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  1. This is what Real radar in WW2 looked like and since WG's wants to be as authentic as possible I thought I would show this so they can add it to the game. Note: you have to do a little math to actually know where to fire your guns! Copied from Wikipedia: The original radar display, the A-scope or A-display, shows only the range, not the direction, to targets. Some people referred to these displays as R-scopes for range scoped. A-scopes were used on the earliest radar systems during World War II, notably the seminal Chain Home (CH) system. The primary input to the A-scope was the amplified return signal received from the radar, which was sent into the Y-axis of the display. Returns caused the spot to be deflected downward (or upward on some models), drawing vertical lines on the tube. These lines were known as a "blip" (or "pip"). The X-axis input was connected to a sawtooth voltage generator known as a time base generator that swept the spot across the display, timed to match the pulse repetition frequencyof the radar. This spread out the blips across the display according to the time they were received. Since the return time of the signal corresponds to twice the distance to the target divided by the speed of light, the distance along the axis directly indicates the range to any target. This was usually measured against a scale above the display.[1]
  2. Remember the days when you were playing BF and you were ZAPPED by some dufus from across the map with a sniper rifle, cause his hack allows him to see every thing on the map? Welcome to the Legal Hack of RADAR in WOWS. It is unreal that the DD does not have any counter to the 5 to 12 KM range of RADAR/SONAR. In a DD, the ship with the least protection of any ship, you have speed, but even with a boost you cannot out range the guns firing at you, nor can you out range the RADAR/SONAR, depending on which ship has you in it's legal trap. You have no option but to play close to your own ships, which is not the role of a DD, or play sucked up to a rock the whole game, which causes your team mates to point out that 'your aren't doing anything!'... No way to counteract the RADAR/SONAR, so it is a Legal Hack, but maybe that is WG's intent...either way it is real sad for a DD main player. Really tired of being killed by the Legal Hack!
  3. Very well said. DD's are now useless and useful DD play is out of the question. I have apologized to two teams because my play was inept. It does appear WG's is attempting to make the DD nothing but canon fodder.

    Destroyer Smoke Module Obsolete

    I just lost another game to RADAR...thanks WG's

    Destroyer Smoke Module Obsolete

    I saw the WIP about the 6 seconds for the RADARing ship. The way I understood it, the RADAR would show the ship in the mini map for all personnel and then the ship being RADARed would have 6 seconds to maneuver before ALL ships could actually spot him/her. I still believe way more can be done to reduce RADAR/SONAR effects in the game.
  6. Hello Folks, I just played the past two games and was exposed to RADAR/SONAR again for at least 5 minutes, because it seems WG's has allowed almost every ship to have RADAR/SONAR. It is ridiculous attempting to play in a Destroyer now days. The new update for CV's has made spotting significantly higher in any game with a CV. Then add on top of that there is no relief from RADAR/SONAR for a Destroyer. The RADAR/SONAR goes from almost 13KM down to 5KM, through mountains across seas, making the Destroyer as visible as if it is sitting right next to you on the map. The Destroyer role is to scout and spot, smoke and assist allies, and of course take territory by capping and warding off the enemy by area denial. The Destroyer has the least HP and can be killed rather quickly, by one torpedo or direct fire from the least gun in the fleet. The limited defense a Destroyer has is speed and 'smoke'. The smoke is obsolete with all the RADAR/SONAR around. So that leaves them with speed only to attempt to survive to fight another battle in the same round. The Cruiser has speed, fire power, anti-aircraft fire and RADAR/SONAR. Most ship drivers would think twice before directly attacking a Cruiser. The Battleship has a strong armor, long range fire power, anti-aircraft fire and shells that can take out some ships with one salvo, not to mention extra heals. Again, most ship drivers would think twice before directly attacking a Battleship. The Destroyer is the weakest ship on the map and providing no means of 'hiding' these ships only makes them cannon fodder. WG's might as well remove the smoke module, oh, but maybe not, because it sure helps the Cruisers and Battleships...

    sooo, about those Radar changes....

    You mean there WAS a change to RADAR? I have not noticed anything new about RADAR, except you cannot hide in Smoke because of RADAR and now there are WAY more planes in the air than before, even though a CV driver is gonna say, but I had 10 squadrons before. I was able to dodge most of the old planes, now they are all over the map. So you as a DD player spend most of your time dodging planes and trying to get out of RADAR range... It is really bad for the DD player and makes the DD the most useless game token now.
  8. I just wanted WG to see the damage I have caused playing their game. I killed myself, somehow. As you can see, i'm in a DD and it would be almost impossible to run into one of my own torpedoes and since this occurred on the other side of an island from by torpedoes, I know this is not the case. Don't know how it happened, but I think it is a bug...I also got a teamkill penalty...nice!

    CV rework as of now is a JOKE

    Agreed, the CV itself is now just a landing post with no protection and no way to put our fires! The planes are useless in that they do not provide any punch with any amount of damage to be useful. The HE bombers are the only ones with any damage potential. The dive bombers and torpedo bombers do not have enough armor to get past the Anti Aircraft fire to even make a good run and if they do, the torpedoes do not have enough range or damage potential to matter. I like the ability to control the individual squadrons, but there is no use in playing when they have to damage potential.
  10. With the new CV rework, DD's cannot hide anymore, which by the way is one of their biggest strengths. Being they cannot hide in smoke because the RADAR/SONAR lights them up like a New York street. So while they are attempting to hide from Planes they are being spotted in smoke by the 'I Win Button, RADAR'. Therefore the only option left is to hide behind the Cruisers and Battleships and sling torpedoes down range hoping to hit some oncoming ship. Thanks WG for making the DD's obsolete in the WOWS.