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  1. I'll take ruthless German efficiency right now
  2. Sometimes I wish the Germans, not the Russians were in charge of this operation...
  3. Growing up in New England I had the fortune of visiting the Massachusetts many times including a "over-nighter " with my son. They also have a nice collection of PT Boats at Battleship Cove as well .Looking forward to her
  4. Looks like its wide spread, I posted about it an hour ago.
  5. At least it's not as bad of a [edited] up as the British BB missions
  6. Good day Sir, Just played a few battles this morning and I never got any flags for the Anniversary Mission 1 thingy though, I did get a nice note thanking me for playing +5000 games. Any news on the missing flags?
  7. Just got the same thing for 4000 games , no flags?!
  8. I've played a couple battles this morning and never got the "gifts" from Mission 1 ?
  9. I think that's a great Idea
  10. The British BB line is great and WOWS did a fantastic job in developing the line . I think in time when we get used to playing and fighting against them we will get used to their strengths and weaknesses and everything will be fine. no nerfs! no buffs!
  11. Great BB, I think the best tier IV by far and most the time it's tier III and IV battles so it's easy pickens
  12. I thought I would hate KGV but It's a great ship, you can barely tell she has small main guns if you work the AP/HE right. the Lion stands out,and I didn't think i'd like any of the paper ships either but, the Lion feels comfortable right off .The only ship that's a bit of a let down is the Iron Duke I think that has more to do with it being at tier 5. I like them all!
  13. that's crazy! The new gun fire/explosions effects are great!
  14. This mission lead to poor game play, I feel I was guilty of this at times as I chased BBs with out regard to much else, I got the 150,000 hp in a Nelson and moved on after I got the third blueprint this week . This mission was a bit annoying from the first week on.