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  1. Dear Wargaming, A few more thoughts I've had. You claim WoWs is historical, except, there NEVER was a Navy fighter/bomber that could carry TWO torpedoes under its wings. Not since they weighed nearly (or later) over 2000 lbs. 4000 lbs (one under each wing) was impossible for, say that Harvard Torpedo bomber. You video shows planes with a torpedo under each wing. No limit to planes... and now, no limit to torpedoes carried by those planes. At least if the new design stayed true, then the maximum number of torpedoes would be 3.... UNLESS... you changed the number of possible attacks from three to two, make it six planes per attack (which sound more historically accurate BUT make them only fire one torpedo each. That gives the children what they want with the new "CV's"... and gives all other ships a chance to stay alive. The way I see it, is that you are making CV's far too powerful. Unlimited planes is impossible, but a ship can only take so much damages before its sunk, which makes carriers overpowered. People will stop driving Destroyers for that fact, limited HP and not much AA ... and even if the AA was enhanced, if a DD and a CV are left facing each other, then the CV can launch wave after wave of planes, torps...bombs...rockets.... till its sunk. The DD only has so many hit points. The DD can only fire so many torpedoes before needing to reload, the CV can avoid them, meanwhile, planes are constantly attacking the DD because they don;t have far to go and rearm. Yes.... I can see the complaints now.... in future, there will be a major CV rework to get people to play them again because of the carrier..... Then.... a major rework of the cruisers because the DD's got just a little TOO much better.... Then... the BB's.... and then the CV's will complain again.... We will be back where we started. P.S. Further.... in your mission, "Cherry Blossom" you use ordinance that annoys me... the so called "illumination bomb".... by the time a Captain said he wanted one of them fired, his ship would be sunk. The correct name for this ordinance was "star shell" .... You're going from historically accurate to "whatever works to make money". Forgive the typos, cancer medications making my eyesight worse again. I think I got most of them. OH.... nearly forgot to post the proof... http://www.navweaps.com/Weapons/WTUS_WWII.php https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Torpedo_bomber
  2. Only Fools And Horses...

    Look it up on YOUtube, pretty much, all the episodes from all the old brit comedies are there, including Dads Army, Open all hours, It ain't 'alf ot mum...
  3. Only Fools And Horses...

    Yes, he played Rodney. The Brits may be mad, but they make the worlds best comedy... 99% of it without the need to use bad language. Getting people to laugh at your constant use of four letter words is way too easy... its why I cannot stand Chris Rock. Del boy and Rodney are classics and always will be. They play two people who buy and sell stuff to try and make a living. In the last few episodes..... they buy a house lot of stuff from an estate and Del marks an old pocket watch off as a "Victorian egg timer" or some such... Rodney (often called a Plonker by Del) discovers its a special GMT keeping watch and very rare, it sells at auction for $18 million pounds... they then retire.... :) Grandpa, who served in the Merchant Marine during WW2! Every ship he was assigned to was sunk... so, with his share of the money, buys an ocean going cruiser... which... sinks. We find that out in one of the TV special movies made after the show ended. :)
  4. I did say it was an angry rant. I got to thinking, as I said, they we are being sacrificed like its no big deal.... they never ONCE thought to offer us loyal CV drivers an apology. That would have gone some way to making this stupid "CV rework" more acceptable. The reasons are also changing... turns out the real reason they want this change is to make even more money. WE are being sacrificed for greed. They SHOULD say sorry... after all, we PAY to play this game, we pay for premium accounts, we pay for those special ships, we pay for other things.... we are customers and they are treating us like DIRT.
  5. I believe that was misleading. The fact is, if one team has a Japanese carrier, then they are going to cream the US carrier team simply because of all the nerfing and balancing WoWs did when they first came along, AP bombs didn't help... they ruined it and now want the easier fix, using "skills" as the excuse to get more players driving a CV. The excuses they are coming up with keep changing... the truth is, they want to make money... till they admit that, we'll just have to put up with the lies.
  6. One more things WoWs..... when I sell up my CV's, I would also like a tick box added to the game so I can choose whether or not I want to be in a game with CV's. Think about it, WoWs, you're giving us the option to opt out of CV's if we do not like how they are played anymore... Surely that option should also extend to opting out of playing with CV's if I don't like the changes you make... its one thing to drive the CV's... But quite another to be annoyed by the new game play as well. You're sacrificing all current LOYAL CV owners so you can dumb the game down for the mentally challenged to play them... well, I don't see why I should have to suffer and watch a kid drive my beloved CV when it should be us, the ones that stuck with the "hated" CV's when no one would touch them... So, as I said before... repay us all the XP and credits we spent, compensation for wasted time... compensation for retraining our commanders to fit into another ship, compensation for sacrificing us to the kids as well as compensation for "excreting" all over our loyalty to CV's.... it sounded so easy for you to say we would be compensated... like our loyalty to CV's meant NOTHING to you. OH, and that tick box as well. While you're about it... if people ram me... why should I be fined as well? What does your stats say about that punishment? Popular or not? I reckon 100% think its unfair. Lets fix the WHOLE game, get EVERYTHING that is wrong out of the game and fixed... as well as the bugs. You're only doing the "CV rework" to make money... well, If I pay for premium, and someone sinks me with a torpedo, that means my money is being wasted... so, lets fix the whole game... whether or not it benefits you financially or not. EDIT: Sorry for my rant, I'm feeling sad and nostalgic that one day, I won't be allowed to drive CV's because I hate the way its dumbed down. That made me angry, and I think its fair enough that WoWs really rewards us for having made CV's work because, without us, NO ONE would have bothered with them.
  7. CV Rework Feedback

    I agree with you 100% It will be interesting. They won't so much be selling carriers as planes at different Tiers.
  8. Only Fools And Horses...

    Anyone remember watch this on TV? Ended years ago, but a classic Brit comedy. David Jason (the short one) is now a very famous actor in the Queens Commonwealth. This short clip comes from an episode where they are invited to a fancy dress party but their 3 wheeled "Robin" van breaks down...
  9. I agree. I do not play the RTS map, I play from the mini map, press Key "M"... sure, you lose some options, but no RTS, which I hate (as far as WoWs goes) but I love the carriers. Its going to be a mess. Not many will be happy, even THEY say that in the video. BUT... I hope those picked can make it all that it can be.... but all the current CV players will probably sell up. If they want the kiddies to play (on their consoles) ... then so be it.... and if the game is ruined for all other ships... then I'll just stop playing like many other have said they will if the "planes" are too powerful.
  10. Exactly my answer, except I don't support the changes, but, its a done deal, they're going to happen no matter what, so may as well make it a good rework. (if that is even possible!)
  11. Ohhhhh.... you can't test it cos you're biased as hell! lmbo! Hope they accept you, we need good honest unbiased testers.
  12. Not sure, but when they send you an email, if there is a client, it will be in there, the link anyhow. That is, if they pick you.
  13. "Accepted". Everyone would get that Email, but that doesn't mean you have been picked to test it out. For that, you will have to wait, patiently, for the Email.
  14. And I don't have to prove to you that I would be unbiased . Thing is, you (and at least one other) are not debating the issues at hand. You are nit picking, looking for words to smash me over the head with, to abuse, insult and bully. You are being very biased in your desire to argue, to bully your way to a win. That is sad. Please, if you are going to do that, then go away. I won't waste my time with you anymore. Find someone else to bully. I will do my best, if picked, to make the CV rework a success, because its a done deal, what do you think I would do, sabotage it by saying its crap? ONE VOICE? ONE OPINION? Yeah right. If its a done deal and will happen anyhow, I'll do my best to make sure it will work. Unlike you, who would probably say it was great without saying why, even though everyone else might say it needs work. You wouldn't be listened to, because the devs wont want suck ups... they will want honesty. Yes, I'm not in favour of the rework, but its going to happen no matter what so I'll do my best to make sure it will work. I repeat, if you're looking for an argument, go elsewhere.
  15. Your opinion mocks your own answer. You feel so strongly that, in this thread, you bully, insult and abuse people whose opinion differs from yours. I have already said what I said, please, open your mind and re-read what I said, and stop with the bogus biased logic. If YOU are allowed to hold a biased opinion, then we all can. We, hoever, do not insult, abuse or bully you.