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  1. I took 12 battles in my Nelson to get the 7 achievements. I was chugging along getting the expected dreadnought and fireproof achievements with a first blood thrown in just for kicks. I was down to needing one more achievement and then I have my best Nelson game ever. 165k damage and four achievements! You never know when lightning is going to strike.
  2. Rumple010

    A tip for the 7 achievements

    I did basically what you describe with my Nelson. Most of the achievements I got were dreadnought and fireproof with a first blood and dev strike thrown in. The dev strike was from a DD who decided to rush me from behind an island even though a teammate was spotting him. I was ready but he got his torps off before I blapped him. The torps I ate just helped me get the dreadnought achievement that game, though.
  3. Rumple010

    Exeter - 7 achievement mission

    I used my Nelson to get the 7 achievements. You can't do much hiding, though, if you want to get those fireproof and dreadnought achievements. You have to put yourself into the line of fire but don't overextend otherwise you'll just end up getting sunk. I tried to keep teammates nearby so I wouldn't be the only ship the enemy had to shoot at. I used islands to limit lines of fire and to disengage until I could use my super heal and get back into the fight. I found myself reversing quite a bit, too, as a way to disengage or just to deny the enemy a good angle to shoot from. I didn't damage control fires or floods unless I really had to so I could get those lovely dreadnought and fireproof achievements. I took me 12 Nelson games but I got my 7 achievements. Just keep at it. You can go through a number of games with no achievements but then you have a great game and you get half of what you need in one go.
  4. When I say 'not so bad', I mean not so bad when I'm playing her. I bought the Nelson when it first became available. It's got such an odd-ball look I couldn't resist. I just couldn't make her click, though. The guns didn't perform for me with RNG trolling me with a couple of overpens in a salvo. I found the low speed restrictive (I know, Colorado sends her sympathies) and I never seemed to be able to take advantage of the HE fire spamming ability of the ship. So after a small number of random matches, she became a port queen with only an occasional foray here and there. With the Exeter achievement mission, I decided to dust her off and try to win myself some dreadnought and fireproof achievements. I don't know what's happened since the last time I took her out but today I had an incredible run of success with her. I managed 10 wins out of 12 battles with her today. The screenshot just shows my latest session from today with a Belfast game thrown in for good measure. Maybe people just aren't playing their best because they're all chasing achievements but shouldn't that apply to to myself and the other players on my teams, too? Maybe I've just gotten better at her campy, HE spamming style of game play and choosing when to use the right type of ammo. Well, maybe. Anyway, the last game I played got me the achievements I needed and just happened to set a personal damage record in this ship to boot. I only needed one achievement to complete the mission so naturally that's when I get four of them. Every other battle where I got achievements I got only one or two. So now I have newfound love and respect for my Nelson. Maybe this will convince me to take the old girl out more often. I don't expect my present win rate will last very long but I can enjoy it while it does.
  5. Rumple010

    Your Best Operation Game{s}

    Sigh. And I thought I did pretty well with 39 torpedo hits in my Furious.
  6. Because you can't control them. As soon as they drop their payload they are on autopilot unlike your ship which you can always control and potentially dodge incoming fire. This is different even from pre-rework CVs where you could control the route taken by returning planes. You can't do that anymore. But I understand where you're coming from AT. Why should planes be invulnerable to damage? I think the problem comes from the same nerf that applied to planes after hitting the F key was applied to planes after dropping their payload. Isn't WG going to address this by shortening the time period planes are vulnerable to AAA after dropping their payload? This will mean planes that drop their payload don't become invulnerable but will be vulnerable for a shorter period of time than they are now. Hopefully this turns out to be a reasonable compromise between making planes invulnerable to damage and punishing CV players for doing what they're supposed to be doing, dropping ordinance on ships.
  7. Rumple010

    Name the ship you think is worthless....

    Makarov. How many people even remember it's in the game? I list it here because the Nurnberg is in the game and, save for a Russian flag, I don't know what it offers that the Nurnberg doesn't. T-22 is another ship that comes to mind.
  8. Rumple010

    Which steel ship to get

    If you intend to use Flint in Co-op games, I don't think there is enough difference between her and the Atlanta to justify spending the steel. Bots just rush you so if you try to use your smoke you won't be able to hide for long. The torpedoes have a much longer range on the Flint but we all know how good the bots are at dodging torpedoes so to get consistent hits you'll likely be launching them from close range anyway. If you intend to use the Flint in scenarios then I do think she is worth it. I bought the Flint for scenarios even though the only one you can use her in right now is Narai. You can use your smoke to cover some of the transports on approach to the harbor and once you're there, you can find a nice quiet spot off to one flank and daka daka into the broadsides of the bots as they sail by. I don't have the Black so this is just conjecture on my part but I don't find radar particularly useful in Co-op on other ships I have so I don't expect it would be any more useful on the Black. Bots don't hide in their smoke so why bother with radar?
  9. I feel your pain, AT, I feel your pain.
  10. Rumple010

    Don't sail Broadside to a Yamato!

    It was all worth it just to see your creative use of emojis in this forum post.
  11. The plane kill mission took me the most time to complete. I got the planes in I think 3 battles but it took a while to find 3 battles with carriers in them that were willing to send me significant numbers of planes to shoot down. I've finished the first 2 stages doing mostly Co-op with Randoms to get the plane kills and the base xp. Waiting for the next stage now.
  12. Rumple010

    Huang He love fest

    My latest Huang He battle. Middle tier this time. Used islands and smoke to annoy enemy battleships from safety and got some good AP hits on cruisers silly enough to show the inoffensive looking Huang He their broadsides. I swear if people start treating the Huang He as a serious threat, I'm done for.
  13. If you've read LWM's premium ship review on the Exeter or watched some of Farazelleth's videos on the carrier rework, then you know that WG does their own thing. I get the impression that when WG 'listens' to the player community, it's to do something they were going to do anyway. I guess achievements in Co-op isn't something they were going to do anyway.
  14. Rumple010

    Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    In the Atlanta it's all about positioning. I set myself up behind an island on Haven and was able to sink two cruisers while they were busy shooting at my teammate who decided it would be a good idea to rush forward. I then found another island to hide behind and farmed free damage off two battleships that were content to fire at our carrier. I landed 311 shells and did 90k damage without taking one hit myself, not even any potential damage. Now that's positioning! I didn't save my teammate who rushed the cruisers but I did save our carrier from the battleships.
  15. Rumple010

    Aegis Question

    By the way, I just had a 5 star win on Aegis in my Graf Spee. After sinking the ships escorting the transports, I continued north and started engaging the BBs as soon as I was in range. The Fuso never shot at me but the other two BBs did. I had to continuously work the WASD keys to keep from being deleted. But I had lots of backup, too. We lost only one ship during the battle so while the bot BBs were shooting at me, friendly BBs were shooting at them. I did manage to sink the Ishizuchi, though.