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  1. Cute_and_Funny

    Competitive without CV featuring the Gaishu cup

    The 2 teams in the finals were both gaishu influenced clans...........Coincidence???
  2. Cute_and_Funny

    Reporting SuperTesters?

    Smålland, set a smoke screen!
  3. Cute_and_Funny

    "The king is dead. Long live the King"

    Kleber was already powerless against Carriers before the nerf.
  4. Cute_and_Funny

    Indomitable Review - Impotent

    Ty for the review. Very Helpful Lao Gai!
  5. Congrats on your new ship.
  6. Cute_and_Funny

    Identifying Very Important Players

    Who else can do it better?!?
  7. Cute_and_Funny

    Identifying Very Important Players

    Can't wait for the next Notser Clan Battle stream to learn how to play the perfect RPF daring in high level competitive play! Ft. RKN
  8. Cute_and_Funny

    Identifying Very Important Players

    the most important players ever in the history of wows have quit this game long ago.........
  9. Cute_and_Funny

    Kleber has broken clan wars completely.

    @Cit_the_bed mind sending us a replay of an example of this?
  10. Cute_and_Funny

    Russian bias and the sad state of Italian Cruisers

    Finally, good content
  11. Cute_and_Funny

    Russian bias and the sad state of Italian Cruisers

    If only there was an experienced CC who competed in the highest level of competitive clan battles and King of the seas.
  12. Cute_and_Funny

    Why do people think O7 will win?

    the virgin stat padder versus the chad reroll
  13. Cute_and_Funny

    BB players

    Yes I agree, give me more initiative to play hoshō
  14. Cute_and_Funny

    tips for a relitivly new player?

    The dedicated captain build for all USN battleships is the following: PT AR EM SI BOS FP CE pt->ar->Si->CE->FP->BoS->EM this is the standard survivability build.