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  1. needlenoses4

    Des Moines / Worcester Setup

    thanks for additional input; did take Worcester out for first time but was unlucky enough to get totally swarmed by planes carrying rockets. Got 3 hits before planes did me in; was tucked up to a nice island which helped me not at all. hopefully it will grow on me; also learning Neptune and enjoying Henri in Clan Battles.
  2. Likely in the wrong place; if so; sorry; This is a problem I have within the forum; I am not being alerted that messages have been added to my posts; Should be coming to my email address; maybe I have not set it up correctly; help would be appreciated.
  3. needlenoses4

    Des Moines / Worcester Setup

    Good one!!
  4. needlenoses4

    Des Moines / Worcester Setup

    Sorry for delay folks; had some issues at home; and no, not COVID. Went over everything that was said, printed some of it out so much appreciated. Did have a lot of fun in Seattle but no so much with Buffalo; likely me and not the ships. Also having some belated fun with Neptune. Took me a while. Henri is my go-to Clan X boat at the moment; getting better with is as time goes by. Thanks again for input!!! PS; I have "NOTIFY ME OF REPLIES" on but getting nothing!! Will check my settings.
  5. Recently picked up both these ships the old fashioned way; not purchased!! I would appreciate some solid input on setting these two up from Scratch; I have heard that there are updates out there that will, among other things, increase the meager gun range on both. Also someone said there is a way to get smoke added. Stuff like that. So, any help would great.
  6. CVs and Subs would not be an issue if players had the option of just playing ship battles; tired of seeing the map full of torps coming and going in all directions while trying to stave off those bloody rockets. My 2 cents.
  7. This setup was suggested to me last year some time and I am being told that is very poor indeed. So, before I re-do it I would like some input that would help me in gameplay. Thanks. 2 of 13 remain.
  8. needlenoses4


    I ride on the masts of other ships after I am dead to just see what others are doing; sometimes I think that my aim is not so bad after all; working with clan on my positioning etc; don't want to give up even though others are highly critical Thanks all for input.
  9. needlenoses4


    Thanks for all the input; I was told that my hit% of say 26 really really sucked; been working on it for some time and realize that it will take a long time to that stat. Not sure of the math but if it takes X number of games to get that 26, it will take a huge amount to get to say 35 %. Have not give up and the clan I have joined is putting together some training for things like positioning. As for DDS and the Atlanta with it's 16 DD guns I find it tough to get it to a safe place where it can inflict damage; 15. something range is not an asset. I can usually get in 175 + hits but that is not enough. More work; someone else said that my enemy is changing ships too often.
  10. needlenoses4


    I understand the reticle, but have a problem with say 9 shells fired, they all land central on the target but might get only 2 hits. I have read up on dispersion ( likely the issue ) plus watching smokestack for speed ; hard for me to tell if ship it coming at me or away sometimes. Trying to use the mini map. Just really want to get better hit-ratio.
  11. needlenoses4


    Other than using CO-OP or in game practice, are there any good places here for trying to improve ones HIT RATIO??
  12. needlenoses4

    Critical insults

    This is a win from a friend (recent) who's win rate is under 45%; we have played together, won some lost some but above all had a good time. So, should this player be told to pack it up and start playing solitaire; don't think so. Montana. No way I could do this well.
  13. needlenoses4

    Critical insults

    When I started this topic off, I don't think I was being overly sensitive; just got pissed off on a bad day. But after reading all this ( please less toxicity ) I will definitely think harder when entering a battle with, say, Montana or Henri. I usually take them out to learn about them but maybe I should do that in co-op. Gotta play with then somewhere. I have not kept many ships 7 and below as I sell to buy my ships. Have yet to buy one with direct money. So all my ships above 7 I have fought hard to get. My worst ship right now for me ( don't know why, just suck ) is Nagato. So, I think I will dump her and pick another tier 7 from my past to practice with. I am also not great with Cleveland but I do have fun with it. How do I find out if I am improving or going down the sink. And no, I will not hide my stats; they are what they are and I will continue to try to improve.
  14. needlenoses4

    Critical insults

    love to participate in organized practice where someone would say things to me like WHAT ARE YOU DOING, but with training in mind not harassment.
  15. needlenoses4

    Critical insults

    Here you go; for you ,math Brainiac's; say a player has a win ratio of 45%; has been playing off and on for 2 year. how long, and what would he have to do to raise his level to 50%; probably 2 more years!! Yes I know; a lot of variables here but the point is it took this player ( maybe me ) a long time and a lot of battles to reach that point. Maybe he ( or I ) should just RESET and start all over again with a new name etc. Might end up with a higher win ratio in 2 years ( long time ) or the same or, god forbid, less.