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  1. commando_brian

    why is commonwealth still a separate tech tree

    Answer.. theres more players in the country's that are represented by the PA ships than the Commonwealth
  2. commando_brian

    why is commonwealth still a separate tech tree

    My prediction...2021 will be the year of they introduce the Commonwealth cruiser line
  3. commando_brian

    Your thoughts on British heavy cruisers

    The Devonshire plays well despite the short range of her guns, the Surrey seems a little underwhelming as the range of her guns become more noticable as you get up tiered.
  4. commando_brian

    Anyone else like thier WV...

    I find the main gun accuracy annoying and I seem to use HE more on the WV than any other US BB to be effective
  5. commando_brian

    Fix your damn Operations AI!

    I wish we could get a clear statement from WOWS about the future of Operations . Looking back on past written statements they plan to bring back the old Ops but, PvE is not a priority for 2020
  6. commando_brian


    As a loyal subject I was looking forward to the British heavy cruiser line but i must say it's been a bit of a let down, I'll keep the Hawkins as its a historical ship but, keep her docked (until WOWS releases more Brit Commander images) and keep the Devonshire and forgo the rest of the line. if your going to make "paper ships" make "em good!
  7. commando_brian

    T8-10 operations

    I'll take any Operations, new ,old, high tier, low tier ..
  8. commando_brian

    Is anyone else happy?

  9. commando_brian

    3 things I'd like to see in 2020

  10. commando_brian

    The Massachusetts

    Tier 8 BBs are great fun over all,Massachusetts,Tirpitz,Bismarck, Roma and Vanguard too all fun botes
  11. commando_brian

    Something 1v1 Ranked Taught You

    I thought I was a crap player,turns out I'm just a crap team player hahaha!
  12. commando_brian

    What are we getting in 2020 for new ships?

    The California was spotted in the Captain's log this patch but now has dissapeared
  13. commando_brian

    What are we getting in 2020 for new ships?

    From what I can tell I think your prediction will be spot on
  14. commando_brian


    I think it'll be much sooner as she has popped up in the Captain's log along with the Indomitable another ship that looks ready to release
  15. commando_brian


    The California was spotted in the Captain's Log last week but now has dissapeared...mysterious