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  1. Mister_Tanman

    HotFix: Game Balance

    LOL! The part about Devs not giving prefs to certain nations. If only the really OP ship over the past few years were not always Russian, I might believe that. Petro, Moscova, Smol and now the Russian CVs. When was the last time the Japanese or Germans or really any other nation had a ridiculous OP ship that it had to be pulled from the game one month after it was issued. Please.......................... We are not idiots...
  2. Mister_Tanman

    Bug Report - My Hydro does not detect a sub

    I heard in the next patch they are going to allow subs torps to shoot down planes.
  3. Mister_Tanman

    Bug Report - My Hydro does not detect a sub

    What's next?!?! Speed burst that only works in reverse?
  4. Mister_Tanman

    Bug Report - My Hydro does not detect a sub

    That is crazy as radar through islands crazy!
  5. Not sure if anyone else is having this problem or if it is just me. For some reason, when I am sitting on top of a sub with my DD, my Hydro does not detect him. I am positive this can't be by design, because hydro was specifically designed to detect subs. Because if that is the way it is supposed to be, that that is just plain stupid.
  6. Mister_Tanman

    New Brawl Is Stupid

    Not sure how you couldn't see this coming. Tier 6 CV, Graff Spee CV, Graff Spee CV, Graf Spee etc etc etc With the next round of clans being T6 as well.. No Graf.. but TWO CVS!!! Nice...
  7. Mister_Tanman

    Italian Token Code

    How long do I have to complete the mission? I’m on my third day without power. 😐
  8. Mister_Tanman

    10 Grinds = Tier 10 = 10 Crates

    Well, just finished the Russian BBs. The animation didn't work. Oh well.. Moving on...
  9. Mister_Tanman

    I called suspecious!

    My mistake on ratio, but some of you are jerks. And no one is actually commenting on the obvious issue with the stats. Everyone is just jump on the pile...
  10. Mister_Tanman

    I called suspecious!

    It's that the same as kills per game?!? LOL! Are you just trolling for trolls sake?
  11. Mister_Tanman

    I called suspecious!

    Averaging over 4 kills a game. I thought there was "ways" of identifying hacks? WOW, let me know if you want the name because this is not legit:
  12. Mister_Tanman

    Game Crashes

    I have never had game crashes before, but I crashed 4 times today since the patch. FYI... Great...
  13. Mister_Tanman

    How best to dodge and avoid these CV attacks?

    I do appreciate you looking at this and your feedback. I really do. But what I want to point out that you mention VERY specific things I should have done. And if I had done them, I might have lived another minute or two. Living and dyeing in this game should not be subject to doing the absolute correct thing when dealing with a CV. And that is the point. BUT I do appreciate you r feedback.
  14. Mister_Tanman

    WOW is mad at me

    No no! Sorry, I was not complaining that they were bad. I was the only silver on either team. Tough to qualify. :) Sorry for the confusion!
  15. Mister_Tanman

    WOW is mad at me

    Really? I am trying to get into gold and this is the team I get? Not a single silver...