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  1. Baritone4

    PT Seasonal Rewards

    The link below contains the compensation rules which I'm fairly sure have not changed (the ship list has, though. At least Arc Royal has been added). If you have the ship, you get a different ship. If you have all the ships, you get doubloons which should be around $20 worth of value. So do not open the T6 container until you get the Spee, and this way you are guaranteed $40 worth of premium goodies. If you open the T6 container and get a Spee, then the Dock will only compensate you with credit. I think they did that to prevent Spee owners from getting a free Odin. https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/sales-and-events/missions-088/#directives
  2. With the right upgrade + spotter Monty can reach 32.9 km. Yamato w/ range upgrade and spotter can reach 37.1 km. https://wowsft.com/ship?index=PASB017&modules=1111&upgrades=004000&commander=PCW001&consumables=111 https://wowsft.com/ship?index=PJSB018&modules=1111&upgrades=000002&commander=PCW001&consumables=111
  3. Keep dodging the question. You don't have a criteria. Random users of a video game forum agreeing has zero bearing on historical significance.
  4. I think he wants you to just keep listing ships until one of them fits his vague subjective non disclosed criteria of "significant".
  5. Depends how much steel you want. The maximum steel is 250 x (#purchased phases - 2). You bought 8 phases so you can earn 250 x (8 - 2) = 1500. If you buy all 20 phases you get 250 x 18 = 4500. Since you finished 3 phases through missions the most you can get is 250 x (20 - 2 - 3) = 3750. Some extra tips here:
  6. Baritone4

    Change to bot CV's in 9.5

    Interesting. I noticed in a training room against a high difficulty bot that it prefers to send the counter type planes rather than a full squadron of a different type. So if I'm in a cruiser, it will keep sending dive bombers until it completely runs out and only then switch to something else.
  7. TL;DR: Get the starter pack if you want to maximize steel or if you anticipate buying 5 phases or more. The maximum amount of steel you can earn = 250 x (#purchased phases - 2) The maximum amount of phases you can buy is 20 - (#phases completed through missions) When the Odin DY was first announced there was a universal strategy: play, play, play then decide at the end of the event if the remaining phases are worth paying for at $7 each, minimum $14 (all figures are full price doubloon equivalent). But since they introduced a starter pack, available for $32 only before you complete phase 1, as well as 250 steel for earning each construction phases after building Odin, some players will need to make a decision on week one of the event. Below is a non-exhaustive table of some player categories and the optimal strategy for each. I hope you find it helpful. You think you will grind and you want then the best strategy is to Total dollar cost All 18 phases Odin + 4500 Steel Buy the starter pack*, then buy 12 phases, then grind 18 phases from missions and directives $116 All 18 phases Odin + 1500 Steel Buy the starter pack*, then grind 18 phases from missions and directives $32 16 to 18 phases or more Odin only Grind as much phases as you can then buy remaining phases $14 - $28 Fewer than 16 phases Odin only Buy the starter pack* then grind as many phases as you can, then buy the remaining phases** $32 + $7 per extra phase*** *If you complete phase 1 before buying the starter pack, add $24 **If you earn more than 12 phases you get a 250 steel bonus per extra phase ***Maximum cost is $116 w/ starter pack and $140 w/o
  8. Baritone4

    Starter Pack - What's included?

  9. Baritone4

    Next season of clan battles

    Can't they implement ship roles just for clan battles? You can classify T10 cruisers and destroyers into the primary roles they play and then restrict the each role to only 2.
  10. Yes, the part that completely contradicts Hapa.
  11. That's the article that I quoted and it contradicts Hapa.