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  1. Yep, that's all I want to do. Give Salty members a method to troll random battles as hard as they troll these forums.
  2. Don't know what Des Moines you play, but mine is a floating no-fly zone.
  3. I used to be an angry potato and I never got chat banned. You must have pushed the bar to the extreme lol.
  4. A tier X carrier is going to drop you in 2 strikes either way if they want you. The only difference is how many planes they intend to lose in the process.
  5. The Atlanta is OP

    People don't realize that the Atlanta is REALLY skinny, so it IS possible to dodge and weave with her. One mistake though..... Still my favorite ship in the game. When you are properly positioned you are a terror.
  6. Jesus 20km 76knot torpedos. With .8km detect. Don't know how effective they will be, but Battleships are going to have their head on a swivel for any Shima on their flank now lol. Sitting bow in and reversing just got real dangerous. for battleships.
  7. The funny part is that guy probably has no idea you are one of the top players on all of NA and would have likely beaten him regardless. The salt is real.
  8. Herding 101

    If this battleship gameplay winds up not working out, I think you have a future in sheepdog simulator.
  9. Does Salty have a requirement that members come and troll the forums in order to earn a certain rank?
  10. So I bought Atlanta

    Play with a Flint. It is downright brutal for the enemy.
  11. So I bought Atlanta

    It is my favorite ship in the game, even when I lose I am a pain in the [edited]for the red team. If I have cover and a firing angle, you have a problem unless you outnumber me and can attack from multiple angles.
  12. When Everquest was a think I used to play a ranger and a shaman. I set up voice commands to control the spells of the shaman and target hotkeys as backup to press on the second keyboard for a variety of no-look options based off of my Ranger's target. The hard part was auto follow, you had to learn to run around things that would get the bot caught in the world. I don't see how someone would be effective with the aim and shooting portion of the game unless they were cheating.
  13. I use tinder, not grinder. Do they make a cream for that?
  14. Do you really think Clan Wars created elitism? It was already there, we just didn't have a measuring stick for the epeen before now.