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  1. But this is more than just meeting local laws - the Chinese government could see this as Wargaming making a political statement about China foreign policy, which they absolutely will not tolerate. Mods are one thing, since they can be plausibly denied by the company.
  2. Since the 0.7.4 Update isn't live yet, I'm putting this here in the vain hopes that someone will read this before it goes live. You *cannot* include the Taiwanese flag as an option in the game - if the Chinese governement gets wind of that, they will ban WoWS from their servers since they still don't recognise the Taiwanese government. You don't want to lose 1 billion potential users, do you?
  3. I'd like to see one in Toronto or Ottawa, but the Hamilton idea around the HMCS Haida was a cool idea, so would the HMCS Sackville (the only remaining Flower-class corvette in existence) in Halifax Harbour, Nova Scotia, home of the great Halifax Explosion in WWI.
  4. Who would get any hits at 20k anyways? If they just pass under Cruiser and DD hulls, then they're spotted for the rest of their run and easily avoided by the BBs a couple of km behind the main line.
  5. About two months ago, I poorly played a game in an Akatsuki and was properly roasted by my teammates. A couple of games later, in the same ship, I was flexing back and forth on The Brothers and having teammates commending my play while berating the poor Okhotnik who was the only other destroyer on my team. You just have to take your lumps and try to do better next game. But those games where you read the situation and ghost god-like across the map to smite opponents who never see you coming make the game worthwhile.
  6. Honestly, I don't care whether they classify battlecruisers as BBs or CAs. I will do my best to sink them regardless. Seriously, who cares how they're classed? MM will be adjusted to take them into account. I'm already seeing that MM considers a Tier VIII CA to be the equivalent of a Tier VI BB. I don't think these ships will unbalance the game.
  7. Grinding Strategy

    Thanks for all the feedback guys. It's cleared up a couple of things in my head and I had a pretty good run last night. I'm just going to focus on the DDs for now, but since the announcement about French missions, I might switch things up a bit.
  8. Grinding Strategy

    Agreed. Once I found out about the alternate UI and turned it on, I find I don't really need Aslain's mods anymore. And I'll try that method you said when I get my CAs
  9. Grinding Strategy

    I bit the bullet and retrained my Jack Dunkirk for the Fiji. He's at 15 points right now and I don't regret it. A couple thousand more XP and he'll have Smoke Screen Expert and all the special skills. Did I mention I'm loving the Fiji? I wasn't aware you could do this. I thought that when you switch a captain from a regular ship to another regular ship and take the penalty, moving that same captain to a premium would have no effect. I'll have to try that with the couple of premiums I got from the Santa Bundles. As for migrating captains, I'll sometimes hopscotch them over each other (ie. tier IV to Tier VI, Tier V to Tier VII, etc.).
  10. Grinding Strategy

    I'm rather selective to switch captains between ships as I prefer to take the XP hit while they're at lower levels. For the retraining hit on a 10-point Captain (even paying for half the retraining) I can train a new captain up to almost 6-points. I may as well make use of all the reserve slots that I pick up in the daily crates. On occasion, I do move the captain to the next ship in line. For example, since I already had the Shiratsuyu, I moved my 10 point Akatsuki captain up to the Kagero, and after a couple of games, I had upgraded the ship and the captain was fully trained. I'm not doing too bad with that ship with about a 60% win rating, I think. I don't think I play poorly, this week was a bit of an anomaly because it seemed that every game I went to cap with a DD, the entire enemy fleet showed up at the cap 8-on-1 and lit me up with radar. No matter how much I tried to use terrain and sell myself dearly, none of my teammates would cap the other two objectives even when they obviously had local superiority. In standard battles, I'd usually manage to kill a ship before I died, but in some cases I was the only one of 1-3 players that had any kills on my team. In one game we actually won, our CV was AFK all game. It was an odd week, with me getting either 1500 base XP or 400 XP because I was the first to die. But yes, I will resolve to git gudder. The reason I chose the IJN BB line, USN CA line and PA DD line are because they're mostly real ships. I would rather not play with paper designs that never existed in reality unless it's to power through to a real ship design. I've got all the lines to mid-tier already, with the German BBs, and Soviet CAs the only lines that are still at Tier V (I don't really play CVs). I'm waiting to purchase the Algerie and Edinburgh once they go on sale (with 10 point captains waiting in the wings) and I'll have the top historical ships for those lines. I'm almost at the Gadjah Mada, which I'll grind through to get to the Hsienyang, then grind concurrently with the Benson (once it goes on sale and if I have enough money). I don't have a lot of money as most of it goes to my kids activities (soccer, dance, art - it's expensive when they're competitive), but I have a fair amount of patience. I used Christmas gift money to buy the Santa Boxes, so I have to be frugal for the next 10 months. And I honestly like most of the grinds, as by the time I've got 25 battles in a ship under my belt, I have a good handle on what it can and can't do (though getting there can be painful) and the more ships you play, the more you'll know how to play against them as opponents. And I plan to use flags once I've ground through the new paper Tier IX US CA and plop that captain in the Des Moines.
  11. Just do what I do - play only historical ships and not the paper ones. The one problem I have is that after the US Cruiser line split, all the Tier IX cruisers will be paper designs (except Ibuki, whihc was scrapped on the slipway). None of them actually sailed.
  12. Grinding Strategy

    Honestly, I'm not too worried about my WR - it's not great, but I know I'm a pretty decent player. However, I especially find after grinding to a new ship, my rating always goes down as I grind my way through the upgrades than just using free XP to buy them. Not to mention each ship starts with a 1 point Captain. It's proving to be a problem as I'm getting into Tier 8 since a 10-point Captain is just about a prerequisite to do well in DDs at that level. My main goal is to optimize purchases, not my win rate. Other than my tier 10 ship goals, I switch lines each month to focus on grinding ships that will have discounts. So far this month I've been grinding the Fushun and Gvenny at the same time. There's good synergies between the two as they're almost the same ship, but then I forget which one I'm driving and launch torpedoes that will never hit. I'm also grinding the New Orleans and Kirov to the point where I should have enough XP to purchase the Baltimore just before the line split and the Budyonny by the end of the month. Only when all four of the ships are still in battle do i take out the Nagato complimented by a Scharnhorst to train up some of my German Captains. Next month, I'll probably switch priority from DD grinding to BB grinding to get to the Amagi while working on the French BB line simultaneously.
  13. But are there any real advantages in playing as divisions then? Do you get some additional bonuses or is it just a means of ensuring you play with friends/clanmates?
  14. Grinding Strategy

    Since I got 180 Premium days from the Santa crates this year, I'm focusing on grinding up to some tier 10 ships so I can play Clan Battles. I'm focusing on the Japanese BB line, US CA line, and Pan-Asian DD line, spreading my play amongst all of those lines every day to take advantage of the first win bonuses and optimize my progression rate. I'm also playing the Soviet DD and CA lines to take advantage of the sale at the end of the month. However, I'm noticing that my win rate and experience seem to be taking a hit. I'm wondering if switching between all these different ship classes and nations is affecting my ability to play these ships as I seem to miss a lot of shots that I used to make against opposing ships. Should I instead be focusing on just grinding down one line until I achieve Tier 10, or is my strategy valid and I just have to be more aware of the changes in muzzle velocity and turn radii as I go?
  15. Ah, I don't have voice comms (well my headset has them, but I can't get them to work in-game) so I only ever solo.