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  1. They're not forcing everyday play, they're rewarding it. How you value the rewards is up to you.
  2. Not I. But since you mention me I'll take this opportunity to rate the event. I give it almost 5 stars, say 4.7. (Not considering the Exeter debacle as part of it.) The directives were fair and not too grindy, and gave good rewards. FSW coupled well with the Daily Chains, a concept I hope they continue in the future. Hermes and Furious were relatively easy to get. Implacable was harder and required money, but not being free is no big deal. Where I shave off part of the 5th star is for both the sketchily stated requirements and the outrageous pricing of goods for redeeming the left-over Florins that everyone was bound to have. They could have bundled the flags in lots of twenty (20) for the same Florin prices and they would *still* have been overpriced. There is, however, a counter-argument here. The value of flags is well established from several sources. The value of Florins in world and Doubloon currencies is established only by the Crown purchase price (in Db) in the event. If that price is artificially deflated in order to manipulate the cost of the ships, then the Florin cost of consumables would seem artificially high. Recall that the absolute value of Coal is higher when exchanged for ships than for consumables, so the practice has a precedent. (Personally, I don't buy it. The prices would be higher, but not *this* high.) Anyway, good analysis from you both! @Ensign_Cthulhu
  3. iDuckman

    Fly! Strike! Fleece!

    Quibbles, but no real argument. As I said, what else are you going to do with Florins?
  4. @Femennenly It occurs to me that if load is part of the issue, an interim fix would be to disable the port animation (and sound?). Best make it selectable. I would gladly trade the bobbing bote and lapping waves for good performance. Please pass that along.
  5. iDuckman

    Fly! Strike! Fleece!

    Not quite. ESCL is the most expensive flag of all (tied with Victor Lima). It represents 38% of the bundle cost. So 100 ESCL has an equivalent cost of 1245 Doubloons. 1245 Db will buy 249 Florins, so 5 ESCL should cost 12.445 Florins. Instead, it costs 240 Florins?? 240 / 12.5 Florins is a 1920% markup ! Even over the absurd Credit costs of flags there is a 100+% markup. OTOH, what else are you going to spend Florins for? (Note, in 0.8.2 you can exchange them for Credits.)
  6. Depending on how WGCHECK does it's thing, that may not work. I can't recall the particulars, but based on experience and the wisdom of Support my understanding of the situation was like yours. Next update, I'll try clearing out /res_mods and see what WGCHECK says. (Or someone else might testify or try it.) Removing the contents of /res_mods does help some problems. I had a corrupt flags database file in /res_mods. I uninstalled the mod using Aslain's installer, but the client still insisted on using the file in /res_mods.
  7. iDuckman

    WoWS dying?

    Russia's Mazut fuel and why Kuznetsov smokes like a stogie. Even if Xi Jingle Pingle agrees that's a long way to tow something of that size. The shortest way would be the northern route....
  8. Note that IJN and KM each have three commanders available in the 0.8.2 Armory. Mayhap our Mighty Gnome Overlord will be cast as IJN. (Don't bet on it.) Can you name two more IJN commanders of repute worthy as representatives in the game?
  9. iDuckman

    Nelson, not so bad after all

    Heh. I'm so used to the standards anything else is a rocket. Yes, she takes a while to cross one of those large maps. In counter-counterpoint, her third turret seems to have very good forward angles, meaning the maneuver to unmask it is less violent, meaning the ship slows less while doing so. So there.
  10. iDuckman

    WoWS dying?

    Thanks! Task & Purpose site is new to me, too. I was under the impression that RU wanted to rehabilitate the large-ship facilities in the Crimean yards, but I see no mention of that possibility. (Which may not be a possibility anyway, it being a rather long tow.) Still a little stunned that this slipped under my radar. Seems to me that they're going to have to retrieve the dock in any case. Whether they refit Kuznetsov or replace him, so long as they have a ship of that size they will need a facility to handle it. In the meantime, surely a great amount of work can be done afloat. Keep spending that money, Putin!
  11. iDuckman

    Nelson, not so bad after all

    Nelson is not that slow. With the Sierra Mike signal she turns 25.2 kts, and will leave a truly slow battlewagon, e.g. Colorado, in the dust.
  12. iDuckman

    Greatest Torpedo Beats Video (older vid)

    It won't play in the forum. (Or maybe it's Firefox.) "Video unavailable". Please post the bare link.
  13. iDuckman

    Killer Whale

    No worries. If you think about it after posting, you can Report your OP and ask the mod to move it for you. I do hope you get a chance to play with our group.
  14. iDuckman

    Nelson, not so bad after all

    I agree. Perhaps my best purchase (FXP). Those guns! if you aim right and shoot at the right time, they just tear up what's at the other end. Unique play style, too. Now if I could just learn to use that fantastic heal to best advantage...