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  1. I've got both lines to T8. Very different style of play and both are a blast. I've been running the Kagero with TRB and no smoke - what a blast. Got a game with 175K dmg this weekend, and another where I decimated a Yamato in one salvo - 7 torps on target. The Aki is huge fun, going around machine gunning. In one battle, I forgot to smoke up and still destroyed a cruiser that was 3km away. I wondered why I was taking damage -- how could he see me in the smoke? -- only after he died did I see my smoke generator ready for action. Talk about tunnel vision! One idea: go for the gunboat line. The Shiratsuyu will be a T7 version of Kagero after 0.6.8, just a little worse detection (5.8 vs 5.5), so you can almost have the best of both worlds. The T9 BBs are as much fun to sink as the T10.
  2. I have both Fubuki and Hatsu. Unfortunately, a bad weekend on ranked for me - my Hatsu win rate just dropped below 50%, but my Fubuki win rate is horrendous, below 40%, and I've finally given up on it to focus on the Hatsu. My reasons why: Concealment - I can outspot most DDs and if I have a team that will shoot them, I know my team will win. Yes, its just 0.3 with some, but its an advantage. Speed - being first in cap sets the momentum against less aggressive players and makes them back off. Maneuverability - easier to return to smoke BBs, to avoid torps, and avoid being detected. Fewer islands to run into. Maneuverability is crucial in knife fights. Gun reload - Yes, its a hair faster than the Fubuki, and just enough that I believe I can take down a Fubuki and I don't shy away from shooting already-damaged DDs. Torpedoes - having only 2 launchers has forced me to be a more careful judge of angles and distances. I've had a lot of fun in my Hatsu, less in my Fubuki. My play is typically decent except I tend to make a judgement mistake either at the start or end of the games which results in my death. I'm getting better - my mistakes are now coming later in the game. But until I fix them, I'll still keep bouncing 11-10-11-10.
  3. Never mind... just saw this posted in General... shared icon with hydro
  4. I thought there was no radar in T6, but last night a CA charged my smoke and I swear I saw the radar icon appear. Do any of the T6 ships have radar? Or just a glitch in the UI?