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  1. Adm_Dodge_E_Waynker

    U.S. Independence Day

    Will the Halford and West Virginia be offered for sale, coal, doubloons, ect... later?
  2. Adm_Dodge_E_Waynker

    Inca Trail ? quests

    This seems like a waste of time; you can get only 4 bundles out of the tokens you receive.
  3. Adm_Dodge_E_Waynker

    My Last Post Last Game

    This game preys on kids?? the average age of the player base is like 74! (approximately)
  4. Adm_Dodge_E_Waynker

    Who have you seen in game

    Great game, cheers!
  5. Adm_Dodge_E_Waynker

    DevBlog 388 - Pan-American Cruisers - Closed testing

    The near absence of Historical ships is disappointing, another line that doesn't inspire any emotion or much effort from WG
  6. Adm_Dodge_E_Waynker

    Dev Blog : Pan-American Cruisers

    They announced a second line, with Greek, Norwegian and Polish ships
  7. Adm_Dodge_E_Waynker

    Dev Blog : Pan-American Cruisers

    What happened to the European DD line? I thought they were after the American hybrids
  8. Adm_Dodge_E_Waynker

    Thoughts on new Ops format?

    Not if they were different tiers on alternate days, ie. .. Monday tier 5, Tuesday tier 6, etc...
  9. Adm_Dodge_E_Waynker

    Thoughts on new Ops format?

    I've played Ops as my primary game mode for years and was pleasantly surprised that WOWS had brought back the old Ops. After playing about 50 games the only negative that sticks out is the mixing of tiers, it seems most games are dominated by tier 8 ships. I'd like to see the number of tiers that can participate in Operations expanded from tier 5 thu 10 but segregate the ships to their perspective tiers to be balanced
  10. Adm_Dodge_E_Waynker

    Waterline: Development Plan Updates – Fall 2022

    US BB hybrids????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? WHY!!!!? who comes up with this crap!?
  11. Adm_Dodge_E_Waynker

    PTS 0.11.8 pt 1

    All most all the ships in Operations are now tier 8, if you play any of the lower tiers and even if you get some kind of compensation, it doesn't equal the speed and firepower of tier 8 ships and it's not fun . how about alternate days for different tiers? Also you've made Operations worse by not letting the player choose what Operations to play as well.
  12. The problem with matchmaker randomly selecting Ops is some Operations won't except certain ships and despite higher bonuses I think most players will opt for top tier ships
  13. Adm_Dodge_E_Waynker

    DevBlog 279 - Submarine Trials Return — 0.11.2 Closed Test

    How about a poll of the player base to see if we want Submarines
  14. Adm_Dodge_E_Waynker

    New French Battlecruisers inbound

    I'm rageing but , I don't think WOWS cares.. I prefer historical ships and plan to skip these boats
  15. Adm_Dodge_E_Waynker

    What genius at WG thought limiting BBs was a fix for co-op?

    A better solution would have been repositioning BB spawning areas closer to the center of the map A slow BB in Co op is near impossible to make much credits