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  1. Most likely he answered literally. Development projects like WoWS are planned a long way out -- at least a year, maybe two. His answer means that Tier X+ is not in the plan. Nothing more complicated than that.
  2. Wait, are you sure you're a dawg? That's actually a pretty darn good idea.
  3. Diseases usually get the older cats (feline distemper kills all ages and is horrible). Domestic cats are *fed*. The have little need to hunt, except for their own amusement, and take a small fraction of the prey of self-supporting cats. In the wild, the real balancing agents are, as above, predation and starvation. Also, a primary killer among all cats is dental problems. Without teeth they can't kill. Don't get me wrong. There are places where domestic cats just don't belong, like the islands where felines are not a natural part of the ecology. But in most of the world, the ecology is already balanced against cat, and we've unbalanced it not by keeping cats, but by destroying their controls, notable larger predators.
  4. As you may know, I'm a big fan of a cat rescue organization in Bc, Canada. They specialize in rescuing and managing (TNR) feral cats. They hate PETA. PETA doesn't seem to understand that populations in the wild are managed by either predation or starvation. If they kill the killers (as they advocate) then all the cute little prey animals will achieve equilibrium by starvation, taking the environment down with them. PETA has feels, but PETA has no brains. I've heard the same numbers (2-4 billion) for tall builds and lights at night. I've seen the carnage among birds cause by well-lit glass buildings. You can walk around the base and pad your birding log. Wind generators do the same, 24/7. Anyone crying out against these?
  5. iDuckman

    Installing the WGC .. again

    That's what I'm doing now. I shut down WGC and am using the direct shortcut. The change to auto-login has stayed, and I'm sure there are a few other differences, but the installation is behaving itself. After a bit, I'll enable WGC and see how that works. One thing that intrigues me is that the auto-error reporting "feature" seems to be in WGC and not in the client.
  6. Only in a few places. In others, the lack of big cats is doing a number on the balance of the fauna, much like the lack of wolves. And I'd be careful who you insult. Domestic cats are well on their way to conquering the world, one human at a time. Hail our new overlords!
  7. Me too! But I don't see him on the guns. He's running around on the deck amidships. Two permacamos came with the ship -- Unsinkable Sam and Historical. He's on both.
  8. iDuckman

    Birthday Port - There is a Hidden Code

    Click on your name in the upper right corner of this page and then on 'Activate Wargaming Code'. I couldn't get Mikasa on either account, and I think the code has expire now. But go for it; they may have fixed the server.
  9. Be thankful he's not on Tirpitz. They might send him to visit the enemy ship. I think Sam needs a tiny rowboat to show up in when his ship is sunk in battle.
  10. Vader was the star of that Raptor replay, no question. I learned a lot just watching from his point of view, and I was there. ;) In terms of what the surface ships did, notice how tight the grouping was. No one got far from the carriers. The cruisers pushed out a bit to intercept the incoming ships - especially the DDs - that can wreak such havoc on the core of the task group with a single torp launch. The BBs stayed close to the core to, if necessary, step in front of one of those launches, and use their long range guns. Only near the end did they detach to intercept the group that spawns at F2 and the cruisers went south in case the eastern group got through. Since the multi-exit rework, the SW exit in Raptor is the hardest, IME. With experience, and someone who remembers where the spawn points are, it's now fairly doable.
  11. iDuckman

    Mason, a cat

    My mature boy cats would often sleep on the monitor or alongside it. Generally, they were far too literal to believe what was going on on the screen. Sounds often got their attention, though. Minnie, my current companion, is a little huntress who. when she's not sleeping in her cat cave, prefers to be outside getting into trouble, or opening and emptying out my drawers. Threats have no meaning to her. Either she doesn't believe me, or she doesn't speak English. Pretty sure it's the former.
  12. iDuckman

    Unsinkable Sam---too cute.

    I just got a Bismarck mission from the stream codes. (The seem to be expired now.) Got Bismarck and two permacamos - Unsinkable Sam, and Historical. The cool thing it, Sam is on both.
  13. iDuckman

    Stream Takeaway

    Booooo !! IMO the night action in Cherry Blossom is fun, though it could be developed more. I think spotlights have a place if they could be modeled. Night does highly reward radar cruisers, which WG might want to avoid like the plague. And a sub scenario or two seems perfect. #GiveMeBackMyCherry
  14. iDuckman

    Anniversary Stream Giveaway Link

    Same here now. They likely expired. I wouldn't bet my next breath on WG's logic, though.
  15. iDuckman

    Anniversary Stream Giveaway Link

    Now it's telling me the Mikasa code is invalid. Gave out too many, I suspect.