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  1. I think the Torpedo Acceleration skill needs a buff: change the torpedo range decrease by -10% instead of the -20% current. Will you be revising other Captain skills anytime in the future?
  2. I started playing in February and I've been opening 1-2 containers a day as I grind my way up the lines, but I very rarely get supercontainers, even when I click on the "try your luck" crate. I got a Speed Boost Mod last week. A month ago I got a Smoke Generator Boost Mod. In march I got a container of 50 dragon flags. That's it. I figure I've gone through over 120 containers so the chances seem to be about 2.5% to get a supercontainer. However, in regular containers I've gotten free Harbour Slots and Reserve Captain slots, which I find more valuable than supercontainers.
  3. Thanks, I'll have to remember that next time. So what number of Corgi focus ships was your limit to decide whether to continue or bail?
  4. I thought I did. So, say for tier 6 DDs, you just chose a tier 6 ship, pressed "Battle!" and looked to see how many DDs were playing, then cancelled if there wasn't a certain number?
  5. Where do you find the battle queue? I played 28 games over the last two days and did not see a single Corgi in the tiers they said they'd be in at the times specified in the OP. Do you have to have a certain WR to be picked by the MM for a game with a Corgi in it?
  6. Okay, I've tried to get on the times when they say Corgis are supposed to be on. I'm EST so that's PST+3 hours. I've tried to use ships at the same tier as the Corgis are supposed to be using so I hopefully run into one. Over 40 games this weekend and I haven't seen a single Corgi. Maybe I'm too potato for the MM?
  7. I'm not just a potato, but I'm an idiot as well. I went looking for Corgis all weekend and didn't realize until now that the event doesn't start until *next* weekend.
  8. Never done this event before, but it looks fun. If a potato like me could sink a Corgi, does that make me not a potato anymore?
  9. Wow, I had no idea you could do this. Whenever I completed a task, it only showed the container and thus I didn't think you would get stars if you repeated them. That said, I still managed to get the Bismark by the last weekend. What I generally did was start each mission by completing the two XP tasks. Whichever one was completed first, I would chose one of the 1-2 star tasks that would get me enough starts to get to the final task. The first weekend of the hunt, I admit I spent a good portion of the weekend completing up to Mission 3. I spent maybe an hour a night during the week before bedtime to complete MIssion 4. I only completed Mission 5 the following weekend because my parents were visiting. I spent probably two hours a night the following week completing Mission 6 and part of Mission 7, then buckled down on Saturday night and completed the final task. I only started playing 4 months ago, so I didn't have a lot of Tier V-VI ships to chose from. I only had the Kongo, Cleveland, Konigsberg, Mutsuki, Minekaze, Nicholas, and Farragut to complete all the tasks.
  10. If I were to change up the Us Cruiser line, I would split the line after the Tier V Omaha. For the Heavy Cruisers, I would remove the Cleveland and knock down the remaining USN line Cruisers by one tier. At Tier X I would add the USS Alaska with it's 12-inch guns. (They called it a Large Cruiser, not a Battle Cruiser, so I think it could fit the line. For the Light Cruisers, I would reorganize the tiers with the following ships based on evolution and service date: Tier VI - Brooklyn, Tier VII - St. Louis (or some other name to avoid confusion with the T3 St Louie), Tier VIII - Cleveland (with stats buff back to near what it used to be), Tier IX - Fargo, Tier X - Worchester.
  11. Tell me why you want this ship I visited this ship several times in my childhood and was enamored of the stories the sailors would tell. Many of them have been shared in this thread by other players. I'm Canadian and the ship embodies Canuck fighting spirit. Tell me if you think it's worth adding to Commonwealth tree, since I personally don't know if a Canadian line is viable at this time but it's fun to imagine I can't see a Canada-only line as most were simply variants/copies of RN ships. Actually, that's probably true of most of the possible Commonwealth ship options - they should all be moved over to the UK line and sold as premiums, with their captains interchangeable with UK ships. Tier Thoughts? I would like to see it around tier 7 or 8 as a premium ship. Some of the stats may have to be tweaked to fit, but if it seems to over/underpowered for the tier, WG can simply move it to the appropriate tier (not like they haven't done that before). I've heard that the ship knew how to run stealthy, so I'd love to see it with a 6.3km concealment, in honour of her Pennant Number of G63 (if that's too OP, then maybe make it 6.7km). General thoughts? To make it unique from the British Tribal class and as a nod to its ASW capabilities, it should have Hydro-Acoustic Search. The Torpedo Launcher should be given the Mark XI* or XI** torpedoes found on the Fiji or Edinburgh for punch and the option for the Quick Torpedo Reload Consumable. The 4-inch X-turret should be considered a secondary with a 3sec reload time, 8km range, and very low dispersion that also factors into the AA rating. It's smoke should be of Belfast size and US duration and given 3 charges instead of 2. I would also give it the Repair Party consumable because Canadians can fix anything with Duct Tape and WD40. All in all, the ship should be extremely versatile as it was called on for all manner of missions during its career. And you will always be Pigeon...
  12. My favourite ship of WWII was the HMCS Haida. Probably the most decorated ship in the Canadian Navy, it was involved in the Battle of North Cape, Battle of Ushant, and Operation Overlord. It was also involved in the Korean War and was decomissioned in the early sixties and preserved as a museum ship in the seventies. I spent several childhood afternoons exploring the ship and often imagined to myself what it would be like as part of the crew. I'm hoping that when WoW fleshes out the rest of the Royal Navy they'll make it a premium ship, or at least have the Tribal-class as a Tier VIII/IX DD preceding the Battle-class. In game, I haven't been playing very long (only up to Tier V mostly). But my favorite ships so far are the Kongo (BB), Konigsburg (CA), and Isokaze (DD). Right now I'm grinding towards a Cleveland.
  13. Maybe we'll actually be able to use the sub, but only on the surface. It will be hard to see but slower than just about every other ship out there, so if it's seen, it's dead. It's stats may be 3500 Hit Points, One 1200 point HE gun, and 5 fixed-arc torps (4 bow, 1 aft). Tier VI, maybe? Could be interesting...
  14. I've been wanting to play this game for months, but I had to wait until the Boxing Day sales to get a computer that could handle the requirements. I started playing at the start of February and I've managed to upgrade just about everything Tier III-V in the US range and Tier III in the Japanese Bracket. I'm also going to try and level up to a Hipper, but I'm waiting to see how the UK tree fills out before investing time in them and I'm avoiding the USSR branch because half those ships never existed. I prefer playing ships that I used to build models of in my younger years (though the Fletcher and Iowa grinding look like long rows to hoe). I tend to die more often than not and I figure i'm on a winning team about 35% of the time. Sometimes I wonder if the software just pairs all the good players on one team and all the bad players on another team, because I often see my teammates doing stupid things. And sometimes I think the game just hates me. In one game I started the game with no inset map, ship status diagrams, or targeting reticules and I couldn't switch to the map mode. I had no idea where everyone was until I sailed around an island into 2 BBs and a CL at 4km that sank me to the bottom in about 20 seconds (though I did land a lucky torpedo hit). In another game, I was hugging the side of an island trying to fend off a torpedo bomber run. I turned away from the island to run between where I expected the torps to come from, but the torp trails seem to come out of the island itself (I was only about a carrier-width away from the island) and obliterated me instantly. Are these type of experiences normal?
  15. I'm a newer player (just started about 3 weeks ago). On the weekend I was in a battle and from the start there was no on-screen HUD - no inset map, no ship status display, not even targeting cursors for the guns or torps. I managed to land one lucky torp when I rounded an island and suddenly found myself facing 2 BBs and a CL before I was rapidly sent to the bottom. Has anybody else had that experience?