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  1. I was in a division last night and we were all decent players, and we killed collectively 9 ships and still lost. The last game of the night I HAD to get a Kraken just to eek out the narrowest of victories. And we probably killed another 8-9 ships between us if I remember correctly. All because people just rush in to get themselves killed so early into the match that you have this giant hole to dig out of. Some games are just too heavy to carry. Props to the folks who can do it consistently.
  2. Citadel penetration with HE?

    Ahh, the Emerald is famous for this. It is made of citadel.
  3. Agree they are more forgiving, but I think for new players still learning to aim and angle their armor, they will find the reload on cruisers and the immediate feedback (via deletion) of not angling and evading are far better at teaching the game mechanics. Don't take the easy path, it doesn't teach as well.
  4. Line ship, the Clemson is an absolute killer. Premium, the Nikolai rules all.
  5. I didn't like cruisers when I first started playing, but it wasn't till I started mastering the Atlanta that I started to get decent to good at the game. Play cruisers, they will teach you what you need to learn because they are unforgiving. Once you are good at them, you can apply the lessons learned to the other two classes. We pretend carriers don't exist.
  6. Everyone on the losing team loses a star. What bothers me more than losing is watching people not try to win but to farm damage so they keep their star. Do they need to rebalance the ladder to rank 1? Fine, just make it so everyone wins as a team or loses as a team. No motivation to sit back and let the game be lost so that you can wait for the next team to carry you.
  7. I disagree, I very much want CV's to work within the confines and balance of the game. As they are right now though they either suck and do little or are the hand of god and control the entire battle.
  8. USS Boise 10km Radar OP?

    Or a completely different meta. This is the same server that has the Midway being so OP that they had to be nerfed right?
  9. Video cards are currently CPU locked when talking framerates, till Intel/AMD release something actually faster or game developers start making more use of multi-core chips, you are only going to get so much performance out of the GPU in most scenarios. Check for stuff that might be using up CPU if you are having framerate problems. Updated drivers or bloatware that comes with them could be the culprit.
  10. The answer to using vigilance and keep enough secondary skills is simple but most people won't do it in the current meta. Lose concealment expert.
  11. Not that you need it, but going to stick up for you here. People who think the top players rank out faster has to do with better players being closer to the top fail to realize that these skilled players are going against the best of the best - their peers. The top of the top rank out first, and as the competition thins out the next tier of elite find it easier to move out. All things being equal, if you have a bunch of less skilled people averaging out the teams, the one exceptional player is going to make more of a difference than if you had a lineup of 1700 WTR players on both sides canceling one another out. The margin for error in week 1 of ranked at rank 5 is so small it's comical. I steamrolled in a Tirpitz with something stupid like an 80% win rate to rank 10 in the first week - I legit just pressed people and bullied them. Then rank 10 hits and I am now in a situation where I struggled to simply carry because there were enough people of similar skill level to cancel me out or were outright better than me. I couldn't just smack around 2-3 people and delete them from the match. Not looking for a grind, I took a week off to let the herd thin out. To avoid the stress, you have to accept that you must carry every game. If you can't do it, then either suck it up and grind out the rank by playing the ships that let you keep your star or don't play. If 1 player can take out 3 other players in a match, they will win the majority of matches because the path to victory is made so much easier for the remaining teammates.
  12. Argentina Confirmed!

    Honestly, much of the problems in LATAM are due to corruption and an easy to bribe/silence press not protected by law in the same manner ours is. America has done it's fair share of meddling in South America, and regardless of us supporting the dictator or the democracy, we have little say in how the governments function internally and often our meddling has been received negatively. When the people have held uprisings, it was for left or right populist leaders (or straight up military takeovers) who messed up various countries further. The ownership class has not taken enough of an interest collectively within these countries to institute the same protections and rules of law that have historically been done by more successful western democracies. Not sure if it is out of self-interest or fear of the populists/dictatorship turning their attention on them, but there hasn't been enough of the center involved in the formation of these governments. It's up to the educated people with power and resources to collectively decide to build a framework that allows their country to grow, and to guide the uneducated toward solutions that don't involve blaming someone else for all of the problems. And if a selfish dictator is in charge, it requires people to fight and sacrifice their lives to overthrow them. America for all of its power can't force people to govern themselves justly no matter how many armored divisions we roll thru your neighborhood. Conversely, if we didn't invest our time and attention in the Middle East, someone else would. It is one of the most heavily trafficked trade routes in the world, it contains a large amount of oil, and post WWII oil because vital to supplying a modern mechanized army. Any number of foreign actors have ample motive to attempt to control the region except for the threat of an American military response. The US, being a global power with interests in seeing fair trade all over can't afford to allow another foreign actor to cease the entire region for themselves. Strategically we have no choice but to be involved in the region. To be an outsider is to allow another power with interests in rewriting the global order in their own way to dominate the region.
  13. Epic Buff to Low Tier CVs?

    Not if you are sadistic and want to make the enemy CV cry at losing his whole attack wave in the blink of an eye. lol
  14. Argentina Confirmed!

    Hati doesn't have Argentina's potential though. Argentina was among the top 10 richest countries in the world exiting WWII. It's a guidebook of what not to do when trying to run a country, which is sad considering how unique she is even within LATAM. Many western countries today can look to Argentina's history for a lesson in why modern politics and the extreme left/right views can both lead to ruin. Argentina has at times in their history managed to have both extremes at the same time. Like I said, I am fascinated by your history, even in the 19th century. Maybe my favorite quote about Argentina from an economist point of view: One hundred years of ineptitude The country’s dramatic decline has long puzzled economists. Simon Kuznets, a Nobel laureate, is supposed to have remarked: “There are four kinds of countries in the world: developed countries, undeveloped countries, Japan and Argentina.” Other countries have since managed to copy Japan’s rapid industrialisation; Argentina remains in a class of its own. There is no shortage of candidates for the moment when the country started to go wrong. There was the shock of the first world war and the Depression to an open trading economy; or the coup of 1930; or Argentina’s neutrality in the second world war, which put it at odds with America, the new superpower. There was the rise of Juan Domingo Perón, the towering figure of 20th-century Argentina, who took power in 1946. Others reckon that things really went downhill between 1975 and 1990. https://www.economist.com/news/briefing/21596582-one-hundred-years-ago-argentina-was-future-what-went-wrong-century-decline
  15. Argentina Confirmed!

    I should add that while I am not an expert by any stretch, another game (HOI3 and HOI4) got me into learning more about Argentina's history since I liked playing that country in the game. This isn't a country to make fun of, she has been badly mismanaged by her political leaders due to the many coup d'état she has gone thru in the 20th century and had she not had so many issues would be a much stronger economic power than she is. Her history is quite interesting (and bloody, unfortunately).