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  1. The problem with matchmaker randomly selecting Ops is some Operations won't except certain ships and despite higher bonuses I think most players will opt for top tier ships
  2. How about a poll of the player base to see if we want Submarines
  3. commando_brian

    New French Battlecruisers inbound

    I'm rageing but , I don't think WOWS cares.. I prefer historical ships and plan to skip these boats
  4. commando_brian

    What genius at WG thought limiting BBs was a fix for co-op?

    A better solution would have been repositioning BB spawning areas closer to the center of the map A slow BB in Co op is near impossible to make much credits
  5. commando_brian

    Co-Op Suggestion to Help Long-Term

    Randoms at low tiers is a lot of fun and full of historic ships Its been a early morning pastime for a while
  6. commando_brian

    Favorite Boat: OP Raptor Rescue

    I run the Warspite with a secondary build
  7. commando_brian

    New Free exp ships ?

    WOWS has stated they are moving away from FXP ships
  8. commando_brian

    Tulsa and Gibraltar in the Armory and Premium Shop

    Non - historical ships? No thanks.
  9. commando_brian

    Ok the Kearsarge really?

    I tried talking one of my buddies into playing the game , he took one look at the Kearsarge on the games web page and decided the game wasn't for him Its ridiculous
  10. commando_brian

    Armada: Kearsarge, a Hybrid Ship

    What the hell is this thing? it looks like it was designed by committee....on acid ! even the name is wrong!
  11. commando_brian

    Welcome to WoWS, Spain!

    WOWS never introduced a tech tree like this before, usually they introduce a couple ships from a new tech tree line not a single ship
  12. commando_brian

    Welcome to WoWS, Spain!

    Can we get a clarification on whether the Canarias is part of a new tech tree line or a Premium ship in the Pan-Euro line? @Boggzy
  13. commando_brian

    ST 0.10.10. New ships

    I'll take a pass on this line
  14. commando_brian

    Transformers Return to World of Warships

    I'm holding out for the My Little Pony collaboration
  15. commando_brian

    Announcements from the holiday stream, New ships

    Absolutely! I'm encouraged in fact by the release of the Pan-Asian line as the Commonwealth line will be similar with re- flagged ships