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  1. rj195605

    Coop only players, what's your reasoning?

    Very true. I enjoy coop. Only issue is the bots inability to hit a barn from the inside. Would like to see WG make them a bit better with main guns. If I tried to play random now things would end badly (for me). My ships/captains are setup for coop. As an example, except for DDs, very few ships have concealment expert. I also picked up some game play habits that probably wouldn’t work in random. Sitting in a smoke screen with a DD farming ribbons for example. I don’t think I have ever seen a bot fire torps into a smokescreen (on purpose at least, they were shooting at someone else).
  2. rj195605

    Update 0.10.11: New Year

    You should get the rewards. It worked that way in the past. And if I remember correctly, you get them right away. On another note WG said "Bots will fire on targets more accurately." They might be talking phasers. In any case, should make Coop a bit more challenging, a welcome change. EDIT: I read the section again and wonder what they are talking about. I guess we will find out Wednesday.
  3. rj195605

    naval battle

    I suspect WG is trying to get more people to play random battles and make it a challenge. Their game plan is to add a certain amount of frustration. People with money will bypass the grind by paying there way to that shiny new ship, commander or camo. I do agree that it would be nice to see a 400 or 500 level. Maybe next patch.
  4. rj195605

    naval battle

    Getting 800 in coop is tough, but not impossible. I had a 830 today in my Yamato. An over 800 score happens every 100+ games for me. You need the right team mix (always nice to have 4 or more bots on your side). It helps to have the random number generator on your side too. I played 10 naval battles (200 level) and received 10 stars for the first time ever today. Waiting to see how the clan (leader) reacts. If there are any 200 level spots open late Sunday I will scoop them up. I really do not want to play random games at this point. +
  5. rj195605

    Has the bot accuracy dropped off again?

    Same here, bots are having trouble hitting the barn from the inside. (several hundred games played in the last few weeks)
  6. rj195605

    Jingles out as CC

    I think Jingles did an Armchair Admiral video not that long ago. He also does WOW videos on his channel weekly. I would consider that being active.
  7. rj195605

    Summer Sale!

    4° C is pretty cold unless you live in North Dakota were this February we saw minus 31° C (-24° F). My ships have trouble moving when it gets that cold (ICE). WG needs to fix that.
  8. rj195605

    Summer Sale!

    Me thinks this is only a "summer" sale for folks in the Northern Hemisphere. Folks in Buenos Aires are probably under 50 meters of snow!
  9. rj195605

    i like to report this bot

    I agree, not seeing anyone using bots in Coop. Sometimes people ask how they can tell which ships are bots. Every now and again I see people trying to talk with bots too.... "provide air cover or support" This begs the question, when will we get bots that talk back?
  10. rj195605

    Battle of the Beasts

    You forgot to mention the hours of videos they want us to watch. I agree, way too many events. I also agree with the others that posted about the time restrictions. Why? WG seems to have added people in the marketing department at the expense of programmers..... Always a bad sign when they start marketing the sizzle and not the steak....
  11. Here is my two cents on the subject...
  12. “The dark side clouds everything. Impossible to see the light, the future is.” – Yoda Your guess is as good as anybody else.
  13. rj195605

    Your gaming rig?

    The 1030 is a decent card for WOW. If I remember correctly, I was getting 60 fps at medium settings with a 1080p monitor. Just a reminder, make sure you get the card with GDDR5 memory. https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/graphics-cards/gt-1030/specifications/
  14. rj195605

    Your gaming rig?

    Yes it is capped at 75 fps. Rumor has it there is a setting in a file where you can change that....and then your computer goes boom!!
  15. I agree about playing for fun. Most days I play ships in all tiers (5-10). The main reason I am not going for tokens or getting Italian BBs is that it is not fun anymore. Just trying to get the 6 BB captains to 21 points would take years...