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  1. Crap. I thought I was doing well...
  2. C'mon Wolfie, he's enjoying himself. Let it happen Hour 7, H-hour.
  3. iDuckman

    3 Super Containers in 1 day?

    Some missions used to drop SCs. Where they did, they now drop two SCs. Or maybe from your clan? Same deal.
  4. Laffey is in Charleston Harbor, alongside Yorktown. I've been on her, at the time without much knowledge of her history. She's quite well preserved, though maybe not in D-Day outfit.
  5. iDuckman

    Negative Convoy Credits

    The tables are in The Economics of Battle article. They haven't been updated in some time. Updates welcome, or collect some new data and send it to us. https://discord.gg/H5z4sr3h
  6. iDuckman

    Should DFAA be removed from the game?

    Good to see a rare post from you. Answer: No.
  7. Got through 4 hours tonight. It's tough to stop watching. Besides the airborne landings, a lot of this part was background, and very well done.
  8. https://youtu.be/k_uleFxJ1MM https://youtu.be/HLNeH_DOyj0 https://youtu.be/A5WeIpaKCuw https://youtu.be/gqXFCONEtO0
  9. https://youtu.be/_qI77GQntag https://youtu.be/8E0uDvIwfIQ https://youtu.be/flGrl9E01rc https://youtu.be/HvHuFBm3DiM
  10. https://youtu.be/7cKXTvdqHoU https://youtu.be/M6fiOJuVACg https://youtu.be/PiIKn4DbtjE https://youtu.be/27NjYcGQPLg
  11. https://youtu.be/wUqwPvUOJ-Y https://youtu.be/B38yDKgZ0JE https://youtu.be/ezgfjn0a6YA https://youtu.be/nLTZuQ-EDrw
  12. https://youtu.be/nBBVpPoGNlw https://youtu.be/CGAk6kg8ZUQ https://youtu.be/O6-407CsH-k https://youtu.be/tkkToqR228E
  13. I can't watch all 24 hours at a go, but I'm going to cram them all in when I can. This was shot as a continuous 24-hour video, and broken up into 4 six-hour and 24 one-hour segments. This is the one-hour series, a bit more palatable. https://youtu.be/sjaITUKwazc https://youtu.be/nBBVpPoGNlw https://youtu.be/qQRc-SOaqMY https://youtu.be/fqR_L_gNEWI
  14. iDuckman

    Did somebody ask for this QOL addition?

    I they are your only three containers, you could go into View Containers and select Open 3 Containers. Bypasses animation, too.