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  1. Football's back Boi's!

    They used to be good rivals. It's sad.
  2. Heat!!

    I spent many summers in Dallas without A/C. Here are some techniques: Move some trees over your house for the shade Open the windows when it cools at night Close the windows when it warms at day, about 10am or so Take your clothes off - at least enough so that sweating is effective Run a fan in your living area so that sweating is effective [older houses here all have attic fans to turn over the indoors air; this is wonderful when windows are open] When windows are open use window fans to turn over the indoors air Get used to it. Yankees find it hard to believe, but you do. A swamp cooler does work unless the humidity is very high. If Home Depot doesn't stock one, they should be able to order it. Or try Amazon.
  3. One thing a DD can do is get in quick, torp the CV at dock to prevent sky cancer, and kill all the shore installations so the bigger ships can concentrate on something else. After that, a good DD player can tear up the relief ships.
  4. Wrong wrong wrong. A BB and a cruiser must go N to kill the objective Kollberg and Kaiser. When that is the evac point, they are already there. On a W evac, they do the same but hope to die afterwards if necessary. (It is possible for a USN BB to get up there then back to a W evac, but not particularly useful as there are more BBs to kill up N.) A second BB might target the CVs but it is the cruisers' job to kill ships outside the harbor. (CV should enter the harbor, btw, not just hang at the entrance.) In general, though, most of your problems came from being too slow to kill everything, then exit the harbor. On a good run we are out of the harbor before the first CV even spawns. Also, a team that is dedicated to going in the southern entrance is a team that is likely to lose one, maybe two ships, or at least take heavy damage. Use the middle entrance. Always.
  5. Now now. No need to go off. They are using imprecise terminology. That's not a crime. You know what they mean. Now, as for BXP, here are the factors that I have heard about: target type Tier differential kill shot? battle mode ?? anything else @Falcor93, looking at the BXP numbers, they don't seem low, but that's just a feeling.
  6. Best BBq joint you've ever eaten at?

    That is way up there. Calgary and Banff are as far N as I've gone in the W provinces.
  7. Guys, as best I can tell @Counter_Gambit et al. are correct. Once the Base XP (BXP) is established, the FXP and applied XP fall out from formulas. (You agree, right?) The unknown factor here is how BXP is derived. Is the BXP from your battle low? Perhaps it is. But without knowing how it is determined, there is no way to demonstrate it.
  8. Eagle redemption?

    Human rationalization. It's a cat jail to a cat. My big Hoover would not tolerate a room he couldn't go into and inspect regularly. Made our guests in the guest room uncomfortable on occasion. Also, he sometimes wanted to inspect the table settings during a dinner party. He was quite nimble and quick, and always obeyed, "Get off the table!", yet his point was made. "This is my territory." I sure do miss him. Eighteen pounds of mush.
  9. Flamu drunk: Worth a look

    @ASR37 is that SvZ doing his Steve Carrell impression? Or vice versa? Good avatar.
  10. I would say Alaska. It's the one I'd prefer all things equal. However, anticipating that Alaska will be gang-banged whenever she appears, perhaps Jean Bart is the wiser choice.
  11. Flamu drunk: Worth a look

    Flamu needs someone's permission? Scrutinize your assumptions, please. Pretend your parents (or professors) said it's okay.
  12. Forum Funnies

    Needed a Carrier. Oh, let me guess. They went in the southern entrance.
  13. Grog?

    Well, as I understand it, rum contains lots of vitamins and minerals. Yeah, that's the ticket.
  14. Eagle redemption?

    Cat just came running in from the other room, needing assurance.