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  1. After learning that we were going to PAX East, my bud came over and saw me playing WoWs, they were like "Wow, that looks really coo... wait did you blow that ship up?!" After that the fine people here announced the player meet up at Barlows in Boston that Friday we were going to PAX. My first instinct was to sign myself up, but what about my friend I wondered... well I made him come over, use my computer, make an account, and start playing. After that night he was hooked and bought a whole other computer to play it, since his crappy laptop couldn't handle it. I would tag him, but he hasn't signed up for the forums yet... but his gamertag is "ursexymom". On behalf of him he requested the number 57
  2. UssSniperSquad

    Where Would You Ship?

    How am I not surprised... Lol
  3. Tucked far away like a troll, Where you can touch me I can with 10 more, Stay away as I bite back, I come three by three, ten by two, If the big ones won't the "little" ones will.
  4. I had a great time playing the turkey event. Many people seemed to enjoy that, so why not give them them the same chance again?
  5. UssSniperSquad

    World of Warships @ PAX East 2019

    Sounds like fun. I'll be able to make it to the happy hour event.