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  1. Or has a spare 19 pt captain and loves having an auto anti-dd aura and pushing with BB's.
  2. NA Random Games

    This. lately wins and losses both seem brain dead and unsatisfying. Hard to find a good match that doesn't have one side lose 2 DD's in the first 2 minutes of a match or half the team sit on a cap with 2 enemies while the other side struggles to survive. We remember the losses, but even the wins aren't really satisfying lately so it all feels negative.
  3. If you do a secondary build IFHE helps too. On the GK and the Mass it greatly increases the amount of pain you can dish out. Problem is you can't sustain focus fire for that long because it takes like 18 captain points to fully build for secondaries. Fun? Absolutely. For this meta though not super effective. I have a crap winrate in my GK. I do similar damage as I do in a yammy or a montana but it is by far my worst BB. When it works though, it is glorious.
  4. Proposed Consumable: Sabotage

    You should just ask for Harpoon missiles so that you have an I win button that doesn't involve making the enemy AFK for 30 seconds. Ok troll, needs more spices though.
  5. It isn't the carrier's job to dedicate their entire focus to keeping a tomato alive. Stay with the fleet in CV games, don't go on solo adventures unless you have the AA to blunt the incoming attack.
  6. My favorite country to play in HoI4. I always say I am going to invade South Africa for chromium on THIS playthru, but I never do. By 1948 the US has fallen and turned into my fascist puppet and I am looking at a Russian dominated Europe that I just don't feel like invading.
  7. This. Playing the Atlanta taught me how to play the game. It is unforgiving when you go outside her niche, but if you learn to use her strengths she is HATED.
  8. Even forumites can't carry

    Some teams are impossible to carry.
  9. What? You drove a total a**hole to rage at you for three minutes? Hell, I'd say job well done. Take pride in that negative karma.
  10. Each meta has its rules. I am not particular myself.
  11. I like her, it's an overgrown Atlanta. Only thing missing is the "oh crap" torpedos.
  12. Tier 10 Atlanta? Yes please.
  13. Correct. And sometimes you get discount based on the number of purchases or total amount sold - it all depends on what the credit card companies are trying to promote. So there may be motivation for them to keep the transactions as individual sales depending on the deal they have. No one can really know but them, but I am confident in 2018 we have mastered the art of the online shopping cart to the point that they could figure it out if they really wanted to.
  14. I feel that way about the Intrepid. My grandfather took me to see her when I was 4. +1