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  1. Now...THAT was traumatizing!

    You should be in the Wolves. When I joined, a friendly Wolf greeted me with, "Welcome to the Wolves. We look forward to not getting to know you." GG
  2. oil reserves

    Jedi squirrels (or the Russian equivalent).
  3. T8 Cleveland Revealed

    Go Sub_O! A decent heal would go a long way to compensating for the up-tiering, though I so totally hate the sounds that BBs in the next county make when feeding.
  4. These "Be Free" rewards?

    I've seen the 100% but it was 300% last night. (Hopefully still today.) So Papa Papa + Be Free + Frosty Fir (50%) = 6.5 x 5% or 32.5% XP. Hadn't figured in the 777% flag. (6.5 + 7.77) * 5% = 71.35% Yeah, that's a difference. Wish I had some of them (still waiting on PT rewards). Thanks.
  5. I've played about a half dozen games in Lyon on the PTS and from my much more limited experience, I concur. Fun bote. Almost makes the French BB line work grinding. I did not have as much fun with Richelieu, though -- probably because I didn't know how to play her well.
  6. Apology offered

    So one can sabotage 'his' MM team? That seems kinda low.
  7. oil reserves

    Expand the clan? But, yes, a good question. I've wondered myself. Might want to ask it in the Clans section, though.
  8. Apology offered

    Someone inform me, please. As far as I've been able to glean, sync dropping is a means to get multiple team/clan members into a game without divisioning. But corgi events weren't div-restricted. So what's the point?
  9. T8 Cleveland Revealed

    Please post the raw link (when you paste it, click "just text" below the editor window). For whatever reason I don't even see the "special" post display that the WG forum s/w puts up.
  10. These "Be Free" rewards?

    That's impressive. I'm sure there are Big Mo wannadrives having orgasms all weekend. But where you're seeing ~80% FXP, I'm seeing more like 30% (granted, not mounting the special flags). I'll try to get some better numbers today.
  11. These "Be Free" rewards?

    Ah, okay. Thanks. Any idea how the reward is applied?
  12. Same thing happened to me the other night. Low-tier cruiser got deleted by a BB having fired like 3 shells, likely spotted nothing, no damage, no cap, yet got 200-some XP. Surprised me.
  13. I've gotten a few Be Free accomplishments ("Play a battle") that look like Mission completions (though they don't seem to appear in the Missions list). The reward is (tonight anyway) +300 FXP. Which is really nice, but I have no clue how or when it's applied. It certainly does not seem to have been applied to the battle that earned the reward, nor does it seem to be applied to the next battle. Anyone know?
  14. Have the youth of today lost all respect?

    No they won't. Not if noone tells them how grown-ups act. Common courtesy - or even common sense - does not develop naturally. It's a learned behavior. Ya done good, Tanker.