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  1. My name is Rianne and he was my husband. This is to let you all know that this morning he was placed into an induced coma because of the cancer. He will never wake up. The pain and discomfort was getting too much for him to handle. He will now sleep till he passes away. It is what he wanted. While he joked about being a coward that couldn't bring himself to be euthanized BUT who wouldn't want to sleep for all eternity? He was the bravest man I have ever known. He had asked me to play his account every now and then to keep his name alive and I will but the hard part for me is that I work long hours as a caregiver but I agreed that maybe twice a year, I'd do it. He loved the game and loved all the friends he had made over the years even if since the commander rework he had refused to play it (his words, not mine). He also asked me to let you all know what has taken place as he could barely type out a message without every word being a typo. While he isn't dead yet, for all intents and purposes, he is. He asked me to log on using his name as I do not have an account here.
  2. ....and can you blame them? ramming only???? OMG!
  3. kiwi1960

    Update 0.10.0. Commander Skills Update!

    exactly the same for me. I haven't played the game since the "update" dropped... get as far as the port..... then rather than just leave, I say hello to my clan and THEN leave... Whoever came up with this idea needs to be sacked... actually, sack them all, this isn't the first time nor will it be the last time for them... but for me.,... it was the last time when the "down-date" (as opposed to an "update") dropped like an extinction level sized asteroid destroying all life on the planet.....
  4. kiwi1960

    Update 0.10.0. Commander Skills Update!

    Yes. it is a joke, but no one, unless you work for WoWs is actually laughing. BIG JOKE to them how they screwed us over yet again. The person who said "The customer is always right" obviously never met anyone from WoWs.
  5. Let me see..... they say $25 is "big bucks"...... Cannot even buy a good cheap T5 premium ship with that.... yet another way WOWS shoots themselves in the foot.... They admit their ships are overpriced! Why are they deleting posts? Venting is allowed, isn't it? Having an opinion is allowed..... isn't it? What rules were broken? Unless the truth hurts.
  6. kiwi1960

    Update 0.10.0. Commander Skills Update!

    The more complicated they make it sound, the less you know you're being scammed out of money...
  7. kiwi1960

    Commander Skills Update

    Where is the promised button to reset all commanders in one go???? ANOTHER LIE???? I have not played this game since the "update" dropped.... the game wasnt "updated".... it was destroyed by ignorant devs who probably don't even play the game. I have no desire to play thus game anymore... there are OTHER better "free to play" games, and single player games like KERBAL SPACE PROGRAM which I'm playing and enjoying a great deal. The KSP forums is the place to be, the game devs actually CHAT with players on the forums,.... its TRUE.... no lie.... its only WoWs that treats its players like scum.... Its just sad that they stole all our money... but no more. I don't know how long I have left to live, seeing as the cancer is fast spreading to my other organs, but I do know this.... I have had enough of the crap and the lies and the scams.... Every single WoWs YOUtube video I watch will now advise people nit to have anything to do with this game, I hope others follow my lead, and do the same. Its just NOT worth staying loyal tio a game that treats us so badly. WHERE IS THAT RESET BUTTON? (I won't use it but this illustrates yet ANOTHER broken promise.) Its NOT the cancer making my stomach hurt right now,.... its the sadness that I fell for their scams and lies so much.... recently, I was even defending their actions.... THAT is making me sick right now. The post above mine had the link, Yeah, THANKS FOR NOTHING WOW';s , you NEVER advertised that much did you.... https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/general-news/resetting-skills-for-all-commanders/
  8. kiwi1960

    Update 0.10.0. Commander Skills Update!

    They took a great game and destroyed it! They do not care... the sad thing is that I DO! They took our money... its all they care about.... nearly time for them to move on to another scam....errr.... project. maybe.... "Universe of Star-ships"????? Its World of Tanks all over again. While at least ONE paying customer exists, they are required to provide a server to play on.... But if we all leave, in disgust, problem solved. Actually, they can reduce the player base with these "updates" then the number that can apply for a refund if the game ever does close down, is less than it is now. You *KNOW* how much they hate the word "refund"...
  9. kiwi1960

    Commander Skills Update

    I don't want to sound like a sad sack, but WoWs has really just killed the game for me. Nor do I want to harp in about my cancer all the time, but I feel I must now speak up and out. All the fun us now gone, either I spend all my time configuring my captains and keep my ships for the collectors ribbons... or I sell all my T1 to T4 ships and sell or dismiss the captains if I need to. I'd rather PLAY the game with the time I have left in this world.... or say stuff it and let WoWs dictate what specialties my captains have.... I decided to sell the ships rather than waste my time. With the ships I have left, STILL need t be configured to my liking. I cannot rely on WoWs to get it right, either. Its like they have reduced the number if perks to screw the players. I got one perk to find another that virtually cancels another out. Then there us the first destroyer I looked at... WoWs recommends, for this ship, that I take faster gun traverse speed.... really? ON A DD????? Never needed it before, in that ship. So I cannot trust WoWs with that.... are they hoping that most who left the game because of the money hungry tactics they use and comes back AFTER the free re-spec is over that they will PAY to remove the stupid idiotic recommendations to ones that will actually benefit the player?? What happened to the ONE CLICK button to reset ALL commanders in one go, that way, you're not pressured into getting it all dine in the they gave us? Maybe they hid it just for that reason,... probably get told by someone they found it in the CAPTAINS DESK or somewhere.... With my cancer, its hard fir me to post anything these days so I'll cut a long story short. I spent a small fortune a few years back buying port slots for my collectors fleet.,... what the hell am I going to do with an extra 25 or plus vacant port slots,. Worse.... you can earn port slots now but why would I want to? And I've just decided ti sell the vast majority of the ships I never play any more,..,.. so much for my collectors fleet.,... so much for all the port slots I have now... so much fir ruining the game that before today, I Liked playing. Today, I'm disgusted by WoWs FORCING this on us... the HATED CV rework all over again. I'd advise any and all new players tio just walk away and find another online game where the company RESPECTS its clients rather than crapping on them all the time. What will be next to get screwed around with? Modules? Thus rework is yet another thing NO ONE ASKED FOR and NO ONE WANTED.... meanwhile, STILL no new maps, STILL old bugs NEVER fixed... And they give us these forums to VENT.... because you KNOW they will never defend their actions..... they will just IGNORE IT ALL! The main question I want answered is.,... WHY?
  10. kiwi1960

    Please remove XP for kills.

    This again. (sigh) So someone steals a kill from me.... whoopdeedoo.... If I take 95% of a ships health, then that pays more than a kill and I'm happy. Its the OP's silly logic that ruins the game for me... probably starts a fight in the chat about XXXXX having stolen "his" kill. No time for people like that, go cry elsewhere. If all that matters to you is "kills" then seriously, this is NOT the game for you. I fire at a ship till its dead, its how games are won, if someone else gets the kill.... even "steals it".... then so what? I pity you with your childish view on how the game us played... other than that, just stop.... stop trying to play the victim... but I notice, people like you never mention the fact that you must be guilty of your own crime.... you mean to say that you stopped fire on a ship so the rightful owner can get the kill?? Really? So if the last enemy is 1Km from you, turning his guns towards you to fire, you're telling us you wont fire because its not yours.... lets say you only have 40 HP left.... its you or him.... you wouldn't fire,..,.. really? (sigh)
  11. kiwi1960

    FIX CARRIERS - drops are wrong

    That statement is logically illogical. Errrrr... as you were, carrier on, I mean, carry on.
  12. new player, huh? Bot players fire torps at allied players..,.,. mostly. I play Co-Op because I want fun, I have cancer and I';m dying. I only want fun, given if the crap that happens in random, like verbal abuse. I wish Co-Op haters would wake up to the fact that these games are for everyone, not just them.... just because they don't like it isn't a valid reason to do away with it,.
  13. kiwi1960

    Cancer update: 3rd January, 2021

    Apology accepted. Being honest about my future doesn't make me a bad person. It takes courage to know your fate and speak about it openly. Never forget that,.