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  1. Everybody dies on Hermies.. Too Quickly...

    While Ultimate Frontier has been ruined in the last update Hermes is still fun and 5 stars isn't too hard
  2. HMS Delhi

    A great Idea for a ship with a very interesting history.
  3. HMS Delhi

    A great Idea for a ship and a very interesting history.
  4. HMS Delhi

    A great Idea for a ship and a very interesting history
  5. 100% XP April 20 th where is it?

    Ah ha! thanks Noshiro!
  6. 100% XP April 20 th where is it?

    According to the April mission briefing we were supposed to pick up 100% XP when we played a battle starting the 20th , ending the 23rd, did someone forget to hit the XP switch ?
  7. New players in co-op

    I did the same stupid thing , When I first got on WOWS I saw the Warspite and I had to have her! big mistake and my total crap player average reflects this, I went from Black Swan to Warspite I was like a (big dumb stupid)lamb to the slaughter .. it took about 5 months for my skills to catch up to the boat
  8. Update 7.4 will brings a new way WOWS try to deal with Team Killers , they plan to dump them on Co-op !? How this is fair to those good players who prefer Co-op I have know Idea but, here's a better way that's workable tech wise and more Importantly brings justice to all! Here's the solution........ Send the Team Killers to Co-op but, Have MM place them on Pink only teams!!!! this way good players in Random,Operations,Co-op won't have to deal with them. all Pink teams would be set up by MM (bots if there's not enough pink players) and they would have to play in this Pink team VS bot mode depending on the violation... what do you think???
  9. Operation Frontier PSA

    I love playing Operations, i hope WOWS sees the stats and see they made a mistake . on the subject of XP farming, why not make future Operations in Tier V, or a Destroyer based mission like Dunkirk or my favorite, a WWI based mission . These lower Tier missions would harvest less XP and give newer players a chance to learn Ops and older ones a chance to bring out some ships they haven't played in awhile
  10. Operation Frontier PSA

    It needs to be turned down a bit,average players like myself don't stand a chance with this reboot .
  11. As stated I played again this morning and i find all your comments right on the money , there is no way an average team can complete this mission let alone 5 star . keep it fun WOWS ! If XP farming is a problem then lower the XP per game but don't make the Op unwinable. Operations is my favorite game mode I think it brings out the best in players and if people are finding it too easy enabling that normal/hard button would fix the problem .
  12. Played again today with a real good team and no luck , please enable the the normal/hard button
  13. In my worst game I had 4 kills, in my last game 9 but , in the end a good team was overwhelmed and good teams should be able to win not just "elite" NSN is tough but, not like this. you can get at least a couple of stars each time with Newport
  14. What the did WOWS do to Ultimate Frontier!???? it's unplayable ! please fix.