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  1. My own feed? Post? oh wow. I only wanted to change my avatar as I don't have one yet. :(

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    2. shadowsrmine


      And when I looked it up along with Casper the Friendly Ghost Lil Devil's name was Hot Stuff published by Harvey Comics:Smile_medal:nice choice

    3. shadowsrmine


      By the way did I mention I know several other New Zealander's thru the basin they live in Huntly,  My friend/landlord who went to their wedding asked where you live? she goes by Pebblerocker in the forums her name is Natalie Deane know her?

    4. kiwi1960


      No, Huntly is way up North, I live near Palmerston North in a little town called Woodville.


      You are right about my avatar. :)