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  1. Yes, I mentioned MY cancer without resorting to making jokes about it, and if I DID... then as I'm the one with cancer, I could get away with it... but I respect those fighting cancer.
  2. I have cancer.... I unsubscribed from Zoup's video feed for a very good reason. He is up himself. The last video I saw was him saying "NO one will leave WoWs because of the rework" and stuff like that,basically being an apologist for WoWs and making SUPER general statements that he has no idea are real or not.... arrogance? He cannot say NO ONE will leave.... he could say "SOME MIGHT LEAVE".... But to say "no one will leave" is the height of arrogance. I suppose he read my comment and this video is to show he does care? Where is his evidence that no one will leave? How does he know "no one" will leave? Sorry, but he lost me as a subscriber right there. I post this because I have cancer and my beef is with Zoup for being a plonker... I support ANYONE like myself that is fighting cancer right now. And I find the use of the words "sky cancer" highly offensive, but then, its your opinion... all I can do is ask you not use the words like that. Thanks.
  3. I agree, but WHEN are they going to start asking the questions? OK, last night... I was asked to take a survey... there was NOTHING much about CV's in the game.... they were the same old questions... how likely are you to recommend this game to your friends... NOT... I did and every time they got shafted with free ships going missing... or one being banned from this forum for no good reason... they asked what I thought was wrong with the game, I said CV;'s..... there was NOTHING in that survey about what I thought needed tweaking or nerfing.... Basically.... it was WoWs want to pat themselves on the back... "HEY, this guy thinks we're awesome".... "Yeah, they all do... dammit, an Arizona for everyone!!!"
  4. Actually, I mentioned this last night, but now, I'm going to add meat to this theory of mine.... firstly, lets not call it a "CV rework" as it was a "Game Rework"... it affected many other ships mainly to do with the AA. So, that is the BULK of the game right, CV game play had a total revamp to make it suitable for console play and now, anyone can play them... only they can't, they reckon they cannot hit anything... driving CV's was dumbed down for these people because they said they couldn't figure out the last version of CV's.... In a nutshell.... it was a MAJOR rework for CV's. Same for ships... AA was nerfed or whatever... doesn't matter, the rework affected them as well... How many TEST servers were there? 4? 6? and even then people were saying its not ready.... it was only when the CC's said it too that WoWs delayed the CV drop for 1 week.... ONE WEEK, on such a MAJOR game rework... a week to get it perfect... or, a week to make it APPEAR they wanted to get it right before dropping the game.... SO... the game is dropped, a week late and most reckon its a dud. Total silence from WoWs except to ask people to give it time.... Such a major rework to the game, from start to finish, appeared to be heading at warp factor 9 ... why the rush? WHAT was the problem? So now, the game is broken some say... the calls to have CV's removed full stop is louder than ever. BUT... People have wanted the USS Alaska for months... ONE SHIP.... not a rework to the game, ONE SHIP.... but its delayed and delayed because they say they want to get it right first time.... If you accept that excuse for one ship... then ask yourselves WHY did they rush the "Major Game Rework" onto us? Which is more important? One ship that even if OP wont really kill the game, or its under OP so...big deal, most ships are under powered... either way, tweaking one ship or nerfing one ship is not a big deal... So why the delay? Why the big rush to get CV's out there when it was no where as ready as the Alsaka is... the testers are doing minors tweaks to make it perfect.... hmmmm... couldn't that be done in game like they're doing with CV's or so they claim? I'm not one for conspiracy theories, but why was the Major Game Rework rushed the way it was? A delay of one week is NOTHING when what is involved, all those carriers, planes, ships, AA etc etc... but they delay one ship for a lot longer than a week because.... I don't know... If this IS a conspiracy theory, then I'd have to suggest that they rushed it out so the Console people can start work on the game.... its not like they're rushing anything else.. like Subs.... Russian BB's.... The Alaska.... Commonwealth ships.... the ONLY thing that was EVER rushed was the CV rework.... (cue theme to the Twilight Zone....)
  5. kiwi1960

    Update 0.8.0 - Feedback and General Performance

    Pick a few ships you want to sail and do them. In the end, WoWs suffers from the lack of diversity. if you look in your inventory, you should find them there to sell... so then you can re-buy the new mods.
  6. No one has even started balancing anything. I really don't think there is a specific area set aside for that... Reality, all I see is people demanding they kill CV's... I suppose THAT is re balancing... and really, I think people are too afraid to suggest anything... for every idea they get give, they will get 10 haters insulting them... so really, apart from saying KILL them, what else can they suggest... except for me saying THREE CV's right from the get go was a bad idea... and yes, I got insulted for that. THAT is the real reason the last re-balance failed. One side was able to yell down the other... two way opinions can be posted, nicely or nastily... the people WoWs really needs to hear from won't say a word ... its like all those Westerns... One good guy... once he steps out of the Sheriffs office, they start sniping at him from the balcony's, roof tops... alley ways... I have no idea what the motives are for these people.... do they think they's helping the staff, the game is fine and we are all traitors for speaking up? What ever happened to agreeing to disagree? Are these people incapable of looking for middle ground rather than down vote ANY idea and NEVER actually giving an opinion themselves? Maybe they are afraid of being hounded all the time with down votes... SO... anyone that voices and opinion has more courage than those that never post except to down vote.
  7. I speak for those that think like myself and have said so. Please stop speaking for the staff.
  8. kiwi1960

    Update 0.8.0 - Feedback and General Performance

    Very funny to see the new competition... FLY! STRIKE! WIN! Here in New Zealand, as it is in Australia... "Fly Strike" is when flies land on a sheep's butt and lays maggot eggs. It painful for the sheep and the farmer, if he has no chemicals, pours petrol onto the sheep's butt then digs them out with a knife. A fly strike would not be a win. WARNING: Graphic content of what fly strike looks like... BTW, In Co-Op tonight, I accidentally rammed a ship, the Yamato. I was in my Jean Bart. Our health was similar so when I accidentally hit him BOTH ships exploded.... next thing... the Yamato vanished.... a minute later... there is was in the distance, alive, with most of his health back and sailing away .... It SAID I had a kill.... but then, when moving from the bottom to the top of the screen... it vanished.... Funny things happening in Bot land.... reincarnation?
  9. kiwi1960

    Opinions of CV Rework: Garbage

    Maybe in some kind of X box type thingy, to keep it tidy, X-actly. (boards elevator to take him 2000 feet underground till the fallout settles.)
  10. kiwi1960

    Opinions of CV Rework: Garbage

    or ....a console... just sayin....
  11. That doesn't make sense... we tell WoWs the customer is always right... then you say we should do what Wows wants.... hmmm.... No, I said the customer is always right and WoWs better start taking that on board... and the customers are saying the rework is a failure. Think about it.... those that are buying the CV's now will be advising WoWs on what to re-balance... read: make OP... they will make CV's OP by outright making them OP or nerfing all other ships... As soon as those with a vested interest in the so called "re-balancing" gets involved, then its a double failure. Lets say 51% of the loyal player base walks.... never to return... WoWs will be counting on twice as many console players to replace the lost income... except.... WoWs has been wrong about the popularity of the rework... they said it was popular... and only a few disliked it.... based on what? Their own delusions? Fact is... and it is a fact.... if WoWs keeping up its winning streak on knowing what the customer wants, then this game is going to die sooner than we think. And really, we can yell till we are blue in the face... they will keep winning despite what the customers say. The moved too fast on project that was no where near completion, the speed can ONLY be because of the console players... CV's are nothing when you add in what the future held... Russian BB's... possibly submarines... while the real worl impact of CV's was massive... really... in a game like this, where the devs have such a big period to choose from, a WORLD full of DD's to add, cruisers, BB's... but they went warp factor 9 to add CV's.... but delayed the Alaska for some silly balancing excuse... didn't the CV's also have a silly balancing excuse that delayed it for 1 week????? So ONE ship is delayed for ... months? But an entire LINE of CV's is delayed for one week.... The Alaska must be a really special ship.... seriously.... it should have been the other way around... the Alaska delayed for 1 week and the CV's for at LEAST a month.... and then released into the game in stages, ie: 1 CV per side so people can learn... NOT THREE ALL AT ONCE! Wows shot themselves in the foot yet again. I wonder if any of the devs used to work for WOT????
  12. Here is the problem. WoWs wants the CV's to work.. they staked the games future on it. So NO WAY with they kill it again. What they will do is offer a free camo to all CV owners that pays 250% more XP... They won't nerf the other ships anymore... but they might "tweaK" CV's "for game balancing issues"... like double the damage a torpedo does now... WoWs will again want to buy our love loyalty ... free gifts for everyone.... either way, CV's are here to stay... why don't they just say that outright and get it over with... because then a lot of people can just leave and move on from the game... those that stay will be asking... "What do I get if I stay"... Either way... from the way this was handled to begin with... its a PR nightmare. sadly, for the staff at WoWs... its because someone got hold of a video of the rework and threatened to release it... so they HAD to act because they knew if they didn't then they would be on the back foot of public opinion... by releasing the video, they were able to control the hype... they FAILED to control the expectations people had for a GOOD fix... but they were able to control they hype and we all got what WoWs wanted us to have... it will look great on consoles. This is NOT the fault of the staff here... its whoever came up with this stupid idea in the first place... I suspect I know who that is... we all can. Its just a very very sad start to 2019.
  13. I don't think its the CV rework as such, its just that going from 1 CV to THREE is a bit much. The enemy CV team just needs to div up and plan a TRIPLE cross drop on some poor unsuspecting slob (via Chat) and the game is ruined for that person. WoWs should have thought this out more, started with one CV only rather than throw everyone into the deep end. Its almost like they have a death wish, they ARE doing this to themselves, because what??? They thought everyone would LOVE facing three CV's right from the get go? They really do NOT know the player base at all. They misread the warning signs and ignored the things THEY did as being good ideas... and are again... ignoring the customers. The customer is always right... unless, you're WoWs .. then THEY are always right. They learnt NOTHING from World Of Tanks... NOTHING!
  14. So you think this is a storm in a tea cup. Seriously, if I can be so bold as to say this, you were deluded over the hype of the "rework" despite everyone telling you it was be a disaster... and here we are, its a disaster and we are all saying so... and yet, you say its going to take a little longer to ...adjust.... resistance is futile, you will be assimilated.... Only... we won't. I already know people are walking... most of the ones in my clan played once then left... oil intake is down. I'm wondering how long WoWs will continue to flog this horse before it calls it a day... On the one hand, you have the power to kill, or not, CV's at your desire... On the other hand... we are the customers TELLING you to call it a day now. Its FAILED!!!! Three CV's??? They just need to div up and its cross torping all over again... one of the VERY reason that killed the last iteration of CV's.... Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat the mistakes again and again... With all due respect, Radar_X, the people are speaking, you always say you want to hear from them... well... listen!
  15. I have even noticed that the clan my wife and I run is suffering from a slow down in oil today. Where it would take a week to get oil for the next add on... its looking more like 2 weeks now... our clan doesn't fight clan battles, but I pity those that do... this is a disaster. Wonder what plan B is? Run???? or kill CV's ....