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  1. I love a BB with a good heal and great secondaries, a brawler.
  2. The Massachusetts should be the basis for a second line of US BBs in the game, the Georgia didn't interest me as there's so many real US BB's to choose from but this secondary build configuration of the Georgia would be fun in game
  3. commando_brian

    Premium Pan Asian CV proposal

  4. I was looking forward to these ships , I haven't seen any CCs testing them in a while so I imagine they're done. Anyone know of any major Austro-Hungarian or Italian events, holidays, anniversaries coming up that might trigger a ship release?
  5. I'll take any Operation about now, playing 4 Ops is getting a little dull, and with no sign of CVs in PvE coming up I'm not very optimistic we'll see any new Ops in the future. What makes it worse is the total lack of information from WOWS when the old Ops will or if they will return at all
  6. commando_brian

    Public Test 0.8.3 - Bugs Report

    same as above , stuck at the log in
  7. commando_brian

    Public Test 0.8.3 - Bugs Report

    I cant log-in
  8. commando_brian

    World War One Operation/Scenario needed

    ALL the Operations so far have been WWII based, I think a WWI scenario free of radar and aircraft would be fun .There's countless naval encounters, my choice for an Op would be based on the the German raids on the English coastal cities,that could translate well in game, similar to Killer Whale. Most lower tier ships sit in port as we grind away toward the higher tiers, it seems a waste , also a low tier Op would be fun for those grinding through the lower tiers.More importantly Some Great War focus is needed in game .
  9. All premium ships that are offered for sale in the Premium shop should be for sale in Armory, researchable ships should never be sold
  10. commando_brian

    Armory Arrivals - Ships for Doubloons

    Can we have new ships rotate with some frequency in the Armory? and can we have port slots and captains as a option?
  11. commando_brian

    Did the scenario Narai change?

    You're right on the money, it kills me to see a slow BBs chasing a CV.
  12. commando_brian

    Did the scenario Narai change?

    I'm still amazed how many people fail Narai , DDs or Cruisers on the flanks for the CV and Transports with some torps for the MO'and BBs escort the troopships into the bay ..5 STARS! Colorado does well in Narai but not so good chasing the Transports, I've seen it twice this weekend?! I love Operations and wish they hurry with the ones they dropped for the CV re-work and like to see more , Like a WW I scenario .
  13. commando_brian

    Would you play a PT Boat if offered in game?

    PT boats would be fun ,waaaaay better than Subs
  14. commando_brian

    Bad news, guys.

    WOWS should have never diversified, it was bound to fail.
  15. commando_brian

    ST: French Destroyers

    How about a French DD based Operations ?