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  1. Terrifying Players and Clan Tags

    I'm still wary every time I see an MIA member on my team, I've been TK'd a fair few times by salty MIA members.
  2. Premium DD Yuudachi

    While we're talking about our IJN premium DDs, I'd love to add: Hibiki/Верный (Verniy) & Harutsuki/Внезапный (Vnezapny), though these two would more likely be soviet premiums. Japanese destroyers given to the soviet union post war as reparations, essentially Akatsuki / Akizuki hulls with Russian armaments. Would make for interesting boats. Both ships would likely take torpedoes and turrets from the ognevoi class destroyer and sit at tier 8. Верный armament: 3x twin 130mm turrets, 3x twin 533mm torpedo launchers, 7 25mm AA guns, 6 12.7mm AA guns. Внезапный armament: 4x twin 102mm turrets, 15 25mm AA guns, 1x quad 533mm torpedo launcher.
  3. I agree, torps shouldn't have lower DPM going up tiers, and the entire reason kitakaze was designed was to improve the glaring flaw the IJN saw with akizuki. Her low top speed.
  4. Where have all the DDs gone???

    I'm a DD main, completely trash in battleships. I'm playing battleships right now because DDs are unplayable above T5.
  5. uPDATE 0.7.5 memes

  6. There's a reason I've only played HIV once I reached rank 10. Destroyers get shafted at tier 10 ranked. You could get away with a destroyer at tier 8. I'm great at farming damage in my akizuki, but at tier 10, the only ship that really stands much of a chance at saving a star is Z-52 with her good torpedo DPM
  7. Caption the profile image above you.

    Oh! Hello There!
  8. To be clear, I'm not asking for buffs or calling for nerfs, I'm just tired of seeing the point brought up over and over again, I just wanted to say that "it could be so much worse"
  9. I've seen so many people crying about how destroyers have reloads in the game on the forums today, I decided to make an educational post about it. What's wrong with that?
  10. Yes, historically, ships only carried as many torpedoes as they had tubes. However: Historically, torpedoes were only visible withing the "you're already doomed" range, and all ships could single fire their torpedoes. Also, many IJN Destroyers carried reloads on ship, allowing them to carry double the torpedoes compared to their launchers. The torpedoes are nerfed from their historical strong points, and in return destroyers were granted reloads. Stop complaining, Battleship mains.
  11. Hey, found a game breaking problam from this pack idk about one above, y6ew7N8.png there is no kagerou skin in it but ibuki and its breaking the game somehow.....the game crashes on loading screen (just in case). So thought maybe its a good idea to report this tho doubt it will be repaired.

    1. JackBinary


      Well, the pack is nearly 20 patches out of date, lol.
      I'll give it a fix soon~

  12. guns as a module that can be mounted on any other ship of the same type and tier. Gadjah guns on akatsuki please.
  13. We are NOT starting this argument back up again. Dear God you're being a child. Bless your heart.
  14. fire SHOULD be easier to achieve than a citadel. One instantly takes off anywhere from 1/5 to 2/3 of your health, while the other can be mitigated with multiple consumables.
  15. I don't know what planet you've been on. Bless your heart. This game has been nicknamed world of battleships for at LEAST the past year and a half.