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  1. Rumple010

    Brawl Recommendations

    Pommern has been pretty reliable for me.
  2. Rumple010

    The answer to CVs

    Don't like carriers? Does their presence lessen your enjoyment of the game? Well, WG has provided a solution for you. Submarines! Yes, that's right. Subs. I've played subs a bit. Not that much since I find I don't enjoy the gameplay much. And I hate playing against them. But I have found one thing they are good at. Carrier hunting! Ignore caps. Ignore all other ships. Use your sub to get into the enemy spawn and hunt down and sink that pesky carrier that's griefing all your friendly DDs. If you can spot other ships along the way, great, but first priority is finding that carrier. This is especially effective in the mid teirs where the maps are smaller. The carrier can't hide for long. Even if you don't sink the carrier, letting the carrier know you're after them will take their attention away from your teammates, letting them do things like focus on sinking ships instead of "just dodging" and maybe taking a capture point without getting reset. I know carrier hunting can be a tedious and time consuming operation, but I'm willing to take the hit every so often since it means my teammates will have a more enjoyable game. So let's use these lemons that WG has given us and make lemonade! Use those subs to sink carriers and make World of Warships fun again!
  3. I can't decide between Cherry Blossom and Hermes. I loved them both. I'd like to see Dynamo make a return, too. I don't know how any of them are going to play, though. The old AA mechanic was half the fun. Maybe not much fun in randoms but great fun in operations. The new 'click a sector' mechanic just can't compare to having to pick the particular squadron you wanted your AA to focus on.
  4. Rumple010

    Get rid of detonations

    The other answer for folks who don't want to be detonated is to play CVs. Or subs.
  5. Rumple010

    Get rid of detonations

    I absolutely want detonations to remain in the game. I don't like getting detonated any more than anyone else but when I detonate an enemy ship it's always hilarious, it never gets old. I'm willing to take the occasional detonation if it means I get to detonate other ships.
  6. My best showing in Dirigible Derby and it was a loss. Still had fun in the match, though. I hope this mode remains a regular feature of the game.
  7. Rumple010

    Was the CV Rework Worth Losing Old Operations?

    I think this is a fair statement. I would say that the old AA mechanic was more satisfying. Targeting a specific squadron and seeing your concentrated fire have an effect was more engaging than the present select a sector mechanic.
  8. The Agincourt has made a good first impression on me. Sinking the Ryujo in a ship with zero AA was particularly satisfying. Well, I must admit sinking a CV is always satisfying.
  9. Huang He is best cruiser in game. Discuss.
  10. It's fun for the CVs.
  11. Rumple010

    Your Best Operation Game{s}

    Huh. Not as many kills but more damage in Hyuga compared to my Scharnhorst match. Who would have guessed?
  12. Rumple010

    Your Best Operation Game{s}

    Narai rampage. I'm pretty sure this is my most kills in the operation. Notice there are no transports among the ships sunk.
  13. Rumple010

    More subs (hybrids) in wows?

    I've seen the I-401 from Arpeggio of Blue Steel in a CC's tech tree. WG already has the model. Only a matter of time before it shows up in the game. I wonder if they will give it a supergravity cannon.
  14. 9 big Santa containers from snowflakes. Yukon from first container. Salem from last container.
  15. Rumple010

    First secondary dev strike

    I don't think a detonation was involved at all. Dev Strike achievement says damage has to be done within 5 seconds. I expect the Dev Strike is from the sub. I hit her with main battery then secondary shell did her in.