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  1. Shimi changes in coming

    All great advice, and I managed to rank out in my Shima, despite my own potato level skills. Tears was indeed the best map for Shima. Warriors Path was pretty good. Hotspot worked. But the absolute worst was Sleeping Giant.
  2. Guess what!?!?! Ranked didn't end at 1am EST.... I took a chance and just hit "battle again" as I wrote that post. Took 3 more games to see this! This was pure Shima play. I have no other T10 ship. Having made it, I can still say that my lessons are the same as above -- I chose terrible times to play... and I refused to stop a losing streak. My longest losing streak was 8 games.... and my longest winning streak was similar. I hated that my win streaks were always preceded by a losing streak.... And I'll be honest in saying that I made mistakes. However, I killed more DDs than I ate torpedos, I managed to win a 2-on-1 gunfight against a Khab and a weakened Z-52, I had a thrilling match against a CV, and I even carried the match a few times. Overall, 52% WR in the Shima. Better than potato, but worse than most.
  3. Well, I tried. Ended at 2.3. I know I could have ranked out had I been a bit smarter about my play. Had some great matches and a few duds on my part. But I think we can all say that... My biggest lesson is to avoid playing on weekend mornings. That alone would’ve saved me dozens of stars... I can’t beleice how many people committed suicide in a sure victory, even at ranks 5-2 Regardless, I enjoy the format had had a lot of fun doing it. Rank 1 would’ve been nice but I’m proud of making rank 2.
  4. Yes please do that. I need easy kills.
  5. As a modification to my idea, I think that this should be a captain skill (either as an entirely new skill or a modification to an existing skill, e.g. change vigilance to add radar detection), or as a module, e.g. make a Radar Spotting Module to be put in the same slot as the AA module. Or for something more clever, WG could add a new module called "Stealth" and make it exchangeable with Concealment. This would then create an analogous situation to CVs, where you can have an AA build. The key is that the player needs to make a choice: to get anti-radar, you need to give up something, like AA or concealment. Keeps the world in balance and adds a dynamic to gameplay.
  6. I think that when a ship uses radar it should illuminate in the mini map just like it does in real life. That is, radar should give away the position of the ship USING radar. Then, the poor DD driver knows which direction to flee and friendly B.B. know who to shoot. The DD player can predict chain radar, will know who’s radar is on cool down, etc. Plus, it balances radar from within smoke or behind an island. It would make the cruiser or PADD think a little more carefully before popping radar.
  7. Congrats!!! Making rank 1 is a wonderful accomplishment and Shima has had a hard time this year. I was going to stop at 5, so played the Bismarck in memory of Dseehafer most of the weekend until tonight where I bumped from 5 to 3. Now I’m wondering if I have time... Again, great job!
  8. Nice tribute. Played Bismarck today instead of my usual IJN DD. Announced the memorial in every game. A few asked about it and a few saluted. Thank you WG.
  9. I feel your pain. Had a game where I had 4 kills, 125K damage, AND capped... I worked every minute of that game... and came in second place to a Montana. Really???? I have also been bogged down in rank 6. I've noticed that over the past week, I need to carry a lot more than I did and there is little grace for making a mistake. My recent matches have two outcomes: either I was top 1-2 in the game and we won, or I wasn't and we lost. I feel like I've had to carry more than 1/7th of the games. And my original strategy of taking a spotting role doesn't bring in the wins - I need to be a lot more aggressive, especially in mid-game. If I don't get 2 kills, the game is often a loss. I've had some pretty amazing games this season and felt that I've played pretty well and fairly consistently. I'm proud of making rank 5 and would like to end at 5 instead of 6. So my plan for this weekend is to load all of my games in Mxstat, figure out how to export the day/time of each match and its outcome, and only play at times where I've had good teams.... I can't take another weekend of poor teamwork - last weekend, I had multiple games where the rest of the team actually threw the match at the end through incompetence. GL HF
  10. Took me quite some time to master higher-tier IJN DDs. I didn't appreciate the strength of the Kagero until I had moved on the the Shimakaze then returned to T8. I really hated the Kagero when I was grinding up the line, so I stopped playing it once I got Yugumo. I revisited it with ranked season 8 and found a new appreciation for it. Since then, I've scored my highest ever damage in a Kagero (245K), and find it pretty fun to play. I run TRB, no smoke. The short gun range can be beneficial - faster to evade detection - and the detection range makes for a solid capping/spotting DD. The Kagero's slow gun rate "encourages" you to aim better - you may only get one good shot before disengaging.... so get those guns pointed the right way before you arrive. A 19 point captain with RPF helps... If you're capping, keep the guns pointed straight back so you can fire while kiting away. I've killed many ships while kiting away. The slow reload actually helps - gives you time to WASD between shots. WASD does work - had one game where I had 1M potential damage in 30 seconds and lost only 5K health As for torping BBs, best to wait for the right chance. A great way to increase your hit rate is to aim for BBs/CLs that are running parallel to islands, because one exit path is eliminated.
  11. How to Shimakaze

    Crongratulations! That’s a big accomplishment. There are only a handful of Shima only players on NA at 6 or better. And from what I see on shipcomrade you’re the first pure Shima player to make it! Yesterday had some truly awful teams and so I’m doubly impressed you made it this weekend. I hope to make it but I’m stuck back at 6.2....
  12. I definitely feel Lensar’s pain. Been playing my Shima with mixed results this season. Currently I have a ~51% WR. Made rank 5, only to fall back to 8 and now back at 6. I really felt confident early and had a 55% WR over the first 40 games, only to struggle since. I have no issues with radar. I’ve had many games where I’ve taken over 1M potential damage and survived. I can predict radar and will bait it. It’s annoying but manageable. My problem is that, like Lensar, I’ve been fairly unable to handle any kind of 1:1 confrontation, especially early in the game. Against any DD it’s a losing proposition; against another Shima it’s just an even trade. My goal is just stay alive so I can take down weakened DDs late in the game... assuming my team can maintain at least one cap. But early on in the game, I’m completely dependent on teamwork and their ability to focus fire.... and too often that just hasn’t worked out. Going to try one more push to break bank into rank 5 and then pack it in for lack of time....I’ve some very fun games this season and have enjoyed it.
  13. Shimi changes in coming

    Made rank 5 in the Shima but nobody’s that high! Long wait times....
  14. Shimi changes in coming

    That match looked like my evening last night - big numbers and a defeat. Greens just couldn't work together, people were driving in random directions, way too many yolo rushes, and there was nobody focus firing. After the third time hearing "Your team depends upon you" I should have just packed it in.... instead of what I actually did which was to try again and lose a rank. My karma did increase though...
  15. Shimi changes in coming

    A spotting role is a hard role: every loss loses a star. Yet, went 6-2 tonight to make rank 7. Last game I spammed torps through area A in Tears and denied them capping, I smoked my cruisers, and I spotted for kills. And ended up with “No Battle Contribution” .... LOL, but a win is a win.