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  1. needlenoses4

    dual account problem

    Sorry for delay in responding; been really busy installing all my extraneous bits on a new install of Win 11. Install from scratch went great ( from usb stick ) but it is other stuff. Any way, I found where to add the second account on the bottom of the page ( upper add an account did not respond at all ) ; so I found it when i hit the NA tab and it opened up. Tested both and it is a done deal; thanks for input.
  2. needlenoses4

    dual account problem

    Sorry forgot to turn on notification of replies.
  3. needlenoses4

    dual account problem

    Had this problem once before but I just plain forgot. Just install win 11 from scratch, not an update. So I lost everything on purpose. Anyhow in doing so I am now getting the game center and WOW reinstalled . Smooth so far but I cant remember how I went about putting my second WOW account into the Game center Had it running fine previously. So I am asking for input on this. In the mean-time I am ticking off slowly a ot of re-installs in Win 11. Worth it, not sure yet!!
  4. needlenoses4

    Daily Rewards

    Not the first time; picked up 100 doubloons this morning but actually as a daily (so far ) never got them. Did a game restart still not there. Looked forward to getting them as I am not buying anymore!!!
  5. is there a separate section in here devoted to submarines; don't want to pester those who aren't interested in the topic!!
  6. needlenoses4


    Could someone direct me to where I can find direction for using modStation correctly; just need help in making good choices; had it once before but had build issues with it; just re ran the latest version Thanks.
  7. needlenoses4

    dual account problem

    Ok; just got back; been a little ill!! So I am going to try to figure out this incognito thing in Chrome; Chrome is sitting here idle. And as a reminder my two accounts are linked and I access them top left of log-on page WOW. So I am thinking that I should somehow unlink then so that i can move one to Chrome. Doing this is all new to me. Will let you know.
  8. needlenoses4

    dual account problem

    Sorry; been busy; Using Edge; I have Chrome loaded but never used it. Will see what I can figure out in Chrome. Thanks. Did not get notified of replied; maybe my maill address is missing. Will look. Notify me is checked.
  9. Like I am the problem; I have my original account which has worked fine; I have been able to make purchases such as adding premium account days etc. Payment goes through my PAYPAL account associated with my original account data. Now, with my second account ( use it for Grandkids use and I use it for beating around in DDs which I suck at) I attempted to buy Premium days and followed the steps I thought were correct including paying with my original account Paypal log in. Well, ended up buying 180 days for my original account. So fine, I now have a herd of days, but nothing on my second account. Any hint please; maybe the two accounts should not be linked at all.
  10. needlenoses4


    So thanks to others here I have my second WOW account working as it should; now if only I could aim like I want. I have been using crosshairs from Modstation and would also like it to work on the new account; I don't see where I can change my account within modstation.
  11. needlenoses4

    running a second accout

    Got it and thanks; just didn't see that part at the bottom. And I now see where I can switch back and forth easily.
  12. needlenoses4

    running a second accout

    Already created the new account which takes me to the page that is saying " DOWNLOAD" not Play; so I am missing something here.
  13. needlenoses4

    running a second accout

    That was quick; so where In game center do I add the new account for switching back and forth??
  14. So, using a second email address and password I have created a new WOW account with no problem except WOW is asking be to do an install of the game when it is already on my PC. So what is the best way to move back and forth so that the grandkiddies can play from time to time as they are part of our BUBBLE.
  15. needlenoses4


    I recall CVS during my stays in the USA before Covid; now stuck at home in Canada for the winter; usually did 6 months down in Cal and ARIZ; course no gaming while down there as internet access in RV resorts was miserable Thanks all for the input