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  1. Mister_Tanman

    How was I spotted in my smoke

    Yep yep! i didn’t see that last tick on the distance o meter. Man, I was in a good spot... 😁
  2. Mister_Tanman

    How was I spotted in my smoke

    No, it was not a hydro or radar spot. Just a plain "!" spot. And it did not show up after I drove out of the smoke.
  3. Mister_Tanman

    How was I spotted in my smoke

    No, it would of popped up when I drove out of the smoke.
  4. I can not figure out how I was spotted in my smoke!?! I don't think I was too close to the BB when I fired. Any help would be appreciated. at 15:30 https://replayswows.com/replay/64366#stats
  5. Mister_Tanman

    Cannot get into battle?

  6. Mister_Tanman

    PSA: 0.8.8 sound change issues

    Good morning, Thank you for the update. I know yall are getting blown up elsewhere in the forum. My big issue is that the reload sound effect has been lowered to the point that it is pretty much nonresistant. In my first game with the new patch, I actually found myself sitting in my Cossack smoke screen, not firing, because my brain was waiting for the reload noise to trigger my finger to click the mouse. Kinda weird thinking my subconscious brain has been trained in this way over the years. The wheels came off as I tried to fix this. Adjusting sliders seemed to do nothing and everything at the same time. My gun sounds would be very low, but the ship next to me guns woke up my wife in the other room. I would turn engine noise down, but then the captain would start yelling notifications at the top of his lungs. And, I cannot seem to get everything to the way it was during the first game. It looks like it is a sound mixing AND a programming issue. Here's to hoping it all gets sorted out soon! Thank you! MT
  7. Most of us rely on the reload sound effect to tells us when to fire. The new sound update has made it so low you can't hear it anymore. And there is no way to increase it in the options menu. Please return it tot he normal volume. Thank you
  8. Mister_Tanman

    Reload Sound Effect

    I've been messing with the sound controls and cant isolate the one that controls the reload sound. WOW! Error reported!
  9. Mister_Tanman

    Reload Sound Effect

    Turns out I rely heavily on the reload noise to tell me when to fire, because after the update it is pretty much nonexistent and I find myself just sitting there not firing. :) Anyone know how to turn it back on?
  10. Mister_Tanman

    Cossack - Commander Skils

    I think yall are right! I will always play my Cossack no matter which cap I have. So I'lll move this one off to something else and start anew. FYI, I took SE. Thanks yall!
  11. Mister_Tanman

    Cossack - Commander Skils

    Yeah yeah... Im keeping him on the Cossack. I really like it
  12. Mister_Tanman

    Cossack - Commander Skils

    No heal on the Cossack
  13. Mister_Tanman

    Cossack - Commander Skils

    I just hit level 19. I got 3 points to spend. I am either going to get Surviability or Demolitions Expert. Thoughts?
  14. Mister_Tanman

    Benham, a strange little DD

    At first I thought all those torps was going to be fun. (Still grinding for it) but I have been running all over them in my Cossack. With the hydro running I just drive straight at them and sink them with my guns. It seems like a one truck pony.
  15. You did not read my question. I asked if he fired. Not “supported”