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  1. Baritone4

    One Stop Moskva 9.5 Thread

    I think they are trying to minimize the implementation cost. Every bit of tailoring (If you have X then you get Y) is more coding, more testing, more debugging, more confusion, more questions, and more customer support tickets. If you think about it this way, the rules would make a lot more sense.
  2. Baritone4

    How would you "counter play" me?

    OK, so your argument is that CVs won't change and therefore the OP could not possibly have any other motivation than pushing players to quit. Do you really want to play this game? Too late, game on: "I think you are trying to protect CVs from nerfs because you enjoy dumping on other players without taking any risk." You see how easy and lazy this is? Everything you wrote in this thread just got dev struck by exposing your deepest, malicious intentions. There is a term for this: Ad hominem. You should have stuck with strawman. Let's suppose all players join your Figure Something Out Club. Now WG has even less of in incentive to make any changes. They don't even worry about people playing less, closing their wallets, or out right quitting. Except by your own admission CV do need changes, and now they are even less likely to happen. So we have at hand simultaneously "CVs won't change, so join my club" and "You joined my club, so CVs won't change". There is a term for that too: Circular reasoning. Your mistake is to assume that there are only two choices: adapt your gameplay or quit. There are many. Some yolo and die any time they get focused even for a short time by a CV and screw over their teams in the process. Some play CV because "If you can't beat em', join em'". Some play CV just to annoy other players hoping that they would quit, cite CVs in their feedback survey, and maybe that will lead to change. Some, like me, simply hold their breath any time they are attacked by CVs and hope that the rest of the night is enjoyable or that they will wake up one morning and see meaningful changes in the dev blog. Now let's get to your comment about CV nerfs. First off, I'm pretty sure most players in your circle are not demanding that CVs are nerfed to oblivion. They either propose reasonable and sometimes easy to implement changes or they simply state the problem and leave it to WG to figure out the solution. Binning all of those in the "Nerf CVs to the ground" bin is essentially a reductio ad absurdum. Second, nerfing the plane regeneration rate lead to a huge dip in CV popularity that WG immediately reversed course. So the problem isn't merely what changes players are asking for, it's what changes CV player are willing to accept, which doesn't seem to be much. Third, let's assume CV popularity went down to RTS era numbers due to nerfs. The current CVs are far less capable than RTS CVs even without a nerf, so this isn't a back-to-square-one situation, and while a single class is weak WG can implement incremental buffs instead of making every other class suffer through broken mechanics. What about skill gap? The conditional probability of having a crap CV player on your team and a strong one on the other will increase given that it's a CV game, but the probability of being in a CV game at all is going to decrease. How is this bad for the health of the game? Do you seriously think the game is currently in good health? If by health you mean WG's revenue stream then sure I'll give you that, but you are not suggesting that players are content, are you? Like, I'm right here. The OP is right here. iChase, Ace, Dolphin, enderland, El2aZer, they're all here, and don't seem very content to me either. If this isn't an indicator of game health I don't know what is. Unless, of course, you are using ambiguous criteria which would be another logical fallacy.
  3. Baritone4

    Getting Depressed

    Are you slotting the Damage upgrade in slot 4? I personally prefer the Rudder upgrade. Russian ships are very resilient when angled but very vulnerable when broadside, so the rudder shift allows to me to swing, sling, and swing back to angling positing. I also avoid central positions so I don't get cross fired. If I'm on the flanks then the enemy BBs are mostly in one direction even if I don't see them. This is particularly true at low tier where most BBs are super slow.
  4. You can estimate the number from this page: http://maplesyrup.sweet.coocan.jp/wows/ranking/20200523/na_2month/average_class.html
  5. Baritone4

    How would you "counter play" me?

    Practically speaking that is what you are saying. After thousands of games and hours of pro player videos I'm barely above average when it comes to positioning. When there is a CV in the game I have no clue what to do. Everything I learned goes out the window because planes have a far faster action time than my ships, leading to a ton of frustration game after game, and all you're telling me through this thread is "git gud", not just slightly above average gud, but better than all those unicum players you suggest are playing DDs wrong. I'm on the fence of quitting this game in part because CVs are too difficult for me to deal with. Call them fun, call them balanced, call them whatever you want. I can't deal with them. It's beyond my skills and the amount of time I'm willing to put in this game. So in practice, the OP is trying to keep me playing by prompting CV changes that make this game more accessible for me, while you are telling me that the mechanics are fine, which to me translates to "Suck it up or stop playing". Sorry, but the OP is not the one telling players not to play, and it's a very lame strawman for you to suggest that.
  6. Baritone4

    Odin. Why?

    Because I like fast reload, fast shells, fast turret traverse, high sigma, fast rudder shift, decent speed. Odin has all of those.
  7. Baritone4

    Odin. Why?

    True! Thank you for the correction.
  8. Baritone4

    Odin. Why?

    There are only 8 parameters that determine HE performance: Rate of fire Number of guns Penetration value Maximum shell damage Fire chance Target fire reduction Explosion volume Edit: Explosion damage (Thanks, LMW) If 2 ships have the same value for all of those parameters then they have the exact same HE performance. 7 and 8 only affects modules and are not related to ship damage or fire starting. 1,2, and 4 determine the HE DPM and Odin's is about just as good as Massachusetts'. 1,2,5 and 6 determine fire setting and Odin's is as good as if not better than Yoshino's. There is nothing more to it. A ship can't have good numbers on these parameters and at the same time have "pitiful" or "notoriously bad" HE. If your reference point is Bismarck and Scharn then you were already shown that Odin has higher HE DPM and fire setting capability, so your extrapolation is wrong. Also if you're shooting Scharn AP at an angled BB, you're gimping yourself.
  9. Baritone4

    Odin. Why?

    So I dissected Flamu's video for you exposing how much nonsense it contains, I quoted you actual numbers showing that Odin's HE PDM is barely shy of T8 USN BBs' (and it's way higher than Bismarck's), and @general_D_H_Chun cited for you the fire chance being the same as Yoshino, a ship with the same number of guns and faster reload but faces higher tier targets with high fire reduction and more fire prevention, and your response is "Nah, Flamu said so." Edit: Here is a bonus if your standard is Scharn Good, Lyon Bad:
  10. Baritone4

    Sub Rental Question

    No, but all the commander XP you earn on them is Elite Commander XP which you can use on any commander.
  11. Baritone4

    Why almost all good players hate CVs

    Not that this translates to like/dislike vote but it sure says something:
  12. Baritone4

    Whats everyone spending your tokens on?

    First I'll get Mrs. Miko (because I'm a ship hoarder), then I'll get some premium time (because WG declared they don't need my money), and the rest will turn into silver (because I'm too lazy to grind credit).
  13. Baritone4

    Odin. Why?

    That's a nice way to put it. My understanding is that the ability to brawl is more of a tool than a full time playstyle but Odin is being measured up against a different bar. Also "wigglitude" is a way cooler word than manouverbrblrbbrlbty.
  14. Baritone4

    Odin. Why?

    I'm surprised how many CCs said she is bad. From the footage and specs she seems capable and super fun to play. I also don't understand why people think WG would spend all those resources on one ship and one event then shoot themselves in the foot for no reason. I wonder if it's a German thing.
  15. Baritone4

    Odin. Why?

    Much appreciated!