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  1. FearlessNight

    Griefing with the new friendly fire system

    I remember when friendly torps would cause flooding, then the penalty would tick away in chat if you didn't repair. It was a good mechanic; it seems realistic that it causes damage and it let me penalize a friendly if I wanted to. The new system removes the fun but keeps the penalty, another move in the wrong direction for this game IMHO. Empower the players to control their destiny, don't put them in a penalty box.
  2. FearlessNight

    What are your WoWS goals for 2021?

    The game play really changed in 2021. My goal now is to just have as much fun as I can with the ships I have accumulated in port, because I'll not see any new ships this year either by grinding a tech tree or buying a premium. And meanwhile I'll hold out hope that WG changes the direction they're taking this game.
  3. FearlessNight

    i give up

    No, you just came to the game at a bad time. Co-op matchmaking is broken and random is infested with death-from-above. So good luck finding a game that's not frustrating. Ya should have showed up 4 years ago.
  4. FearlessNight

    I rage quit a match today

    More like don't play during off hours, or if you do then only take out OP ships that can win by themselves. This is not a strategy that works for high tier ships though. And it doesn't look like WG considers Co-op MM a problem, so it will stay this way. So I'm burning through my camos, flags, and saved resources having as much fun as I can, preparing to leave this game behind.
  5. Have fun while you can; the new 2/9 Co-op matchmaking has already killed late night gaming for me. There's now a narrow window of a few hours in the day when I can get a game with more than 2 human players, and then it's always 9 human players. Sounds like the Dutch cruisers will bring more death from above to the game, which is generally not good. Fortunately in Co-op the bots are terrible pilots and can't hit anything.
  6. FearlessNight

    Why I will be taking a break

    Laughs in Co-Op.
  7. FearlessNight

    Removal of Team Damage Announced in 0.10.5!

    Yeah friendly fire sure made the game unplayable for the last 4 years. Good to see WG is spending their resources on fixing these game breaking bugs. Meanwhile: "This is fine" - matchmaking and CVs.
  8. I like the convenience of a permanent camo. If only the designs and colors of permanent camos was not so bland and boring.
  9. FearlessNight

    Matchmaker at Tier 8 or higher is broken

    Yeah that sort of works, but I'm finding that co-op games are so short that spending a few minutes fking around with the queue to get a game isn't worth it. This is how a game dies.
  10. Bots often appear to panic fire their weapons (torps or guns) in whatever direction they were pointing when they spot an enemy. That's not a problem though, it's usually just funny. But the 2/9 matchmaking is a problem, and it's starting to look like matchmaking works for random and they don't want to mess with it to try to fix co-op matchmaking (I really hope I'm wrong).
  11. FearlessNight

    Coop teams in ranked.:)

    Well they did fk up co-op matchmaking and are still "looking into fixing it" going on a few weeks now. So what's a co-op player to do except go potato in ranked?
  12. FearlessNight

    Compensation for downtime

    Very generous, especially considering the event was probably out of WG's control. But really, if they'd FIX CO-OP 2/9 MATCHMAKING then I would play the game more than if I had a lifetime of premium.
  13. FearlessNight

    Survey of 10.3

    I used to play at least 8 games a day. Since 10.3 hit I play about 3 games a day.
  14. The 2/9 matchmaking was novel for a few days, but it's time to fix it. Interestingly, this bug demonstrates that the optimum for a fun game seems to be 3 to 7 players. You need more than 2 players to get some decent chat and options for some sort of coordinated play. A 9 player game is fine but a little crowded. A game where the bots respond to commands (e.g. "lay a smoke screen") or could be directed to move somewhere with commands like "capture A" or "attention to square X-Y" might make a 2 player game more interesting.
  15. This has to be a bug. If it's not a bug then it's a big mistake by WG. Until they fix it it's only OP ships for me, because the chances of getting into an unwinnable battle are higher with this 2/9 matchmaking.