armaments. Would make for interesting boats. Both ships would likely take torpedoes and turrets from the ognevoi class destroyer and sit at tier 8. Верный armament: 3x twin 130mm turrets, 3x twin 533mm torpedo launchers, 7 25mm AA guns, 6 12.7mm AA guns. Внезапный armament: 4x twin 102mm turrets, 15 25mm AA guns, 1x quad 533mm torpedo launcher.
  9. JackBinary

    Kitakaze, Haregumu.. theory craft and preplanning

    I agree, torps shouldn't have lower DPM going up tiers, and the entire reason kitakaze was designed was to improve the glaring flaw the IJN saw with akizuki. Her low top speed.
  10. Hey, found a game breaking problam from this pack idk about one above, y6ew7N8.png there is no kagerou skin in it but ibuki and its breaking the game somehow.....the game crashes on loading screen (just in case). So thought maybe its a good idea to report this tho doubt it will be repaired.

    1. JackBinary


      Well, the pack is nearly 20 patches out of date, lol.
      I'll give it a fix soon~

  11. That moment when you write out a LARGE amount of text only to have your laptop crash on you.


    I had done the math on a potential akizuki derivative, which involved calculating for the reload speed required on the IJN 127mm/50 Type 3 gun in order to be competitive with the other gunboats of the tier.


    I had averaged the healths of T8 and T10, in order to find a ratio of health between the akizuki and her peers, which would then be carried to T10.


    I had also researched her designed speed &, potential torpedo armament.


    about 2 hours of writing down the hole, teaches me to save more I guess.

  12. Honestly, if you think torp ships are so good, You versus me.

    Play your isokaze. I'll go re-buy the kaiser if you take me up on this challenge.


    The challenge is in the open. My cards are on the table.

  13. There should never be such a time when I regret giving money to a company.

    This is such a time.