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  1. robotdaddy

    Proof DDs are still good

    I’ve had great games too, but I’ll be honest and say that AA-centric DDs certainly fare better. I’m trending towards the IJN gunboat line (Hatsuharu on up) and US DDs, with AA builds all around. But my poor Cossack is gathering some dust, even though it was my favorite DD in 7.12. An AA-DD fades better in a non-CV game than the converse I just need to remind myself how frustrating it was to be triple cross dropped in high tier play...
  2. robotdaddy

    Feedback and Thoughts Directly to Pigeon_of_War

    Here’s an idea that could help in the CV rollout. Call 8.x “open beta” and promise it’ll all be fixed by the time 9.0 comes out. Then people can feel proud of their time in the CVOB just as they did a few years ago. Perhaps to entice people to stay, give everyone a free ship in 8.2 as a milestone trophy....(like the lowest tier RN CV). This is just an idea to help socialize the changes.
  3. robotdaddy

    Mac Wrapper 2.0 Now Available

    Did Macs ever work with PTS? I haven't gotten it to work previously.
  4. Hopefully they'll use this as a chance to fix the Mac wrapper, which is still 32 bits... so many crashes, and 8.0 has more stuttering/lags than 7.12...
  5. robotdaddy

    PSA: 0.8.0 AA Defense - how it works

    Thanks for the PSA. This helps explain AA but there’s still a lot to explore. We were in the training room last night experimenting with different Gearing builds, trying to test BFT and AFT and DFAA. Even with controlled testing against a Saipan (aiming to test against its higher tier planes), the value of any of these was not clear. In our limited testing, Gearing with neither skill shot down more planes than having both BFT and AFT, but the damage counter was higher with those skills DFAA clearly increases rate of fire and dps, but didn’t prevent a carrier strike. Overall, the “AA” build was a bit disappointing. Maybe more dps is ultimately better, but how much so? It would be great to hear from someone who has done more systematic testing. There are only a couple days left before free respec ends...
  6. Great guide Pulicat. I'd like to add a couple of points: the CVs need to MOVE around the map more. Everybody is running scared from the planes and "traditional" objective play has been forgotten. There always seems to be 2 ships on both sides aiming to CV snipe, which means 4 ships - 1/3rd of the fleet - are not playing objectives. Then add in the usual campers in the back.... I've had a lot of games where I've been the ONLY ship capping. Games will end with the CVs in A1/J10 and unable to claim the caps and win. Which leads to the second point that CVs should do all they can to support their fleets. Keep the DDs alive for the endgame, because nobody else seems to be helping now.
  7. robotdaddy

    I figured DD play for now

    Played games last night with my Gearing, Fletcher and Yugumo to get a variety of styles. Max AA build for Fletcher (all the modules, AFT, MFCAA, DFAA), balanced build for the Gearing (AA modules, BFT, DFAA), and the Yugumo was... well... defenseless. Switched to smoke on the Yugumo rather than TRB. Wins for all. The Fletcher and Gearing shot down 15-20 planes each and I was spotted much of the match. Yugumo shot down 1 plane. CV skill was a clear factor in each game, where the CVs kept the red DDs spotted so we could kill them, while the red CVs couldn't finish me off. Overall, it was a slower more methodical game without the DD knife fights and contested caps, and also without speed boost to traverse quickly between objectives. While I had 1-2 kills each game, the average damage was low (~30K). In the Gearing and Fletcher games I could just as easily been in a cruiser, although I did play team support by smoking cruisers. And in fact I later tried games in Edinburgh and Minotaur and I was capping in those ships. Only in the Yugumo game did I play like a DD and in that game I capped all 3 caps, and the CV and I were the last ships alive to finish off the reds and win. One early conclusion is that MFCAA is not worth 4 points on a DD. And DFAA is also of questionable value, since I had more kills with it off than on... Still trying to decide on BFT and AFT. Then will test which modules help or not. There's no way to get all this testing done before Feb 8 when free respec'ing goes away. My conclusion: DDs are far from dead. The meta has changed substantially. DD-DD fights were down, and CVs are part of decision making every minute. I appreciate not being instantly deleted by a triple-cross-drop, but hope the DD playstyle becomes a bit more exciting as things settle down. For now, I think I'll keep two classes of ships ready for now until I figure out where this is going (AA builds and non-AA builds), and choose based on whats in the queue....
  8. robotdaddy

    Musashi is such a beast in rank

    In my experience, any ship will take you to rank 10. The meta changes significantly above / below rank 10. I'll be initiating ranked this weekend, starting at rank 9 and in the thick of the fun.
  9. robotdaddy

    Feedback and Thoughts Directly to Pigeon_of_War

    Could free respec’ing of ships and modules please be extended beyond Feb 8? The meta is so dynamic that I’m not sure a week is enough time. It takes time to test different builds.
  10. robotdaddy

    Neptune Vs. Minotaur

    Ha! My first two Neptune games were even worse disasters. Both games, killed by a single volley within the first 3 minutes of the game... almost gave up but I persisted, and now have a 55% WR in the Neptune. Not nearly as fun as Minotaur, and worse matchmaking than Edinburgh, but its a pretty solid ship in many situations.
  11. robotdaddy

    About the CV rework

    How often have you been cross-dropped by an unicum CV in the first 3 minutes of the game? Those days are now done. CVs will now need to be managed like any other class: Make a mistake, you're done. Play well and you'll do well.
  12. robotdaddy

    arms race question

    Played Arms Race a few times when it was out before. But it seems like the rules of this "refined" version of Arms Race are a bit different than the original Arms Race. As I read it: You don't need to be within 12km of the buff zone to get a buff - it goes to all ships on the team getting the buff? The buff goes to the team with the most ships in the buff zone, which I interpret to mean that buff zones are a lot larger than before. Will these zones be as large as traditional caps in domination mode? Will there be a drop zone within the typical "A" cap in Sleeping Giant? Will the locations of the drop zones will be static, unlike original AR where they were randomly placed each game? Seems like the first weekend will be about figuring out the right strategies. This will make for a unique meta for Ranked, which had been like a random form of Clan Battles. If the zones are larger and contestable, will that encourage more diverse play? Will this be dominated by DDs racing around at full speed to get the drop zones or will CL/BB play a significant role since the zones are larger? Is the best strategy to always send multiple ships to each drop zone or go solo to multiple caps? Personally, I just don't want this be an all-DD game and have each game turn into 10 minutes of knife fighting. That's just too stressful....
  13. Based on tonight's experience: Fletcher 2, Black 0 I used to fear the Black because it was reserved for 5-time Rank 1 achievers. No matter what you personally think of Ranked play, I think that is a big accomplishment. Its introduction into the Arsenal has broadened its player base and diminished its WR. Time will tell if its truly OP. But frankly, given the prevalence of radar in the game, the Black no longer has magic powers - it is too easily countered.
  14. robotdaddy

    A sharp increase in USS Black population

    How are people getting enough steel to buy a Black? I’ve seen such complete trash play from Blacks out there - people who can barely play DD, let alone a ship that used to be given to the best players. Just finished a game where I gunned down a full-health Black in my half-health Shima. How??? They hid behind an island and radared me but had no gun angles on me...really? I’ve actually checked the stats and some of these players have never ranked out....
  15. robotdaddy

    Your favourite destroyer line?

    I’ve completed the IJN and US lines and I’m up to tier 8 on RN and PA. Frankly, I love them all, but that’s why I’m a DD main. They can all give amazing performances, in different ways. Learning multiple lines has helped my overall DD play, as has playing BB and CL. For example, I use guns a lot more on IJN after having to wean myself off of torpedos on the lower tier US DD. And when I play BB/CL I always think about what the DD ahead of me needs. With the gun buff to IJN, it remains my favorite line. I enjoy being on the front, capping and spotting. I enjoy the stealth game. And, I enjoy unleashing a well timed torp spread for a dev strike.