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  1. Psicopro

    Irrational love of a ship you are bad in..

    Des Moines for me. I love the ship, but I always get myself into too much trouble sailing her and it would hurt my winrate. The firepower always makes you think you can out murder anything you come across. Sometimes you can, but sometimes fortune doesn't favor you and you take a citadel thru the front and look foolish.
  2. Psicopro

    The mighty Hindenburg is mine.

    And when I wrote my comment, I'm pretty sure the HIV didn't exist. Today, I would consider the Frenchie the stronger ship because of the meta (set fires, run faster, stay farther back), but the Hindy is still the most complete and balanced ship I've ever played in this game (balanced, not overpowered). I don't always win in her, but I never feel like a fight is impossible if the odds are resonable.
  3. Psicopro

    0.8.6 Balance changes

    I think the issue is the meta. Ships with rail guns that can farm from further away have a clear advantage. They can dictate terms of the engagement and preserve their health pool. If you nerf what they are good at, they suck. If you nerf their ability to fight in close, it is just going to reinforce what they do well and they will sit back. They can tweak their damage, but it is a razor thin line between craptastic and overpowered.
  4. Psicopro

    0.8.6 Balance changes

    I don't understand messing with both the torps and the guns on the Pan Asian DD's at the higher tiers. Players at the higher tiers are much better at avoiding torps in general. But if the torps are that big of a problem, why also nerf their guns on a hull that already turns worse than their American clones? I'd argue that deep water torps are a side grade more than a buff. I don't know what they are trying to achieve in terms of balance with these ships.
  5. Psicopro

    Prinz Eugen - Deal or No Deal

    She is ok. 8 guns on a crusier with the heal and the generally good armor scheme for a cruiser is like that girl in high school who was a 6, but she put out. I'll take her out and have a good time, but I'm not looking to marry her.
  6. Psicopro

    What is stopping WG from nerfing premiums?

    I think people are forgetting about the game balance changes that were universal and not targetted at a specific ship. Those still hit premiums. If you can't understand the logic on why someone who bought a sports car that got turned into a minivan might be upset after the fact, then you are either a socialist or are an idiot. Right or wrong, the guy who spends the money is going to have an opinion about it. You can cry for justice all you want, but the reason why WG backed off on it is because those same dirty Belfast players pay the bills around here. They nerfed smoke detect range while in smoke fire, how radar works, and now working on an IFHE nerf which all indirectly being Belfast back closer to the median. It's still OP because of smoke + radar, but the community contributors warned WG about that before she went on sale and they sold it anyway. I also don't here anyone crying out for what open water firing did to the Błyskawica. It totally regulated her to soviet DD gameplay from being one of the most feared premiums at her tier. Still kinda annoyed they haven't taken a look at her concealment in light of the fact that she can't cook BB's down with impunity now.
  7. Psicopro

    Emerald is being buffed?!!??

    The ship should have just been made out of gunpowder.
  8. Psicopro

    The Best Ship in the Game

    Hindenberg. There is a way to play every situation you can encounter with that ship. Certain encounters leave other ships feeling helpless. I can't think of a situation I can reasonably find myself in while sailing the Hindenberg where I don't feel helpless. I may still lose the exchange, but I never feel helpless.
  9. Psicopro

    Border humping still being exploited??

    Not sure number 2 is 100% fixed. I've had to unselect people on the border to get shells to go where I expected them to go not too long ago. Could have been me more than the game, but I am still suspicious of the dispersion bonus on a selected ship having some quirks against border targets.
  10. Psicopro

    Why most people like BBs?

    It's fun to dev strike stuff.
  11. Psicopro

    So, they going nerf harogumo

    Agreed, I used to say it was the best light cruiser in the game.
  12. Oh, I thought the OP was talking about regular ranked. Ranked Sprint is ranked lite, I have no qualms about it because it doesn't punish you as severely as regular ranked does. The hill is a lot less steep to climb.
  13. Yea, it's why I stop at Rank 5 ususally when I do play ranked. The higher you get, the more stupid moves you and others do hurt. It's good for the competitive players who want the acomplishment, but frankly I don't enjoy slamming my manhood in a desk drawer over and over for the chance of getting meager rewards. I'm not good enough to carry, but good enough to get to the dance. For this range of player, ranked can be terribly frustrating. Being "stunlocked to death by a Wrath of the Lich King era rogue in World of Warcraft" frustrating.
  14. Psicopro

    CC Summit 2019: CV Rework Video

    Nothing. But if the one other class that can compete for influence is a hard counter to DD's, and BB/CA/CL isn't picking up the slack in practice, then you can circle that and identify why those who dislike the rework feel the way that they do. The problem is the game mechanics as a whole are working against them. If the CV didn't know to look around those little pre-determined cap circles for DD's, the balance I think would be a lot more in line.
  15. Psicopro

    CC Summit 2019: CV Rework Video

    I think that part of the video had the WG guy talking out of his [edited]. They didn't really mention that this was a fact - carriers have a lot of damage padding at the end. If he is going to answer a question, he should provide the statistics. He sounded like he was making the assumption that carriers damage pad at the end, or was using it as an excuse because he didn't have a good answer. It really was an off the cuff remark I don't think he was prepared for. It's pretty clear their primary goal was to make the CV less dominating in matches overall and more popular. They haven't really seemed to care how that works or what the side effects are till they got the feedback that they did once the new CV's were released. I think Flamu was trying to get them to commit to how far they were willing to go in order to achieve their primary objectives.