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  1. Why can't they make the PR available for a long-term grind, like the Yamamoto captain or the Shinonome? While the directives are super grindy, the real issue is the time limits. But if this were poised as a campaign with no time limits, we could work on it at our leisure and not ruin the holidays or spend dubloons with no guaranteed return.
  2. robotdaddy

    Ranked Season 14 - What's Your Weapon?

    Those who played ranked T10 two seasons ago will remember it was NOT dominated by CVs. CVs were present in only about 1/3 of games, as I recall. I suspect the prevalence of CVs at T10 will be pretty similar to what you see in recent all-T10 random battles. Hardly enough to dedicate special AA builds, especially at the cost of offensive power or tankiness. So just go out and enjoy ranked and don’t worry about CVs. (And if you do get into a CV match, remember that for as much as people complain, taking a CV isn’t an easy-win button. Good CV play takes skill and practice, like every other class. Imbalances in skill can create mismatches, but that’s also true of other classes, especially DD.)
  3. robotdaddy

    Daring Cpt Question:

    Build should work, but its a choice. You lose 2900 hp (1 heal) and presumably AR in exchange for either IFHE or RPF. Personally, I chose to drop IFHE for RPF instead. In random battles, there are few DDs who think quickly enough to angle properly to avoid AP damage.... without IFHE, you can still pen a DD's superstructure and set fires. But I pretty routinely run through all my heals...
  4. robotdaddy

    Daring Cpt Question:

    Clearly has IFHE - no shatters while using HE. Looks like he isn't running SI, based on the number of consumables. Not sure what else was dropped to make room for 3 4-point skills (CE, IFHE, RPF).
  5. robotdaddy

    Jutland captain

    Why I said “experimenting....” As I said, it’s a trade off. You can’t pen the side armor but you can pen superstructure. Plus, a lot of DD show broadsides when turning to run away where you can use AP, and with the high ROF in the Daring you can do a good bit of damage then. The goal is that RPF allows you to control the engagement when you couldn’t otherwise do it given the lack of a concealment advantage.
  6. robotdaddy

    T8 Ranked: seems hopeless for DD

    We had CVs in the previous T10 full ranked, and CVs in the T6 ranked sprint. I don't think in either case they dominated the match. CVs themselves require damage over time, and ranked games are often short. Thus, CVs are most effective when spotting.... and it requires the team to focus fire. How often do people actually work together????
  7. robotdaddy

    Jutland captain

    The Jutland is far from useless if you don't have IFHE. You can pen the superstructure and start fires without IFHE..... but to be honest you really want IFHE. During a knife fight you need that reliable damage that IFHE gives you. Given the recent nerf to gun reload, I'd recommend swapping TAE to get BFT as others have said. I'm experimenting with no-IFHE on the Daring, where I've taken RPF instead and its working quite well. On the Daring, I felt RPF was needed to avoid getting ambushed, given its worse concealment. Without IFHE, you just play it like a mini-Minotaur, and the Daring has a ROF good enough to make up for the lack of IFHE.
  8. robotdaddy

    Implacable first impression

    Definitely. Audacious is an improvement in every way. Every plane is more potent, has better hp, and squadrons are larger. So you hit harder and can take on t10 ships easily, whereas t10:games in Implacable were a bit more challenging. I liked Implacable but love Audacious.
  9. robotdaddy

    Any CV guides for the rework?

    A couple more tips to add to those above. When you load in, pay careful attention to match making. Are you bottom tier or top tier? Are there lots of AA cruisers? How many DDs? These will determine how you start the match. Will you just spot, go right into attack mode? If there’s only 1 DD then don’t bother spotting for it - focus on finding ships to farm. If you are bottom tier then you want to dump planes and send only 1-2 squads into battle so you have more planes later; conversely when you’re top tier you can send full loads out every time. Another point to watch when loading in is if there are any known good captains on the red team. See a top clan? See someone you recognize? Also, look at the divisions to see who’s working together. Knocking out a top player early can enable your mediocre players a chance to gain momentum. Once the match has begun, see which side needs help. Don’t waste time on targets with no impact. Finally, a CV doesn’t have the alpha strike but I’ve found that sometimes if you just spot a ship then others will do the damage. Call the target, fly to within 5-6 km, bait their AA, then circle around 6-7 km away while everyone else targets them. Hope this helps. Since following this my WR has gone from 45% to 65%....
  10. robotdaddy

    DD Help what to do.

    Sub_octavian said in his reddit q&a: ”Still deeply WIP. Definitely not 0.8.8 and not 0.8.9 - this is all I know so far.” The changes may never come at all....
  11. robotdaddy

    DD Help what to do.

    Don't count on any IFHE changes anytime soon, and even those that were floated on the dev blog were for 152+ mm guns....
  12. robotdaddy

    What to know as a new Audacious captain?

    I've found that the Audacious is a very nice upgrade from the Implacable, in all aspects. Larger squadrons, more health, greater alpha striking potential. The Audacious doesn't suffer in high tier match making like the Implacable often did. You still need to pay attention to the basics - planning good runs, managing plane inventory, etc. - but its much more comfortable at high tiers. I unlocked all of the upgraded planes and use them. I regretted that decision in the last patch when they nerfed the deceleration - made it too hard to make tight turns and take a second run at DDs with the rockets - but in the current patch it seems to work fine. In terms of strengths, I think that her rockets are extremely strong, especially against DDs but really all ships. A single load out of rocket planes can kill a DD -- 4-7K per strike. If you're willing to sacrifice a few planes, you can attack cruisers even with DefAA. For the carpet bombers, you'll want the Demolition Expert skill. Bombing a BB usually sets 2 fires, and a well planned run can set 4 fires, which forces a repair and then a second run kills it off. Torpedo attacks now have a third plane, so its a 50% higher alpha than the Implacable. My overall WR in the Audacious isn't stellar (48%) but its steadily climbing and in the past month its my ship with my highest WR (85%). I attribute my improvement to better target selection and better aiming and just overall situational awareness. And, paying more careful attention to autopilot - I can't tell you how many times I've grounded and then unable to rescue the ship... I would also like more commentary on CV play for any ship. What's the right ratio of team support vs focusing on damage? How to have the highest impact? Etc. For me, a decent game is 2-3 kills and 100K damage, but what does it take to break 200K or 300k?
  13. robotdaddy

    Open challenge, CVs.

    Great job! Been trying in my Audacious but haven’t broken 150... As an average CV player, I can tell that AA is clearly stronger in 8.5 but i don’t feel that it’s killed CVs. What I really need/want to learn, regardless of damage totals, is how to be consistently influential in matches. I’ve had some really good games, but only when the stars align. Any thoughts on what makes a CV effective in the post-8.5 world?
  14. robotdaddy


    I thought it was a hard ship at first, but I encourage you to give it some time. The Jutland is one of my favorite ships nowadays. I'm currently trying to learn new ship lines, and when I want to pad my WR for the night, I turn to the Jutland for seal clubbing; for me, its the ship that is most immune to mismatches in team skills. A high-skill commander is recommended -- I now have a 19 point commander on mine, including IFHE and CE, SI and SE, LS and either AR or JoAT, and PM. An AA build is remarkably effective. Once you get CE and IFHE, you'll find it vastly superior to Lightning.
  15. robotdaddy

    Improving Team Play in CV

    Finished a weekend playing CVs last night with about the most toxic chat ever. I killed a Hipper and he goes off on me endlessly. I've gotten used to salty players, but in general anti-CV chat is way worse than I've ever seen - far worse than Ranked, even when I played a Shima.... Many personal insults, often from both sides in the same game! But in this match, I was having a truly outstanding game AND we were winning (a combination I rarely found this weekend), so I was in a pretty good mood myself and just sent back a friendly "LOL." But the toxicity was so bad that this was the first time I ever considered sending a replay into support. Well, in the next game that red Hipper was on my side.... Somehow he rammed me LOL ... but I managed to give him the win....