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  1. I recently took a good long break from this game to focus on other games. When I came back, I was delighted to find that aircraft carriers had been turned into a more immersive experience, and submarines were coming to the game. This fueled my want to get back into this game, and get good at it. The problem is.... these horrible match loading times. I have a pretty decent computer. GTX 1050ti GPU, an i5 quad core processor, 8 GB of RAM, a terabyte of HDD. I can run games like Rainbow Six Siege and Overwatch just fine. But when it comes to World of Warships, it simply does not want to function. Once I'm five minutes into a match, it performs perfectly. But when I'm searching and joining a match, the game just will not load in. It'll give me that WoWS spinning icon that tells me that I found a match, then it'll freeze frame for a good minute, and finally I'm in the player list for the match. But by the time I make it to that point, half the other players are loaded in and it's already 10 seconds till match start. And then I end up having to wait for another minute or two before actually being able to do more than watch my team move on the map, and that takes away from the gameplay experience. On top of that, the first minute of the game is plagued with stuttering and unresponsive controls. This issue is in every match. First match of the day, or tenth, it does not matter. They all give me a two minute dead weight for every match I join, just because it won't load. Before my break from this game, which was about a good year ago, it worked perfectly fine. I would get into a match with 20 seconds to spare. But now.... I'm just wondering what happened. What changed in the game to make it perform so badly? And how the heck do I fix it so that I can actually get in and enjoy myself properly? Does anyone have any fixes to this problem? I can't be the only one with this issue...