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  1. GambitHG

    Ze german CV !

    I'm REALLY frustrated with the Rhien. The aim reticle for the rockets is set about 3km ahead of the squadron and as soon as I see a DD, it's already past the aim point. Also, whenever I try to aim into the sun, I lose sight of the reticle and I can't see the aim point! AP bombs are almost as bad as the aim point is straight down. I also find it hard to aim, but I'm assuming that's because I've only got a 3-point captain on it. Any pointers to improve would be greatly appreciated.
  2. GambitHG

    Ranked T9 3v3, what ships to use?

    Right now I'm grinding Neptune, Dimtri Donskoi, and Chung Mu. I'll probably switch among all three and see where I end up.
  3. GambitHG


    I specifically set my timer to watch the stream that was supposed to be on at 10pm as mentioned on the website, only to see that it was already 4 hours old?!? What gives?
  4. Welp, got my first container, opened it, and got the Rhein mission. Interestingly enough, I got the Hawkins mission in my First British container and none of the other ship missions after that point, so I expect my luck is done for this patch. Still, it makes it less pressure-filled to know I can start the line whenever.
  5. There is already a transforming aircraft carrier - SDF Macross. :) Aren't they just talking about the German CV line tomorrow?
  6. GambitHG

    LM/UU PVE Thread - Racing The Deadline

    Current UUs: Yamato Des Moines In Progress UUs: Worcester (Stage 2) Gearing (Stage 1) Shimakaze (Stage 1) Yueyang (Stage 2, but I reset the line and I'm only back up to Chung Mu) Honestly, I'm not going to rush completing them until probably September. I'm not sure how many more lines WG will come out with this year, So I'm hoping to finish grinding all the lines (except CVs) up to the historical max tiers before then. Only then will I focus on Grinding out the Upgrades.
  7. GambitHG

    Broke again!!!

    The most I ever had was 43 million credits, but I'm a collector (187 ships and counting) - which is really hard when you're F2P like me. I have to be really careful about what I spend credits on. I only buy ships when they go on sale every couple of months and it's the same for upgrades. I'm fortunate that I have enough lines on the go that I can switch lines to grind once I've completely researched a ship. I convert as many of my event tokens to credits that I can, but once you get past Tier VII, the costs of purchasing ships is astronomically more. For the cost of a Tier X ship, you can purchase all the previous ships of the line from Tier II to Tier VII. It's taken me over 3 years to collect 10 Tier X ships, but I don't regret it. I'd rather keep my fleet than take the hit of selling ships for half price. When snowflake events come around, I'm always rewarded.
  8. I'm going to do this for the Spee, nothing more. I'll gladly grind for the freebies, but I don't see the point in spending additional money to get a paper ship. The only ones I collect are the ones that have some superior characteristics compared to steel ships that you need for competitive.
  9. GambitHG

    Please revert the co-op point changes

    Personally, I find the AI seems to improve as you get to higher tiers. I honestly don't find the games taking that much longer than before - maybe an extra minute or two until the death of that CV. Personally, I don't mind the change at all.
  10. GambitHG

    What is ur fav ship?

    The ship that I play most and probably like best is the Loyang - German Cruiser Hydro *and* smoke, decent speed, decent concealment, and the ability to play in Tier X matchs makes it a favourite. And the Premium ship discounts means it always makes a profit. It's a lot of fun, especially when I can devstrike a Yamato.
  11. I reset the Pan-Asian line after the RB went live and I'm currently back up to the Chung Mu. I'm honestly surprised that it's taken me longer to regrind than I thought, but I'm hoping to finish off the line in time to finish the UU upgrade for the Yueyang before the end of the year.
  12. GambitHG

    Warhammer 40k collab when?

    I still have some Chaos, Imperial, Eldar, and Ork fleets from Battlefleet Gothic in various states of completion. I'm sure something could be organized similar to the space battles. That could be fun!
  13. I only played a couple of games because it wasn't different enough from Random battles to be interesting and the rewards weren't worth the aggravation. I think 8v8 should be the maximum size for these kinds of events.
  14. I'd like to get enough tokens to get up to the Talinn, but I realize that likely I'll only get enough tokens to get up to the Talinn Camo. However, even worst case scenario regarding drops, I should be able to get the Tier V Premium. I'll be satisfied enough with that.
  15. GambitHG

    Dockyard Returns to Hamburg

    I'm not too clear on this, but is the dockyard construction time-dependent on how quickly you finish the directives? I recall that PR required you to complete the directives within 24 hours of them being dropped. Is that still in play here?