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  1. Oooo. That's what we need! A button to turn off the hyperbole. And one for submarine threads, and one for ...
  2. I didn't forget them; I didn't mention them. As I said above, I've seen no indication that they will replace an existing captain (though I suspect they will) or move into reserve. Not everything is known yet. The PT will show these details before the actual split.
  3. WG says that it's not modeled directly, but that they "compensate" for its presence. (E.g. when layered it affects the thickness of the adjacent plate.) IMO this is because no one seems to be sure just how it differs from other types. I understand that one of its principle properties is deformation vs. fracture. But how would that affect shell impact? @outwardpanicjoe I don't have an opinion on the OP. Interesting, but outside my area of knowledge. Sorry.
  4. I recall a reaction (I think from Sub-Octavian) that they can't put in controls for everything. Seriously doubt that WG will ever do it.
  5. It's in the Dev notes. The question is whether he would displace the 3-pt captain or just go into reserve (and what if there aren't any slots?).
  6. Nope. See below. You're pretty far off. There are threads where the split is explained at length. Look around a little. There are concerns here that you don't even mention. Correcting some errors: T7 N.O. w/7 pts No. Original Pensie 10 pt captain. T8 Baltimore w/8 pts No. Original N.O. 12 pt captain. T9 empty ship slot No. T9 Buffalo outfitted as Baltimore was. Probably with a 9 pt captain (not sure in this case). Added split T8 Cleveland w/8 pts? Yes. You will lose nothing and gain quite a bit.
  7. From one of the Dev vids, the original concept of badges was considerably more elaborate than what we actually got. After most development was complete, it was decided that they didn't really work as intended and took too many resources, so were considerably nerfed. Yah, you could say that WG spent too much for what we got, but creativity often works that way. A good idea in theory isn't so good in implementation. Yep. With you there.
  8. USS Dallas

    No it's not late. There are still 6 weeks before we can get our hands on it. A lot can happen. Remember that Cleveland never belonged at Tier 6. Dallas may not be as good, but that doesn't make her a garbage scow.
  9. Yah, it would be. But re-speccing a 19 pt captain costs 475 Db, or $2.38. A 15-pter $1.88. If it comes to it, that's not going to break the bank. Rather do a re-spec than a re-train.
  10. That won't work. Nothing you do on Cleveland will reflect on Dallas. You should get the camo for Cleveland because it will give you a camo on T6 Pensie plus one on T8 Cleveland, which wil be quite expensive (3000 Db?).
  11. Nah. You can wait. You'll just be buying the upgrades for Buffalo instead of Balto. (They do get bloody expensive, don't they?)
  12. Send some over here. My St. Louis is struggling along with a 4-pt man. (Went to the Merchant Marine Academy, apparently.)
  13. Yep. It will get you the bought Buffalo with a 9-pt captain. It would cost the same (or close enough) to buy Buffalo later, but then no captain.
  14. Unlock and buy. No more (unless you can afford the perm camo).
  15. Yes, with the 0.7.6 update. But you can start accumulating XP on it at anytime - you just can't spend them yet. Probably better to work on Balto for the next two weeks. Who knows, you might get her. I'd leave him on Cleveland. a) moving to reserve won't protect him; b) WG likely will do something for old Beaver captains.