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  1. At tier 8 she would need radar and better concealment. Slight buff to ROF.
  2. I don't know about the rest of you, but that picture inspired me. I am going to go and adapt...or die.
  3. Costs 750k free experience to research, then you purchase for 1 credit.
  4. In that situation I've been known to say: "I am willing to discuss terms of your surrender now." It makes me chuckle at least before the pain train starts.
  5. It isn't, that's how I know you can shut down someone simply by being competent.
  6. Without fighters it is really hard for a carrier to be consistent in a match. If the other side is competent they can really shut you down.
  7. This, I want nothing to do with a Minotaur as any dd. You need 5.4km of space? No problem sir, just don't melt me. Have some torpedoes as a parting gift.
  8. Would depend on cover, with that much radar you need to be able to duck in and out of cover while contesting the caps when they try to focus. The DPM advantage would be in the Des Moines hands though, The whole fight would be decided by the range of the engagement. Close DM wins, wide open and far apart Moskva wins. FYI I figure you know this, just commenting in general for someone who might not.
  9. Some of the best matches I ever played involved 20k damage and controlling the space between my team and the enemy. Good play doesn't always win accolades. Good play has to be its own reward.
  10. Well the DD can move to an angle that the BB wouldn't consider him to be and launch torps. If nose in to the DD, you have little choice but to give ground and notify your team of the flanking issue. If that BB has cruiser friends you have to withdraw and wait for help. A BB can't push the DD though if it will take focus fire from people supporting the DD however. In this case, it's suicide for the BB. In this case I kite away and try to pick off the cruises or BB's if outnumbered. You have to first reduce the strength of the opposing force or obtain an advantage over them from a position they can't retaliate from. Hence why smoke is getting nerfed - BB's/Cruisers in smoke with DD screens beat pretty much everything that doesn't have it's own hard counter. DD's that try to hang onto the cap in spite of the situation when it is hopeless are usually the ones who die in the first 2 minutes of a match. Ignore the idiot telling you to get into the cap, he is sitting 20km away and isn't firing his guns.
  11. The amount of salt this ship will create may rival the Belfast. We should start working on nicknames for her now.
  12. Self esteem issues man. Mommy didn't hug me enough. ~.~
  13. Your just getting complimented for carrying people. Deep down inside, they resent you. =p
  14. What did the flank angle look like? Open space with clear broadside shots vs going broadside to certain torpedos? That scenario is why god invented hydro and radar.
  15. In that engagement the DD has to give ground and use it's concealment to catch at angles it doesn't expect. Holding the cap is secondary to slowing the advance. If your team doesn't pull it's head out of its [edited], you won't win regardless.