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  1. Rumple010

    Post your 2018 Crate Haul....

    I've bought 40 regular containers and 40 big containers. 7 ships in all. 1 from the regular containers and 6 from the big containers Anshan from a regular container Krasny Krym, because everyone is getting one of these Ashitaka Admiral Graf Spee, because I already had the HSF Graf Spee and WG is trolling me Nueve de Julio Boise, because more trolling since I had just received the Nueve Dunkerque And, of course, I got lots of camo and flags and gold and stuff like that but really, it's the ships that people want to know about. Still hoping for a Nikolai or Gremy or Kamikaze.
  2. Rumple010

    2018 Secret Santa!

    Merry Christmas, Billy2Hawks!
  3. I think you should be able to shoot Santa down. And if you do, he drops a big lump of coal on your ship.
  4. Rumple010

    A message?

    Last year I got the Huang He. I thought, "Great. What am I going to do with this turd of a ship?" Turned out she was pretty good for Operations. Her creeping smoke and AA worked wonders.
  5. My results from 20 regular Santa's Gift crates 200 Zulu flags 8 New Year Streamer camo 20,000 free xp 900 doubloons 200 Zulu Hotel flags 50 Papa Papa flags 4 Type 59 camo 2,500 coal Anshan with 10 pt commander I have to say that getting a whole 2 camo (of any type) in a container isn't particularly thrilling. Mostly satisfied with everything else. I already have the Fushun and Gnevny so not sure what the Anshan brings to the table that I can't get playing these other ships.
  6. Rumple010

    CO-OP Battles please fix

    I'd be happy if the green bots didn't sail straight, take a few shots at their opposite number on the red team, then ram.
  7. Rumple010

    Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    Since my exchange with AdmiralThunder about 200k+ damage games, I've been paying more attention to the amount of damage I've been doing. Here is my first game over 200k damage since our conversation. All the cruisers got sunk fairly early in the game which left the BBs to slug it out. I got some juicy broadsides on the Montana and Republique. Didn't hurt that there was a low tier CV available for damage farming, either.
  8. Rumple010

    5 Atlanta's in one Hermes

    You keep your mitts off my Atlanta! Her ridiculous guns are balanced by the fact that the shells travel through the stratosphere to reach targets at 10 km or beyond and by the fact that she explodes when a BB so much as farts at her.
  9. Rumple010

    5 Atlanta's in one Hermes

    I cycle through my Lyon, Belfast and Atlanta. Each ship brings something to the table.
  10. Rumple010

    Asashio yes or no?

    Yes, you need the regular Asashio to play the 2500 gold mission. Yes, it is rather trollish for the mission to appear even if you don't have the regular ship. No, WG, I'm not going to buy the regular ship just so I can get 2500 gold.
  11. Rumple010

    Asashio yes or no?

    I just got the Asashio Black in a Black Friday container so I can't compare it to the pre-buff Asashio, but I've been doing surprisingly well in it. You have to play it differently compared to other DDs because it doesn't have the guns to be a dedicated gunboat and you can't use your torps to deter aggressive DDs or cruisers. I'd say it's a good boat for learning how to position yourself; for torpedo strikes, for capping so the enemy has no shot on you, for spotting enemy ships your allies can shoot. And even though the guns don't compare to dedicated gunboats, the alpha strike means you can absolutely help bring down ships if they are on low health or you have friendlies nearby. My first game I gunned down a Benson who was busy dodging shots from a friendly cruiser. So I'd recommend the ship. Maybe not as your main DD but as something to play when you want to change things up a bit. Keep the enemy lit, cap when the opportunity arises but not before, and keep the enemy BBs dancing with your torps. Asashio can be great fun if you have the patience to play to its strengths.
  12. Rumple010

    changing the replay delete behaviour

    It did indeed. Thanks for the link.
  13. Rumple010

    changing the replay delete behaviour

    How do I adjust the number of replays the WoWS client will keep before deleting them. How do I turn off replay deletion altogether?
  14. By meeting 6 people/connections, anyone in the world can know Kevin Bacon.
  15. I played my Mutsu during the last tier 6 ranked and did pretty well with her. Sunk a Bayern with my torps in one match. I didn't have then a lot of the ships I have now, though. Might take out my T-61, Fuso or Warspite. With the recent buff to IJN DDs, I wonder how well the Shinonome would fair. Another option is to kemp islands in my Dallas and lob HE at everything. Hmmm...