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  1. GambitHG

    Premium Ship Review - Yukon

    LittleWhiteMouse and Chobittsu, I've been playing WoWs since 2017 and I've only bought one ship from the premium shop - Haida. I was debating purchasing the Yukon this weekend because it was a Canadian ship and I wanted to celebrate Canada Day after this crummy year, but I wanted to see what I would be purchasing by reading your review. I was still thinking of purchasing it because I like a challenge. Then I read the backstory behind the review. My first reaction was white hot anger at how they treated your contributions. I wanted to cross-check WeeGee into the boards and take a 5-minute major after giving them a concussion. After some reflection, I realize that's illegal so I will be doing what can hurt them the most: I will never purchase this ship. If I get it in a Santa Crate, fine, but I will never directly pay for this ship. What they did to you both with your time and talents was exploitative and, if the Anchorage camo is to be believed, plagaristic. I can understand if this turns you off producing any more content for them, but I really appreciate (and take pride as a fellow Canadian) in the artwork and analysis you both churn out month after month. I hope WG can find a way to make it up to you.
  2. GambitHG

    Warships Size Comparison: Destroyers

    No Commonwealth DDs at *all*!? How can you leave out an entire faction that actually had REAL SHIPS THAT STILL EXIST TODAY?!
  3. GambitHG

    HMCS Haida: Is She worth it?

    I've had the Haida for 2 years and just purchased one for my EU account as well. It's really good when top tier and still decent when bottom tier. I still find it competitive even though it doesn't have the 5th upgrade slot (LWM speculated that they may have baked-in the concealment module modifier). I've had great fun with it in bronze ranked and I still use it in randoms, coop and even Narai. Be aware of it's weaknesses and you can still have great matches. I used to visit it at least once a year when it was moored in Toronto Harbour when I was a kid, so it's really sentimental for me.
  4. GambitHG

    Alternative Region Account

    I actually decided to start a new EU account on the Easter Weekend. I got the starter deal that gives you a Warspite with your first Tier VI ship and the Diana Lima for the first game. I decided to grind up the Royal Navy line in order to maximize the ability to train captains. I started Good Friday and by Easter Monday I had ground up to the Hermes, Acasta, Emerald, Hawkins, and Orion. I discovered that they offer you the Dunkirque for a 4-day rental and if you use it, you get the Warspite. Then last weekend I took advantage of the Golden Week ship sale and ground the Pan-Asian and IJN lines up to the Isokaze, Furutaka, Kongo, and Jianwei, then sold all the lower-tier ships for zero-losses this morning. My goal now is to grind to the Daring and one of the Tier X Cruisers and hopefully generate enough freeXP to purchase the Nelson before it disappears. My EU account was going to be free only, but I ended up getting a deal I couldn't refuse: They offered me double the amount of doubloons for whatever ship I purchased from the Premium shop. After much deliberation, I ended up getting the Haida (which I already have on my NA account lol), which netted me almost 12000 doubloons. I've sworn to myself that I'm not going to make another purchase on that account for at least a couple of years. I didn't use camo or flags on my grind until I hit tier V, so now after a month I have a decent stockpile of camo and flags, 11 WG Crates, 18 days of premium time remaining, 12 ships, 4 spare port slots (thanks, Daily Missions!), 12510 doubloons, 184K FXP, 14,100,000 credits, and a 62% WR. Now if I can just keep those stats up...
  5. This wasn't meant to be able to be completed by anyone other than those who already have it or have a week's vacation. I just started a EU account and this will be very difficult with only a handful of Tier V ships.
  6. GambitHG

    Armada: Habakkuk

    I knew this was an actual ship concept, and I honestly thought that WG might try something like this. But why didn't they wait until April Fool's Day to post this? Well, Apr 1 also happens to land on Maundy Thursday in the Christian Calendar, so maybe it's a day off? Still, They should have released it tomorrow at the earliest.
  7. I just spawned close to the old Octagon in Big Hunt and thought I'd poke my head inside for old times sake. Then up popped a notification that I got an achievement called "Breaking the Eighth Wall". Apparently it's a one time award. Did everyone know about this or am I just late to the news?
  8. For anyone wanting to get the Somers before it's gone, this is a last call. Honestly, I'm ambivalent whether to get it or not. I have enough to get the Somers now, but I've almost got enough for Stalingrad or Bourgogne. To help me decide, could those of you with experience rank these ships in order of: How good they are in Ranked and how are they used there? How good they are in KotS and Clan Battles, both with and without CVs? If these ships have all be overtaken in the Competitive meta, I'd prefer to know before I pull the trigger on a purchase.
  9. My belief on the Nelson's removal is purely to bring it in line with the FXP costs for Tier 9 and 10. They following patch they will replace it with the Rodney (same Nelson, different nameplate) with a cost of 500,000 FXP.
  10. There are, what, 30 maximum members you can have in a clan? I'd assume teammates would want to know each other's capabilities. It doesn't affect anything else, so I don't see the problem.
  11. GambitHG

    Nelson being pulled... ?

    But the Nelson's zombie heal can be pretty entertaining. My opinion is that it's the last of the free XP ships that was at the old costs (375,000/750,000). Since the new thresholds are 1M/2M FXP, I'm expecting that any new FXP ships at Tier 7 will cost 500,000 FXP, while Tier 8 ships will be 750,000 FXP.
  12. You guys might want to watch PotatoQuality's review of the Caracciolo on YouTube. He argues that the sigma had to be that low otherwise the SAP on the BBs would be overpowered. After a couple of games in it, I would have to agree with him. In one match I basically tanked a push against 3 BBs, a CA and 2 DDs, with most of them firing at me (according to my almost continuously lit 'Incoming Fire!') while I was reversing and keeping bow angled around an island on North. The armour dealt with the incoming shells adequately (didn't melt) while the SAP took chunks off the CA and DDs even when less than half the shells hit. I'm going to grind the T7 this patch so I can pick up the VV when it goes live in 0.10.3.
  13. GambitHG

    Ships Being Pulled in 0.10.5

    I have all those ships except Lenin and Z-39 and I'm not sure if they're really that much of an improvement over what is available from the tech-tree ships. However, I'm *really* disappointed that they're pulling the Haida, since it's the one Canadian ship in the game. WG, you better have a Commonwealth line with Canadian ships coming to replace this!
  14. GambitHG

    Brawls in 0.10.1: The Next Step

    What time does Brawl finish for the day? I generally can only get on at 8pm and I'm always missing it and it's not available. Why did WG pick such weird hours for North America?
  15. Thanks for all the replies. For me, the grind is a part of the journey so I'm fine with just getting purchasing a stock VV and grinding out the modules. I forgot that those upgraded modules usually add another 5-7 million credits to the cost of the ship, and it comes with a 10 point captain, so maybe it's not too far off.