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  1. Rumple010

    Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    My best game in the Yoshino by far. I just had bots with me at B cap on Trap while the other two humans were over at C. I stayed close to our bot Kurfurst for the first part of the match and let her soak up most of the incoming fire. Once she was sunk, the enemy Yamato was nice to me and completely wiffed two salvos at point blank range letting me put 4 torpedoes into her and then finish her off with guns.
  2. Rumple010

    Detonations are still [bleep]

    I hate it when I get detonated. I love it when I detonate someone else. I hope detonations are never removed from the game.
  3. Rumple010

    Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    New personal damage record, once again in the Republique. Every game I've played that has cracked 300k damage has been in the Republique. Go figure.
  4. Rumple010

    Fight With Us Week 2

    Whenever a mission requirement says base xp, it means xp without premium. Even if you have premium time in play, the mission looks at the base xp without premium to fulfill its requirement.
  5. Rumple010

    Server down?

    I've played 4 games and I experienced my regular pings times for all of them. No issues with the port either. Looks like things are back to normal. As normal as they get with WoWS in any case.
  6. Rumple010

    Server down?

    I noticed that I could have a game with 35 ms ping followed by a game with 500 ms ping so one good game doesn't mean the problem has gone away. I'll play a few games and report back here.
  7. Rumple010

    Server down?

    I had mine spike to 5000.
  8. Rumple010

    Server down?

    It is varying from match to match with me. One match 1000 ms ping time, the very next match 35 ms ping time. But then didn't see the post match screens, just right back to port. I hope I got credited the xp for that match. It was a really good one.
  9. Rumple010

    Server down?

    It doesn't necessarily matter what provider you use. What matters are the providers WG uses to connect their servers to the internet. You might expect if WG uses multiple providers it's for redundancy. If a provider has a problem, the other or others they use will ensure continued service. You might expect that, but things don't always work out the way you expect.
  10. Rumple010

    Server down?

    I wasn't able to log in the first time I tried this morning. I've been able to log into the game since that first try but I'm experienced severe lag. Ping times are consistently over 200 ms and can spike to 500 ms. For me ping time is normally 35 ms or thereabouts.
  11. So long as you detonate your target that is.
  12. Rumple010


    I really hope this new offering isn't intended to replace the periodic free xp conversion bonus.
  13. Rumple010

    I like Pi

  14. I got the Visby today and while playing I noticed something rather annoying. Every other DD I have uses 'Y' for speed boost. Other DDs I have that have a heal use 'U' for heal. This seems pretty consistent for DDs. But the Visby decided to go it's own way. 'T' is used for speed boost and 'Y' is used for heal. Why in the world would WG do this? Is it really that hard to make 'Y' speed boost and 'U' heal on all DDs that have these consumables? That just seems like 'Good UI Design 101' to me. The Kidd also uses 'Y' for heal and puts speed boost and defensive AA on 'U'. Again, why would they do this? Were they bored with the way consumables are arranged on all other DDs?
  15. Rumple010

    ST, new ships.

    Prince of Wales would be hard to shoehorn into tier 8 or higher which means it isn't a priority for WG. Never mind that people keep asking for more real world ships that would really fit the game only at mid tiers. And never mind the fact that people asking for them implies they are willing to pay for them. WG wants you playing more high tier. Play more high tier, peasant!