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  1. With so many great "real' ships not in the game, why come out with this ? Russian bias, I'm not wasting my time and money on it
  2. Great post ! I've been thinking of getting the DOY but, I'm glad I held off .Too bad they didn't bring out the Vanguard at Tier VII or VIII I'd hit the bank for that ship! Interesting chart too, the Nelson and KGV are my favorites in the British BB line and the charts reflects that there very competitive at there Tier ..a bit off subject but I bet the Colorado's win rates gone up some since the latest buff .
  3. I had it happen a few times , I hit escape, then returned to the game and it was fine.
  4. The Ocean...???

    I would love to play on this map,across all tiers
  5. In port, WOWS allows us turn off/on how ships appear, Halloween ships, HSF certain Bismarck camos ect..... why not add a "flag appearance" switch ?
  6. Thank you to Wargaming for my Vampire.

    Great job on the Vampire WOWS , It got me back into playing DDs again ..Can we have a Canadian ship soon?
  7. 0.6.14 Bug Reporting

    Same here
  8. Anyone else having connection problems??
  9. V-25 is killing the game

    I love the V25! best low Tier ship in the game , very fun.
  10. Best Ship Hammered

    The V25 is great wasted but, I like the Warspite 'cause it's always catching fire and fire is cool...ya ya
  11. 0.6.14 Bug Reports

    I don't have any Pa Asian DD's and my ships have XP left over from the last public test ???
  12. so who rules tier 5 bbs now?

    I think at the end of the day it's what ship you feel comfortable playing ,For the most part I like "tanky" battleships so British BB's like the Iron Duke fits my BB style of play but,I play my Giulio Cesare when I feel the need to take out something fast and sporty .. have a couple favorites !
  13. so who rules tier 5 bbs now?

    My Iron Duke "feels" to me like the best BB I've used at tier V and I survive more battles with ID but, my stats tell me I have more wins with the Giulio Cesare but survive less
  14. It's pronounced "Wustah" in southern Worcester County "Wistah" north county , know idea why...
  15. QE vs Warspite

    I love the "Queen" ! she's my go to battleship for scenario/missions because of her great AA. I stick with AP, and with Jack Dunkirk (17 points) in command the turrets move a bit faster