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  1. kiwi1960

    Flying cars!

    OK, did you notice the pun..... flying cars.... idea didn't really take off?
  2. kiwi1960

    Flying cars!

    Flying cars have been around, just not mass produced, as I said, the idea never really took off.
  3. kiwi1960

    Flying cars!

    Flying cars have been around (or talked about) since the 1930's... But they never really.... took off!
  4. kiwi1960

    Update 0.7.11 Bug Report

    NEW BUG!!!! In the twilight map mode, I ran into an island an was promptly sunk.... However, unless you have the mini map fully enlarged, its very hard to even see. Its not an island, but a rock. OK, maybe not a bug, but its fecking annoying.
  5. kiwi1960

    Update 0.7.11 Bug Report

    yeah, when has an update NEVER had bugs? They're dreaming if they thought that.
  6. kiwi1960

    Update 0.7.11 Bug Report

    In the mission, whale something or other, the forts kept vanishing, blinking on and off a few seconds at a time. Made it very hard to actually hit anything. Decided to not play the missions till its fixed. (I assume that means I'll never be playing the missions again, or at least, not that one.)
  7. Really? PERSONAL insults from you? My insults were directed at no one but yours were. I'd complain to the staff but they never do anything anyhow, this board has a reputation for being a flaming board, as you have proved. Yes.... shells and torps on ships are unlimited, but there is only ever going to be one ship... while unlimited planes will be there. That would be like getting unlimited HP in your non CV ship to go out and cause as much damage as you can. The nature of unlimited shells and torps is a requirement, a necessity of the game to keep it interesting. If destroyers fire their torps and then that was it, and if shells ran out, then pretty soon, the game would get boring... but no one has ever "driven" a torp or shell... right... so your argument falls flat. People have driven warships with limited HP and despite the unlimited shells and torps, they can be sunk. The ship is the platform, it has limited health. Now... you can drive an unlimited supply of planes with unlimited bombs, torps and (soon) rockets which makes the game... totally unfair in favour of the CV. I'd love a DD, CL or BB with unlimited HP. That is basically what this flying warship gives the players. The defence of your ship is always a major concern, you protect it from being sunk, but the flying warship has no such concerns... this is why the game play is directed to kiddies.... they can fly attack and never need to worry about running out of planes or bombs or anything. As long as your team protects your actual CV, then they can all hold back and allow the CV to take out the opposition... I can see how that might be fun for the kiddies, but everyone else is going to get pretty upset. WG.NET has *NEVER* gotten anything right the first time... ships are still being nerfed or buffed now. The problems they claim were there with the CV's before will still be there, only different problems and different voices. I see a few of the more honest Community Contributors are getting concerned about the big mistake WG.NET is about to make. BTW, planes are NOT CV ammunition... they are the CV's main guns... they fire bombs or shells. Had you had that thinking in the real Navy during WW2 you would have been drummed out of the navy PDQ... as a famous US Army General once said (I forget his name) ... it takes no time to build a plane... but it takes at least 20 years to grow a new pilot. Your flawed pilot logic extends to game payers WG.NET has now... you want them to treat their customers with that much contempt? To tell them, like it or go away??? Its easy to see you have never spent any money on this game... or, if you have, then ... you must be VERY young. You think people who have invested money in this game, they they OWN (because of the money paid to WG.NET) would just walk away without a fight? Your logic should have been used before.... OK. CANCEL THE CV REWORK.... according to QinsCoCoPops .... the ones demanding a changes don't matter... if they don;t like the CV's as they are now (including him) then they can LEAVE!!!!! Me.... I'm happy with the CV's the way they are now. If you're not... then, take your own advice and leave.... plenty more will take your place.
  8. Real life balanced? Seriously? This whole REAL WORLD mess was created by WG.NET making changes and to balance it all, the fact that they screwed it up from day one is NOT the fault of any player that likes CV's... or dislikes them come to that. There were problems with other ships and they were beefed up or nerfed, depending on the ship, but the problem with CV's was that too many were saying it was too powerful or, the CV was too hard to drive... so they fixed it... a new game play to making the arcade gamers and the console players happy... and as for everyone else, better AA ... But lets be honest. My non CV ships do not have unlimited hit points... so how can a CV have unlimited planes? They have crippled CV's for the NON CV players... to make it "fair" and they have enhanced the CV's so the thousands of children can enjoy flying planes around without needing to really THINK... the REAL CV drivers like myself will NEVER accpet what they are doing, and in fact, if the CV's are now able to sink a ship load more ships then the simple fact is... people will stop playing... You see, the game isn't real life... when WG.NET starts to "re-balance" the game play, then a lot of people are going to be unhappy.... you can please some of the people some of the time, but not all of the people all of the time... this will cost WG.NET a ton of good players, who will either give up playing entirely, or play T1 to T3 only. I'm betting many many people will demand a tick box to opt out of playing with CV's at any tier. They wanted more CV players.... fine... lets the kids have their fun, but the adults will not want to play with the kiddies with their flying warships with unlimited planes... the reasons for the changes have morphed over the months... the real reason, in the end, they want to sell more premium CV's... Doesn't natter what the loyal warship gamer thinks... End of the day, the old problems will be gone and replaced with a whole new set of problems... how many AA consumables will it take to stay alive, that consumable is not obsolete... as are any spotting planes and catapult launched fighters because the new AA will shoot them down... and in the original video... they didn't have ANY answers on how the game play would work, they winged in in that video... to a question about ships following the empty planes back to the carrier... "maybe they can fly high so they cannot be observed"... so now.... warships cannot... no... are not allowed to shoot these planes down.... problems .... and then the bugs... there are ALWAYS bugs with any MAJOR rework.... its a not a CV REWORK as they claim... its a major game rework, CV's.... (with flying warships now) AA rework, consumable rework (the AA consumable is redundant now) and what about those ships with hardly any AA... The Musashi has hardly ANY AA.... sure, in a clan battle or ranked, you MIGHT get a few warships to sail with her to look after her.... but what about Random or Co-Op games where the word "team" is used but doesn’t really apply... And that will be MURDER in ranked battles.... You see... a MAJOR game rework.... not only to the ships, but the modes of play will need to be changed as well. Musashi owners will be screaming blue bloody murder in Co-Op games.... WG.NET is about to open a hornets nest... they had NO ANSWERS in the first video.... and while they THINK they have it right thanks to the "feed back"... have they even THOUGHT about the modes of play and how the CV's will wreak hell in the game... if your ship doesn't have decent AA, no one will drive them... replacing one problem with another... not much, if any, thought has been given to the future... read my signature to get my prediction on how this will turn out. See, major GAME rework... when were they going to admit this?
  9. kiwi1960

    Update 0.7.10 Bug Report

    I only ever speak for myself, unlike you. I was aware of the downtime, and this all happened before that. I was taking about the support centre, not the forums. Listen, I suggest you stop speaking for the staff and only speak for yourself, can you do that? No, I doubt it.
  10. kiwi1960

    Update 0.7.10 Bug Report

    Yes, a game fit for purpose would be good... cancel the unwanted "CV Rework" and give us one whole update of bug fixes... the CV rework which will alter a LOT more than just the CV's will only add more bugs, the bugs have been there, some of them, over many updates its beyond a joke. I refuse to buy premium till I know the game won't crash... you may not mind, WG.NET, but I do... I will not pay for a sub standard game. DO WHAT I DID, Totally uninstall the game and reinstall it.... its a pain... but it does work... till it doesn't. Then, un-install... and reinstall again. Don't bother asking support... they make bogus promises about a patch that never arrives...
  11. WOW..... the first time this happened, we were told it 'probably" won;t ever happen again.... THEN.... it happened again.... oh dear oh dear.... I pleaded for WG.NET to forget about the stupid CV rework and fix the dammed bugs. NOW.... its STILL happening.... and we get told that if it happens again, let them know.... Taking into account that we may never see this bugs again (GUFFAW and HOOTS of laughter) .... don't you think its time the Devs stopped screwing us around with new (mostly unwanted) content and go on a big bug hunt to fix the game???? I mean, I for one refuse to buy premium anymore lest the bugs hot again and I waste my money... And I really do not want to waste my time with the.... kids..... at support. PLEASE.... give us a game FIT FOR PURPOSE.... fix the bugs. Thanking you in advance... (not that you WILL fix the bugs, the list gets longer and longer)... my fear has always been that the alleged "CV rework" will KILL the game because it will introduce so many NEW bugs.... and I say alleged because its actually a GAME rework, not only are you going to screw up the carriers and the planes that attack ships, but AA as well, and ALL ships with no AA to make it fair, then rebalance the whole thing so the new n0obs who drive the CV's wont look like n00bs... yeah.... there is going to be MANY bugs... Meanwhile.... you cannot even find a bug that claims the server is over loaded or bugs that stop people logging in.... or video glitches... even IF you promised us a "patch" to fix that over a month ago... Fact is... I have no faith in WG.NET to be able to fix ANY bugs.... just create them. I'd love to buy premium, but seriously... I don;t like throwing my money away of dud things.
  12. So, last week... we took our subs into banish Rasputin once and for all... near the end, I started getting sick of the map, many figured out that by holding back and letting others do the fight, they got just as many points as those like me that did the fighting.... so, last night....a new mission.... just the same as the last one... a new base or some such is being built and..... but its the exact same mission as last weeks... with a condition to sink 3 enemy ships in under a minute.... BUT wait.... last week, we banished Rasputin.... but now, in the next chapter of the saga, he is back????? SERIOUSLY???? OK, it might be me, but the mission is harder... but all that means is most hang back and let us warriors do the fighting. What happened to the mission that was advertised when the week was up (for me, that was last night) ... I suggest they give us a new map or at least the mission that was promised or ban those not fighting... and stop them playing at all. It takes a whole team to banish Rasputin AGAIN... One guy holding back told me his ship was broken and he could only go round in circles.... yeah right... either a n00b who pushed Q or E by mistake or a liar, Either way, I want the final mission that was promised... not a rehashed version of the previous mission.
  13. kiwi1960

    Update 0.7.10 Bug Report

    Yeah, some WARNING when the server will be down, LIKE RIGHT NOW! Very unprofessional. I just hope this isn't the return of the infamous bugs. :(
  14. kiwi1960

    The Russophobia on NA

    Well, playing the Halloween mission, I renamed Rasputin to Rat-Putin ... in fun.... for Rap-Putin... for those that like <rap> Yes.... All nations are evil in one way or anther.... except New Zealand, we are as sweet as the day we were born!
  15. kiwi1960

    Update 0.7.10 Bug Report

    Mine vanished after I did a delete and reinstall... took over 5 hours (the internet here is slow) BUT, the next game, the game crapped out with a bad executable .... fixed that by using the 'repair game' option in the launcher, it re-downloaded 7 -8 gigs of files then worked... Good luck.