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  1. Sorry of being a console noob but do I need to have some sort of paid subscription to play Warships on XBox One?
  2. I'm confused with the description. Coupon states "gold" but doubloons are technically gold but in Spanish language. Will it work on Warships premium shop? Thank you.
  3. Will ARP mission return or will the ARP ships be sold (not sure if it was on the premium shop) again? I have read somewhere on this forum that HSF ships will end by end of year. True? Fuso is a good battleship, the newbie talking, although majority of the games were on Co-Op mode. Just the maneuvering is so slow. Maybe that is why i don't see her much on Random Battles (though I have only played with her for 5 Random Battles). She is fun to play with and will keep her on my port as my Kongo is. But don't tell Kongo, I mentioned Fuso is more fun to play with. On my Fuso, The only module I need to upgrade is the Gun Fire Control System. My Fuso has a new captain since the 8-point captain stayed at my Kongo. The upgraded equipment are Main Armaments Modification 1, Damage Control Systems Modification 1 and 2, Aiming System Modification Only using the free consumables Any tips for this newbie? I usually position her near some cruisers that are at the rear. And I usually do the diagonal thing so I can use all main guns. At times I just set her to 1/4 speed and at times at full stop while shooting from behind. Moving left and right on Fuso is difficult to she stays behind surrounded with friendly cruisers. But sometimes only 1-4 shells hits the target. Dumb question... Is the accuracy of aiming RNG dependent for Fuso? Already watched some videos. I am mostly having trouble on aiming and hitting the target though I think I got the hang of pre-aiming but still only 1-4 shells are landing on the target. Fuso gets detected a lot even if positioned on the rear.
  4. ThatOddMan

    Roles in the Game?

    So I am doing some reading at World of Warships wiki just to understand how this game works. And to improve my game plays. Recently, I am mostly playing battleships (Kongo and Fuso) and destroyers (Isokaze and Phra Ruang). I temporarily shelved Zuiho. I already got advised on playing with battleship Kongo. I am still figuring out battleship Fuso; whether I should upgarde the propulsion module first or get the module upgrade for the hull and firing system. However, for destroyers like Isokaze and Phra Ruang; do those ships take the role of a scout? I got the Monaghan from a mission but it seems to be too slow and sluggish for a destroyer. I got the following from World of Warships wiki. I tried to play lower tier cruisers, USN and IJN. But cruisers seems to be too slow compared to destroyers but faster than a battleship. By that, for cruisers, do I need to take those ships for scouting? So are destroyers, for its role, basically considered as canon fodders in this game with it's role as scout and distract enemy ships? If I take a cruiser, preferably IJN or USN, do I partner her with a destroyer tailing behind her? Basically, I am confused about the roles. EDIT: For destroyers, I am going to the Akizuki line and the only Pan-Asia line, Yue Yang. For cruisers, to the Zao.
  5. WOWSFACEBOOKUNITED Not sure if anyone wants that camo or already redeemed that code. EDIT: Code is valid for all regions.
  6. ThatOddMan

    Why would I want to play a destroyer?

    Why? So I can spam "POI" on chat.
  7. Are the Captain camo and Commemorative flag a one time user per battle or permanent? Is the Commemorative flag transferable to other ships once applied to a single ship?
  8. ThatOddMan

    Why won't people engage then enemy anymore?

    I am having a difficult time playing with my Kongo. Almost always most cruisers and destroyers are waaaaay at the back. So I position Kongo at the back. Then I get something similar message on chat like "Do something Kongo" or "wth Kongo!" Well, I have just been playing Co-Op every now and then just to avoid those situations mentioned.
  9. ThatOddMan

    Why are premium items so expensive?

    One of the reasons is I think of the number of crews. On this game title you only have 1 crew to train or re-train unlike World of Tanks and World of Warplanes that has multiple crews to train and or re-train.
  10. ThatOddMan

    Is the line blurry between a Destoyer and a Cruiser?

    Sorry for that. I'll re-phrase. Both, the destroyers and cruisers, seems to be pretty close to each other in terms of armaments as in the case of some IJN and USN ships.
  11. Both seems to be pretty close to each other. In the game, on some ships, both can be equipped with torpedoes (USN and IJN). Does it have to do with the role, weight, speed/acceleration, etc?
  12. ThatOddMan

    Turning Pink shouldn't mean a life sentence

    Happened to me. Turned pink and a team mate rammed my Kongo but chat message showed I get the penalty for ramming an allied ship.
  13. ThatOddMan

    Voice packs and premium horns.. Why not?

    So can we add this or something similar whenever we get a citadel hit? https://youtu.be/YJa1w6ey93s?t=15s Use your headphone if someone is with you in the room.