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  1. Rumple010

    Premium Ship Review #137 - Indomitable

    Some of WG's plane choices mystify me. For instance, Skyraiders should be the upgraded planes on the Midway. But then, WG was going to use Albacores for Ark Royal's torpedo planes so nothing should surprise us.
  2. Rumple010

    Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    Since 9 vs 9 was introduced into Co-op, matches ending with one or more enemy bots still afloat have become the norm. Here's a rare match that lasted long enough to sink the entire bot team. The bots managed to take a capture point in a domination game and build up enough points so the mercy rule didn't kick in. It gave me the chance to exercise the torpedoes on my Fletcher.
  3. Me: When are we going to see new low and mid tier maps? WG: Never. The only time you should play low and mid tier ships is while grinding towards high tier ships. Play more high tier, peasant!
  4. Pastrami sandwich with havarti cheese, lettuce and dijon mustard. No bacon but still pretty good.
  5. I was about to have lunch. Maybe I'll wait a while now.
  6. Rumple010


    You've seen the number of Puerto Ricos in random matches lately, right? The answer is absolutely yes.
  7. Rumple010

    ST, New ships

    Up next, missile cruisers.
  8. Given that WoT now has double-barreled tanks, I'd say...
  9. Rumple010

    Your Best Operation Game{s}

    Nothing remarkable about this run through Raptor Rescue but I've been getting so few wins (let alone 5 star wins) this cycle that I decided to post it anyway. At one point Raptor decided to stop dead in the water broadside to three battleships. She didn't stop behind an island but in open water for no apparent reason other than to raise the blood pressure of the players. I parked my Fuso between her and the enemy bots so they wouldn't blap her out of existence. I also noticed one of the support ships heading off in some random direction during this match. We were fortunate that the direction she chose took her away from the enemy bots.
  10. Rumple010

    Raptor Rescue has gotten harder

    It seems the the friendly bot bahaviour has changed in both Narai and Raptor Rescue. In Narai transports randomly YOLO into the attacking ships once they enter the harbour. I don't remember that ever happening before this last cycle. Now in Raptor Rescue, Raptor and the support ships behave more erratically too. Often a support ship will veer off course and head of in some random direction. In one match Raptor stopped dead in open water (not behind an island) broadside to three battleships and sat there for a minute or two. I parked my Fuso in front of it to prevent it from being sunk. A charitable person might conclude that WG made the change to keep these operations from becoming stale and give people a fresh challenge. An uncharitable person might conclude that WG decided too many people were earning too much xp and credits from these operations and deliberately made it significantly harder to earn 5 stars. I haven't decided which kind of person I am yet.
  11. Rumple010

    3 things I'd like to see in 2020

    Bring back missing operations and create more operations for a wider range of tiers. New maps for mid and low tiers. More historical ships. I'm always more interested in grinding or paying for ships with a service history than paper or fantasy ships. I enjoyed the 1 vs 1 Ranked Sprint and want to see it again, not every Ranked Sprint but some of the time.
  12. Rumple010

    What is with the AI in Raptor Rescue

    Given the bot behaviour in Narai, it seems that the friendly bot AI has seen a global change that affects all the operations with friendly bots.
  13. Rumple010

    I can take a hint.

    I've been having poor results with Raptor Rescue this time around too.
  14. Rumple010

    Pan European Destroyers

    I'm wondering if the plan is to do line splits with each branch focusing on a different nation, or more than one nation if a single nation can't contribute enough ships. In this scenario Swedish ships would just be the first branch of the European DD line. So here's crossing our fingers for a Dutch branch.
  15. Rumple010

    Who have you seen in game

    My second game with @Lord_Zath this time in his Midway. I was in my Shimakaze and he kept an enemy Harugumo from making my life difficult.