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  1. The camo looks like crapnow. I want my pretty ships with the nice paint jobs back please.
  2. Silly me, I was playing for the cash, fame, and girls you get at Tier 10.
  3. FearlessNight

    Why are T8 put against T10?

    See you in coop then I guess. I use a different strategy; YOLO ram the nearest T9 or T10 ship as quickly as possible. It ends the bad game quickly for me and often helps the team a lot more than trying to dodge T10 BBs shooting me from across the map and ending up dead for nothing.
  4. FearlessNight

    WHY THE HELL.......

    I said it before; the consumables need to be one convenient key, similar to how "B" works, which pops up a pie menu of consumables. The consumables will all be in the same place, just those not applicable to the ship are grayed out. Of course we'd lose the OH CRAP I'M IN TROUBLE - QUICK SPAM ALL THE CONSUMABLE KEYS gameplay that we have now, but that's a price I'm willing to pay.
  5. FearlessNight

    This game

    World of Warships - When Life Gives You Lemons...
  6. FearlessNight

    Beauty of a Calm Ocean

    I like the look of the calm water mod, but the download stinks of malware.
  7. Can we get a bundle with a cruiser instead of the battleship?
  8. FearlessNight

    Seal Clubbing makes newer players want to quit.

    Get with some of your girl friends and play as a division to even the odds. Or take a break and come over to play some co-op with us bot clubbers.
  9. FearlessNight

    time for assist kills ribbon?

    Kill assist ribbon could be simple - just make it so if you damage an enemy (doesn't matter how much damage) within a few seconds of them dying then you get the ribbon.
  10. FearlessNight

    Co-op battles ending abruptly

    A better mercy rule would be one that kicks in when my team collapses and leaves me alone in a Marblehead fighting against 2 full health battleships.
  11. Divisions in co-op are completely OP, unless you are bringing in a noob for training. The co-op AI has both improved and gotten worse. BB and CA bots are now capable of smarter play (sometimes). DD bots are just idiots all the time, usually ramming each other as soon as they can. CV bots went away after the CV rework, and are back but aren't very good; although they could be absolutely OP if they played well, but that would make co-op less fun. I like how the bot CVs get smarter at the end of the game and make it a bit of a challenge. Currently the AI bots have an issue where they will get deadlocked in a group and dance (repeatedly move back and forth) because they want to avoid colliding with each other.
  12. FearlessNight

    I cant connect!?

    Sorry guys, it's my fault. I submitted a WoWs survey yesterday where i literally said what I like most about WoWs is the uptime.
  13. FearlessNight

    Gifted ships block account?

    Looks like the WG "gift" feature is fundamentally flawed and should be removed if it can't be fixed. And there are technical way to fix this, if they really want to. One way would be to hold payments until they are fully cleared (chargeback is no longer allowed). Another way is to require the use of a currency that doesn't allow chargebacks at all, such as bitcoin. WG has no good excuse for not fixing or removing the flawed "gift" feature.
  14. FearlessNight

    Coop Unplayable Now

    Coop endgame could be improved. Many times just as I'm getting into position to to clobber one of the last ship the game abruptly ends, which is very unsatisfying. I don't care about farming points, but the way it is now the game cuts off before the fun is over. The Coop matchmaking has definitely improved recently. There are no fewer bots but the tier matching and lack of multiple CVs is good. The one thing that really should be fixed is: NEVER PUT ME IN A MATCH WITH AN ALL BOT TEAM. If I want that I'll go play on the test server.
  15. FearlessNight

    I will not be buying premium anymore

    Just how easy does getting a free t10 ship have to be before you "captains" will quit whining? I am enjoying my new Smolensk (which I got essentially for free), plus all the free stuff WG is giving out for just playing these days. WG can hang the PR carrott out there for only those elite players that have the metachlorides needed to get her, and I just don't care because I already have too many ships to play.