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  1. Yea agree, first world war so no nazis and the guy was one of the more honorable commanders of either war. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Karl_von_Müller
  2. Sorry, you'd have to buy me dinner first. I'm not that kind of destroyer.
  3. Behind that gruff and angry unicorn exterior is a teddy bear, just dying to come out. All aAkula wanted was a hug, but people started shooting at him and made him this way.
  4. This is part of the functional problem with the game at times. It pays to sit and wait and let someone else take the risk. If you are going to make a game that involves capture the flag, you need to encourage moving forward. Or at least movement in general. I sometimes thing straight deathmatch would be a better game mode, because then at least the damage farmers and the objective players would be trying to do the same thing. Who knows, I have a headache and am waiting on Indian food, wth do I know =).
  5. So they want to...discourage all ships from pushing....objectives? Not sure I understand the point here. This keeps people further back in a game where the game mode is capture the base or capture the flag. I guess all I am supposed to do is sail around in the back farming damage. Anyone else have some logic to explain this that I am missing?
  6. That's what I love about the Japanese. Their cartoons are so understated.
  7. I like it. They can sneak up and board a DD that actually has guns so that they can contest a cap.
  8. Grab the nearby Gearing instead, that is why we made them slower than the Fletcher. Duh.
  9. How will I tell the difference? Would need to be more purple than pink to not be confused with a mere normal teamkiller. Fair enough, we shall amend the project =).
  10. Tier 5, this way the noobs can complain about matchmaking ~.~.
  11. Does that mean they will put fires out if they fire on them? /ponder. Warning: sarcasm detected.
  12. Who the hell is using IFHE in those ships?
  13. Example: New consumable for the Großer Kurfürst. Hulk smash. Once per game if you are torpedoed and flooding, engage Hulk Smash to obtain the following benefits. - Grow very large green arms from each side of the ship. - Arms will grab the ship that torpedo'ed you. Doesn't work on Aircraft Carriers. - While holding the ship (12 seconds), smash the next closest ship to you your position with the ship you are holding. 12km range. Does 4k damage per hit to both ships. 2 sec per hit. - At end of cooldown, toss ship at enemy ship moving the slowest currently. If it hits, counts as a ram kill. Benefits: Come on, hulk smash?! Think of how amazed the destroyer that thought he was getting an easy torp kill is going to be. Imagine the stationary bow in BB's face as his buddy comes flying into his superstructure for a RAM kill. It almost makes up for all of the fire damage you are about to take from the British MegaZao. Drawbacks: None whatsoever, this skill is amazing. And it guarantees at least 15 more forum posts from complaining dd players. Who doesn't want that?! Chance of going wrong: 25%, chance of going wrong is coded to match torpedo protection. Because balance.
  14. Oh it's a teamkill only skill. Hence why you turn yellow when you use it (instead of pink). It tells the world "I teamkilled, and I did it on purpose."
  15. This will nerf, but not eliminate a Belfast as being a very strong cruiser even if it never gets an armor change. Might make it less faceroll though - which is a good thing.