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  1. I spent my vast account of Florins tonight. Flags flags and more flags, as there was sod-all else to buy. Ironium? Probably Premium and flags.
  2. iDuckman

    Florins expire tomorrow 4/23

    Yes, you can. But the prices in Credits are outrageous.
  3. iDuckman

    Main gun data needed -- Please help

    Yorck is request on a separate line (got him?). The notation you're looking at means KM cruisers with 203mm. BTW, I'd feel better with another sample, especially Hindenberg.
  4. iDuckman

    Main gun data needed -- Please help

    Thanks. I backfilled a couple of low tier ships so far today, but no significant data yet. With those bogus KM 203 values in the database, I'm going to look at T-22 again.
  5. iDuckman

    AdmiralThunder's Co-op Carnage 2 (Contest)

    Ah! Good point. Never mind.
  6. iDuckman

    Thoughts on Georgia in Co-op?

    Yes. I too initially dismissed the design. But with the faster reload and the real actual nearly life-like performing secondaries, Georgia looks quite attractive. I too would like to see it for FXP or Coal. Or as part of an alternate USN BB line.
  7. iDuckman

    AdmiralThunder's Co-op Carnage 2 (Contest)

    A thought. In addition to actual damage done, a kill adds 15% of the target's HP as bonus or "virtual" damage. Therefore, a player with equal final damage but fewer kills did more *actual* damage in the battle. (The same applies to other types of bonus damage, but those are nearly impossible to identify.) As pointed out below, a kill give bonus XP, not damage. So forget I said anything. [Still waiting to wake up today.]
  8. Database spreadsheet updated. Lots! of new data points.
  9. iDuckman

    Main gun data needed -- Please help

    Ah, okay. I'd prefer a direct read but for non-torp ships this should work as well. Thanks. BTW, Dianeces confirmed Scharnhorst at 60.
  10. iDuckman

    Main gun data needed -- Please help

    I think you've just made a great catch! It's in the database, but looking now I don't believe the values. I can't say why it's not in the table. I'll fix it!
  11. iDuckman

    Main gun data needed -- Please help

    Fortunately we don't have to dead with that. The Ammunition Resupply breakdown (hover the mouse) lists shells (combined types) and torpedoes separately. It would be a real pain if they were combined!
  12. iDuckman

    Main gun data needed -- Please help

    The 420mm? Graf Spee has earlier rifles of similar caliber (/52 instead of /54.5) at 60, so it's likely, but I'll await confirmation. Good progress tonight!
  13. iDuckman

    Main gun data needed -- Please help

    I have e.g. Maass, but costs have been known to change by tier. I'd like a high tier 128mm KM DD to confirm. TIA for what you can provide. MN - Marine Nationale - France RM - Regia Marina - Italy VMF - something something - Russia RAN/RCN - Royal Australian/Canadian Navy
  14. iDuckman

    Main gun data needed -- Please help

    Yeah, sorry, Roma 381. I'll integrate your data later tonight. Thanks!