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  1. I love the V25! best low Tier ship in the game , very fun.
  2. The V25 is great wasted but, I like the Warspite 'cause it's always catching fire and fire is cool...ya ya
  3. I think at the end of the day it's what ship you feel comfortable playing ,For the most part I like "tanky" battleships so British BB's like the Iron Duke fits my BB style of play but,I play my Giulio Cesare when I feel the need to take out something fast and sporty .. have a couple favorites !
  4. My Iron Duke "feels" to me like the best BB I've used at tier V and I survive more battles with ID but, my stats tell me I have more wins with the Giulio Cesare but survive less
  5. It's pronounced "Wustah" in southern Worcester County "Wistah" north county , know idea why...
  6. I love the "Queen" ! she's my go to battleship for scenario/missions because of her great AA. I stick with AP, and with Jack Dunkirk (17 points) in command the turrets move a bit faster
  7. The new tier 10 Cruiser USS Worcester is coming out soon and the name's a bit tough for some, It's named after a hard luck city in New England, about 45 miles west of Boston best known for being the home the "smiley face", the birth control pill, and the most vicious drivers in the country... It's pronounced "Wister" or if you're a native "Wistah " or Southern Worcester county dialect "Wustah" Good luck and fair seas...
  8. I think night battles are a great idea!
  9. Off subject but,Between Vampire,the Dunkirk mission,the Valiant and the British DDs is the Pan-Asian line why not give us the British DD line already?
  10. I got it too, and didn't bother with the Commie revolution mission.
  11. What would you rather own a German car or a Russian car????.....What would you rather have a Russian motorcycle or a German motorcycle??,,,would you rather fly Lufthansa or Aeroflot....
  12. I'll take ruthless German efficiency right now
  13. Sometimes I wish the Germans, not the Russians were in charge of this operation...
  14. Same here
  15. Growing up in New England I had the fortune of visiting the Massachusetts many times including a "over-nighter " with my son. They also have a nice collection of PT Boats at Battleship Cove as well .Looking forward to her