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  1. Kidd in Premium Shop

    Forgot the Lo Yang too.
  2. Nice way to show off your 6 kill game while patting yourself on the back for being called a cheater. Well played.
  3. Just Got Stat "Shamed"

    The primary job of a destroyer is not to do damage. Sure, you should be looking to do damage, but some of the best games I ever played involved not doing a lot of damage. Usually, doing a lot of damage means it is a target rich environment and we are going to lose =p.
  4. People throwing their ship away or expecting me to throw my ship away because they charged into a suicide situation. There are times you must pull back and kite. Learning this is what made me less of a potato (I still have my moments).
  5. In Soviet Russia, daylight saves you.
  6. I care if the other team has 4 radars and 2 Khabs.
  7. All I got out of that is "Nerf Pope, he wins too much".
  8. Blyskawica

    double post.
  9. Blyskawica

    Preventative Maintenance - you are a DD. Everyone is shooting at you if you are spotted. Last Stand. Always in a DD. Survivability Expert. You will have something like 6.8km concealment if memory serves. You need to play as a light cruiser/dd hybrid and that means being spotted first most times. Concealment. Just to get below the stock 7.7km concealment. From there it depends on how you want to play the ship. Below are some suggestions. Smoke camper and firestarter: Demo Expert Superintendent AR PM/PT - whichever you didn't take first. Destroyer hunter: RPF Basic Fire Training OR a combo of AR / PT Expert Marksman
  10. Hey, Lert never said it was a small chip.
  11. Name and shame

    There is no threat of bodily harm in this thread so folks need to stop with the false equivalency. Social Justice Warriors in general need to calm down for that matter, if we had it your way no one could criticize anyone for anything, everyone would win the moment they logged in, and all battles would end in a tie because we don't want little Johnny's feelings hurt.
  12. All your BB are belong to us. Buy your time. For great justice!!!
  13. Name and shame

    An individual has a right to suck and have fun but should expect the people who have to pick up the slack for that individual to be ticked off at them. This most often annoys people good enough to no longer be considered potato but not good enough to be considered a unicorn and can't carry a match single-handedly.
  14. Iowa vs. Yamato

    Yes he is a very good commentator and he goes into great depth with his "what if" scenarios.
  15. Shima needs top buff

    Meh, I'm bored and felt like being Tuna.