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  1. Rumple010

    Ships I'd Rather see than another Tier 10.

    Lots of good suggestions on this thread. I can't add much more than say I vigorously agree with the wish to add more ships with actual service histories to the game.
  2. Rumple010

    Just heard a cat in game

    yes, it was. I've got the Kitty Purrfurst flag on my GK and I've never noticed the sound before. Now I'm going to be completely distracted every time I take my GK out as I listen for the meow.
  3. I had occasion to visit Battleship Cove a few weeks ago. For folks who don't know, that's where the USS Massachusetts is moored. If anyone owns Big Mamie in game and has noticed the artwork on B turret, yes, it is present on the real thing. This is the first battleship I've visited where I was able to get into one of the main battery turrets. Here is the main rangefinder from the rear of the turret. You can see the rangefinder on the outside of the turret to the left of the artwork in the photo above. And here are some powder bags being rammed into the breach of one of the 16 inch guns. You can see the door where the bags come from in the wall behind the loading tray. The photo is at an odd angle because the space I was in is very cramped. There is absolutely no extra room inside one of these turrets. You can get into one of the 5 inch gun turrets, too. Here is a shot from the bow showing off Massachusetts in all her glory. There's lots of other things to see at Battleship Cove. Like USS Lionfish. That's Hiddensee behind the sub. It's a cold war era missile corvette formally of the East German Navy that found it's way into US Navy service after the wall came down. The bins on the side of the ship are for SS-N-2 Styx anti-ship missiles. There's also a Gearing class destroyer, the Joseph P. Kennedy Jr. The ship was heavily modified post war with an ASROC launcher, ASW torpedo tubes and a flight deck and hanger for drones. I spent a whole day walking through these ships. There is also a building where two PT boats are on display. I had never seen a PT boat beyond pictures and models before visiting Battleship Cove. If anyone has the opportunity to get there, I recommend you take it.
  4. Finished the directives but not all the missions. I didn't complete any of the French Destroyer missions that would have netted me another 4 crates I think. I didn't purchase any of the premium French containers, either. So from all the crates I did get through directive missions plus an extra 2 from finishing the summer missions on the PTS, I scored the Jaguar and Guepard.
  5. Rumple010

    A question for WG on subs

    HSM Dreadnought wasn't it?
  6. Rumple010

    A question for WG on subs

    They could at least let you know how fast your CV is going while you're piloting planes. This is especially true now that the new autopilot is going to be adjusting the speed of your ship.
  7. Rumple010

    How might ASW work

    If sonobuoys became a thing in the game, how should they work? Presumably CV planes would drop them. How many before the squadron has to return to the ship? Is that all the squadron carries so the CV player has to make a decision, light up subs or do damage to ships. If planes can carry ordinance in addition to sonobuoys, how do you prevent them from nullifying the value of smoke? Can you imagine the cries of anguish from every DD driver (besides drivers of French DDs) when you tell them smoking up will do jack squat when a CV is hunting them. So much for capping when a CV is in the game. Come to think of it, that point applies whether or not planes can carry ordinance in addition to sonobuoys. It's just if a CV plane can carry both, then it doesn't need to bring a friend to deliver the pain to the DD it lights up.
  8. Rumple010

    How might ASW work

    You know, I had not thought about that but it sounds like a doable thing and is certainly less um inflammatory than can of worms that would be radar equipped aircraft in game. Of course the primary purpose for the Sonobuoys would be ASW. My suggestion was made tongue in cheek. I think sonobuoys wouldn't be a good idea for the very reason I cite. Were sonobuoys even a thing until after WW2 anyway?
  9. Rumple010

    How might ASW work

    OMG I hope sonobuoys make it into the game. First thing I'll do is drop one in some DD's smoke to light her up so all my friends can sink her.
  10. That dirty, rotten, no-good lousy HE spammer in his flamethrower cruiser lighting up every battleship unfortunate enough to be within range of his guns. As someone who loves playing battleships, I don't know how I'm going to look at myself in the mirror in the mornings.
  11. I won't be using the Research Bureau. The cost is too high for me in terms of time and effort to re-grind a ship line I've already done. Once I've unlocked all the tech tree ships I'm interested in, I'll be happy playing ships I have, no desire to revisit a grind I've already experienced.
  12. Rumple010

    Peruvian Navy to preserve Almirante Grau

    So WG, when will we see De Ruyter in game?
  13. But sometimes you eat the bear. Three bottom tier matches in a row and three victories. The middle battle was a route for our side but the other two definitely were not. I had the benefit of good teammates for all three matches but I feel I pulled my weight, especially considering I unlocked the La Gal only yesterday. If this keeps up I might have to start calling myself a cruiser main. Naaa. I'll never give up my love for battleships and destroyers.
  14. Rumple010

    Stage 4 Progress

    Got my Siroco today! Weee! But I cheated and did a lot of my battles in random. Most of my cruiser matches were Co-op, however, as I don't play cruisers nearly as much as other classes. I played quite a few high-tier battleship matches in Co-op, too, chasing the 3 million damage directive. That didn't work out so well, though, as my damage output wasn't very impressive in a lot of my matches. I'm still only 2/3 of the way there. I found in many cases my teammates were just too good and the bots got sunk before I could reach those big damage numbers.
  15. Rumple010

    Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    A nice way to start the day. Have I mentioned I love secondary build German BBs?