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  1. I'm all for team pink tags and worse for deliberate attacks on friendlies but there should be a better way to verify team kill penalties .My last team kill came from my Lexington with a air superiority set up and empty Dive bombers i somehow sank a friendly Japanese cruiser next to my ship??? I just don't see my how my guns did in a full strength cruiser? oh well I punished my self with 31 games in the black swan .
  2. I'd like to see a T1+ T2 Scenario game, Black Swan VS.V25.
  3. I sucked the first few months of playing as I tried using real naval tactics but, this is WOW ! I got a lot of help from watching youtube videos ..good luck
  4. Does anyone want to guess when the release date is? 6.8 update ?
  5. I get the same thing, started 2 weeks ago
  6. The edge goes to the Germans after tier 7 because the German BB's get torps
  7. I didn't know they had "chat banishment "?! I used to get pissed with some of the comments in game chat when I first started playing WOW, and i'll tell ya as a guy who spent 9 years in a tank and you get called a [edited]by some 16 yr old kid because your not playing his way it can get annoying but... it's just a game, have fun, it's not real.
  8. I completed the marathon when do you get the XP points?
  9. Well said and presented.
  10. not the same
  11. ​I am sorry Sir but I shall remain impatient ! none of these developers should be allowed to eat, drink or have a pee until I see a British line that reflects the true greatness of the Royal Navy!!
  12. ​I had a French ship on my team this week
  13. If they flesh out the British line a bit they could do a Commonwealth line as well (same ships), any word on what Battleships? the KG V is a great looking ship, and playing the Nelson with it's "all in the front nothing in the back" design would be cool.
  14. Any time frame??
  15. The British navy ruled the waves for centuries, invented the 20th century battleship, made some of the coolest, best looking, and effective ships in WWII ...where are they ? A line of Cruisers and the Warspite (sank the Alabama twice this week with it)doesn't cut it .Where are the legendary DD's ,where's the Hood? the Repulse?, the King George the V would be a "blast" in tier 7 not to mention their armoured decked CV's . Half the fun of playing this game is the historical aspect of the ships , the British navy is loaded with history ..Please .... more British ships !!!