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  1. I got 45 games in, none of them were suicides (well, maybe one where I was the first to die, but not on purpose). I played everything from Tier I to X to give all level of players the chance at some loot, but they had to work for their dinner (had a 33% survival rate). This was my second event. I applied for the Corgis several times and never made it. I applied to the Pirates and wasn't picked. I finally got picked for the Turkey event and put in over 80 games. I got picked again on this event. All I can suggest is keep plugging away if you want to play and eventually you'll get picked. Once you get picked, make sure you play well and play often and I think that goes in your favour when they run the algorithm for picking players for the next event. You're welcome. Which game was that? They all blurred together after a while... Actually, it reminds me of a New York player who accused me of event haxx and reported me as his shells fell all around my ship without hitting (I think I was in a Blys DD on Haven). I guess he never dealt with RNG? Did any other Masks get reported by players?
  2. GambitHG

    Trying to get Exeter but no CVs around

    I think part of the problem with the Tier IV carriers is they have so few planes in the attack runs. I think you need to get up to Tier VI at least to give a better idea of what attacks are like at the higher tiers.
  3. GambitHG

    My Review of Carnival Weekend Event

    If that player was in a Roma, that could have been me.
  4. GambitHG

    My Review of Carnival Weekend Event

    You're welcome. I *was* debating just turning back around the island and just engaging the Henry IV, but then I realized I probably should let players kill me more - I had a 33% survival ratio up to that point. I was thinking about targeting you first because you were so low health, but the Henri was closer. I got 45 games in, most hard fought, before my family kicked me off the computer.
  5. GambitHG

    Trying to get Exeter but no CVs around

    I played for over a week trying to complete the Aircraft task. All I was able to get was 21 shot down. But then I suddenly got a game where I was in a 4CV match riding an AA-specced Baltimore. 21 plane kills later and I completed the task. Just hang in there!
  6. GambitHG

    Make Your Stand - Earn Exeter FREE!

    I'm having great difficulty completing the first task. I have a bunch of CAs and DDs from the required nations, but there are no CVs showing up in my games. But if I switch to BBs or non-task compliant ships, lo and behold, I get CVs! Something is fishy here...
  7. You know, WG needs to create a Camo for all the participants, with lots of hanging beads and flashing Neon Lights, so everyone knows who you are and where you are.
  8. I see the length of the event has changed. So it's the whole weekend now and not just until Sunday Morning?
  9. Signed up. Should be different from the turkeys. Looking forward to a really busy 36 hours.
  10. GambitHG

    The Skull Throne

    Great to see you get you're own forum area LWM. It makes tracking your reviews easier. <bookmarks forum> <edit: Is there any chance you could move your "How to improve your Win Rating" thread into this forum? It would make it easier if we had one repository area for all things Mouse.>
  11. GambitHG

    Did anyone notice the Tier IX sales?

    That's what I thought. I noticed they haven't put out a February Missions post yet. Maybe they'll include it there? Or maybe they just want to encourage Ranked play for those players who haven't got a lot of T9s?
  12. I was just configuring some ships for the new season of ranked and I discovered something: All the available Tech-tree Tier IX ships are on sale for 15% off their regular credit price and their permanent camo is 50% off the normal doubloon price. It looks like the sale is on for the length of the Ranked season. Was this posted by WG anywhere?
  13. Thanks for taking one for the team, LWM. I was debating whether or not to purchase one of these bundles, but I think I'll hold onto them to see what other Doubloon offers come down the pipe this year.
  14. GambitHG

    I love this ship: P.E.F.

    I've got a couple more battle both in Coop and Random, and I'm doing better than my average in all the metrics across the board. I'm using my Bismarck w/ manual secondaries captain and have a secondaries upgrade build. I think the sweet spot for this ship is where you can keep ships between 6-7.2 km where your secondaries can go to work starting fires and your main AP can penetrate and hit fairly reliably despite the dispersion. I'm debating swapping out the DCM2 for Steering Gears 2, just to give me additional reaction time to incoming planes, despite the fact that even with EM you're going to out-turn your turret tracking. Favourite battle so far - I was in PEF on Neighbours going to support our Hatsuharu capping A from the west. Then the map lit up with 4 BBs heading in that direction, so I noped my way back north, constantly being harrassed by a Scharnhorst and New Mexico. I try to shake him around the northern Islands and eventually swung all the way around east to Cap B, getting pot shot by the Scharnhorst almost the entire time. But when I swung north around one of the Islands, there was the Scharnhorst at 7km broadside. One round of AP and a Cit later and he was on the bottom.
  15. GambitHG

    0.8.0 Postponed

    Lol. I just completed the paywall missions and got the Prinz last night. Well, at least I have time to get the rest of the Belle Epoque containers with the CV directives.