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  1. Baritone4

    The BBoy who cried OP

    One day a BBoy was hit with a torp. "TORPEDOS ARE OP!!!!!", the BBoy cried. All his friend gathered and listened, but the BBoy said: "Just kidding. I was sailing straight and not looking at the mini-map." His friends grumbled and walked away. On the second day, the BBoy was set on fire. "FIRES ARE OP!!!!!", the BBoy cried. All his friend gathered and listened, but the BBoy said: "Just kidding. I wasted my DC and RP on a single fire and had no survivability specs." His friends grumbled and walked away. On the third day, the BBoy was hit with an AP bomb. "AP BOMBS ARE OP!!!!!", the BBoy cried. All his friend gathered and listened, but the BBoy said: "Just kidding. I was humping the boarder by my self without AA specs." His friends grumbled and walked away. On the fourth day. the BBoy waaaaas.... uhhhhm.... hmmmm.... I'm having a hard time finishing the story. I wonder why that is 🤔?
  2. Just a perspective to consider: It's been less than a year since coal was introduced (was it June?), so if you burn your savings on Salem now you'll be back on track in before you know it. Generally speaking, if you have a concrete economic purpose then the previous posts + CC posts/videos will guide you. If that is not the ultimate deciding factor then I'd just follow my guts. Cheers!
  3. Baritone4

    PSA: Opt-in Mission

    Whaaat? I didn't know about that. That would be silly. Is this their official explanation or at least a reliable intel or is it speculation?
  4. Baritone4

    PSA: Opt-in Mission

    Now that I think about it, I haven't tried operations after they replaced enemy CVs with battleships and heavy cruisers. I should get around doing that sometimes. I'd give them the benefit of the doubt, that there is a fair, perhaps obscure, justification behind it. Otherwise, I share your overall sentiment. They do give me the impression of being far more invested in shiny marketable premium products than the less visible and under-appreciated aspects of user experience.
  5. Baritone4

    A message?

    Damn. I'm currently focusing on BBs and have no experience in DDs above T5, yet the only 2 ships I ever got out of containers were Gallant and Monaghan. Then a again I haven't bought too many crates so I can't complain. Enjoy!
  6. Baritone4

    The music thread

    For those in the intersection of Jazz and Zelda:
  7. Baritone4

    PSA: Opt-in Mission

    Howdy y'all There is currently a mission that requires opt-in through the WoW page (Commencing rant reply sequence in 5...4...3...2...1...): https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/community/missthestars-hitthevoid/ You need to get 5 stars in the scenario of the week 5 times. You get 500 coal (which is very lousy, to be frank with you) plus a draw entry to 5 Cossacks with 3 points commanders (In case you didn't read well, you're not guaranteed a free Cossack; only a draw entry). If you have a reliable scenario division and want a free Cossack, this might be the thing for you. Otherwise I recommend preserving your mental health by pretending this never happened. Cheers!
  8. Baritone4

    Future of Arsenal

    I wouldn't worry about it. Note that the Stalingrad, Bourgogne, and Jean Bart are also missing in Flamu's video, so this has to be a test server thing as some have already pointed out. Cheers!
  9. Baritone4

    Intro Videos

    Perhaps my wording was vague, but this is the opposite of what I'm looking for. I want to regain the option to watch the videos, not disable them. Right now the client skips them automatically.
  10. Baritone4

    Intro Videos

    Hi, When I hit "Play" from the WGC the client auto-connects me on the log-in page which skips the intro videos. Is there a way to disable that? I still enjoy watching those every now and then. Cheers!
  11. Baritone4

    Spotting: Its a thing...reward it.

    I rarely play DDs (because playing DD is hard and nerve racking) and can still sympathize with how poorly rewarded stealth oriented DDs are for passive but important roles such as spotting or area denial. Another issue is the fact that spotting damage depends on your team mates. As a BB I'm rewarded for any potential damage I tank, including shots that simply missed my ship because they were fired from the moon or by a potato. That's fine; I absorbed a shot that could have gone to my team mate. But when DD players risk their butt to spot the enemy, they only get spotting damage if their team mates know how to aim (or the enemy stands still). Wouldn't be more fair if DDs were rewarded for potential spotting damage instead?
  12. Baritone4

    Wows for Nintendo Switch?

    Seems like World of Warships: Legends will be available on PS and XBOX but not Switch due to a combination of hardware and demographics. I'm not an insider, I'm just citing what I read from the forum link below. https://wowslegends.com/forums/topic/20-intro-faq/?do=findComment&comment=4466
  13. The HE-smoke combo seems to be rather problematic. To my knowledge there are only 6 cruisers in the game that have this combo and 4 of them are either difficult to get or has been indefinitely removed (please correct any omissions): Iwaki Alpha, exclusive promotional ship given as a reward for some alpha and beta testers Kutuzov, premium shop, deemed OP and removed indefinitely Belfast, premium shop, deemed OP and removed indefinitely Flint, previously a reward ship for top ranked players and now sold for steel. Many consider it OP, but others disagree citing her low range, poor armor, and reliance on captain skills. Read the LittleWhiteMouse review for a thorough evaluation Edit: Also Perth and Huanghe. Pointed out by SireneRacker and Kyralee. Other than the above, the closest ship to an HE-smoke cruiser is the IJN destroyer Harugumo, which I wouldn't be surprised to see nerfed any time soon. In fact the developers sort of hinted at that in the most recent Waterline episode when they discussed the IJN DD buffs.
  14. I wouldn't freak out about the odd carriers. It makes no economic sense for WG to remove them for good. The odd CVs will either return as premiums or an alternate tech tree. If the latter happens, and since WG really likes T10 ships, they'll either get bumped up one tier each (so Taiho and Essex become T10), or get bumped down one tier with the introduction of a new T10! P.S. Happy Thanksgiving, yall'.