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  1. I like to combine my smoke screen with a rock,much safer then nothing seems to matter,shells can't pen rocks,only poke [edited]out to launch torps(Neptune has big [edited])if you want to smoke a quick reefer then rock/smoke combo works great no worrying about mods (to stoned to comprehend )
  2. checking stats

    Hi,is there a way you can check your stats in a way that you can see how you are doing on a certain ship for the past month for example.I just find that the profile window in the game shows your stats from day 1 and I,d like to see stats from say the past month or 2 or week,whatever,anyhow any pointers would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  3. Panzer1113 ! I,ve played entire USN cruiser line and there is a workaround. 1st.totally upgrade ur ship,hopefully ur skipper is at least a 10pt guy(mine solely for NO is 15).2nd.MOST IMPORTANT! get both rudder sift upgrade mods.I played almost 500 games in this boat and before the dual ruddershift change I wanted to quit.Now this ship is a ton of fun even though ur in T10 matches 2/3 of the time.My ruddershift is 3.3secs! my Akatsuki is 3.2.Its like driving a sports car.I totally cum in my pants when I end up in T8 matches (like last nite) you rule! Oh and use AP most of the time its lethal (just ask poor Bismarck last nite).Do this and you will feel very comfortable in this boat,people will have a very hard time hitting you.GLHF
  4. Really guys?all this talk about historical accuracy and there are a rather large number of ships in this game that never existed (ie# khaba,zao,hindenburg etc).
  5. Why do BB folks always whine about CVs,I love them,I love driving CAs and CVs distract BBs and it evens out the playing field,should the game be ultra easy for BB operators?delete CAs and farm damage at will?if you find this difficult play something else,FYI CVs made the BB obsolete during WWII.
  6. Khaba, proper specs?

    Nope,you don't need IFHE to pen stuff,this is the khaba,the most powerful ship in the game,remember its a Russian arcade game with a lot of fantasy ships like the khaba,there is not a ship in this game that will ever compete with the soviet khaba,please folks don't get upset with the few nerfs this vessel received I mean it'll still do almost 50kts and has a monster HP for a DD,did I miss anything?
  7. Canada Disrespected

    I,m a Canuck but the way I see it is 1st and formost its a video game.Also if WG does not want to recognize Canada's B-Day that's ok,its not a big deal. Yes we've sent men in all branches all over the world in the past 100 years to fight and die in numerous conflicts (myself included and my son who's an artillery officer calling in arty and air strikes in Iraq as I post this).So try not to let this minor issue ruin your day,I,m sure we will get the Haida down the road(oh yeah,my grandfather was a radio operator on the HMCS Iroquois Haida's sister ship during the Korean war).Personally I think the USN gets the worst deal in this game,I play USN CA's and CL's and its a shame to see the Baltimore and the Des Moines play 2nd fiddle to t9 and 10 ships that never existed.So cheer up guys the Haida's coming and it's only a game.
  8. Bingo! you are 100% correct,Iowa was in a far greater league than Yamato which was nothing more than a giant artillery barge.Iowa's fire control was light years ahead of Yamato's.
  9. New Orleans

    No my friend your not the odd man out,I also run with both rudder upgrades and with a 3.3 sec rudder shift its a freakin hotrod,I have almost all the USN cruisers (working on Des Moine) and NO is a ton of fun(14pt skipper also)
  10. I love detonations,I totally drive USN cruisers (love them)I,ve been detonated a few times and when ur wearing headphones it freaks you out!Once when playing my New Orleans I blew another NO clean out of the water(really!) the ship came way out of the water,never seen that before even the guy who was driving it said it was worth dying just to see that!
  11. Trip to the Developers Studio

    Really?I,ve absolutely thought this post out,As for insulting the developers I don't see that anywhere (is the word dislike an insult?)funny though I asked for a modelling correction which is easy to do,not laser beams or a gameplay change,almost all the ship models in the game have well rendered gun barrels including rifling,the USN cruisers do not,how come?I don't think you have thought out your response to my post period. Have a nice weekend
  12. Trip to the Developers Studio

    Please can you ask the developers to FIX the grossly overscale gun barrels on USN CA New Orleans,I buy tons of doubloons and signals (sink a lot of money into this game) Its really sad to look at this otherwise nice model because of this cartoonish obscenity which are the primary gun barrels on the NO.They're larger than Yamatos,maybe they should be firing 18" projectiles.Anyhow if you could mention this I would be grateful,PS I,m Canadian but I use American CAs almost 100% of the time I play(yes I,m aware of the dislike of the USN by the Russian developers and their employers). Thanks and enjoy yourself.
  13. What? the Russians never really had BBs.The Nikolai also had 2 double barreled gun turrets,1 forward and 1 aft,looked like the Japanese Mikasa,why not Klingon battle cruisers?
  14. Best was 1 month ago I got 50x ocean soul camo
  15. I love radar,nothing is more irritating than a DD or a RN CL sitting in a cloud of smoke shooting at you and you can't see them,so when I pop the radar in my NO or Baltimore and they are parked then they deserve to die.