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  1. iDuckman

    Signal Flag Shenanigans

    Yeah, I was surprised. You usually seem to keep up with this stuff pretty well. These "little" things leap out at me because each one means I have to change something in the wiki.
  2. iDuckman

    Signal Flag Shenanigans

    Reading what right? Obviously not the DevBlog, the PT, or the Update notes. There is no longer a limit on the number of Economic and Special signals that can be mounted. Try reading informative things henceforth.
  3. iDuckman

    Long overdue UI upgrades is live.

    I agree! Nicely done. Not any more, man. Much faster than manual, and I found PT response rather spritely in its own right.
  4. iDuckman

    What is WG afraid of?

    I don't know about those, but perhaps some would have worked out better. There were things about the old system I liked. Ease of play was horrible, though.
  5. iDuckman

    The big fat goose egg?

    Team damage subtracts XP. Not much, but if it's only planes then maybe enough.
  6. 2 weeks of FREE Premium time is pretty good pricing, as far as I'm concerned. So what do you really want?
  7. So stop spending money!! There's no mystery or injustice here. Join the great unwashed who are Free-to-Play, despite the whales. And if you can find a little money, eschew premium ships, buy premium time, and remember, "the play's the thing". So play! Or sell your car.
  8. iDuckman

    Guess it's my turn

    A deep, dry, non-productive cough is a bad sign. Cough due to dust and junk should be productive. Remember the plain old misreable flu is still out there, in even greater numbers, so don't jump to a conclusion. (For muscle pain vs. sleep, I have the same problem when chemo gets bad. Get some Melatonin and take 5-6 mg right before lying down.) Best not to drive yourself in this condition. Call the doctor and take his advice. Doc may also be able to subscribe some Tramadol, which is a little better for this than the OTC analgesics like Tylenol.
  9. iDuckman

    What is WG afraid of?

    You missed my edit.
  10. iDuckman

    What is WG afraid of?

    I give you this. But also remember that CCs echoed and promoted the early moose hockey WG shoveled, much to their (and our) later chagrin. Not sure how the recent change micht have affected this, but the less false hype the better, as a general principle.
  11. iDuckman

    What is WG afraid of?

    Simple. Wait for LWM's review. ;) Focus fire and complaint. (Yes, there are legitimate complaints - up to a point. Complaints about *ships* are legitimate. Complaints about ship types aren't.)
  12. iDuckman

    What is WG afraid of?

    So what would you do? (For balance, not removal.)
  13. iDuckman

    What is WG afraid of?

    They know that. Since the CV "release" WG has established private test servers, e.g. for submarines, where larger numbers of players can exercise them, and they can change code on the fly. Obviously this rarely affects individual ships, though I understand they try out new "gimmicks" in a similar environment now. As to railing against "never changing premiums", rail against the player mob that has prevented WG from doing it, not WG. The PT (and TST?) is in RU. Players are from all over, and there are feedback channels (though not through Support).
  14. iDuckman

    What is WG afraid of?

    WG acknowledged up front that new-CVs weren't ready, but that they had to change the test environment to get them ready. PT just wasn't cutting it; live was the only option. How can you be so ignorant of this as to apply such sweeping blame. Mousie has you nailed. You hate WG so much that you don't care about the truth of what you say.