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  1. Mister_Tanman

    History repeats again..and again...and again

    Two types of people commenting on this CV rework. Those who hate how it changed gameplay for everyone. And those, you, that just throw up their hands and say it is what it is.... But there could have been a different type of reception. One where people loved it it. Shouted for all to hear that it really enhanced the game. But unfortunately that did not happen. So we are left averaging the two existing types. Ones that hate it and ones that don't care. The sum of the equation is not good. What does it mean when the best response is people saying just accept it...
  2. Mister_Tanman

    I'm actually really liking this Ranked Season

    I dusted of the old Neptune and transferred a top captain to it for free. Doing really good and having a blast. When there are not a lot of other sips targeting her, the Neptune can really shine.
  3. Mister_Tanman

    CV nerf is a bad idea-Better Solution!

    1) Or just make the planes destorable as they fly back on their own. Just like before. 2) My issue is not really the multistikes. It is the perma detected that it provides. I get sunk mainly by other ships that would would normally not have time to shoot me. Not sure how you can seperate the too issues though.
  4. Mister_Tanman

    Phantom Salvos?

    I was just headed here to post about this issue. Happening a lot with me. I only really notice it because I play a lot of DDs and find myself some distance from other ships.
  5. Mister_Tanman

    AA really needs a nerf.

    He is just trying to get a rise out of everyone. You might want to ask him to return your goat....
  6. You have messed up my game. Yes, I know half of you are going to flame me but I have a real beef on how the new CV has unbalanced the game. I primarily play UK cruisers. I love the Fiji and Mino but all ships in the line are about the same. Everyone knows the UK cruisers are made of glass. We all shoot at them first when the pop up because it is fun to one shot them. I actually feel that I have gotten pretty good with them and have fun playing them. But now, just like how everyone likes to shoot at them, the CVs love to continually torp, bomp, and rocket them. But the worst part is, I am now perma spotted which means everyone else is shooting at me. And with long smoke cool down and large detection radius, UK cruisers now have no choice but to hang at the rear and hope a CV doesn't focus on you. Next, the UK DDs. Wow, with the shortest smoke screen time, there is no way you can get away once a CV decides to focus you down. Yeah, I pissed. You CV rework has fundamentally changed the way a lot of other long time people now have to play the game. Perma spotting everyone is just stupid. I know the devs say they will be addressing it but why not just pull the patch, admit you screwed up, and relaunch it once you fix it. I do pay money for premium and other things so yes I do have the right to complain. Can I get my money back while you figure this out?
  7. Mister_Tanman

    Need some help with Jack Dunkirk

    Thanks for all the help. I went ahead and put him on my Fiji. I'm losing a 16 point cap for this 10 but in the long run I'll come out ahead. Now.... Where to put my 16 point cap
  8. I just realized I had him and that he has special skills: “Jack of All Trades” Specialization: Increases consumable reload speed bonus from 5% to 10% “Expert Marksman” Specialization: Increases turret rotation speed bonuses to +3 deg/s for smaller (<139mm) caliber guns and +1 deg/s for larger caliber guns (>139mm). “Smoke Screen Expert” Specialization: Increases smokescreen radius bonus by from 20% to 30% So now I need some help where to put him. He starts with 10 points. I have a 19 point captain on my Mino. I don't really want to grind the mino again. I have 15 points on my fiji. I LOVE the Fiji but again, I lose 6 points. I was think maybe the Cossack. Thoughts?
  9. Mister_Tanman

    Proof your clan is a bunch of a-holes

    Just something I found funny. Thought I would contribute to this great community we have here. A place that people can share stories and thoughts on the game and life in general. A place that is free of ridicule, where everyone is treated with respect. A place where when someone asks “What was the purpose of the post?” they actual don’t understand versus just trolling.
  10. I'm not going to post names because I am sure it will get deleted, but I found this extremely funny. I was in a game with a BB that was popping off from the very beginning about people complaining. Near the end of the game, we were down 8 ships, I commented on how he was playing his BB from the back line. He starts laying into me on chat on how I should stop being a B and just play. etc. etc. After the game he sent me a message continuing to rage on me about complaining about his play. Well, I did what I have always have done and blacklist him. You can troll in chat all you want but if you take the time to be a jerk via messsage, I black list you. Over the several year of playing, I have only blacklisted 5 people. What i found extremely funny was that when I looked at my blacklist, 3 of the 5 are all from his clan! Your clan only has 21 people in it and over the years, 3 of you have been jerks enough for me not to want to deal with you anymore. Nice group of people...
  11. Mister_Tanman

    Karma -1 REALLY!

    Look.... I don't check my karma rating all that much unless I've done something cool... I just happened to check it before a match. I got a Kraken, saved the matched, and got two -2 karma. Buttholes.... :) I know it doesn't mean anything but come on!
  12. Mister_Tanman

    Bogatry and Expert Marksman

    I could not find another thread on this. Quick question. I like to mix it up in the lower tiers with Boga but my one big issue is the guns not tracking as fast as this boat turns. I'm not good at number crunching so how much better is 2.5% with the expert marksman on this boat? Will the guns track as quick as it turns? I'm using the 130mm guns. Thank you!