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  1. So the French BBs (so far)...

    Atleast be happy that you all got free ships. They can always buff them later if the performance is not good or average across its tier. i have opened all the 12 containers of the first part and haven't gotten any ship. So yeah... cheers mate :(
  2. Achievements Bug

    Hmm, that maybe it. And yes by the way, I do not have the 3 bbs fully researched so they are out. Next, those 6 raid ships are out as well ( not fully researched ), including the one premium which I already excluded. I don't see what next achievement you are talking about. I only have the research 1, 10 and 50 ships achievement. And the 50 ships achievement is grayed out. You can see only 3 similar achievements in the bottom left of the pic. And I am hovering on the first one.
  3. Achievements Bug

    I have only 3 premium ships and I am pretty sure there are only 6 nations in this game, so 6 tier 1 cruisers. Total 9 ships. If I removed that from 62 that would be 53. But anyways thanks for the info.
  4. Achievements Bug

    As you can see from the pic, the Chief Naval Architect achievement is bugged for me. It shows that I have to fully research 50 ships, and I have 62 of them, and it is showing in the progress bar... ... yet the achievement is not considered complete.