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  1. WarshipsToday..

    And they consistently get my stats wrong. I know that I should be a 60%+ player but they keep insisting I'm at 48% and, horrors, even below that. Sad.
  2. Not sure I understand the OP 100%. But as for the capping issue, I think I've seen a change in attitude over the past year that I've been playing. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I feel that players in the mid tiers (where I live) used to be a little more ballsy (the clinical term) when it came to pushing in and trying to hold the caps. As Crucis says, dds would often sneak in and hide somewhere within the circle, or at the very least get close and make the campers uncomfortable. I remember quite often seeing cruisers and even the occasional insane bb doing this. It wasn't always successful but it did create a hell of a fighting game. This pushing doesn't seem to happen so much anymore. Game after game, it seems that the prevalent strategy is to sail in circles on our side of the map and wait for the reds to come to us. And there are always lots of voices in chat saying this is the way to do it--use your range advantage, etc. And maybe it is, maybe we're getting "better" in the sense of staying alive longer.... The above is just an observation--has anyone else noticed any change in attitude around aggressive play in these tiers?
  3. What about your "camera view" and "free look" commands? Slightly off the original topic but still in the realm of keyboard/mouse settings. Let me explain: I usually start out in full view, of course, and use the right mouse button (free look) to look around me whilst not affecting my guns or my sailing directions. Then, when I get ready to shoot, I switch to camera or binocular view (shift key) and stay in that much of the time whilst in action, sailing by the minimap and using the free look from time to time to check my alignment, make sure I'm clearing landmasses, not ramming teammates, etc. However, when I watch the unicum videos (Notser, Flamu, etc.), it looks to me like they are doing almost the opposite--sailing in full view mode and only hitting the camera/binocular view when they are ready to shoot, coming out of it right away into full view again. How are they doing this? Are they just toggling the shift key or is there some other setup that they are using? What is everyone else doing? It does make sense to sail in full view mode most of the time; it's just that toggling the shift key on and off all the time is awkward, especially when there is so much going on and so many other keys that need attention (direction, ammo choice, etc).
  4. Conduct in chat

    I've recently started blocking the obvious jerks in chat right at the start of the game. You know the types I'm referring to...they usually reveal themselves within the first 2 minutes of the game before things heat up. So far it's working really well. I can then still benefit from the chat as there is often useful information or advice on offer there. Makes the games much more enjoyable and free of unnecessary distractions. And yes, when I die, I keep the game running until the end and often do chime in with comments, though I'm working really hard at keeping them helpful and positive.
  5. Replays--need a bit of help!

    I made a small error in the original post here. I can only open a replay in the replay folder if the game is NOT already loaded up. If the game is loaded up on my computer and I click on a replay file, it simply tells me that the game is already running and won't play the replay. Very odd. I take it that everyone else has encountered this. Highly annoying that each time you click on a replay, you are basically loading the entire game up from scratch and then, when you are done one replay, you have to logout in order to watch another. Thanks, SidebyEach for your reply above. I will have to look further into those "desktop record tools" and "video editing tools"--not sure what they are yet but can find out (unless someone on the forum has some useful suggestions). I am computer literate to a certain extent, but not when it comes to video recording, etc.
  6. Ok, I don't know how I did it but I finally managed to enable replays to be saved. I followed someone's advice somewhere and it worked. The replays are saved in a separate folder within the WG game folder on my computer. To access, I go into the replay folder and click on the particular one that I want to see. The problem is that the replay goes right back to the very beginning where I have to log into WG and connect right from the start, even if I am already in the game (and, hence, connected). I would like the replay to start at the start of the game itself. Also, editing--is that possible? Again, somewhere I found some instructions around editing the replay, at least to the extent where you can fast forward through the really boring bits and get to the action. I don't plan on being the new Notser, but I might like at some point to post a replay in the forum here without others have to watch 5 minutes of me sailing towards the sound of the guns, as it were. Sometimes the bit you want to show others for feedback (or laughs) is the three minutes in the middle--is it possible to cut just that out and have it replay on its own?
  7. My Teams Suck! (or do they?)

    Thanks. One more dumb question and then I will be gone: average kills vs win rate. I always thought that win rate was the number of kills you got vs the number of times you died eg. 1 kill + 2 deaths = 50% win rate. But is that not the same as average kills? Or, is win rate in this context the number of times your team wins a match? Sorry, that's two questions. I am hijacking here, but only because I too would like to know what part the team actually plays in all this.
  8. My Teams Suck! (or do they?)

    Btw, what exactly is the WTR? Don't want to hijack your thread, Snarg, but your posting does beg the question: how is it calculated and how/why is it important? Perhaps that, too, might help answer your original question about the quality of your teams.
  9. My Teams Suck! (or do they?)

    Aside from the quality of your teams, I'd like to know what YOU have been doing differently over the past few months. That's a fairly significant increase in your WR. I am (or was) a solid 48 %er until the past few weeks when I've watched that slowly sink with loss after loss. I'd like to know how you've moved the needle in the opposite direction.
  10. I just got a key about an hour ago. However, it appears that I cannot play WoWPs because of graphics card issues (mine may be too weak though it works ok with WoW). I was hoping that I could use the key directly in WoW but I guess that's not the case--does look like they are trying to attract people into the plane game. If someone out there really wants my key, they can have it, though I have a feeling it will be tied exclusively to my account, no?
  11. Psychopaths

    Yeah, I've started to make use of the chat block feature quite a bit lately. Fortunately, the knuckleheads usually reveal themselves quite early on, like in the first two minutes of the match. So my usual practice is to go into chat at the start of the game, look for the worst offenders, right click, block, ahhhh.....peace and quiet, at least until the war starts in earnest. Of course, it gets harder to do this later on when the shells are falling all around--that's when you have to put up with the nonsense, which is hard to avoid because you also want to pay attention in case something useful comes up in that chat box.
  12. And it's aggressive, not agressive. Sorry, wrote the above post without the requisite amount of coffee this morning.
  13. This should probably be in a thread of its own but then I'd really get flamed to a crisp. So I'll just throw it in here. Resolution: Be it resolved that this game does seem to favour the cautious and punish the agressive. I'd add even further that it often seems to favour those who play selfishly for their own ends (stats) than to advance the cause of the team. I've also posted a few accounts recently of similar happenings ie. doing my best to play the objectives only to see the rest of my "team" sailing in circles far from the action or just doing odd things. It is what it is, I guess (hence Peregrinas's snooze reaction) and nothing much will ever change. Still a fun game though.
  14. Psychopaths

    I wonder if it was the same guy that was ragging on me yesterday. He didn't shoot at me, since he was already dead, but he just lost it over the fact that I wasn't doing what he thought I should be doing. Similar to you, Lifetorch, I'd moved up the edge of the cap early in the game to support a yoloing dd, but couldn't push further. I ended up holding down that flank for much of the game, along with another CA, int the face of a heavy enemy attack. This particular tactical genius was enraged at the fact that I "hadn't moved" all game. The rest of our team, of course, melted away on the other flank and we lost. Big deal--you do your best and take the results with grace then load up another game. It hardly needs saying, but I will anyway: don't let the psychos get to you. There's a few of them on here but there'll just a noisy, irritating minority.
  15. It looks like your team was pushing into the cap on the other flank, though it's hard to tell from a screenshot how fast or slow they were moving. I would worry about the way they are all crowding through that narrow channel though--that's a dd's dream as a tight spread of torps couldn't miss hitting something. I feel your pain though about getting thoroughly shellacked like that. And yes, one knows one should be more cautious, hold back and wait, let your support come up, let the other flank push them back, wait for magic fairy dust to descend from the heavens and ..... but that's boring. I like to push, too, or at least get into some position where I can do some damage. Lost my cool a bit last night with a CA driver who literally ran away at the sight of a few red ships coming our way on one flank and ended up licking the window at the edge of the map. He lived to the end of the game, of course, and got a few more points than me, who died young, but ... boring.