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  1. Stupid Double Post...
  2. Probably going to be a Premium of some sort. It's really inbetween the Heavy Cruisers and Battleships. I'm assuming that if you have the Pensacola, New Orleans, and Baltimore, then WG will give you the next ship up the tree so you don't have to grind up all over again.
  3. I find that they usually say 4:20am PT, which translates to 7:20am in my Eastern Time Zone so I'm always trying to get it done the day before. I just completed it with 7 hours to spare and managed to snag a 5000 free XP container to boot. I found it a real challenge doing that last week of missions, but glad it was doable in the end. I think this campaign was easy for unicums and high-tier players, challenging for middling players like myself, and practically impossible for the lower tiers and potatoes. Maybe that was what WG had in mind when they planned this? The other thing I notice is that when one of these events is over, it coincides with a patch upgrade, which usually starts at 2am PT and means you have even less time than you think. So always try and finish the day before the closing date, because that's really your last chance to complete unless you play past midnight. @_@
  4. Phew! Got it with 7 hours to spare. Managed to snag a 5000 free XP container to boot. I found it a real challenge doing that last week of missions, but glad it was doable in the end. I think this campaign was easy for unicums and high-tier players, challenging for middling players like myself, and practically impossible for the lower tiers and potatoes. Maybe that was what WG had in mind when they planned this?
  5. Now this... I think WG may have engaged in false advertising. In the News section of WoW, under the explanation of Part III of the OR campaign, it says: Win three battles and place among the Top 5 XP earners at least once over any number of battles. To me, I read that as saying that you only need to place Top 5 once while winning three games. But in actual fact, you have to place top 5 on a winning team three times. They really should have made that clearer because I couldn't figure out why I didn't have the OR yet. Well, one more Top 5 win and one more day to go...
  6. Holy Crap, I just did another 1931 base XP in a T6 Nurnberg C with a 6-point Captain and no camo! Got 1 Cap, 1 Defend, 1 Citadel, 9 set on fire, 1 carrier sunk, 3 incapacitates, one plane shot down, 217 hits, and 117K of damage. I don't get it that I got two 1600+ XP matches in one night after maybe 30 games of futility all weekend. Maybe the trick is to just give up and play for fun? Or am I just finally gitting gud?
  7. FINALLY! After a weekend of trying, I just got 1856 XP with a T6 Fubuki with a 10-point Captain and no camo. Sank the ship I'm trying to win and a Podviosky, capped twice, defended twice, hit targets 6 times with my guns, 9 torpedo hits, 8 floodings, and 96K of damage. Hang in there guys, it's doable.
  8. If you need a higher tier ship to be able to complete this task, then perhaps WG is trying to reward the higher tier players who are long-time players or who have spent a lot on the game already? I'm mostly a free player and I've been grinding up the lines equally since I started playing in February but don't have too many high-tier ships. Right now I only have the Bismark, Mahan, and Akatsuki that are Tier 7+. I also seemed to do better in the Hatsuharu than my Fubuki or Farragut for some reason, but not 1600XP good in any of them. I don't think any of my T6 cruisers or BBs have ever earned anything that high. My earned XP used to be terrible, but I've found that since I've hit tier 7 I'm having more higher scoring games. I'm trying to get up to the Shiratsuyu and/or Kagero by this weekend, but I think I will only have enough Free XP to take one of them. Which of the above ships would you suggest to try and make a run at 1600? I'll do some dry runs tonight leading up to Week 3 kicking off tomorrrow.
  9. I found I had the same problem with the St Louis. But then I switched to the Wakatake and getting the two kills was much easier. However, it didn't help that in one match I was TK torped by a bot *on my own team*. Note to self: *DO NOT* end up between a friendly bot and the enemy in Coop.
  10. Thanks for providing this additional information on paper ships. I'm not averse to grinding through paper ships to get to a historical one, but I make the point of selling a paper ship off as soon as I achieve the next level. I'm not sure if I'm going to grind as far as partially completed ships since they were never operational (but then, Graf Zeppelin was completed but never sortied). I'm alright with playing ships that were operational post WW2, as it would be interesting to play them and see how they stack up against wartime designs. I'm of two minds about fictional refits (I'm not sure which ones those are). If they were minor cosmetic or performance tweeks, I'm okay with that. But changing the main gun layout and/or calibre? Not okay. Case in point, the Gneisenau. I wish WG gave players the option to mount the historical 11-inchers, but I guess that would leave gamers no reason to purchase the Scharnhorst. One question about this list - I noted you have the Kiev as a paper ship. From what I read on Wikipedia, apparently there was a Lenningrad-class destroyer leader laid down in 1935 as the Kiev, but was renamed to Sergo Ordzhonikidze and then to Baku. So would players consider the Kiev a historical ship?
  11. I have difficulty playing paper ships with a clear conscience, so I've tasked myself with limiting my leveling to each line's maximum historical tier. From what I've been able to research, that would be the following: France: CA: T7 Germany: BB: T8; CA: T8; DD: T8 Japan: CV: T9; BB: T10; CA: T8 (T9 if you include the unfinished Ibuki); DD: T10 Russia: CA: T8; DD: T9 UK: BB: T7 (T9 if you include the partially completed Lion); CA T8 USA: CV: T10; BB: T9; CA: T10; DD: T10 I understand within each line there are lower tier ships that are not historical, but I'm just grinding through them to get to the next historical ship, then selling them off. I'm also wondering if I should further restrict my choices to ships that served just up to the end of WWII (Which would remove the Gearing among others). So does this list look right, or am I missing anything here?
  12. This is me right here. I started playing WoW back in end-of-February and I've managed to grind every line up to tier 5-6 except for the UK BB and CV lines, switching between ships everytime I get one blown out from under me. My WR is terrible. However, when I'm not focusing on grinding, I find my winrate improves. This thread has been eye-opening for me. I'll try LWM's guide starting now and see if I can improve my winrate. I know she said to focus on one ship, but is it possible to focus on two or three ships of the same class? I was thinking Akatsuki and Mahan as they're going to be my first Level 7 ships.
  13. Are Bellerophons supposed to delete South Carolinas from 3km with one AP salvo? I just did that to one yesterday. I think they may be overpowered...
  14. I like the T5 vs T7. It's the first chance a lot of players have to be exposed to Radar (based on the number of Belfasts and Atlantas I see) and learn to deal with it. Yesterday I managed to take out a distracted Scharnhorst with a stock Furataka, so it's not like it isn't fun.