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  1. GambitHG

    Conquer the Stars in Master of Orion!

    Wow, I remember the days of the original and how my friends all said it was a great game, but at the time I didn't have funds to purchase it. Now I'll finally get to try it. Thanks WG!
  2. Like most, I got the Visby and Vasteras, which was more than I was expecting. I only got the Hawkins last EA and nothing the EA before that. I just played like regular and I should finish the grind for the Vasteras camo tonight. I thought the directives were doable, but I agree that WG really should have fixed token costs for each container or a much more limited range of variance, say 40-50. Players would actually be more encouraged to grind if they knew exactly how much they could expect to end up with by the end of the event depending on the level of effort they put in. Speaking of effort, those twicth container missions were pretty hard. Even with Tier VIII-X ships I can't seem to get the 1900 and 2000 XP thresholds to get the last two weeks of European crates.
  3. You know, that's not a bad idea for Co-Op only. Keep giving Random TI-IV games protected matchmaking, but allow Co-op the +/-2 tier spread from Tier II-X. That would make AA on Tier II ships actually useful (not like Tier IV bot CVs ever hit anything anyways), prepare players for when they leave the protected PvP tiers, and provide some incentive for long-time players to try a different flavour of low-tier match.
  4. GambitHG

    April fools opinions

    I was looking forward to the event this year and really wanted to try the crazy maps. But over two days I played over 15 games in my Des Moines and I didn't get a single AF map. I think WG dropped the ball on this one as it was totally RNG dependent. What they should have done is have a special AF Mission mode like they did for space battles, where players could choose if they wanted to participate or not. I have no idea why I had to download a patch for content that I never saw.
  5. All of them worked for me as of this posting except for M0BYCAPORTH3FISH80000. I'm not sure why some work for some people and not others. I then tried typing it in manually and I got the last code. If you really want the codes, then try that method instead of cutting and pasting. Also, I got two of the elements inside the regular containers, so I think there's that vector of acquirement as well.
  6. GambitHG

    Update April Fools' Day

    Sorry, but for me this was a big fail. I was looking forward to this special mode and I played 15 games in a DM in random and no special map. I guess the jokes on me for believing a prank and looking forward to something that didn't exist. Seriously WG, if you wanted people to play this mode, then why didn't you put it in a special battle format like you did with space battles?
  7. GambitHG

    Update April Fools' Day

    Doesn't matter. The windows started at 8am this morning, so one would assume that the mode is available as of now. If it was going to start on April 1st, then they should have said so in the news article description.
  8. GambitHG

    Update April Fools' Day

    I just finished playing 2 games at Tier X and everybody was asking what the April Fools was supposed to be. We didn't notice anything different, even though we're in the time window the AF battles are supposed to take place. Unless the joke is one side gets ROFL-stomped? (That's what happened in both games - once to me, once to the opponent. Maybe one team is secretly comprised mostly of bots?)
  9. GambitHG

    IFHE All Night Long

    Thanks for all your work Mouse - I find it invaluable. I'm assuming that when the Russian Cruiser Line split happens, It's still worth putting IFHE on the new TierX light cruiser because it will have the 180mm guns of the Donskoi, but not on the new heavies?
  10. GambitHG

    Pop Quiz

    He changed the diagram again, and now the Gearing is Green. Since he's trying to cap, I see the Biz as having two choices: He can move just inside the cap behind the island with hydro active to expose the Daring and get him to move or be focused while staying out of DM radar range and LoS. Unfortunately, he'll probably die there if the rest of the team abandons the flank. The second option would be to tell the other threee ships to follow him and try to moved east around the lower island to focus down the DM and cap B, leaving A to the enemy. That said, that could set them up for crossfire from the red ships at C, but would provide them local superiority while the three westernmost red ships are out of the fight for a bit.
  11. GambitHG

    Starblazers Unite!

    Watched it religiously in High School. Was very happy when the remake came out a couple of years ago with better animation. The story still had its impact.
  12. My DD MO is always going to be try to cap, but within reason. If there is a CV in game, start for the cap but look to see where the planes show up. If they're on the opposite side of the map, just carry on as usual, watching for Radar ships and be prepared to bail on the attempt. If the planes are coming towards you, immediately turn towards the closest CA/BB and get within their AA bubble. Once the planes are gone, try to cap again, watching for radar and enemy DDs already in the cap. Be flexible, if you see the middle cap is uncontested, try there instead. Just don't be yoked to the idea that you *have* to do something specific - just do what will be most effective for the team within the current circumstances.
  13. GambitHG

    Weekly Combat Missions: Daily Missions

    I think we're more overdue for ship discounts.
  14. GambitHG

    I propose a Russian CL/CA split, dear WeeGee.

    So this thread is the reason we have this split?
  15. GambitHG

    Ranked Battles: the Fifteenth Season

    Ranked needs just one more irrevocable rank at Rank 7 and I think that would make it more worthwhile to push through the angst and play for a little longer.