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  1. GambitHG

    Did anyone notice the Tier IX sales?

    That's what I thought. I noticed they haven't put out a February Missions post yet. Maybe they'll include it there? Or maybe they just want to encourage Ranked play for those players who haven't got a lot of T9s?
  2. I was just configuring some ships for the new season of ranked and I discovered something: All the available Tech-tree Tier IX ships are on sale for 15% off their regular credit price and their permanent camo is 50% off the normal doubloon price. It looks like the sale is on for the length of the Ranked season. Was this posted by WG anywhere?
  3. Thanks for taking one for the team, LWM. I was debating whether or not to purchase one of these bundles, but I think I'll hold onto them to see what other Doubloon offers come down the pipe this year.
  4. I find the removal of the irrevocable ranks at the upper levels to be telling. I get the feeling this is to limit those players with a 45% WR from ranking out. You won't be able to play 1000 games and rank out through brute force anymore. Statistics dictate that anyone with less than a 50% WR will find ranking out an impossibility.
  5. GambitHG

    I love this ship: P.E.F.

    I've got a couple more battle both in Coop and Random, and I'm doing better than my average in all the metrics across the board. I'm using my Bismarck w/ manual secondaries captain and have a secondaries upgrade build. I think the sweet spot for this ship is where you can keep ships between 6-7.2 km where your secondaries can go to work starting fires and your main AP can penetrate and hit fairly reliably despite the dispersion. I'm debating swapping out the DCM2 for Steering Gears 2, just to give me additional reaction time to incoming planes, despite the fact that even with EM you're going to out-turn your turret tracking. Favourite battle so far - I was in PEF on Neighbours going to support our Hatsuharu capping A from the west. Then the map lit up with 4 BBs heading in that direction, so I noped my way back north, constantly being harrassed by a Scharnhorst and New Mexico. I try to shake him around the northern Islands and eventually swung all the way around east to Cap B, getting pot shot by the Scharnhorst almost the entire time. But when I swung north around one of the Islands, there was the Scharnhorst at 7km broadside. One round of AP and a Cit later and he was on the bottom.
  6. GambitHG

    0.8.0 Postponed

    Lol. I just completed the paywall missions and got the Prinz last night. Well, at least I have time to get the rest of the Belle Epoque containers with the CV directives.
  7. GambitHG

    I love this ship: P.E.F.

    I just got a battle in her, but I think I'm too tired from the grind to appreciate her properly right now. Maybe I'll have a better view after I sleep...
  8. GambitHG

    Need some help with Jack Dunkirk

    I've been using my Jack Dunkirk captain on a couple of different ships, but his permanent place is on board my Edinburgh. I also use him on my Gallant and Cossack as well as the DoY, Warspite, and Nelson sometimes just trying to grind him up. Right now he's at 17 points and I invested in these skills in order: PT, EM, SI, CE, JoaT, AR, SSE. I'm debating what to spend my last 3 points on once I get him to 19 points. For me it's a tossup between Survivability Expert, or both Preventive Maintenance and Last Stand. The former is good for the Edinburgh and DDs, while the latter would be good mostly for DDs (especially as I seem to keep getting steering/engines disabled in ranked right after I've used Damage Control). Which package would you guys suggest?
  9. GambitHG

    Ships ive gotten from the santa boxes

    This year, I went in with no expectations of ships, I just wanted flags for the upcoming PEF grind. I bought 20 Normal crates and 5 Mega Crates. This is what I got: Normal Crates: 150xZulu, 200xPapa Papa, 150xZulu Hotel, 16xNew Year Streamer, 2xType 59, 10,000 FXP, and 1200 doubloons. Mega Crates: 30 Dragon, 2000 Doubloons, Monaghan (w/ 10pt Cptn), 5xAsian Lantern, 30 Ouroboros I was satisfied, as the Monaghan alone was worth more than I paid for the Mega boxes. Onward to PEF!
  10. I played the mission for both the Mass B and Asashio B, got the Gold Rush missions, but it's not letting me play them for some reason.
  11. GambitHG

    The Anime Hipper Capt - Please SHUT UP! LOL

    I have my Hipper shipgirl on the Hipper, and my Nelson shipgirl on the Nelson. Makes for an, er, different experience when playing the game. Nice for a change of pace.
  12. Dang, it's Raptor Rescue this week? Idk, would you be able to grind out the credits in Warspite with Financial Flags and Camo, or would Nelson in Randoms be a better option for the Brit $4M? And would Molotov or Duca D'Aosta work for the Russian and Italian $4M grinds?
  13. GambitHG

    PE Freddy Missions Part IV

    I'm trying to complete the event in one week, so I can use the following week to complete the Campaign for the free ships and camo. I'm going to attempt to grind $4M per night.
  14. GambitHG

    PE Freddy Missions Part IV

    I'm tempted to purchase the PEF, but I just can't bring myself to do it. Instead I'm going to complete the week 4 directives using the following ships I have (in order of preference): France - Jean Bart USA - Massachusetts B Germany - Scharnhorst England - Nelson, Warspite, DOY and/or Cossack. Commonwealth - Haida Japan - Yamato or Asashio B. Pan Asia - LoYang Russia - Molotov I've also been saving the last task of the Science of Victory Campaign, not knowing when I might need the 7 days of Premium time. I think now is as good a time to use it as any...
  15. GambitHG

    Game thoughts for 2019

    Thanks for the insights. It sounds like you know what you're doing but, like me, you're WR is sub 1000. I keep thinking I'm doing things right, but it doesn't reflect in the stats. It looks like you're in a similar situation, so why do you think that is?