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  1. Going no smoke. A Gamer's story

    Running without smoke is a great build in random battles. I run with TRB on Yugumo, Kagero and Shiratsuyu. At first teams were upset with a smoke-less DD, but after the smoke nerfs nobody complains. Of the three, the Yugumo has the best balance because its guns are quite a bit better than Kagero and Shiratsuyu. This doesn't mean that the others can't hold their own, gun-wise - you just need to be careful. The limited gun range for the Kagero is actually blessing because you can skip in/out of detection range easily, yet at 9.4km the guns are still reasonably accurate. As an example of the potential for TRB, here's a game from my Kagero from a few days ago. Gets a bit exciting in the last couple of minutes. The replay shows how both TRB and IJN guns can bring down battleships... https://replayswows.com/replay/15681#video
  2. To the OP's comment, it's a great question, especially comparing the Shima to Yugumo. I play both with the 12km torps (the 20km are worthless even if you use torpedo acceleration, and the 8km are suicidal), and so I play both in a similar manner, where I start games by capping (even contesting if required) then switch to hunting BBs and DDs. I run TRB on the Yugumo instead of smoke (similarly to how I run the Shiratsuyu and Kagero). Shima's primary advantages over the Yugumo are speed, smoke and 2400 hp. In comparison, the Yugumo has better concealment, is more maneuverable, presents a smaller target to enemy guns, and has faster reloading torpedoes. The Shima can live longer, escape/redeploy faster, and better support the team. Both are good at capping - the Shima's better speed is more threatening to the reds, while the Yugumo can work undetected. The Shima's third launcher provides a good tactical advantage, allowing me to toss speculative torps and still having 2 left for planned attacks. I rarely use all 3 at once, and often even having 5 torpedoes in the water is little help over 4. That 5th torp usually just hits the corpse of the ship I just killed... (they should compute hit rates based on hits per launch, not on hits per torpedo). Torp reloads on the Shima so long so you can't just spray-and-pray. The faster reloads combined with TRB gives the Yugumo a similar tactical advantage and is often even better -- I can attack two distinct targets with 2 drops on each. Or as per the previous post, use all 16 to stop the advance of a fleet, or to flood a cap/smoke with torpedoes. I enjoy both boats, but at the end of the day my stats are consistently better in the Yugumo than the Shima: higher win rate, more kills, more damage. Given all the similarities, and the higher cost of running T10 vs T9, most of the time I run my Yugumo.
  3. Yugumo Get?

    Been having a blast with my Yugumo in recent times. 60% win rate over my last 120 games with it, with an average of nearly 50K damage per game. Best part is mastering how to use guns on the Yugumo. Even though I run TRB instead of smoke, the guns are a potent weapon. Had an exciting match yesterday on Trap, where the reds had taken all 3 caps.... A Shima and Z46 were camping in the middle cap with the island and defending against all the greens which were too hesitant to push. So I forced the reds with a YOLO rush. Torped and killed the Shima, and rushed right for the Z.... I knew I was close when I got hydro'd and he wasn't expecting me..... Killed him with my last salvo as I died to his guns. Trading 2 DDs for 1 DD and clearing the center cap swung the game, the greens then capped B then A then C and won the game.
  4. New Contest: Museum Hunt

    A cold but beautiful day in NYC. Great idea to visit on such a nice day!
  5. Need some help with Akizuki

    Please also re-examine your modules. Swap steering mod 3 for concealment in addition to getting the CE captain skill. Steering mod 2 already improves rudder shift times and last stand addresses the down time.
  6. Akizuki Captain Skill Question

    Going without IFHE is possible but I’ve tried many games with and without and IFHE greatly increases the success rate in a knife fight. Switching back and forth with AP in a knife fight against a fletcher or gearing just accelerates your demise. If you’re never uptiered then it doesn’t really matter. For ranked i dropped DE for SE since there aren’t as many B.B. to burn down An interesting build with EL.... but seems that reducing your ammo switching time from 3s to 1.5s would be a worse trade than AR which is useful for accelerating your guns and torps.
  7. Akatsuki (and Kagero) tips?

    I really enjoy the Kagero, more than the Akatsuki. The ship has a STEEP learning curve and my first 50 matches were terrible. I just about gave up on the ship but eventually figured it out, and now win more often than not. High tier matchmaking makes for challenging battles, but the harder the battle the more rewarding the win! Some thoughts on top of the advice already given: - Know thy enemy. Know the relative detection ranges of other DD (my Kagero, with concealment in slot 6, and CE, has the best detection in tiers 8-10). Know if you're up against gunboats. Know the radar ships and don't get caught in open water. Know the secondary ranges of BBs which can now shoot farther than your torpedoes! - Watch out for high-tier CVs who sit over you. There's no defense with the lackluster AA. I've died pretty quickly trying to cap because of CV coverage. (Low tier CVs tend to not do this and so are easier to avoid.) - I run TRB instead of smoke because of radar. BBs often call out for smoke, but smoke is just asking for radar... so I feel the 8 second TRB is a clearly better choice than smoke. Plus, the gun range is so tight there's no point smoking and shooting. And, to be honest, smoking BBs usually put me in harms way, and BBs would ignore the smoke anyways. - The guns can easily finish damaged DD so don't be afraid to use them. When playing lower tiered ships, you're as good as many gunboats. But be situationally aware: when shooting make sure you know who can shoot back. Since Kagero can only shoot 9.4km, it's pretty easy to snipe weak targets and become hidden when they die. You may want to rethink your commander skills. Get Last Stand. Drop smoke if you switch to TRB. Consider AR, Survivability, TAE, and RPF. For me, the biggest lesson has been greater situational awareness. Know where to hide when there's radar - and avoid open water. Beware gunboats and CVs. Know your detection range and use it wisely but aggressively. Look out for secondaries. Learn the maps and common turning points so you can anticipate where to torp. Finally, have fun! I remember my first 175k damage game, or killing a Yamato in a single salvo. The Kagero will pay you back once you learn it.
  8. Which Path to Take at the IJN DD Split

    I've got both lines to T8. Very different style of play and both are a blast. I've been running the Kagero with TRB and no smoke - what a blast. Got a game with 175K dmg this weekend, and another where I decimated a Yamato in one salvo - 7 torps on target. The Aki is huge fun, going around machine gunning. In one battle, I forgot to smoke up and still destroyed a cruiser that was 3km away. I wondered why I was taking damage -- how could he see me in the smoke? -- only after he died did I see my smoke generator ready for action. Talk about tunnel vision! One idea: go for the gunboat line. The Shiratsuyu will be a T7 version of Kagero after 0.6.8, just a little worse detection (5.8 vs 5.5), so you can almost have the best of both worlds. The T9 BBs are as much fun to sink as the T10.
  9. I have both Fubuki and Hatsu. Unfortunately, a bad weekend on ranked for me - my Hatsu win rate just dropped below 50%, but my Fubuki win rate is horrendous, below 40%, and I've finally given up on it to focus on the Hatsu. My reasons why: Concealment - I can outspot most DDs and if I have a team that will shoot them, I know my team will win. Yes, its just 0.3 with some, but its an advantage. Speed - being first in cap sets the momentum against less aggressive players and makes them back off. Maneuverability - easier to return to smoke BBs, to avoid torps, and avoid being detected. Fewer islands to run into. Maneuverability is crucial in knife fights. Gun reload - Yes, its a hair faster than the Fubuki, and just enough that I believe I can take down a Fubuki and I don't shy away from shooting already-damaged DDs. Torpedoes - having only 2 launchers has forced me to be a more careful judge of angles and distances. I've had a lot of fun in my Hatsu, less in my Fubuki. My play is typically decent except I tend to make a judgement mistake either at the start or end of the games which results in my death. I'm getting better - my mistakes are now coming later in the game. But until I fix them, I'll still keep bouncing 11-10-11-10.
  10. Radar in ranked?

    Never mind... just saw this posted in General... shared icon with hydro
  11. Radar in ranked?

    I thought there was no radar in T6, but last night a CA charged my smoke and I swear I saw the radar icon appear. Do any of the T6 ships have radar? Or just a glitch in the UI?