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  1. Of course as soon as I get enough coal to get it, it gets removed from the store... *sigh*
  2. BlackZR1

    Adrenaline Rush on Battleships

    Let's put it this way... Republique+ Legendary module+ AR = Hilarity. Slap EL on there and it drops to 9-10 when you swap shells (when fully loaded, and that's at full health!)
  3. BlackZR1

    AP Penetration on 0.7.11 Discussion Thread.

    My two cents. While I do disagree with the 10% damage to DDs as a battleship player, I understand the reasoning to give DDs more survivability. Battleships can delete all other types and DDs are supposed to be counters to them. I think a very small accuracy increase at closer range and a decrease in accuracy the farther a BB shoots would solve some of problems with BBs at range. Maybe it starts at about 15km, then farther than that the accuracy decreases. That would force them to get closer. I believe the max torp range is 15km right? That would bring all the knockout power to about the same range. DDs can stealth torp and potentially knock out a ship, BBs can engage fairly accurately at 15km and still have the random chance potential to overpen, citadel or do regular pen damage, cruisers can do either or. In my opinion the reason why there's a camping meta and an HE slinging behind islands or in smoke meta is because of the fact that every player in a game only has one life in an entire battle, and your performance is tied to your income (for the most part) so everyone focuses on what helps them do the most damage possible without dying, which would reduce their damage input and their credit income. In a game like Standard battle, sure, having one life works or maybe two or three but in Domination, where the game type is similar to Conquest in Battlefield or Control in Destiny, you should have way more lives. And that is where the actual action comes from. People don't necessarily care about dying in Conquest because they don't have to worry about it as much (unless they care about K/D). They enjoy the fight. Making awesome plays to take caps with their team. Why not make Warships similar to Warplanes with teams having a certain amount of lives? Then dying wouldn't matter as much as it does now and reduce the camping. I love pushing in a battleship, particularly in the GK and the Republique, especially the French tier 10 BB now that I have her legendary module. It forces me to get closer, which I am happy to do, and increases my overall accuracy because I am closer.
  4. So prehaps a month or so ago, I saw a video where the Republique could swap between the speed boost consumable, and the spotter plane (will try to find it and link it here). Two questions-One, is this still happening, and two, thoughts on if the Republique does get it.
  5. BlackZR1

    How to Republique (Tier X French Battleship)

    I have one small question about the Republique. Love the ship when I can get good RNG. But what is with the incredibly high damage from HE against this ship? I know it has 32mm armor on the deck and what not, but it seems a little extreme.
  6. BlackZR1

    Decline of BB support role. Why?

    So, here's my two cents as someone who plays both the GK and my shiny new Republique in random. Today, I was on Two Brothers in two separate games in my Republique. The first game, I sat a little behind the DDs at point A, yet I was still out in the open. I pushed forward a little bit, right to the edge of the cap zone, saw the two enemy Montys, a Balti and a Cleveland, as well as a DD, and reversed (I didn't turn around, however.) I stayed near A though, and then, once some of their numbers thinned out, I told them I was repushing A, and asked for them to follow. Thankfully I was obliged, and while I died afterwards trying to tank both Montanas, we won the match. The second game wasn't so great. I pushed A again, this time swinging out to the 1-2 line, and pushed straight down, smacking cruisers as I went, for they weren't paying attention. But no one followed. In fact, my team got bottled up at A as the enemy D team swept over any resistance pushing to B, and my team wasn't counter-pushing the A side. Save for me. In fact, I managed to get well past A- I was halfway to C when I died brawling with an Iowa. We ended up losing the match. So all in all, it really does vary on two things. 1. Communication. Perhaps I should have told my team in the second game that I was pushing, though I was certain they saw how far I'd gotten, relatively unscathed. 2. How your team ends up playing. If they actually do teamplay, then us BBs who push have success. If they don't and are just reactionary, and attempting to just get damage/kills, then we don't do so great. I honestly think people would play BBs more aggressively if it didn't cost so much for the ship "maintenance". I have to at least net 100k in damage to even get some small return with the Republique (don't have the premium camo or a premium account just yet) and the GK pretty much makes a little more with the premium camo. If it wasn't possible to lose nearly a million in credits over a string of bad games without premium, people would probably camp less and teamplay more.