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  1. Cherry Blossom needs to be nerfed , the Marines need to hold on longer, there's one too many ship in each wave after the first,and the bases need a lower life pool . Operations are great! Please think about adding some missions with a WWI theme or some featuring DD's . Thanks!
  2. My last game ended with the French BB getting sunk by 6 torpedoes out of bounds
  3. When playing Ultimate Frontier you can't hit the Cleveland or the Atlanta until they are in bounds but, in Hermes the Ruan can be hit, and sunk. I understand the French BB must reach a certain point on the map but, out of bounds should be out of bounds . In Hermes could the line be moved to the exit point to solve the problem
  4. What if... I have a Capt. on the Pensacola and one Captain in the reserves specialized in the Pensacola , do I get anything for the reserve capt.?
  5. Thanks for listening, It's a great game mode that should be expanded across more tiers making lower tier ships relevant to the game after the "grind' to higher tiers
  6. You're right ! I did get lucky , It's still way over the top
  7. Pan-American nation in!

    Will they still bring out the Boise?
  8. which ship for Herr von Jutland?

    Graf Spee ! perfect CO for my Ops. XP farmer
  9. i really enjoy Operations , it's my favorite game mode, Killer Whale is great,and I miss Narai and hope it returns soon but, I would have to agree with the vast majority of players that Ultimate Frontier is way over buffed and please turn it down a bit when the new American Cruisers are added to the scenario next patch . I'd love to see Operations using some of the lower tier ships,one with a focus on DDs and another with a WWI theme
  10. I got 3 five star games yesterday, It felt like the nerfed it a bit from the last time UF was out ,next month it gets changed again as the tier 6 Pansiecola, and Helena get into the game
  11. WOWS should do a Operations/missions for lower Tier ships , would love to get my V25 ,Vampire, or my Orion something to do
  12. The PT won't load as of 8:11
  13. On Co-op and the "wave of pink"

    I had a pinky shooting team mates and myself , put the pinks in a pink only Co-op teams.
  14. Coop and Scenario Bots need a change

    Ultimate Frontier is unplayable now , please fix it!!!
  15. Update 0.7.4 Bug Reports

    I'm having a problem locking on my secondaries , i can lock on to aircraft but not secondaies