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  1. iDuckman

    How is the new DD air detection?

    That must be what I heard.
  2. Vladivostock is the one that surprises me. Perhaps the myth of Russian bias really is a myth. Nah!
  3. iDuckman

    Mod Idea

    You mean you want to get rid of the scale? Scale is useful. Learn to use it.
  4. https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Economy#Spending_Credits_and_Experience Unless you're too lazy to read it.
  5. He's a long-time dog person and only recently came to appreciate cats. He blames it on Rita's furry beasts.
  6. iDuckman

    Stream starting up!!!

    Is that your cat or your pantomime beard?
  7. iDuckman

    Are there any good T9 tech tree ships?

    Alsace is great - good enough I actually bought her permacamo in a maudlin moment of weakness.
  8. iDuckman

    The Devil's Advocate: Shall we do a test?

    By un-balancing games? I think you have the wrong end of the stick, Zero.
  9. iDuckman

    Stream Drop! Achievement?

    The ones with the red bulbs? "Hello, sailor."
  10. iDuckman

    Ungreateful players?

    I think there's more to it than that. It's amazing (to me) how little some players - even with 1000 battles - know about the game. They do care about winning, and inside they appreciate and use new knowledge, but they strongly resent being told it. As if the act of doing so is acting superior or mocking. Only certain "experts" are worth listening to. And that ain't you.
  11. iDuckman

    PSA: Trojan issue with mxstat

    mxstat doesn't cause lags. Lags happen from time to time. With so few games, it's understandable that you make the correlation, but it's baseless.
  12. iDuckman

    Keep tomatoes alive or unicums?

    The big papa tomato, the mama tomato, and little baby tomato were out for a walk. The baby tomato kept lagging behind, slowing the group down. Finally the big tomato went back, stomped the little tomato, and hollered, "Ketchup!".
  13. The bonus attaches when the line is reset. It has nothing to do with when it was completed, save that it might make the line eligible for the next bonus.
  14. iDuckman

    Ranked is becoming toxic

    Well, it would be nice. But what do you suggest they do? Maybe when someone develops an automated [donkey]hole detector ...