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  1. Psicopro

    WG - Please look at the uncounterable DD rush

    A rush only works if you catch the BB isolated and by surprise. Why do people who just play BB's feel that they should have a counter to every situation? The game is balanced like Rock / Paper / Scissors.
  2. Psicopro

    How to make Mouse a grouch...

    I' believe I have citadeled that ship firing IFHE in a Belfast before. I feel bad for emeralds that are visible. You can count their life expectancy in seconds.
  3. But I thought aimbots were the peak of skill in this game? So by that logic, this AA flak should be flawless because everyone knows aimbots are why potatoes get killed by unicorns. Did anyone else have that thought and laugh a little?
  4. Psicopro

    AP shell in a nutshell right now.

    I wouldn't call them lasers, more like floating rain of death and destruction.
  5. Maybe they need to record AA damage then. We need an objective way to measure if speccing AA is worth it.
  6. Italian commandos were raiding the ship. If successful, they take the ship over and ram other enemies. New counter to radar cruisers.
  7. What was striking was how it made an Atlanta look like a Moskva in comparison.
  8. I agreed with Flamu's comments. I think the Kitakaze is in need of a slight concealment nerf for balance. Something like 6.6km or something with a full concealment build. 5.9km with those guns means the next ranked season is going to be tough for other destroyers. Or tone down the IFHE and let it feast on the tears of other DD's. Right now, it doesn't have a real hard counter that I can think of. Sure, it dies to sustained fire, but it can ruin anyone's day if it is taken lightly. I think the Harugumo is better balanced but still strong. It plays like a light cruiser and its mobility and speed are worse than the tier 9, which is just a better version of the tier 8. The problem with the Harugumo is more to do with how little a player can counter HE spam than it is with anything. If caught by one of these, you feel helpless if you can't disengage.
  9. It's a nerf to battlecruisers, not to specific ships - if they do this change. So it holds up to their normal patterns in the past.
  10. Psicopro

    Imperator Nikolai

    Great answer.
  11. Both have similar problems in open water. The Mino at least has the zombie heal.
  12. Mass hands down. It has improved accuracy on its secondaries and tears DD's apart at range.
  13. Psicopro

    Alaska Stats, thery are here!

    Because the Russian Navy is the greatest Navy of WWII. Everyone in Russia knows this. Duh.
  14. You need DPM and Radar. Radar Mino and "Wooster" come to mind.
  15. I found the Babylon story more interesting. DS9 was a substory inside an already established universe. The Babylon story was much larger in scope.